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Is Gatwick hoax bomb threat possibly more than it appears?

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Sussex Police undated handout photo of librarian Jacob Meir Abdellak who  has been handed a 10-month sentence and ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge at Lewes Crown Court after he made hoax bomb threat because he was late for his flight. t

The story about the man who made a false bomb threat so he could board a Norwegian Airways flight from Gatwick to the United States, because he was running late, gained widespread publicity. 

However, as is usual, although there are multiple reports, in multiple news outlets, these all follow a virtually identical script and none go beyond the same headline or approved story. This is unfortunate, because in this way the true significance of such can remain hidden from the general public.

Now the professional journalist who drafted the initial report on which presumably all the rest were based (or why would they all be virtually identical) may have covered all the salient facts and all we need to know. But it is also more than likely that he/she didn't and there is much more to the story, and perhaps the interesting bit, that hasn't been revealed.

Both positive and negative features start me wondering: things that are included, things that are left out, the general tone of the article. My approach is coloured by the fact that much of the official story about the terrorism to which the West has been subjected over the last twenty years, contains much that is false intended to misdirect blame to those other than the true instigators and perpetrators. 

As I and others have revealed, secret agencies, particularly from Israel, have consistently shown to have been on scene, yet the significance of this has never been identified by mainstream media outlets. The only conclusion that can be drawn, is that the public has been intentionally misled for hidden and malign reasons, by those who control such things. It should make citizens sceptical and questioning of every alleged terrorist event, and even some that are not so claimed, into which the Gatwick incident must fall.

The fact that this is presented, not as terrorism but a 'hoax', is immediately suspicious, because it has the effect of down-grading it, as the relatively light sentence of ten months imprisonment confirms. Similarly it appears, it only gained significant attention after the Crown Court hearing. Clearly despite initially denying the charge, the prosecution accepted there was nothing more sinister than a desperate traveller attempting and achieving access to his flight, even though he was initially prevented from doing so.

What appears somewhat strange to me is that we are told virtually nothing about Mr Abdellak, other than he is a forty seven year old French citizen who is a librarian, living at Amhurst Park, Hackney, London. It is not stated that this is in the Stamford Hill area of London, a well known Jewish quarter, nor the fact that Mr Abdellak is himself Jewish apparently, as his first names, Jacob Meir might have suggested. 

Then there is that photograph. It is not a typical police mug shot. It is ultra close and truncated top and bottom. The blank expression. The vacant enigmatic eyes. It suggests composure, control, resignation and maybe, secrets.

To suggest a Norwegian Airliner, about to set off to the United States was carrying a bomb is or was a pretty extreme prank that as an intelligent man, he must have known would have far-reaching consequences far beyond the need to get a flight. In the present climate, it was surely an act of terrorism, yet was not prosecuted as such, nor was his religious affiliation referred to.

Now I ask, would the incident have been treated in the same way had an Arab or Muslim person pulled the same trick? I think it unlikely. So the first question is was Mr Abdellak treated more considerately by both prosecutors and media by virtue of his nationality and/or religion? Was the absence of any reference to his religion a matter of intentional policy on the part of either? In any event is it or was it a relevant or significant factor? 

To that I have to say, given the track record of Israeli agencies, Mossad being the most notable, of assassination and terrorism, often disguised as the work of others, it certainly could be, and deserves at least some enquiry to remove the possibility in this case. Yet it appears not one journalist or media outlet is prepared to go down this road with basic questions as to motivation or background.

There is no suggestion that Mr Abdellak (not it must be said an obviously Jewish surname) showed any remorse or contrition for the action he had taken. We are not told of the emotional impact on the passengers but it is not difficult to image how it could have been severe to the point of serious health consequences. Having first denied it, nor does he make any attempt to explain how merely missing his flight could justify it, or how as an intelligent well educated man (we assume) he could contemplate doing it.

Then there was the rather elementary mistake of using the same mobile phone and sim card to make the call after using it to book the flight. That certainly points to amateurism and an absence of covert agencies, unless it was done specifically to test systems and police proficiency.

We are not told why a French citizen is in Britain or how long he has been resident here. We are told virtually nothing of his personal circumstances or where he works. We are not told why a librarian finds it necessary to travel to America at least twice in a little over a week, or whether he had a habit of doing so. Nor importantly are we told whether he has any links to Israel or its institutions or agencies.

