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Geo-political background to the Florida Shooting

Parents wait for news after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday, February 14. <a href="" target="_blank">At least 17 people were killed</a> at the school, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said. The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, is in custody, the sheriff said. The sheriff said Cruz had been expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons.

As I have suggested here and in many previous articles on this blog, I believe we are living through a time of violent incidents that are contrived by 'Deep State' organs, for a combination of psychological, social and political purposes - most notably 9/11 but compounded by many more since then.

These must always be blamed on movements, ideas, groups or individuals unconnected to the true perpetrators, a phenomenon commonly referred to as 'False Flag'. 

It is not long ago that few would have recognised the term. I doubt if the same could be said today, arguably as a result of the comparatively new medium of the Internet, which has championed a new form of expression and exchange of ideas, untrammelled by Government control. 

It has undoubtedly given Government and their associated elites a problem and has had the effect of undermining the inherent trust in the mainstream media (MSM) that has become Government's willing and uncritical mouthpiece. 

The events of 9/11 proved this assertion conclusively, and still it refuses to question the ludicrous official version of events, dismissing anyone who has the temerity to do so, with the derogatory term "Conspiracy Theorist". Freedom of expression on the Internet is currently under threat from Government but of course using other justifications, such as protecting children and vulnerable adults from radical content, sexual and other abuse and 'fake news'. 

A student holds a sign saying "prayers and condolences aren't enough! Our government officials need to take action or step down"
The students from Parkland have demanded "never again" in response to the shooting  REUTERS

No doubt 'Conspiracy Theorists' do exist. It has its parallels with paranoia that some individuals exhibit but the humorous aphorism, "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you!" may be relevant. The accusation of "Conspiracy Theorist" has been very effective in preventing rational examination of very incriminating evidence.

I think any rational person by now must accept the principle of 'False Flags' and that even nations that claim to be democratic and honest have engaged themselves in them. It goes without saying that when they take place deception and cover-up are essential corollaries. 

This presents any independently-minded analyst or observer with some major obstacles and challenges: first to distinguish between the true 'terrorist' event and those that have been contrived by deep state agencies; and in revealing the inconsistencies and tell-tale signs that might indicate the former.

In a sense I believe that paradoxically, although the MSM uncritically replicates government narrative, it may also assist in the process of distinguishing the 'organic' event and the 'orchestrated' one, by virtue of the way it treats subject and material.

As we know the world is bursting with what we might regard as tragic events, either natural or man-made. As far as the media is concerned their value as 'news events' seems to be determined by a range of factors, dependent on location, drama, personality, scandal, number of fatalities or injuries, and last but not least whether it fits any prevailing narrative.

Geo-politics provide the template, the slant, on any particular event. Historically speaking we may say the Western and Democratic outlook in the first half of the 20th Century was dominated by the ascendancy and threat posed by Germany; the second half by the assumed nuclear and political threat from the USSR. 

Since 2000 we have been presented with the twin threats of ISIS (and its variants) and a resurgent Russia. It is impossible not to see terrorist and other events in this context, of the claim of Russian interference in the Trump election and terror events - most recently in Parklands, Florida - where invariably some Muslim connection is also invoked.

We may note that the Florida shooting fits in the context of current American public opinion concerns as mediated by the MSM. Clearly the Trump Presidency and how he beat Clinton, was major set-back for entrenched power centres that has informed the meme of Russian interference and threat.

Anything that can damage Trump seems fair game, one of the biggest being gun control. Despite the statement that ISIS is defeated as a military and terrorist force, that particular fear must be maintained out of all proportion to its reality. Other Deep State objectives relating to the control of people and the Internet exist.

Miraculously all these and a few more find resonance in the Florida attack: a mentally unbalanced young man; anti-Jewish hatred within a context of racism; apparent support of Muslim extremism with the obligatory 'Allah Ackbar' referred to; irrational gun ownership and violence against young people of unblemished character, and so on. 

Note how Trump's refusal to back calls for more gun control is used against him on the back of the event, that could certainly be predicted but is it an indicator of pre-planning by elements other than the individual who has apparently accepted responsibility?  

To many the outrage was proof of the need for more guns not less; of greater powers to detain potential killers on the basis of their comments, not less; for more killing, not less. 

AR-15 "Sport" rifles on sale at deep discounts in an Arizona store.
AR-15 "Sport" rifles on sale at deep discounts in an Arizona store.

