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A dangerous profession: 

73 Journalists Killed in 2015

All countries and their agencies appear to be at it! 
The MSM's job is as much to protect the public from 
the truth, as to inform it.

Award-winning photographer David Gilkey captured the harsh realities of disaster and war around the 
world. He was killed June 5th 2016 in an attack in Helmand province in Afghanistan, along with NPR 
interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna and an Afghan soldier. He was 50.
Top Ten most dangerous countries
  1. Syria: 14
  2. France: 9
  3. Iraq: 6
  4. Brazil: 6
  5. Yemen: 5
  6. Bangladesh: 5
  7. South Sudan: 5
  1. Mexico: 4
  2. Somalia: 3
  3. Turkey: 3


List of journalists killed in Russia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The dangers to journalists in Russia have been well known since the early 1990s but concern at the number of unsolved killings soared after Anna Politkovskaya's murder in Moscow on 7 October 2006. While international monitors spoke of several dozen deaths, some sources within Russia talked of over two hundred fatalities.[1] The evidence has since been examined and documented in two reports, published in Russian and English, by international organizations. These revealed a basic confusion in terminology that explained the seemingly enormous numerical discrepancy: statistics of premature death among journalists (from work accidents, crossfire incidents, and purely criminal or domestic cases of manslaughter) were repeatedly equated with the much smaller number of targeted (contract) killings or work-related murders. The Remembrance Day of Journalists Killed in the Line of Duty in Russia is observed on 15 December every year."

Who's killing the messengers?

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Hi Tim,
While accusations and recriminations continue to reverberate in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in 
Turkey and fingers are pointing at possible/probable US/CIA involvement (there is a long history of the 
Anglo-American elite fomenting regime change), we should not lose sight of the repressive,
 duplicitous nature of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule. One cannot exclude the possibility that the coup
 was encouraged/facilitated to flush out opposition to Ergodan's regime; the subsequent detentions give 
credence to this interpretation of events. Furthermore, in multilevel geopolitical chess, this version of events 
doesn't exclude the possibility of US/Israeli involvement.

Prior to the coup attempt, a number of journalists have died in suspicious circumstances in Turkey with little 
outrage or reporting in Western media, even when they were British or American citizens.

Ex-BBC journalist Jacky Sutton found hanged in airport ‘feared ISIS would kill her’"Unless I see evidence beyond reasonable doubt that #JackySutton committed suicide, I am convinced that 
she has been killed. RIP"
“I’m not into conspiracies, but if the Turks say a security camera at Istanbul-Ataturk was malfunctioning then 
Jacky Sutton was murdered,”

 by Tom Porter
A colleague of former BBC journalist Jacky Sutton, who was found hanged in a toilet cubicle in Istanbul 
airport, said claims she committed suicide "go against everything we understood about Jacky".
The 50-year-old acting Iraq director for the London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting was found 
dead in Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. The Foreign Office confirmed the death of a British national in Istanbul on 
18 October and said it was "providing consular assistance to the family at this time".

A year before Jackie Sutton's mysterious death, Serena Shim died in Syria and Turkish intelligence services 
were implicated.

 of Bedlam
Exactly a year ago – on October 19th, 2014 – the journalist Serena Shim was killed after reporting from 
Kobani in Syria as a war correspondent. Her death was almost certainly the work of the Turkish intelligence 
community.Meanwhile the killing of journalists and activists, either as tragic consequences of reporting from 
danger zones or by deliberate, targeted assassination, is an ongoing crime all over the world. 
The highly suspicious death of Jacky Sutton in a Turkish airport, just announced this evening, demonstrates 
that Serena Shim wasn’t the first and won’t be the last journalist to lose their life in the field, and that she is
 part of a long line of journalists who’ve been killed for various reasons over the years, including the likes of
 Max Hastings, Hunter S. Thompson, Garry Webb, Daniel Pearl, Maya Nasser and many others. According
to the International Press Institute, 64 journalists have been killed so far in 2015.

Turkey is by no means the only country which eliminates those who may expose the crimes of the ruling 
classes; the body count across the US and UK probably runs into hundreds or even thousands. Some of 
the more prominent in the UK are Diana Spencer, Robin Cook, David Kelly and Jill Dando. In the US, the 
Clintons' likely victims run into dozens, the latest being Seth Rich.

