Friday, 30 September 2016

Utopia: Some thoughts on education, class and society.

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It is a universal given, that education and social class are inextricably entwined. For 'class' read a pyramidal relationship between individuals and groups. It is largely an economic one and a matter of who has control over whom. Any society of sixty million people, as in ours, (though many of course are much larger) require stability to operate. Chaos brings suffering for all. For this reason, it is a statement of the obvious, that not everyone can be in charge, and so it follows that the brightest are best to fill these rolls.

Generally speaking rewards increase with elevation. There may be nothing wrong with this principal but it has got completely out of control. Humans can be selfless but the opposite characteristic is far more common, and rewards are never enough it would seem. We all realise that possessions are temporal and life is short, but this does not stop people wanting to accummulate things and display them - what has been called 'conspicuous consumption', a term coined by Thorstein Veblen well over a century ago. To get a handle on western world view and where we are now in economic terms, we need to link it to Max Weber's idea of the 'protestant ethic'. (The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. 1905)

This is why particularly the pay of bosses should operate within what is considered fair and reasonable by the people as a whole. Trouble is that this can mean individuals and companies that provide employment and prosperity, transferring to more liberal climes, making the situation for the many worse. It is a delicate balancing act. The danger is used as emotional blackmail by the beneficiaries to prevent action being taken. Blair famously said he was "relaxed about wealth", a philosophy he has undoubtedly put into practice since relinquishing the post of PM.

But getting back to education, as long as money can get results in specialist educational settings, those with an abundance of it will reinvest, to ensure their progeny maintain the advantage. It might be called a 'vicious circle' that perpetuates the status quo, excluding the others. Qualifications and academic achievement are the key to all top jobs, which by virtue of selection based on ability to pay, is kept within the confines of a select group, with a whole range of social indicators and barriers.

That, my friend, is the British way of doing education in a nutshell. All power to the elect and the devil take the hind-most. In its place we need to reinvigorate the notion of "commonwealth", into which all contribute and all draw out, according to genuine ability or need, and that none should take less than they need or give less than they can afford. In the five hundreth anniversary of More's 'Utopia', isn't it time we made strides to achieved it?

Thursday, 29 September 2016

More evidence of French false flags. Or should we now call them 'faux drapeaux'?

This article is reproduced from:

FRANCE – French military just caught staging ISIS false flag

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SOTT – Reports from France indicate that the French military have been caught red-handed in the act of preparing an ISIS false flag terror attack on its own citizens – and none of their excuses are making any sense.  ISIS flags, video equipment, Arabic newspapers and a generator were discovered by gardeners in a cave outside the town of Saumur – causing panic among local citizens who called the local and national police, as well as anti-terrorist units.  

With scores of police and emergency personnel on the scene, a senior military figure intervened, announcing that the contents of the cave belonged to the military and were part of a mysterious, as yet unexplained “exercise.”

The scandal has added weight to the argument that most terrorist attacks are actually false flags perpetrated by security forces against their own people, as a means of controlling and manipulating the public.


French website Union Populaire Republicaine (UPR) reports that as one of the gardeners approached the cave, he saw three men get into a white van and leave quickly. Approaching the cave, his surprise was great since he discovered video equipment, a generator, Arabic newspapers and ISIS flags.

Thinking he had discovered a hideout used by terrorists preparing attacks, the employee immediately informed the police, who in turn alerted the state services and anti-terrorist forces.

The national police, municipal police and gendarmerie were quickly on site, followed by the sub-prefect of Saumur, the prosecutor, forensic identification, and the Departmental Directorate of Public Security. Local residents were obviously worried about this deployment of forces, and the local press, mainly the Courrier de L’Ouest, was quickly on the scene.

Gardeners employed by the town of Saumur were working at this church when they found the ‘stash of Daesh’ hidden a cave.