America is and always has been a violent place, but equally true is the fact that it has been predominantly restricted to lower social and ethnic groups and areas. Of course a school shooting in a relatively safe and affluent neighbourhood resonates with a different cohort, and it is these that the recent mass murders appear to be designed to target.

So I would argue that the initial process of sorting 'banal' violent or 'disaster' events from those with a propaganda purpose, is done by the MSM itself in the way the event is treated or not, as the case may be. Is it played up or played down? Does it appear to go 'international'? Do all the outlets effectively and uncritically  replicate the same (government?) 'script'? 

Nor should we overlook the opposite phenomenon of ignoring events in part or whole if they run counter to the prevailing meme. The weight of scientific evidence is firmly against the official account of 9/11, yet it is uniformly ignored. The Police and MSM resolutely refused to acknowledge there was more than one shooter in Las Vegas to take a recent example. 

pray for America. text pray for las vegas on America flag. gun control campaign;postID=7092695122253502939

Of course there are many more examples of playing down news of events both home and abroad if they don't fit. Very frequently this involves America's relationship with Israel in the context of the Middle East, notoriously with the attack on the USS Liberty, still not properly acknowledged. Recently American forces illegally located in Syria, killed over a hundred Syrian troops, yet it was virtually ignored by MSM worldwide!

So it is not only the above criteria that should act as warning signs, but the 'design' of the event and the way it is treated that gives the game away. Glaring examples of failed prevention. Strange inconsistencies of accounts. Stylised, questionable images and video that go viral. Orchestrated post event emoting. And so on. 

We witness many of these in the Parkland, Florida school shooting and the timing of a new terror attack by Israel on Gaza, whilst America is distracted by it, is of course purely coincidental.

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A curious case of making money from the mentally disturbed and how it developed into experimental mind control.

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Article taken from:

