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What’s Going on in the Golan (And Atov!)? – Tim Veater

What’s Going on in the Golan (And Atov!)?

Basically Al Nusra, a so-called Al Qaeda affiliate, has captured UN “UNDOF” forces, established in 1974, on the Syrian side of the border , HOLDING THEM CAPTIVE. International observers to Israeli action supporting the “Jihadist Terrorists” is thereby removed. Yet, it is claimed, the Security Council has done nothing but protest.
“”Some groups are self-identified as affiliated to al-Nusra but we are not able to confirm,” he said. However, the US state department said al-Nusra was definitely involved.
“The United States strongly condemns the detention of UN peacekeepers and ongoing violence targeting the UN Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights by non-state armed groups, including UN security council-designated terrorist group al-Nusra Front,” US state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.
The United States demanded the “unconditional and immediate release” of the Fijian peacekeepers, the statement said.”Agence France-Presse in Manila
theguardian.com, Friday 29 August 2014 08.49 BST
A scandal of literally international proportions, demonstrating the close connections between Israel and Al Qaeda in relation to the destabilisation of Syria. Is there nothing that the American dominated UN will not tolerate when it comes to Israel?
This is nothing new and it is generally recognised that Israel has supported the Syrian uprising in concert with its American ally both covertly and overtly as this report from May 2013 identifies.
Meanwhile in Palestine comes this story of Israeli action to deny farmers their land and the water needed to grow PLANTS!
Could there be a more squalid example of Israeli mean-minded, illegal, vindictive, bullying of their fellow human beings. Why are these events not emblazoned across all our western newspapers? We should all demand of editors, that they are. The truth regarding such injustice and discrimination by that repulsive republic, to which our own Prime Minster’s support and allegiance is apparently “non-negotiable”, needs to be as widely known as possible. Serious questions as to David Cameron’s ethical priorities if indeed he supports the sort of callous inhumanity demonstrated below.
““Israeli occupation forces issued on Wednesday a decree banning farmers from irrigating agriculture on their stepped lands in Atov, located in eastern Tubas city in the occupied West Bank, threatening to arrest any citizen who cultivates his or her land.
Palestine’s Safa news agency reported that occupation forces destroyed the water system three days ago that the farmers of the area had connected to their lands, in continuation of a policy that deprives the Atov area of all kinds of infrastructure.
The president of the Atov Council told Safa that, “Arresting and threatening the farmers today is the second step following the destruction of the water network,” pointing out that the goal of the occupation forces is to exercise full control over Atov and Al-Bakya’a.
He added that dozens of people were taken to Tyaseer camp today after their identity cards had been confiscated merely because they were working in the agricultural lands of the region.
He explained that the occupation forces have already confiscated tractors and agricultural equipment belonging to farmers Mustafa Beni Ouda and Jamal Mohammed Qasim Ouda Tammoun and threatened to confiscate other agricultural equipment working in the area.”
When you have read, please SHARE as widely as possible. It is the least we can do to stop this rampaging menace to regional and world peace.

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