These things would not normally arise or be called for, but surely once aircraft bombs, even hoax ones, are involved, these background issues, and the necessity of ruling out any possibility of covert operations or organisations, becomes of first importance.

As to the police action, this also raises a question in my mind. Clearly they had access to the caller's number immediately. Presumably, nor, given the potential seriousness of the call, would it have taken them long to obtain the call history of that phone or indeed of its location when the call was made. This would have identified the registered user and that the initial call was made at Gatwick itself. 

It therefore seems strange that given the fact that all passengers, including Mr Abdellak, had to pass through security checks a second time, why was he not identified at that stage, particularly as he had earlier been denied access and caused a major scene? 

Alternatively why was he not arrested on his return flight on landing, although we are not told when this was? If for some reason they didn't do it then, why not an arrest at his home or place of work? Indeed if it was unclear at that stage whether he really was a terrorist, was a major operation not initiated? After all the failure to find a bomb did not prove the caller was not a real threat until he had been positively identified. 

What was the reason for the very relaxed police response and why did they wait for him to attempt to board another flight to America eleven days later, before they effected an arrest?

These are all rather intriguing questions that may have logical and straightforward answers, but there are some other features of the case that attracted my attention. As usual they may be wholly coincidental and unrelated but I will mention them for what they are worth. They relate to dates and numbers.

It has been noted that eleven and its multiples appear to have significance for the planners and/or implementors of terrorist events.

  • The terrorist murder of British soldier Lee Rigby took place in London on 22 May 2013.
  • Three bombings at an airport and metro station in Brussels, Belgium, occurred on 22 March 2016, killing 32 people.
  • A shooting rampage left nine people dead in Munich, Germany, on 22 July 2016.
  • A car and knife attack near the British Houses of Parliament in Westminster killed four people on 22 March 2017.
  • Manchester bombing: 22 May 2017

Although this is strange, it is not generally agreed that the relationship in reality is significant. You may wish to refer to that lists some of the recent cases but comes down mainly against any significant relationship. Nevertheless I could not help noticing that not only did this incident take place on the 11th May, 2018, but he was arrested exactly eleven days later on the 22nd May, 2018, when he attempted a second flight with a different airline.

As we have noted the first flight was with Norwegian Airlines, subject to some recent financial 'turbulance' it must be said, but with a further twist we note that the notorious Breikvik mass shooting occurred on the 22nd July, 2011! How many coincidences are required before the implications of a pattern emerge?

One other numerical feature struck me also that may be considered even more far fetched. All reports give a very specific time for the hoax call. Given this vagueness of much of the rest of the reporting, this may appear somewhat strange. No 'about' or 'around'. The time is clearly fixed at 05:47, eight minutes before the plane was due to depart. Is it fanciful to see 9/11 in these figures (5+4=9; 4+7=11) or that the original flight time was 5:55?

Of course all this is speculation but doesn't a bomb threat to a transatlantic flight, in the present high-terrorist-risk environment demand it, particularly if reports fail to demonstrate any real enquiry. In this context I would suggest the following questions could at least have been posed, even if answers were unforthcoming:

  • Is the bomb hoax incident as simple as it is reported to be?
  • Who is Jacob Meir Abdellak and does he have any links to Israel or Israeli intelligence? Or indeed to any other covert organisation?
  • Why do none of the reports make any mention of his Jewish background or nationality?
  • Why did it take so long to link him to the hoax, given the fact that the mobile phone could be traced to the location and he passed through security checks?
  • Why was he allowed to get on the plane given the earlier circumstances?
  • Why was he flying to Los Angeles and why did he need to fly again only eleven days later?
  • Why would such an intelligent man make such an irrationally criminal act just to catch a flight?
  • Why did the police appear to take such a relaxed view of what might have been linked to terrorism?
  • Why did they choose to arrest him as he attempted to leave a second time eleven days later rather than before?
  • Are the dates and times hidden hints or merely just more irrational coincidences?

The following report is copied from:

Stamford Hill man jailed for hoax bomb threat in bid to catch plane

Jacob Meir Abdellak was running late for a flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles, so he decided to call the police to report a threat.