DNC Data Director Seth Rich was likely assassinated by the Clintons
The Clintons have known the Kleebs since at least 2008. Scott Kleeb started a business the Clinton Global
 Initiative was found fraudulently supporting. Seth Rich was deeply entrenched with the Kleebs from their 
Nebraska Democratic work. Seth Rich was hired onto a position in the DNC out of a job from a data 
consulting firm which had previously worked with President Clinton, which was opened up because the 
Clintons pushed for the Voter Expansion project so that 2008 didn't happen to Hillary in 2016. Seth Rich 
has at least 2 connections to the Clintons. Jane Kleeb is a voracious environmentalist/Sanders supporter 
who might've prompted Seth Rich to leak the emails, especially after their business was one month earlier 
revealed for fraudulency. The best way to cover their tracks would be to make this seem like another 
right-wing conspiracy. His murder was deemed a robbery, but nothing was missing from his person.

There are few brave enough to go on record to expose the Clintons' criminality - statistically, the odds of 
survival are poor. The best help we can give is to make sure these stories aren't swept under the carpet 
along with all the other criminality of the ruling classes.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Forbidden Territory: Where the Police Won't or Can't Go!

A revealing inside story of police corruption and cover-up of child prostitution in London.

A frank and fascinating interview by Brian Gerrish of an ex-London detective, John Wedger, regarding child prostitution and the way it was dealt with by the Metropolitan Police in the two decades 1990 - 2014. 

It confirms everyone's worst fears. 

The system is contrived so as to ensure any officer determined to uncover the truth is silenced. 

"The first question (the Recruiting Firm) ask you is , "Are you a Mason, because so many enquiries have been undermined by them,"

"I made a complaint to the IPCC. They said, 'We won't get involved.' They even said if I wrote to them again they wouldn't open my letters!"

"Then suddenly my misconduct papers had been raised to 'gross misconduct'.

"There was a detective from Greater Manchester Police called Maggie Oliver. Her story was strikingly similar to mine. What she said to me was, 'John, watch it ... you'll get arrested next, because that's what they did to me, you'll be put before a Tribunal, you'll be found guilty, and they'll sack you. That's exactly what they did to me and that's what they'll do to you. They will raid your house. They will do everything'"

"A Hampshire detective enquiring into child exploitation had been bullied to the point of suicide. He runs an outreach group for so many coppers who are thinking of topping themselves!  They will ruin you John, like many other officers, bullied to the point of suicide."

"I then took the matter to the (British) Cabinet. I had a meeting with Mike Penning, the Crime Minister (now Minister of State for Armed Forces) (See: He said he was shocked and stunned. He said he would implement a formal enquiry into the algorithm of bullying."

"I told him this (child abuse) was massive and went to the heart of the establishment - even influencing politics - and I have evidence of that including the thing about Leon Brittan (ex Home Secretary and EC Commissioner)."

"Mike Penning then stopped all contact with me. (Despite promises) I couldn't get hold of him at all. I had previously met him on several occasions - his office was right next to Michael Gove, the Lord Chancellor. His exact words were, 'What worries me is the public perception of this, if this gets out' and that's all he was worried about. It appears he did nothing despite repeated enquiries and requests'"

"When I found out that a file had been sent to the DPP for a prosecution against me I contacted the Commissioner (of the Met Police, Bernard Hogan Howe) 

"So for more than ten years, those serious, serious crimes - you're talking about the raping - murder really - of children were never investigated. There was a unit for trans-gender crime but for child prostitution, there was nothing - nothing!"

"They do this because they are involved. People are appointed to key positions to control the process. Only authorised units can deal with the subject with total governance so they can't be dealt with by any other specialist unit and there is a filter they go through to decide what gets proceeded with and what doesn't. So they have total autonomy over what gets dealt with and what doesn't. These people are put in place to make sure these allegations don't get out.

In all the years I fulfilled this remit getting referrals from different sources, I got only one from the NSPCC which has Child Line with thousands of calls. Why didn't they come through? My opinion is these people act as filters deliberately put there to protect those involved. Deliberately."

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

ISIS men murder Priest in St. Etienne, Normandy, France.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a former conservative prime minister who now heads the Senate's foreign affairs committee tweeted: "Everything is being done to trigger a war of religions." Source: BBC

So since I revealed the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility THE DAY BEFORE the incident, the French authorities now admit they DID have prior information, as per. this:

"France’s security services said they had received an alert from abroad and a photograph of an individual – later identified as Abdel Malik Nabil Petitjean – but had no idea of his name or where and when he would strike. As a result, they were unable to link the information to the 19-year-old from Aix-les-Bains in the Savoie region of eastern France who was put on the Fiche S (S List) security register less than a month ago for attempting to travel to Syria."