Electroconvulsive therapy and psychosurgery at the Burden Neurological Institute

Following an absence of about a decade, psychosurgery has returned to England. Psychosurgery, sometimes called neurosurgery for mental disorder (NMD), is surgery in which tissue in the brain is destroyed in order to alleviate the symptoms of mental illness – nowadays in Britain usually depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The last operations in England were done in London in the late 1990s. Since then patients from England have been able to go to the Advanced Interventions Service at Dundee in Scotland, or the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff to have operations.
The report of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) into the use of the Mental Health Act, published last month, contained news of one such operation being carried out at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, in February this year. Psychosurgery is regulated by section 57 of the Mental Health Act and every operation has to be approved by a panel from the CQC (or previously the Mental Health Act Commission), so we know exactly how many operations have been carried out since 1983 when the Act came into being. According to the CQC, the patient, a woman, had been unsuccessfully treated with deep brain stimulation for depression prior to psychosurgery. Deep brain stimulation involves implanting electrodes in the brain and was first used in psychiatry over fifty years ago. The technique is similar to that used in the treatment of Parkinsons, and in recent years psychiatrists have shown renewed interest in it.
It was at Bristol, at the Burden Neurological Institute (BNI), that Britain’s first psychosurgical operations, or leucotomies as they were called in those days, were carried out nearly 70 years ago, as were the first British experiments with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The BNI was an independent institution, set up in the Stoke Park Colony in 1939 with money from the Burden family. In 2000 it moved to the Burden Centre at Frenchay Hospital. You can read a brief official history here on page 5 of a report from Bristol University, which has pictures of the old BNI building (now demolished) in Stoke Park as well as the new one at Frenchay. The history concludes:
“The independent dedicated research institute is now a rare thing. Independence can bring challenge but can also offer great intellectual and scientific liberty. The story of the BNI has shown just how fruitful such an environment can be – and offers a challenge to current research to maintain into the future”.
The brief history said nothing about the BNI’s experiments with psychosurgery or ECT, although they are mentioned on Bristol University’s webpage about the BNI: “Notable achievements of the BNI include the development of electroencephalography, leucotomy and electro-convulsive therapy”.
Here is a little bit more about the history of the BNI and early experiments with ECT and psychosurgery.
The BNI was founded in 1939 with a donation from Mrs Rosa Gladys Burden, the second wife and widow of the Reverend Harold Nelson Burden, the superintendent of Stoke Park Colony for Mental Defectives. You can’t go far in neuropsychiatry circles in Bristol without coming across evidence of the Burdens’ wealth: the BNI, the Burden Centre, the Burden Trust, the Burden medal and prize, the Burden professor… You can even get married in the Dame Rosa Burden room at Clevedon Hall (in real life she was plain Mrs Burden, not Dame).
So who were the Burdens, and where did their money come from?
There were three Burdens: the Reverend Harold Nelson Burden (1860-1930) and his two wives, Katherine Mary Garton (1846/7-1919) and Rosa Gladys Williams (died 1939). Harold Burden was a bankrupt cattle-dealer turned mission worker and curate who somehow amassed a fortune while running institutions where people deemed “mentally deficient” were detained. He was born in Hythe, Kent, the son of a grocer. His father died when he was 12. On the 1881 census Harold is living with his mother and sisters and is described as a grazier, but 5 years later he had become bankrupt. On 25 September 1888 he was ordained a deacon by the Bishop of Carlisle, at the request of a Canadian Bishop. The next day he married Katherine Mary Garton and the couple set off to do mission work in Canada. Katherine, or Kate, was from a family of Yorkshire tobacco manufacturers who had moved to Shoreditch in London. She had connections with the church (one of her aunts had married George Huntington, rector of Tenby) and in 1870 she had been an assistant to Octavia Hill. On the 1871 census she is a 24 year old teacher at the St Barnabas orphanage for girls in Pimlico. Kate was some twelve years older than her husband, but after her marriage (or possibly before) she began taking about a decade off her age.
Things did not go well for the Burdens in Canada. They had two babies, both of whom died. Harold became ill and, after three years, they returned to England. Harold spent two years studying at Cambridge University, based at Ayerst Hostel, which was a short-lived attempt to allow poorer students to study at Cambridge without paying prohibitive college fees. Whilst there, he wrote a slim volume about his work in Canada, another book about mission work more generally in Canada and a short novel, Duty’s call: a story of a girl’s work in the service of others, and her reward, with some brief sketches of undergraduate life. The plot of the novel is interesting in so much as it provides a glimpse of the author’s views on money and social status. Mary Katherine Summerfield is a “beautiful heiress of good family” from Devon who goes to London and is presented at court, but grows weary of balls and parties. She decides to work amongst the poor of the East End, adopts a motherless girl from the slums, and returns to Devon to marry the local squire’s son, Gerald Eastwood. Even the little girl from the slums turns out to be an heiress.
In 1895 the Burdens moved to Bristol, the area with which their names would always be associated, and where they founded their institutional empire. The first institution run by the Burdens was the Royal Victoria Home for Women, which housed women prisoners and inebriates. When the 1898 Inebriates Act was passed, allowing magistrates to send habitual drunkards to reformatories, the Burdens expanded with the purchase of Brentry near Bristol as well as properties in other parts of the country, all converted into reformatories. In 1904 Harold Burden was appointed to the Royal Commission on the Care and Control of the Feeble Minded. Peter Carpenter, who has written the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry on Harold Burden and two articles about the Burdens*, is at a loss to explain just how he obtained this appointment. The supply of inebriates was drying up as magistrates realized that reformatories didn’t work, but the Burdens anticipated the Mental Deficiency Act of 1913 and began converting their reformatories into institutions for mental defectives, or colonies as they were called. They set up Stoke Park which, with over 1,500 inmates, became the country’s largest colony. It appears to have been a very profitable business: the Burdens were able to buy Clevedon Hall to use as their private residence and when Harold died in 1930 he left nearly £150,000 (over £7 million today). Peter Carpenter is again at a loss to explain exactly how such a vast sum was acquired. Kate Burden died in 1919, and a few months later Harold married Rosa Gladys Williams, possibly the Gladys Williams who on the 1901 census was working as a store-keeper at the Royal Victoria Home and on the 1911 census was living with the Burdens and described as an adopted daughter.
