Tuesday, 17 February 2015

“How Dare They” David Cameron.- Tim Veater

“How Dare They”, David Cameron.
At the same time David Cameron was hugging-the-hoodie-President-Poroshenko-of-Ukraine (1) in the “lock-down” that was the NATO Conference in Cardiff, the latter’s military, were following the fascist regime’s orders to shell and bomb innocent civilians – even buses carry children – in Donetsk and elsewhere. (It continues! (2))
You can be sure we won’t see the following film on the BBC or ITV. (3) In fact we now see virtually nothing of the reality of the Ukrainian conflict, as if it doesn’t exist. We need to see it, as our Prime Minister, David Cameron has made it clear he is fully in support of it. We must therefore accept a degree of responsibility for all the terrible consequences. “Conservative” estimates place the civilian death and injury toll in thousands (4) with more than a MILLION souls displaced! (5)
It would appear our Prime Minister is quite comfortable supporting unrepentant fascists and the murderers of women and children, just as he was of those who attacked Gaza. (6) It sits uneasily with his passionate defence of the National Health Service.
He said, with both he and his watching wife Samantha close to tears, “For me, this is personal,” adding that his family knows “more than most” the importance of relying on the health service. “How dare they suggest I would ever put that at risk for other people’s children?” he said. (7)
We may ask, “Other people’s children”? What of the children of Donetsk and Luhansk, of Gaza and Homs? Does he not care for those also, or is his “care” dependant on geography, nationality and political affiliation. If it is, his care and concern is a pretty shabby, empty, rhetorical device, to make people stand and clap and a gullible public to think him a sensitive caring person. Some are not quite so easily beguiled.
He may be very caring of his own family, even of everyone else’s in the United Kingdom but in the end he must also be judged by the position he takes regarding those subject to the violence of repressive regimes elsewhere.
If he takes the side of those who inexcusably target innocent civilian women and children, as in both Gaza and Ukraine, we are at liberty to draw our own conclusions as to the sincerity of his concern for them. That is what will define whether he puts “other people’s children at risk”, not the adulation of a besotted, uncritical crowd.
In his conference speech he made much of UKIP supporters “going to bed with Farage and waking up with Milliband” neither of which he averred, to much amusement, “would do it for him”. The reality is rather, in the footsteps of notorious predecessors, he has gone to bed with Obama and woken up with both fascists AND “throat-cutting Jihadists” as George Galloway so colourfully coined them.
Not a terribly nice place to be, I would suggest. Now compounded and exacerbated by his stated intention to pursue those naive and foolish enough to pursue the truth and expose the well-entrenched lies of 9/11 amongst other things.
We get your drift Mr Cameron. We feel your pain. END.
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