Church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Near Rouen, Normandy, France. Why this particular church and location? 
Surely not for the twin vertical vents and tower pyramidal roof?


"On 26 July 2016, in Saint-Étienne-du-RouvrayNormandy, northern France, two Islamic State terrorists killed 85-year-old priest Jacques Hamel[1][2] (born 1930 in Darnétal[3]) of the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, during Mass. Two nuns and two churchgoers were taken hostage, in addition to the priest.[1] The attackers were shot and killed by Rouen's BRI police as they left the church.[4]
"At approximately 09:45 on 26 July 2016, a priest, two nuns and two churchgoers were taken hostage, by armed attackers, in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, France, during Mass.[4] Police were alerted after one of the nuns managed to escape from the church.[5]
"The nun told media that the attackers spoke Arabic and had a knife, they had forced the priest to kneel. When the priest was attacked the nun had run outside without the attackers noticing.[5] Police later said the priest's throat had been slit.[1] A hostage was critically injured, having had his throat slit,[6]while the other 3 hostages escaped largely unhurt.[1] At approximately 11:00, both attackers were shot dead by Rouen's BRI police as they left the church.[6][4]
"The Telegraph reported that the attackers had shouted "Daesh" before slitting the priest's throat.[7] Within hours of the attack, the IS-linked Amaq news agency, said that the attack was carried out by two "soldiers" from the group.[4] Police raided a house in the suburb after the attack, following which, prosecutors said one person was arrested.[4] The incident is being investigated by anti-terrorism judges.[1][4]"
"French news channel BFM TV reported that one of the attackers, Adel Kermiche, 19,[8] who lived in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, had twice in 2015 attempted to travel to Syria but had once been returned by Germany and once turned back by the authorities at the Turkish border and, as a result, spent time in a French jail and was released in March 2016.[6] Upon his release, he waselectronically tagged and a curfew was placed on him, requiring him to live at his parents' home, which was near the church, and to leave his house only between 08:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00.[1]"

The Daily Mirror has published this image of Adel Kermiche here:

Alleged first image of Adel Kermiche

Reuters/Dawn (here: reports as follows "The IS news agency Amaq said two of its “soldiers” had carried out the attack." 

"Amaq" it should be noted is a very dubious news agency source, only started in 2014, yet able to be the first to report the fall of Palmyra! It was also the channel through which ISIS claimed the Nice attack as its own. We are not party to the dark forces that are behind these channels as they are hardly transparent. There is a real possibility that they are set up as propaganda organs by the same people behind ISIS itself, arguably a secret operation between the CIA and Mossad with Saudi backing.

Another very dubious news outlet concentrating on Middle East and Jihadist affairs is "Site Intelligence Group" largely funded by organs of the American state. It channeled the ISIS claim also here: It's worth checking out but I will reproduce the image below.


'Amaq News Agency of the Islamic State (IS) reported that the attack at the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy, France, was carried out by "two soldiers of the Islamic State".

I cannot read or translate Arabic and unfortunately neither can I copy the text into Google translate, but I am assuming this is copied by 'SITE' because it is the claim of responsibility. (No doubt someone will correct me if I am wrong) If I am right however an interesting fact emerges. Please note the date of the announcement - "25/7/2016" - that is ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL ATTACK! 

'SITE' has this intro:
What is located at his unshod feet? Why was he not wearing trainers or shoes?

I am so sick of these orchestrated events, and the multiple lies and layers of deceit that accompany them, I can hardly bring myself to comment any more. But let me say this about this latest alleged outrage. The details conveyed b government may be true but equally they may not. That is the first sad fact proved by previous, so-called 'ISIS terrorist events'.

You will have to read my assessment of the factual evidence of the other events to see why I say this, and come to your own conclusion. I haven't dug deeply into the Rouen event but already there are familiar and worrying indicators of fraud and manipulation.

The first was the announcement that police warned people to stay away and more importantly not film or record anything they might see.

Why would they say that other than a fear that, as in other cases, it is the video that often contributes to an assessment of fraud? If the account put out was accurate, what would there be to fear in recording it?

Next we have the familiar story that the two claimed perpetrators were well known to police and intelligence services with Jihadist sympathies. How many times have we heard this before?

Apparently despite almost unlimited powers, in an extended French state of emergency, such persons are untrackable, uncontrollable? This affords said police and intelligence services the 'lone wolf' - or should that be the LAME wolf? - excuse, for not being able to anticipate or stop the attack.