Sussex Police undated handout photo of librarian Jacob Meir Abdellak who  has been handed a 10-month sentence and ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge at Lewes Crown Court after he made hoax bomb threat because he was late for his flight. t

A librarian has been jailed for making a hoax bomb threat because he was late for his flight.
Jacob Meir Abdellak was running late for the Norwegian flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles, so he decided to contact the police to report the threat.
He was handed a 10-month sentence and ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court on Tuesday, Sussex Police said. 

The anonymous call was made at 5.47am on May 11 – just eight minutes before the flight was due to depart, causing it to be delayed by 90 minutes.
Gatwick Airport investigated and found Abdellak was significantly late for the flight and was denied boarding by airline staff, who he became abusive towards.
Later his phone number was linked to the hoax call and his booking.
The 47-year-old, of Amhurst Park, Hackney, London, was arrested on May 22 when he returned to board another USA-bound flight.
On the first day of his trial, after previously denying the charge, he admitted communicating false information regarding a noxious substance likely to create serious risk to human health.
The French national initially claimed he had lost his SIM card a few days earlier so the call could not have been made by him.
On Thursday, Gatwick Police chief inspector Marc Clothier said: “This was a quite ridiculous decision made by Abdellak, who fabricated an extremely serious allegation purely for his own benefit.

“His actions caused the flight to be delayed, and also caused a level of fear and distress among a number of staff and passengers on board that flight.”
According to Reuters,  Jacob Meir Abdellak is a French librarian from East London who called police eight minutes before his Norwegian Air flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles was scheduled to depart at 5:47 a.m. on May 11. Abdellak made the call after he arrived late for his flight. The plane was still in the terminal, but the boarding door was closed and airline staff denied his entry.
That’s when Abdellak called the police department with claims that there was a bomb on board. The fake call caused all the flight’s passengers to be re-screened at security and delayed the plane’s takeoff by 90 minutes. Due to the delay, Abdellak was allowed to board the plane.
However, when he showed up to the airport to board another U.S.-bound flight on May 22, he was arrested after police linked the phone number from the bomb hoax to the same one he used to book his airfare.

"French Jew calls in hoax bomb threat to delay his flight."

"Three arrested in Gatwick bomb alert

Three people are being questioned following a full-scale security alert at Gatwick Airport.
The scare was sparked by a car with its number plates removed, which was found abandoned on the A23 near the south terminal at 8.50pm on Friday.
Part of the terminal was evacuated and more than 4,000 arriving passengers were prevented from leaving, police said.
Army bomb disposal experts carried out three controlled explosions before declaring the scene safe after five hours.
No suspicious device was found and the saloon car was removed for forensic examination."

See also: Report: Paris turns into Mossad's playground,7340,L-5317287,00.html

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Is 'Hoaxstead' a Government-backed trolling organisation to target individuals and bury the truth?

The following account rather proves it. The 'victim' is just one of many activists that have been targeted. What is strange is that police appear to ignore this awful behaviour, whilst pursuing those who have represented the interests of children and their families. It suggests a very deep and corrupt conspiracy to silence a disturbing social reality.

The following article re-printed with permission from:


"Hoaxtead Research is a free wordpress blog that is run by anonymous authors with dozens of anonymous sock puppet account commenters.  They claim that the site has been set up to protect innocent people who live in Hampstead England who have been “wrongfully accused” of hosting a pedophile ring that engages in the satanic ritual abuse and murder of children.  
In 2015 a bunch of videos of two children giving graphic testimonies about what was done to them in Hampstead spread like wildfire all over the internet.  This “Hoaxtead Research” Blog was allegedly created as a response to those videos to defend the accused.
However when you look at the actual content of this blog it becomes clear that its prime objective is to character assassinate anyone who tries to speak out against child abuse. Furthermore, when you dig just a little deeper into the background of the blogs authors, you find that it is written by self professing Satanists.  But even more alarming, when you analyze the Hoaxtead blog you can clearly see that it is set up and run by a government operation led by GCHQ. This article and the ones that will follow on my blog will fully explain all of this.
So how did I get involved with Hoaxtead?  Well first of all, let me state for the record that I have absolutely nothing at all to do with the Hampstead case. I didn’t even know about the case until recently because I wasn’t interested at all in looking into this sort of thing. Its just way to dark for me.  However in October of 2015 I was approached by a person named Mel Ve who had a Youtube channel called “Consumer Conscious Network”.  Mel Ve wanted to get involved with my family’s project: the QEG.  I was going to do a few shows on my own on blogtalk radio about our work, but Mel Ve absolutely insisted that we do the shows about our project on her YouTube channel and I agreed. (something I will forever regret)
It was then that I noticed all of these weird trolling youtube videos being made about me because of my involvement with Mel Ve.  A series of Youtube channels called “Mckenzies Devils” or “MKD” or many variations of that name, started pounding out three or more videos a day about me.  Awful, vile videos that said horrible things. They used my photo, my video content, my business logo and photos of my family. They made all sorts of lurid accusations trying to associate me with all manner of despicable things.  I also noticed that every other person that worked with Mel Ve was getting a lot of trolling videos made about them too.  All of these videos had links in the description to the Hoaxtead blog. Make no mistake, the Hoaxtead blog has an arsenal of hundreds of youtube channels that are part of its operation. They try to confuse folks by saying they are somehow separate, but they are not, they are the same entity with the same GCHQ boss.
Fast forward just a couple of months in our story, Mel Ve started handing over private skype conversations from several people that worked with her to the Hoaxtead blog. (these were her customers actually as they paid her to produce their shows) All of which were published in pure violation of her customers private information.  I wrote about it in my blog post here and promptly ended my relationship with Mel Ve as a result of this revelation.
I think Mel Ve was a spy for Hoaxtead research and she was sent to target me, my family and our project so that she could feed information to the Hoaxtead blog.  Which she did for several months by writing in letters to Hoaxtead telling them what she thought she knew about my family, our project and our finances.  Mind you, she had to make up a lot of it because I did not disclose this information to her. She also sent me scathing letters insulting me for my faith because I am a born again Christian. (she really REALLY hates Christians and has posted some vile quotes about Jesus all over her social media) She on the other hand seems to be practicing some of the darker arts herself, and now runs a website about serpent worship.
Unfortunately for her, something changed in her position with Hoaxtead and she and her husband were evicted from their home in the Netherlands and forced to flee to Portugal. Their claim was that it was because of things that the Hoaxtead blog wrote about them. According to Mel, all their neighbors saw the blog and its videos, and then the landlord cut their internet connection so that they couldn’t broadcast on YouTube anymore, and then dragged them into court to evict them. They fled to Portugal where it appears they are staying with a friend and laying low. However they are trying to recoup their losses by threatening to sue the Hoaxtead blog for GDPR violations.
So there is the background of how this whole thing started. For the last two years since then I have been a target of the Hoaxtead operation.  They have made hundreds of videos about me. They stalk my Facebook daily and post screen shots of everything I say on their blog. They are like a trashy tabloid on steroids.  They have written many insanely slanderous articles about me and our project.  They dig into my past and pull up painful memories of when I was abused by a sexual predator and taunt me with it. They have even made a profile with my abusers face and name and send me sexually explicit messages telling me what they want to do to me … and also what they want to do to my mother.
I have received numerous death threats from them.  They troll my marriage and they go after my family and my husband. Every time I post anything on the internet I am flooded with vile comments from dozens of their sock puppet accounts.  If I try to put out any kind of fundraiser or launch a new product on my business so that I can earn a living and provide for my family, this group will start mass reporting me to any third party platform they can think of to try to shut down my campaign. Their goal is to make me lose all that I worked so hard for, and quite frankly, their goal is to get me to commit suicide. I am a woman of a strong faith in God and this is the only way I am able to endure this persecution. Hoaxtead have managed to get several people arrested and thrown in jail, which they brag about.  And there have been several mysterious deaths of some of their targets.
They hold a public google drive folder on their blog that they call their “evidence folder” It is essentially my stalking file where they post all screen shots of them stalking me on social media.  In this file they also post my private IP address and unlisted email address so that I can be an open target for cyber spam attacks. When I report them to I am told that I need to get a court order in order for WordPress to remove my publicly posted private information.   So I am now in the process of doing this with an attorney, but it will cost money that I do not have, so it might take a while.  I found this fantastic attorney here that specialized in this sort of thing. The best part is, after they get your court order for you, they will then be able to legally demand the name of the people responsible for the blog so that you can then sue them personally for damages.
This is the reality that I live every day as a result of this government torture program.
At first I was rather traumatized by all of this. But recently I decided to start fighting back the best that I could. I am a rather busy person normally and this has been rather time consuming. I’m not quite done yet with collecting and presenting my data and this will be done in a couple of days. I would however like to post my progress so far.
A total of 50 of their trolling channels with over 2,000 videos have been taken down from Youtube. I have several accounts that I have used to report these channels over and over again. Finally, Youtube started to listen. I have documented this in the videos posted below.
I also started saving screen shots of the death threats I have been receiving, which I documented in a video below.
And  in a bizarre twist of events, the main Hoaxtead Youtube troll, a man by the name of Tim Mckenzie, a man who tormented me daily for two years, suddenly dropped dead within hours of trolling me.  I caught the whole thing on screen shots and made a video about this below.
I am creating a broader report that will fully explain GCHQ and how the governments target a number of important topics such as geoengineering, vaccines, GMO food, Smart Meters, 5G, alternative energy, cancer cures, and human trafficking. The goal of this program is to silence the public outcry against such atrocities.  To give clear examples I will be using my own information and a collection of screen shots and evidence that I have gathered over the last 5 years.    I will also be showing in detail how these government programs are hiring Satanists to carry out this dirty work.  This report should be out in the next few days and will be available on this blog. Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone who may benefit from knowing this information.
Below are 4 videos relevant to this article and the report to come in the next couple of days. Please note, these videos are hosted on a paid Vimeo Account and are only viewable here on this blog post. This has been done to ensure they are not removed from the internet by malicious mass reporting on third party platforms. Please share this blog post in order to share these videos. You can reblog this blog post too if you want, but you will need to link back to this post in order for the videos to be viewable.END OF ARTICLE
The following videos can only be viewed by accessing the site at: 