After two hours of investigation, the sub-prefect of Saumur announced that this was a false alarm: he had been told by a spokesman from the Joint Centre Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical that the existence of the generator and ISIS paraphernalia in the cave was part of a ‘training exercise’.


That at least is the “official version” that was served to the media. Curiously, the press was satisfied with this explanation.

It is also curious that the vast majority of the media ignored a story that caused alarm for thousands of local residents and involved all of the nation’s emergency services. The story was reported by Courrier de L’Ouest, the local newspaper previously mentioned, and another local outlet Saumur Kiosque.

However only two national publications reported the story. Le Figaro thought it warranted a “brief” and BHM-TV published anarticle – spectacularly missing the point – suggesting the military should have forewarned the police about the operation.

Only three articles from national media appear in the Google news search about this case. The almost complete silence from major French media on this incredible case, which raised strong emotions in Saumur, is extremely strange.

The incredible fact that almost all major French media outlets chose not to relay information and refrained from sending investigative journalists to cover the story makes this whole affair even stranger.


Online commentators in France have suggested the government might be choosing to cover up the discovery of a real terror plot in order not to panic the population. However that is not President Hollande’s style – quite the opposite, in fact.

Need we recall the French President announcing, on July 19 at the National Assembly: “Although these words are hard to pronounce, it is my duty to do so: there will be more attacks and there will be other innocents killed. We must not get used – never – but learn to live with this threat.”

Union Populaire Republicaine, the only outlet asking the right questions about this incident, isn’t buying the idea that the government is covering up an exposed terrorist threat to calm the jangled nerves of the French population. They report:

“The fact is that the government would probably have been delighted to discover a ‘stash of Daesh.’ It could have served to show the validity of the nation’s State of Emergency on one hand, and shown that the government and the security services fight effectively against terrorism, on the other.”


But why would the Joint Center for Defense Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical (NRBC CIA) need to possess ISIS flags and propaganda? Is this a necessary element in the conduct of a technical exercise involving nuclear or chemical substances?


In fact, UPR are demanding a “parliamentary inquiry to clarify the serious shortcomings revealed by the case of Saumur”:

Whether vis-à-vis political parties or the government, a significant number of our countrymen believe that he was not told the whole truth about their attacks occurred in Paris, November 13, 2015 and Nice, July 14, 2016.

In this heavy context, the least we can say is that this strange case of Saumur falls particularly badly.

Is it necessary to emphasize that the mere possession of flags of Daesh by a French military school is a shocking fact.

Sadly, the possession of flags of Daesh by a military school, unexpectedly discovered in a cache located near a church with video material, obviously opens the door to the worst suspicions about preparing operations – or ‘false flags’ by the state.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

MH17 probe results revealed in the Netherlands

If the quality of the 'evidence' revealed at the press conference, after two years of research, analysis and compilation, and not even incorporating primary material from Russia, was any indication of the 'JIT' investigation itself, then no one should have any confidence in it. 

It appeared much more akin to a PR travesty or Kangaroo Court, that had decided on the judgement without the accused being represented or indeed guilt being established. 

Any case that appeared to rest solely on claimed 'intercepted' conversations (that of course could have been faked), unidentified witnesses, modified photographs 'to prevent the locations being identified', mock-up 'reconstructions' and routes, unrevealed US satellite sources, pictures of geometrical scorched and partially ploughed fields, incomplete reconstruction of the plane itself, and many explanations left unresolved, is not worthy of the name of 'forensic investigation'. 

To say that one hundred responsible persons had been identified, but be unable to provide a reliable indication of ultimate responsibility, only added insult to injury. 

The whole thing was a sham - and a pretty amateurish one at that - that all the uniforms and flags and medals could only emphasise.