Despite being 'lone wolves', ISIS quickly, and conveniently you might think, claim responsibility, and links - as in the recent Munich case - are SUBSEQUENTLY found to support the claim.

We might reasonably ask, if these individuals are so well known, including their movements to Syria, why are the home materials only discovered after the event? Surely they would have been visited at home previously, not to mention electronically monitored?

Then there is the theatrical nature of this attack. An elderly priest and nuns taken as hostages, the priests throat cut in front of them! What indeed could be more shocking in a place held sacred by a still predominantly Catholic French population?

Except I would ask, what was the purpose of taking them 'hostage' if not to negotiate something? Or alternatively if the intention was murder and carnage only, why take them hostage? In a hostage situation there is usually negotiation to free the hostages first to ensure they are safe. Where is there evidence of that? 

In what circumstance would the two men leave the hostages to be shot, if they were their only guarantee of survival.

Ah you say, these were callous terrorists intent only on maximum murder and self-sacrifice. Why then would they spare the lives of the nuns? Or indeed only injure apparently the second man?

Were there no members of the congregation present? (Reports seem to suggest there were in fact two?) We are told another man was injured. So who was he and how does he fit into the picture?

Then we are told the alarm was raised by a nun who managed to escape. Does that also not sound contrived? How was that possible when there were so few of them?

Certainly a whole flotilla and variety of vehicles appears to be on scene within minutes and the whole thing is over with at least three dead persons in not many minutes more. The incident started at 9.45 and was done and dusted, so to speak by 11 am. That's not a hostage situation: more akin to a 'shoot-out'. 

And we are told here (  ) that "French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told France Info radio that the perpetrators have been killed by France's BRI, an elite police anti-crime force, when they came out of the church." 

It poses the obvious question how they were able to get to the scene in presumably half an hour say? Where did such a specialist group come from? Where are they based? Even if on permanent stand-by, it still takes time to notify, kit up and transport to a fairly remote destination doesn't it? Unless of course they were already pre-warned, pre-pared, and on station?

Members of the French special police forces are seen during the raid
Special forces pictured on scene (Source: Mirror)

I have just now read an account by the nun who escaped as reported by the Mirror (see above) as follows:

"Sister Danielle said she fled the parish church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near the northern city of Rouen, as one of the terrorists was slitting the priest's throat.
She then raised the alarm by stopping a passing motorist.
Describing the attack, the nun said: “Everyone was saying, ‘Just stop, you don’t understand what you are doing.' But it had no effect.
"They forced us to get on our knees and he [Father Hamel] wanted to defend us. That's when the violence started."
I certainly have no reason to doubt the veracity of her account but it certainly narrows the window of opportunity for the police to arrive doesn't it, because if accurate she only managed to escape AFTER Father Hamel was attacked. So if the attack started at 9.45 she could not have raised the alarm to a passing motorist until sometime after ten presumably, which then had to be conveyed to the police, who were still able to get a specialist armed group there to shoot dead the assailants before eleven. Wow!

There is also the small question of why they allowed her to escape, (it surely could not have escaped their notice?) or made no move to escape before the police arrived.

An officer was pictured walking the detainee to a police car, with fabric over his head
Another (hooded) boy is arrested.

Yet again the alleged perpetrators are shot dead, or as the preferred term is now - 'neutralised'. That policy was announced by the Minister of the Interior after Paris, so it is not accidental. Nor is it logical. Certainly if an individual, terrorist or otherwise, poses a threat to an armed officer, it is perfectly reasonable to use force, including firearms to stop him. But these two reportedly only had knives. Why would they need to be shot dead?

In any event to have such a policy in place can only be counter productive, as who would not want all the information members of a terrorist organisation could supply?

No it is clear that Government NEEDS these people dead for a reason that can only be suspicious and sinister.

We note how Sarcozy immediately endeavours to make some sort of political capital out of the event, directed at stigmatising all Muslims and refugees as potential miscreants, rather than holding to account those that again apparently failed to target the right people - if such they were - to prevent the attack. 

The Financial Times (here reports him as saying in a televised address in early afternoon“We must be merciless. Legal quibbles, precautions, excuses for an incomplete action are inadmissible.” I am sure we can all see where this is going!

Finally, I and others have shown clear and significant Israeli links to events in Munich, Nice, Brussels and Paris, with the same individuals primed and ready to provide initial video footage. This can only indicate damning foreknowledge, yet this most obvious incriminating association is never mentioned or considered worthy of investigation by the French authorities apparently. This alone should pose a huge red flag to all concerned citizens, over how these events are occurring and being portrayed.

