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Obama Sends the CIA to give us a Reality Check! – Tim Veater

 Obama Sends the CIA to give us a Reality Check! – Tim Veater

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the activities of the American Central
Intelligence Agency – the CIA – since its formation in 1947, knows it to be a
deeply flawed and disreputable organisation, up to its eyes in all forms of
criminal activity and political disruption around the globe, leading to untold
millions of deaths, culminating in the events of 9/11, unsurpassed in the annals
of human turpitude.
We also know in that time it has worked hand in glove with British Intelligence,
namely MI5 and MI6 on the basis of shared interests and outlook, despite
concurrent and paradoxical distrust and competition, perhaps best illustrated by
the co-operation between the NSA and GCHQ, recently subject to much controversy.
What also indicates the closeness of the relationship is the fact that Cameron
and Obama, appear to share the same script writer, so similar and synchronous
have been their public statements, particularly as they relate to Syria and the
apparent new threat from “terrorists” or “freedom fighters” (you choose!)
returning from that war-torn country.
The following two quotes should be sufficient to illustrate the point:
“Obama said in a taped interview aired Sunday on the “ABC”: “Some Europeans
sympathize with the issue of (Sunni insurgents) and go to Syria, others heading
to Iraq, where they gain experience of combat before returning to their home
countries.” He continued, explaining that these fighters carrying European
passports and they are not needed for visas if they decide to go to the United
States. ” (Source:
“David Cameron has warned of the threat to the UK if an “extreme Islamist
regime” is created in central Iraq. He said Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
(ISIS) fighters threatening the government in Baghdad were also plotting terror
attacks on the UK. And Britain could not ignore the security threat the UK now
faced from Jihadists in Iraq and Syria.” (Source:
The public is left wondering to what extent it should take this story and threat
seriously, given all past propaganda and misinformation coming from that source,
particularly as we know both organisations have had a long history of using,
encouraging, arming and controlling the very groups that they later declare we
have to be protected against. Of course Syria is a prime but not exclusive
example of this.
This is clearly a co-ordinated agreed approach between the US and Britain and
extending to others including France and Australia. Rather pointedly and not
unsurprisingly, the heightened danger appears to be alleged to those very
countries that were actively engaged or supported military action or armed
resistance. In respect of Syria – we will ignore the many other countries for
the moment – less than two years ago the same political leaders and states were
actively supporting armed insurrection as the two following excerpts illustrate.
AMERICA: “The United States military has secretly sent a task force of more than
150 planners and other specialists to Jordan to help the armed rebel and
terrorist groups intensify the crisis in the Muslim country. The task force,
which has been led by a senior American officer, is based at a Jordanian
military training center built into an old rock quarry North of Amman, The New
York Times reported.” (Source:
BRITAIN: “In a similar revelation on Tuesday, media outlets disclosed that
British secret services have sent tens of troops to Syria to help rebel and
terrorist groups in their fight against the Damascus government. A former HSBC
bank clerk is among as many as 50 British men fighting in Syria alongside rebels
and terrorist groups. The men, predominantly of South Asian and North African
backgrounds, are understood to have joined the Syrian terrorist groups since the
battle began last year, according to security sources.In June, Daily Start
reported that the British defense chiefs had drawn up secret plans to start
covert military operations in Syria. The report said SAS troops and MI6 agents
were in Syria ready to help armed rebels and terrorist groups if civil war
breaks out as – expected this weekend. They also had hi-tech satellite computers
and radios that could instantly send back photos and details of Assad’s forces
as the situation develops. Whitehall sources said
it was vital they could see what was happening on the ground for themselves.
“And if civil war breaks out the crack troops are on hand to help with fighting,
said the insider,” the report said.” (Same source)
So tell me, what is OUR government playing at? It is estimated about four or
five hundred have travelled from Britain to fight. In reality the government
cannot be sure how many have gone but can there be any doubt this was not
prevented? Indeed from the above quotes, of course not officially acknowledged,
that it was not actively encouraged? Now we are told the self-same individuals
are posing a serious threat to our safety, requiring ever more strenuous,
obvious and militaristic precautions, undermining one of the greatest features
of our country – a sense of peace and security.
Those of a sceptical disposition (not me of course!) may think, in concert with
the United States as demonstrated post Boston Bombing, this is all part of a
“subtle plan” to transform our societies, making us the people more amenable to
the presence of armed police patrolling our public spaces, for which acts of
terror, or the threat of them, are necessary to persuade the public they are
necessary. This without ever a debate in Parliament over the necessity or
desirability of arming the police!
If you think my proposition fanciful, I refer you to this article with
accompanying photograph in the New York Times about three months ago:
“WASHINGTON — The Transportation Security Administration is recommending that
armed personnel be present at airport checkpoints during peak hours of passenger
traffic, though airports would be able to tailor the security to their specific
needs, according to a report released on Wednesday.” (
Low and behold (as if by magic) we now have this in the Telegraph:
“Security at British airports is being increased after the United States called
for heightened precautions amid reports two terror networks are working together
on a bomb that could evade existing measures.” (
Or this one in the Mail:
“A U.S. counter-terrorism official says American intelligence has seen
indications that certain terrorist groups in Yemen and Syria have joined forces
and are working on a bomb that could make it through airport security
The BBC has this (note visual): “The US homeland security department has said it
will put into place “enhanced security measures” in certain overseas airports
with direct flights to the US.
The UK transport department said the country would be among those to step up
security procedures.The move comes amid US media reports that al-Qaeda
affiliates in Syria and Yemen are developing bombs to smuggle on planes.The US
security agency said the changes would be made in the “upcoming days”.It did not
specify which countries would be affected nor did it say what triggered the
move. It is unclear if the move would be permanent or for a limited period, or
would affect airports in the US.” (
Strangely I cannot now find the original picture of two heavily armed British
policemen patrolling Heathrow concourse. Perhaps it has been withdrawn in case
it gives the wrong (or right?) impression.
So in the light of all this, how should we view the news that Obama has actually
sent a detachment of about twenty CIA people to effectively give us a “safety
check”. Is this final confirmation that we have now officially become the
Fifty-Third State or just that Blair’s poodle has come back from the pet shop?
This report comes from the Mail: “Obama sends CIA to UK to probe terrorist
‘breeding ground’ –President in pointed snub to MI5 over ‘lone wolf’ mission to
interrogate British security experts 28 Jun 2014 President Obama has sent a
special unit of CIA officers to the UK to investigate British Muslim extremists
amid growing fears in Washington that we are becoming a ‘breeding ground’ for
terrorism. In a pointed snub to MI5, the agents arrived on a ‘lone wolf’ mission
to interrogate senior security experts about the radicalisation of UK Muslims.
The mission has been revealed as our security services have been forced to admit
they are struggling to keep track of the estimated 500 Britons who have
travelled to the Middle East to fight alongside the Islamic Isis forces in Syria
and Iraq. (
rts.html ) Of course there is always the chance this is not the real reason and
that “something totally different” is going on requiring high-level direct
consultation between the two secret agencies. (Watch this or some other space!)
Clearly having heavily armed British police on British territory is an extension
of CIA inspired American policy, on the back of threats that may be no more
reliable than that of Saddam’s 45 minute WMD, from the very people we have sent
and supported in Syria – if such they are. Of course we will put up with this
nonsense, whilst compliantly witnessing yet another step down the very road we
all oppose – an ugly, authoritarian, quasi militaristic, police state.END

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