In 1933 Harold Burden’s widow Rosa donated £10,000 to set up the Burden Mental Research Trust which was to be under the control of Richard Berry (1867-1962), the director of medical services at Stoke Park Colony. Previously a professor at Melbourne University, Australia, Richard Berry’s speciality was measuring heads, estimating brain size and devising tests to identify mental defectives. In 1931, together with colleague R.G. Gordon, he published a book The mental defective: a problem in social inefficiency. The authors describe the threat facing society in the following terms:
“But today, as a result of a scientifically ignorant and lavish expenditure on the socially unfit, the danger to the fit is becoming so menacing as to threaten their extinction… the mental defective is often responsible for the making of the slum, and swells the ranks of the drunkards, vagrants, criminals and prostitutes – all more or less direct charges on the community”.
The answer was to test children at the age of 11 and then send them either to senior school or a colony for mental defectives:
“…on those who did not pass this test no more public money should be spent, except that which is necessary for their maintenance in the Colony to be described, and this need be comparatively little… the cheap labour, is of course, provided by all the inmates above the level of the idiot-imbecile class, who are largely useless for any purpose whatsoever”.
The authors mention that a “misconception about existing colonies for defectives is that they are financial drains on the public, or are run for the purpose of screwing profits for unscrupulous proprietors out of the unfortunate inmates”. They may exist, but the authors had never seen one. Hadn’t they?
Another gift followed to set up the Burden Neurological Research Institute, which was opened in 1939 a few months before Rosa’s death. The British Medical Journal (20 May 1939, 1046-7) reported on the inaugural ceremony:
“The finely equipped building of the Burden Neurological Research Institute, for investigation into the causes of mental defects and abnormalities and borderline conditions, in Stoke Lane, Stapleton, Bristol, was inaugurated by Sir Thomas Inskip, M.P., Secretary of State for the Dominions, on May 12 in the presence of a distinguished company of neurologists and others from London and elsewhere”.
The ceremony included a blessing on the institute by the Bishop of Bristol.
The first director of the institute was Frederick L. Golla (1878-1968), formerly professor of pathology of mental diseases at the University of London. His speech was reported in the article:
“Professor Golla spoke of his hopes and plans for the new enterprise. Only those, he said, who had realized how the multiplicity of competing claims, both medical and administrative, hampered the work of the large hospital clinics would fully appreciate the advantages of such a research institute. For all such workers the Institute spelt freedom, a freedom as yet unknown in mental hospitals under public administration”.
Researchers at the Burden certainly wasted no time in taking advantage of that freedom. Before the end of the year Lothar Kalinowksy, a doctor who had been working with Ugo Cerletti in Italy when electroconvulsive treatment had first been tried on people, had demonstrated the technique at the BNI and it was enthusiastically taken up by Frederick Golla and colleagues. After tests on sheep, five patients from nearby Barnwood Hospital (another private institution where there were no obstructive public administrators) were selected as human guinea pigs and given a total of 75 shocks (in those days psychiatrists weren’t afraid of using the word shock). As Frederick Golla and colleagues wrote in The Lancet (30 December 1939, 1353-5), there was no therapeutic purpose to the experiment. It was designed “to throw light on the relative advantages and dangers of the method” – “relative” because convulsive therapy where the convulsions were produced with drugs rather than electric shocks was already in use. The authors concluded that:
“From the technical point of view there can be no doubt that the electrical method is greatly superior to any hitherto employed for the production of severe convulsions. For the operator, only a small amount of training and experience is necessary, and a knowledge of physics, though desirable on general grounds, is not essential. It was thought at first that the conditions for inducing a fit in safety would be very critical, but this does not appear to be so, and it is possible that the method may eventually be made simpler than that described here. In any case the apparatus is comparatively cheap and portable, and the preparation of the patient need take no more than a minute”.
In 1941 the first leucotomies in England were performed at the BNI. Psychosurgery at the BNI was abandoned a few years later after a controlled trial by Lilian (Effie) Hutton (1904-56), only to be taken up again in 1959. Over the next two decades 150 people underwent multifocal frontal leucotomy, where electrodes are implanted in the brain and the current switched on to gradually destroy tissue. A further 70 patients underwent ablative psychosurgery at Frenchay Hospital. (These figures come from R. Cooper 2002 Professor Golla of Frenchay and the Burden Institute, 34-5.) The people undergoing multifocal operations had electrodes left in their brain for months. Ray Cooper, scientific director of the BNI, explained: “the patients go home and are able to lead normal lives. The sockets are normally covered with a piece of gauze and some kind of a head scarf”; a photograph shows a man with two 34-way sockets attached to his head (R. Cooper 1977 Electrode implantation techniques. In Psychosurgery and Society, edited by J.S. Smith and L.G. Kiloh, 57-66). This technique was abandoned in 1980; there were plans to re-introduce it in the mid 1990s (Mental Health Act Commission 7th biennial report, 113) but nothing came of the plans. The operation carried out in February 2010 was an anterior cingulotomy, an operation developed by Hugh Cairns in Oxford in the 1940s and more recently used at Dundee.
* P.K. Carpenter 1996 Rev Harold Nelson Burden and Katherine Mary Burden: pioneers of inebriate reformatories and mental deficiency institutions. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine vol 89, 205-9; P.K. Carpenter 2000 Missionaries with the hopeless? Inebriety, mental deficiency and the Burdens. British Journal of Learning Disabilities vol 28 (2), 60-64