Collection of Death Threats from Hoaxtead to Me
Hoaxtead MKD Trolling Channels Removed from Youtube for the Record (there have been many more taken down since making this video)
Tim Mckenzie Hoaxtead Troll Death Screen Shots for the Record
UK Column interview discussing Hoaxtead, showing their stalking files and the satanic connectionsColl

Typical of the pernicious material posted by the anonymous authors of 'Hoaxstead' can be viewed here:

See also: Lift the Veil
Streamed live on 17 Aug 2018

More intriguing background information on

who is actually whom, in the murky world of




"Karen Irving is a Canadian writer & author of the Katy Klein mystery novel series.

Born in VictoriaBritish ColumbiaD.O.B Oct 2nd 1957. Daughter of Gordon (a master mariner) and Shirley (a securities officer; maiden name, Boyer)
Educated at Dalhousie University, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, where she received her master’s degree in Social Work in 1988. Married Mitchell Beer (a conference publisher) on April 27, 1984 & they have 2 children. Irving currently resides inOttawa, Ontario.
Irving is known for her Katy Klein series of mystery novels. Set in OttawaOntario, it revolves around the central themes of Jewish culture and astrologyThe series follows the adventures of Katy Klein, former staff psychologist turned astrologer, Jewish single mother of a militant teen vegetarian, and reluctant amateur detective.  wikipedia  Karen Irving
1999 – Pluto Rising   2000 – Jupiter’s Daughter   2002 – Mars Eclipsed     customer reviews"

Snake Logan, A Canadian Woman, MK Ultra Karen Irving & Hoaxtead

“Israel Has Taken Out a Contract on Jeremy Corbyn” 

British Media is in a Sea of its Own Mendacity

Image result for george galloway images

The following reprinted from:

By George Galloway

August 15, 2018 "Information Clearing House-  

“Israel has taken out a contract on Jeremy Corbyn” writer Gideon Levy wrote in Ha'aretz. As the contract crescendos, what does it tell us about Corbyn, the media, and Israel?
The Jewish establishment in Britain and Israeli propaganda have taken out a contract on him (Corbyn), to foil his election…” Levy wrote in an opinion piece last week.  This remarkable piece by Israel's finest journalist Gideon Levy, published in Israel's finest newspaper Ha'aretz, is remarkable not just in that it is a fine piece of writing on a par with what he writes every other day.

But it reminds those whose rushes of blood to the head too often lead them to erroneously believe that Israel is (not yet, at any rate) a "fascist" country. If it were, Levy would be dead, Ha'aretz long closed down and the strategic damage done internationally to Netanyahu by the steady stream of free journalism staunched in the interests of the state.

It is a commonplace that there is NO Arab country where such journalism is permitted. Even cartoonists enigmatically lampooning the Arab system are taken out, never mind trenchant existential attacks upon the character of the system and the leader, like this one.

