Sunday, 11 September 2016

9/11 After-Shocks

Villany and Arrogance Meet.


"Giuliani defends Trump idea to take Middle East oil: 'Anything is legal' in war." 

"Former New York mayor and close Trump ally discusses Republican nominee’s call to take Iraq’s oil, a move which appears to break international law."
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Did you see the line-up for the 9/11 memorial at the new WTC? No wonder Clinton had a funny turn! Several leading politicians either implicated in the events themselves or in their cover-up. Hilary Clinton was there too but she had to leave early because she was 'feeling unwell', owing to the heat. (Incidentally it wasn't a particularly hot day) 

Tim Veater Getting in on the act (of course) the Mayor of Jerusalem.

"On the morning of September 11, 2001, Mayor Barkat landed in New York for a few days of business meetings. Just another of those little 'co-incidences'! WIKI reports that his "official entry into politics began in January 2003, when he founded the party Yerushalayim Tatzli'ah ("Jerusalem Will Succeed") and ran in the Jerusalem mayoral race. He is apparently worth over a hundred million US dollars and is a noted philanthropist. Cabinet member at the time Ehud Olmert (now disgraced ex Prime Minister) was also in New York that day and flew out unannounced immediately after.

Tim Veater I don't suppose the 'pneumonia' could be related?

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  1. Meanwhile back at the ranch.....Stand with Chelsea Manning on hunger strike
    Chelsea Manning appears to have some serious psychological issues in the personality and gender department. Nevertheless the way he/she has been treated by the American government, proves it has more! Manning may have done the US reputational damage, but that is as nothing to the damage done to people in the Middle East by it. Sometimes one's moral duty to one's country, is surpassed to one's duty to humanity as a whole, and Manning's 'leaks' fell into that category. His/her treatment by the US government was vindictive and cruel and continues to be so, showing its true character. A character that allowed it to kill and torture innocents in Iraq and elsewhere and then seek to cover it up. Manning did the world a public service in revealing the ugly reality, in contrast to the public relations falsehood forced on the public by a complicit media. He deserves now, whatever the weirdness of his situation, to be supported by that same world community.


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