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Parkland, Florida, School Shooting

A modern St Valentine's Day Massacre?*


Sadly updates to this article have somehow been deleted or lost and I have to do it all again!!!! Why I can't say.

Whenever these mass shootings occur, I feel a combined sense of deja vous and ambivalence.

Deja vous because claimed mass shootings have almost become common-place in American society. This latest one is reckoned to be the 13th of its kind and the most serious since Sandy Hook on December 14th 2012 - namely five years two months prior. Of course hardly mentioned is the fact that this merely the tip of the iceberg as regards gun deaths generally, for which the statistics are truly horrifying.

There were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870! There were 64 school shootings in 2015! Some 13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms in 2015! (Source:

Ambivalence because of the the very stylised, scripted treatment of the event, often with very dubious conflicting elements, making it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction, whilst at the same time wishing to empathise with those that have genuinely lost loved ones or undergone serious trauma.

Whilst projecting shock and disgust, one cannot help think that the news media en masse almost delight when they occur and present them as sensationalist events. It is also interesting how they become top news items across the world, as if there is some unwritten agreement on what constitutes "news", presumably the number of deaths and the fact that the victims are children. 

Nevertheless we should always question this prioritisation process that subliminally tell us what are important events and what are not. For example only one week before over 100 Syrian combatants - also young and precious to someone - were killed by American forces, illegally present at a base in eastern Syria, but what did we hear about that? Not only was it not a leading news story, it was hardly reported at all!

(More to follow)


It is a sad reflection on our times, that we can no longer assume that what we are being told by Government and its agencies, can be automatically relied upon. Indeed we must now question everything for interior and exterior consistency. Government and media read from a script that they suggest is the only valid version and that those who disagree should be labelled as "Conspiracy Theorist" or essentially unbalenced mentally. Given recent experience, I would argue that you would have to be lacking intellectually not to question the official narrative of such events. 

The Las Vegas shooting is only the most recent example of Government incompetence and falsehood. Such was the misrepresentation, we can only suspect elements of Government were directly involved both in causation and cover up! 

Since 9/11 (some would argue it dates from the assassination of President Kennedy) the fundamental trust between Government and Governed has been shattered and subsequent "terrorist events" have often confirmed it. Effectively only the Internet has challenged this state of affairs and It is no accident that Government is now seeking greater control over it.

Place, People, Time.

In the case of this latest outrage in Florida, if such it is, the usual question applies. Did the events unfold as the official narrative describes? So what is it? 

In summary it is that on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2018, at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, at approximately 2.40 pm, just as students were about to leave, an expelled 19 year old ex-student, Nikolas Cruz, started shooting with an automatic weapon inside the building, killing 17 and injuring many more. He then dropped his weapon and back pack containing ammunition, and calmly left the building apparently engaged in conversation with other students. He then walked about a mile to a Walmart store and then to a MacDonalds, before he was non violently arrested by police, hand cuffed and driven by ambulance to the local hospital because he was "suffering from breathing difficulties". He has subsequently admitted to all of the murders and other offences.

On the face of it, good-looking Cruz hasn't had a particularly hard life though he has had something of a troubled one. Adopted, his adoptive father died when he was comparitively young and his adoptive mother only three months prior to the attack apparently from influenza. He had been expelled and banned from the Parklands School over his girlfriend but he could not have been dim, as the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), had awarded him multiple times for outstanding academic performance, it it reported.

It seems he had an obsession with guns and his on line tweets contained suggestions he had homicidal tendancies for which he had been reported to the FBI who took little substantive action by all accounts.  There is also some suggestion of mental disturbance for which he sought help.

So what should we make of all this. Does it support the notion of a lone cold blooded killer? It may do though it is very hard to comprehend. However it also neatly fits with a more sinister profile of the 'Manchurian Candidate' or 'Patsy'. Is it possible that either he was 'brainwashed' to carry out an operation or alternatively to accept the blame for something actually carried out by someone else? Given all we know regarding CIA involvement with MKUltra and actual events, neither of these possibilities can be ruled out. We know such 'tricks' have and applied.