Less palatable is the fact that NO British journalist would write this piece, quite the contrary. Virtually every British journalist is either writing the opposite or is engaged in a frantic search for the slightest morsel of historic Facebook scribblings to launch yet another assassination piece on the Labour leader.
It is his Arab season now but equally frantic, reckless, often mendacious offensives have been mounted over Corbyn's Cold War activities and his Irish activities. Before that it was his clothes, his unfamiliarity with the words and music of God Save the Queen and his inability to kowtow like a Japanese General before royal personages and on state occasions.

"Thank God you cannot bribe or twist/ the average British journalist/ but when you see what unbribed he'll do/ you see there is no reason to" - From a poem by Humbert Wolfe (1885-1940)
Unbribed (one presumes), the average British journalist in just three years has sincerely believed and ruthlessly proselytized that Jeremy Corbyn (35 years a British MP) has been a Soviet spy, a Czech spy an East German spy. He's been paid £10k per MEETING (at 1980s prices) for his philandering with Soviet bloc agents, he's been on a motorcycle tour of the former German Democratic Republic where he was recruited by the KGB. This is all by way of background as to why Corbyn was the sole MP in the British parliament to ask for evidence from Theresa May for her assumptions as to the true identity of the would-be assailants of the Skripals in Salisbury. The BBC even photoshopped Corbyn in front of the Kremlin walls in a Russian hat.

And Corbyn has also been an agent of the Lebanese Shia Islamist resistance group Hezbollah. And a friend and brother of their equal and opposite Palestinian Sunni resistance group Hamas. And an agent of their equals and opposites, the Shia Mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And prior to all of that, Corbyn was an agent of the revolutionary Irish Republican Army in their long struggle to oust the British occupiers from their country. The fact that Corbyn was meeting leading Republicans in public at the very same time as UK ministers and civil servants were meeting the very same Republicans in secret is carefully elided. That Corbyn was right in trying to bring the political wing of the IRA in from the cold and into a peace process –now universally lauded as the Good Friday Agreement– has to be carefully concealed.

Long ago videos from obscure events, entirely ignored at the time by the self-same media, are being exhumed and distorted. Pictures of wreaths being laid are parsed and wild inferences made as to who exactly is being mourned in the pictures. Smears that were launched last year are relaunched to presumed gullible readers as if they were news this year.

This tidal wave, I remind you again, has all rolled out like a tsunami from the entire UK media –left right and center– in just the last three years.

In the same three years Corbyn has tripled the Labour Party's membership, it is now bigger than all the other British political parties combined and is now the biggest political party in Europe, with over 550,000 members.

In that three years and in the face of the tsunami, Corbyn scored the biggest increase in Labour votes since Winston Churchill was turfed out on his backside in the Labour landslide in 1945.

If Corbyn did not have more than one hundred Blairite Labour MPs sitting behind him seeking, in perfect synchronicity with the media storms, to overthrow, subvert and undermine him, he would without doubt be sitting in 10 Downing Street right now. Just imagine that...

So, it is now obvious that not only does Israel have a more free press than Britain, but also that the British media has increasingly little purchase with the British people. Newspapers are going out of business, their owners posting billion-dollar losses. The press are bankrupt in public esteem, too. It seems that the more they hysterically blow, the more people disregard what they have to say and some more every day migrate to other media shores, on social media, on alternative media channels like RT. The British media, waving frantically, are not waving actually, but drowning. Drowning in the sea of their own mendacity.

The BBC radio flagship program “Today” has lost one million listeners in one year. The BBC flagship television program “Newsnight” has lost half its audience. The Persecutor-in-Chief, the Daily Mail –whose founder was a personal friend of Adolf Hitler – has lost 12% of its readership in the last year.

The Russophobia Times of London has lost 6.6% from a very low base. The ‘liberal’ Guardian newspaper, which daily plumbs new journalistic depths, has sunk by an unlikely 13%.

And the Daily Telegraph, house-journal of disgraced former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, has lost a mind-bending 25% of its readers in just one year.

George Galloway is a British politician, broadcaster and writer. Between 1987 and 2015, with a gap in 2010–12, he represented four constituencies as a Member of Parliament, elected as a candidate for the Labour Party and later the Respect Party.
This article was originally published by "RT" -

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.