See also:

Stewart Brennan21:36 There's a big need for the people in Europe to rid themselves of US puppets and traitors in their governments...otherwise Europe will be dragged into a war with Russia by the US...
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Rob Mazurek8:17 this is a Rothschild "NATO" conspiracy because they want to invade Russia &overthrow Putin - Rothschilds NWO takeoever agenda ...its just one more propaganda piece to try to wage an invasion against Russia
LikeReply9712 hrs
Stewart Brennan25:19 Total BS..shame on the A son of a Canadian WWII vet that helped liberate Holland...maybe we shouldn't have considering the BS you are allowing your govt to vomit!
LikeReply5611 hrs
Rick Garwood10:07 And the outcome should be... Why the fuck was air Malaysia flying over a war zone sparked by Europe's attempted coup and annex of the Ukraine .. Anyway ??
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John Simpson John18:48 Why don't you just start with the conclusion and manufacture the evidence to suit? Where are the US radar images? I suppose all those spy satellites were on holidays that day.
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Jithesh Chackov0:00 Guided an aircraft in to the war zone and shotdown and blamed it on Russia . It guided in and shot by rebels , is as believable as USA attacked Syrian army by mistake .
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Ralph Jordie9:02 I'm Dutch. We know the truth! And the truth is not being spoken right now. Just the truth they want you to believe.
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Damen Downey-Pryor20:45 RT needs their own intelligence agency and satellites so they can call these liars out they are the only news I trust. RT you guys rule
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Maksym Dmytriyev20:53 This looks more as a "documentary" at a cheap tv channel than an official investigation 😔 what about the Ukrainian su-24? Not a single word about it
LikeReply2112 hrs
Vladimir Zaitsev15:20 It is a BSOD of truth, dumping truth in the data dump. I think I shalt pull out. However I am curious as to hear what bullshit they can come up with to demonise our Russian motherland.
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Martin Straka34:28 Could I remind you that on July 3rd 1988 Muricans shot down an Iranian civil plane above Iranian waters killing all 290 passengers and then said it was a mistake and nothing else was done?
LikeReply2211 hrs
Rob Mazurek27:16 This is Rothschild Ordered Propaganda so NATO can use this as an excuse to try to invade and overthrow Putin - not buying this bullshit
LikeReply3411 hrs
Damen Downey-Pryor40:51 It was Russia I seen uncle Vladimir do it my self with his intergalactic sholder missils then he shot lasers out his eyes before firing scud rockets out his bum hole.. what a joke
LikeReply1411 hrs
Mike Van Dalfsen0:00 be aware, they want you to get mad. dont be! they want to devide us(the russiand and west). these guys are a bunch of cockroach liars and I am deeply ashamed.
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Tobias Weber30:26 Wait what.. russia shot down a plane with 3/4 Patent holder of a superchip. The 4th is rothschild himself.
Fuck that propaganda
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Charles Kafka0:00 do they realize putin's plane had crossed that same flight path a few hours earlier?
the west would never "cut it that close"..
i somehow doubt the russians would either
LikeReply1211 hrs
Nick Barton10:36 It was the rothchilds. They were the ones who would benefit from certain people on that plane dying. Which gave the rothchilds complete control over a very important patent for a new product worth billions.
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Rachid De53:44 The netherlands is a us vassal state like most states in the eu
The netherlands have us nukes on their terrotory aimed at russia for years
You go figure
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Gaz Birch56:14 convenient this report is released the same week as the UNSC meeting accusing Russia of destroying the aid convoy in Syria?
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Stephan Vos45:10 The Netherlands and Ukraine should not be on the table if Russia is not allowed to. they all can gain some of this crash/attack.
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Robert Stealth Dsouza52:59 Pls ask the probe team, to give their swiss account number, how much they had been paid black by US and its Team, to create propaganda of false evidence against Russians.
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Djuro Blasevic15:56 America shot that plane out of the sky because it was holding valuable chinese officials probably on the way home from dealing with Russia
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Billy Anthopoulos14:24 Look the same way the US gassed people in Syria back in 2012, through Wahabbi proxies and tried to use it as a pretext to invasion or involvement, they shot down the plane as a pretext to invasion...
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Anna Jackson40:44 Well now you can blame Russia for example in Kennedy's death, the eruption of mount Vesuvius, a pair of ice ages, the extinction of mammoths, the onset of winter, etc..