We know the security services like to have people with minimum family connections which raises a question mark about what we must assume was his mother's premature death. It is not clear how long he was associated with JROTC but on the face of it it would appear he was identified as a high flyer with potential. Nor do we know under what circumstances he was referred to professional psycholical help or what it consisted of, but all of these could be relevant.

What I find strange is that despite it being known he had an obsession with firearms and making threats, this was never taken seriously by police or FBI, even in this current climate  of mass shootings and terrorist events? No one went to see him to assess his mental state and motivation, or to dissuade him, or prevent him from holding so many powerful weapons. 

This I find quite extraordinary to the point of incompetence. What does all the surveillance and predictive personality profiling amount to if even the reported likely cases are ignored? Why are ever more powers and resources demanded when the existing ones are unused? Past similar cases point to collusion between the agent and agency with aim of a covert operation that can realistically be blamed on people and factors other that the real ones.

So returning to the incident and how it unfolded, questions must be asked as to how he arrived at the scene and entered the building?

Apparently he arrived by Uber Taxi! Did the taxi driver not think it strange that a young man should ask to be driven to a school with a high-powered auto matic weapon plus heavy back pack? Did he/she not think it might be wise to report same to police or at least their control? Taxi drivers are pretty smart at assessing people - they meet a lot of them. Was there nothing in the conversation or behaviour of Cruz to indicate his evil intent. Would there not be evidence of the physiological effects of adrenalin exibited even by highly trained soldiers before an operation - restlessness, nervousness, sweating etc? One would have thought we might have heard from the Uber driver but as far as I am aware he has been absent from the TV screens and interview rooms.

Then we have the question of how Cruz got into the school. We are told he was banned and staff had been instructed not to let him in yet he seems to have gained entrance easily without being challenged. "Don't let him in with a back pack" which immediately strikes me as even stranger. Either that has been contrived for effect or it indicates the headmaster was worried what might be carried in it - other than books. But this was a high-lighted lad not only carrying the banned back pack - apparently full of ammunition - but also a highly dangerous automatic weapon that could not be hidden! Yet no one challenged him or tried to prevent him entering?

The school claim is that it is very security conscious, that it specifically trained for attacks of this sort. Was the exterior door not at least locked then to prevent unauthorised entry? Or if open, was there no security personnel or staffing at that point? Or if both aspects were adequately covered - surely the most basic of security measures - then how did he get in holding a large high powered weapon? This is very hard to explain.

Then no doubt, being "very security conscious" in this day and age, the premises must surely be covered by CCTV that would quickly answer the above question and many others, certainly I haven't seen any footage from that source, nor have I heard any interviewer ask the question. We are all familiar with the fact that a uniform feature of fraudulent events is the absence or failure of CCTV. Surely that cannot be the case here?

What mass killer puts his gun and ammunition down after shooting lots of people at point blank range and then saunters out of the building chatting to girl who knew him well. She notices nothing untoward about his behaviour. What no nervousness, no sweat, no blood? And where did he leave the items? This crucial detail has not been mentioned. Then the same girl claims to have heard shots continuing whilst she was walking out with Cruz. Another claims there were at least THREE shooters. As with Las Vegas more than one shooter, if true, blows a gigantic hole through the official story.

This witness can be seen here:

Then we have lots of shots of students filing out the building with their hands up or holding on to the person in front. This has become a recent and common theme across the west. Some might consider it an indicator of fraud. Others that that it is merely intended for psychological purposes, as it suggests blaming and humilitating the victims.

Whatever pseudo security purpose propounded for it clearly didn't work in this case as the alleged perpatrator walked out, as he had walked in, unmolested and unchallenged. Nor is it clear was there any attempt to identify and debrief those that had left, surely a primary objective to establish what really happened. This all appears, as in other such events, to be suspiciously intended just to give the appearance of thoroughness and for its emotional impact, with little or no security purpose.

Cruz is located about an hour later after he has walked to a MacDonalds about a mile away. (Alarm bells ring when yet again that franchise gets a mention in a terror event!) I suppose that is what one does after killing 17 people with automatic fire! But it also raises the question of how and why he was identified and located. From what source was his name put forward? How was he located and arrested without a struggle? If passive why didn't he give himself up. If aggressive and determined why not fight? If determined to escape, why not plan for it and do it with a will.

Overall this appears to suggest confusion or innocence or even some hypnotic or drug induced state. Being taken to hospital in an ambulance just compounds the mystery. The photographs appear conflicting (see below) and how often do armed  police convey a confirmed and uninjured mass shooter to hospital in an ambulance? Only recently an American cop was sacked and later awarded huge compensation payment for not shooting a man with a gun, subsequently shot dead by his colleagues.

Yea I had the same impression. Most unconvincing after such a trauma. This is not how people behave after major shock. Either these interviewees are untypical or they didn't experience what they said they did. There are so many more coincidences and anomalies (as per previous events) they all start to stack up. "Safest town in Florida; Valentine's Day; contemporanious emergency drill including "mock gun shots"; student's (not generally aired of course) sure there was more than one shooter; student reports walking out with Cruz whilst shots still happening;if this is true what did he do with weapon and ammunition?; is that how an immature mad gunman behaves?; how did he get in if he was banned and not a student there?; how did three die outside?; the way he was identified and handled by police if he was unarmed at the time; and carried off in ambulance???? Reported 17 died AND 17 admitted to hospital??? First picture of hugging women appears completely contrived as she has a black cross on her forehead whilst those around appear bemused. Another of alleged attacker with Trump slogan on his head. The whole gun debate thing esp. in Florida. Cruz fitting the alienated student with mental problems and a convincing back story. "Israel - actually the police chief - says." The obligatory hero meme. etc etc. We shall have to see.

As reported from various sources:

A man who was placed in handcuffs by police is loaded into a paramedic vehicle after a shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, U.S. February 14, 2018 in a still image from video. via REUTERS. ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. NO RESALES, NO ARCHIVES. MANDATORY CREDIT. NO ACCESS SOUTHEAST FLORIDA MEDIA.
A man (Nikolas Cruz?) who was placed in handcuffs by police, is loaded into a paramedic vehicle after a shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, U.S. February 14, 2018 in a still image from video. via Reuters


"Nineteen-year-old Nikolas Cruz has been identified as the suspect in the shooting that killed at least 17 people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday.
"Cruz was reportedly armed with an AR-15-styled semiautomatic rifle and "countless magazines," the Broward Sheriff's Office said. Law enforcement officials familiar with the shooting said Cruz also possessed a gas mask and smoke grenades, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida said on CNN.
"Cruz was believed to have intentionally set off the school's fire alarms "so the kids would come pouring out of the classrooms into the hall," during the shooting, Nelson continued.
"Following the height of the shooting, Cruz reportedly tried to escape by blending in with other fleeing students, law enforcement sources and eyewitnesses told ABC News. Though he managed to leave the school, he was later apprehended after the police identified him through surveillance videos, CNN correspondent Martin Savidge reported.
"Cruz, who was detained without incident and was transported to the hospital for labored breathing, has been the only suspect named in the shooting, according to Savidge."


Students are comforted by family members after the shooting in Florida (EPA)
Nikolas Cruz
Nikolas Cruz's yearbook photo from last year (Marjory Stoneman Douglas / Courtesy)
Terrifying: One of the images posted to an Instagram account believed to belong to Nikolas Cruz
Evening Standard: "Terrifying: One of the images posted to an Instagram account believed to belong to Nikolas Cruz"
In several Instagram accounts believed to belong to him, he is seen posing with a selection of knives and guns, showing off about his weapons. Other posts show a terrifying arsenal of weapons laid out on a bed, as well as captions mocking Islam.
Evening Standard: "Other images taken from an Instagram account purportedly belonging to Cruz"

Evening Standard: "An account reported to have belonged to him bears this profile picture of a masked man in a ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap"
Broward County Mayor Beam Furr told CNN that the shooter was getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while, but that he hadn't been back to the clinic for more than a year.
Evening Standard: "People are led away from the scene of the mass shooting in Florida (AP)"
Students evacuate the school.
People are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school that reportedly killed and injured multiple people on February 14, 2018
People are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting.