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Ahmed Al Mansouri21:13 We all know the American's knocked down the twin towers. We know American's train terrorist and supply them with weapons including grow too air missiles
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Brian Walker38:07 time for Putin to end this BULLSHIT and expose America for what it is and what it's done, everything from fake moon landings to 9/11 and beyond
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Azam Khan50:19 It was Santa Claus all the time. He collided with the Malaysian aircraft. Is this a good explanation boys. Now I ask that bitch to translate it in her language.
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Rohin Kallat2:35 Had no idea this was even happening. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is...and it will certainly provide much closure, hopefully.
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Stephan Vos51:06 antonio, our government is always doind that since world war 2. blame russia. even in schoolbooks, russia is always the red evil nations and america the green good guys
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Stephan Vos59:55 The reporter should had asked why there is no Russian involvement whille Ukraine is at the table helping pointing the finger east?
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Jamie Grant23:15 Only a fool would believe the Russians did it
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Damen Downey-Pryor1:03:01 The U.S. got their corrupt hand in Russia's bussiness as usual just like in Syria no one wants them their but the corrupt U.N. justifies it. The U.N. is a joke!
LikeReply1111 hrs
Chris Chan43:01 Many firearms used in countless fatal shootings in US were purchased legally from stores like Walmart, does it mean Walmart behind all the crimes?
LikeReply49 hrsEdited
Jamie Grant23:49 So by the rationale of some idiots then if a weapon manufactured in the US is used by a terrorist group then it's the US that are guilty?
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Stephan Vos28:37 A buk missle, Buk is russian made, lets blame Russia.
Tow missles are American made and used by terrorist, who they blame? the terrorist. what a hypocrites.
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Niki Bazz Enchev19:19 The plane was shot down by the incompetent Ukrainian Army
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Gemma Laming24:14 They're talking about missiles... the expert witness about the jets that were seen near MH 17. Along with the kinds of fragmenst that could only come from cannon fire.
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Rob Mazurek40:22 The reason I believe the radio transmissions were fabricated is because real military personell do not swear on military transmissions because they know their superiors monitor radios ....lmao
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Haider Shepherd54:23 Let me tell you what result these fuckers will come up with " big heads and important Russians were involved" they will try so badly to isolate Putin and Russia lol
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Jesus Perdomo35:10 The evidence is pretty clear...what are you all complaining about? Just look at the videos and the calls..and the ballistic evidence in the plane remains...
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Aaryan Khan49:22 This is same deception just like 9-11 and the SHEEP people of the Netherlands gonna believe that..... this what happened when you take GOD out of the society people become like a SHEEPS
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Yannis Zografakis1:00:16 How many military bases exist on the planet belonging to USA , and how many belonging to Russia?Who creates the wars and for what reason?
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Azam Khan37:07 These cunts probably have a photograph of Putin driving the Buk missile truck and pressing the fire button. Whatever. Watch them now try to sue Russia to get some money while these mafia criminals are at it.
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Stephan Vos18:05 American Tow missles are used against Civiliance in the middle east by terrorist, shall we al blame America or the terrorist?
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Rob Mazurek6:11 BS -tHEYRE TRYING TO FRAME RUSSIA - more Rothschild Puppets at work
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Japie Koetsier1:23 Why did they still let MH17 fly over the area when Ukraine tapped the phone calls where was mentioned that some fighter jets were flying 1 day earlier.. Blame Russia ofcourse
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Kristie Simone Vd Lem0:00 Putin, we don't want war.... please rescue us, they want to kill us to fight you.

Please do something agains the devils family ROTHSCHILD !!!!...See More
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Rob Mazurek0:00 of course they will disperse their propaganda for the international media to ensure they spread the lies around the world to brainwash the masses with this propaganda bullshit
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