Suspect: Nikolas Cruz as he is arrested by police (REUTERS)
Law enforcement agents transport the suspect in Wednesday's school shooting.
Law enforcement agents transport the suspect in Wednesday's school shooting.
According to a law enforcement source, the suspect initially mixed in with the crowd of students to try to get away, but it didn't work.
Picture of Nikolas Cruz released by Broward's sheriff's office
BROWARD'S SHERIFF'S OFFICE     Police released a photo of Nikolas Cruz
Nikolas cruz
An image believed to be Nikolas Cruz being taken into custody, according to WPTV-5's sources. JenniferTintner/Twitter

Following text taken from:
PARKLAND, Fla. — A former student went on a shooting rampage at a Florida high school Wednesday, leaving 17 dead while panicked students barricaded themselves inside classrooms and frantic parents raced to the scene. 
Some of those mothers and fathers were still waiting into the night for word whether their child survived the massacre. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said five of the 17 victims have still not been identified as of 9:30 p.m. ET — about seven hours after the shooting.
The gunman, who had been expelled and didn't graduate, was identified as 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. Israel said Cruz was armed with “countless” magazines and an AR-15-style rifle. 
Cruz was arrested a short distance from the school near a home, a law enforcement official who is not authorized to comment publicly told USA TODAY. Students recognized the suspect during the assault, he said.
Flanked by officers, the suspect was later escorted into a police station wearing a hospital gown. 
"Another horrific day, a detestable day," Israel said. "I'm absolutely sick to my stomach to see children who go to school armed with backpacks and pencils lose their lives."
The shooting happened about 2 p.m. at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., which is about 30 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, according to the Coral Springs Police Department. 
The 17 dead include students and adults, Israel said. Others were injured and taken to local hospitals, including at least 14 who were treated at Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health North in Deerfield Beach.
Several were in critical condition Wednesday night. 
Students said chaos ensued when a fire alarm sounded in the school near dismissal time — then the gunfire started. Israel said Cruz started shooting outside then made his way through the school's hallways. 
He wore a gas mask and used smoke grenades "so the kids would come out in the hallways and thus, he had the opportunity with crowded hallways to start picking off people," Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., told MSNBC
Student Rebecca Bogart, 17, wasn’t sure whether the reports of shooting were a drill at first. 
The school had a fire drill earlier that day, and she knew it was somewhat common to do an active shooter drill. 
It wasn’t until the windows of her first floor classroom shattered and Bogart saw a bullet near the shades did she understand what was happening.
“It was really hard to be calm,” Bogart said. “My friend was holding my hand.”
Bogart said that’s what she and her classmates tried to do as they hid from the shooter.
Though she couldn’t see them from under the teacher’s desk where she was hiding, Bogart said she could hear four of her classmates screaming in pain from injuries.
She added she didn’t know whether they had been shot.
When SWAT officers entered the classroom, they escorted students out. As Bogart walked down the hall, she saw students covered in blood.
Officers told the students to get as far away as possible. Bogart said she walked miles before stopping to get picked up by her father.
“I’m still in shock right now,” she said.
Television footage showed the terrifying moments outside the school. Students ran single file from the building with their hands in the air — throwing backpacks into a large pile and huddling under trees across the street. 
As students scrambled to safety, law enforcers with weapons drawn approached the building.
The gunman was expelled from the school for “disciplinary reasons,” but Israel didn’t elaborate.
Cameras captured authorities taking Cruz into custody and to a local hospital. Police said the gunman was a member of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) student military program. 
Some students and teachers who fled the school told reporters they knew the former student and that he had guns. 
As friends hiding from the shooter sent photos and videos over Snapchat to 19-year-old Jillian Davis, she started to recognize the suspect as a former classmate who had a history of making dark, gun-related jokes. 
Cruz, a classmate who participated in Davis’s ninth grade JROTC group, was usually a quiet kid who kept to himself, but “there was a lot of anger management issues there,” Davis said.
“Finding out it was him makes a lot of sense now,” she said.

Cruz would joke about shooting people or shooting up establishments, she said. At the time, she thought it was normal, violent teenage jokes, she said. Cruz would also talk a lot about having guns and using them in different situations, she said.
Math teacher Jim Gard told the Miami Herald he taught the suspect last year, who he said was troubled. 
"We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” Gard told the newspaper. “There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.” 
Israel said authorities were scouring through anything that would lead them to a motive in the tragedy, including a website and social media pages. 
Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said it was a dark day in the county's history. 
"It's a horrific situation. It's just a horrible day for us," he said. "... This is a day we prayed would never happen in our county." 
He said every high school in the county has a police presence, adding there are typically two officers at every school.

* 'St Valentine's Day Massacre' applied to event in Chicago on the 14th February, 1929, when seven men were murdered by the organization led by Al Capone to eliminate George "Bugs" Moran, the boss of the long-established North Side Gang.