I will refrain at this stage of providing alternative explanations for the events and the accounts of them. 


This update (Google translation - from the French newspaper, timed at 22.00 on the 26.7.2016 (i.e. the same day as incident) includes some new and additional information. (It appears to be based on a videoed presentation by Francois Molins the French Prosecutor on the same day here: I have endeavoured to embolden them for ease of identification as follows:

"What to know in 23 hours
The place of facts. Around 9:25, two men carrying knives arose in the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. They took hostage six people, the priest, three nuns and a couple of parishioners. One of the sisters managed to escape and raise the alarm. The intervention brigade (BRI) and an anti-crime brigade arrived on the spot tried to open negotiations with terrorists. The police then attempted a foray, without success. Shortly thereafter, three hostages - both religious and a parishioner - are out of the church followed by two terrorists shouting "Allah Akbar", one of whom carried a handgunThe two attackers were killed by the BIS. According to the testimony of a nun managed to escape, the terrorists are "registered" at the time of the crime, one was "like a sermon around the altar in Arabic" before the assassination of priest . One dead and three wounded. A priest was killed during a hostage in his church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen. The murder of a priest in a terrorist attack is a first in France. Jacques Hamel, assistant parish priest, 86, was fatally wounded with a knife to the throat and chest, said Tuesday at a press conference the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, the head of terrorism prosecutor seized of the investigation. Another old hostage, also 86, was seriously injured but his days are not in danger. Fake explosive devices. According to the prosecutor, one of the individuals had a "belly a fake explosive belt and three knives", and the other was holding a "kitchen timer surrounded by aluminum foil. "He also wore "a backpack with a fake explosive device." "

So to summarise the latest story-line from official government sources as reported by Le Figaro contains the new or changed factual details:

  • The attack started twenty minutes prior to that originally stated (i.e. 09.25 rather than 09.45)
  • Six hostages were taken, not five as previously stated
  • In addition to the 'Intervention Brigade' (BRI) an 'anti-crime brigade' also arrived. (Note the report doesn't say when they were notified, what time they arrived, where they came from, or how they travelled to the scene)
  • They tried to 'open negotiations' but it doesn't say how this was attempted and by what means.
  • A 'foray'- meaning I presume an attack - was attempted without success but it gives no details what this was or why it failed.
  • 'Shortly after' - it doesn't give a precise time - three 'hostages' walked out, in addition to the escaping nun earlier, meaning presumably the priest and one other were left inside. No information is given why if they were hostages, they were allowed to leave.
  • Now 'three' are injured in addition to the murdered priest. No details are given as to who these are or what injuries were suffered, nor why of the six, two were spared any injury at all.
  • In addition to the injury to the throat, it is now claimed the priest suffered wounds to the chest also although no reference was made to this by the witness nun.
  • For the first time 'a handgun' is claimed to be carried. Previously it was just 'knives'.
  • Now much more terrorist equipment is referred to, including, "a fake explosive belt, three knives, a back-pack with another fake explosive device, and a kitchen timer surrounded by tin-foil"! None of which, of course was referred to by the witness immediately after the attack.

Other possible related events elsewhere.

  1. Following the Nice terror attack on Bastile Day (14.7.2016) the French Justice Ministry required the city to destroy all CCTV footage! This incomprehensible request was refused and has now given rise to a criminal action by the city against the state, claiming an intention to pervert the course of justice. See:
  2. Little publicised is the fact that on the 20th July, 2016 - less than a week before - three French soldiers lost their lives when there helicopter was shot down over Libya. They were on a dangerous and secretive 'intelligence' mission. See: 
  3. At least 77 innocent civilians were killed, including many children, by American air-raids on the 18th and 19th July, 2016, described as "a mistake"! See:
I ask only how much prominance has been given to these incident on British MSM? Or how the most recent shocking attack on a French peace might be useful in distracting attention from them?

Up-dated Stuff 28.7.2016

The source of the only video claimed to capture the moment the two terrorist were killed and published by the Mirror here ( comes originally from the French media firm 'Le Telegramme' and published here in its English version: This is a still from that page:

Priest murdered. The escalation in horror

It reports Morning Mass was held from 9.00 am until 9.25 am, yet the attack was originally stated to be at 9.45 am later changed to 9.25 am. Was this change made to accommodate the service time?

It is worth comparing this image to the one above of a man laying prostrate, presumed deceased. This and the video referred all suggest all the action took place at the back door of the church. 

It appears that the invasion so to speak must have started when it was over or nearing so and that attendance was so small that only those in the know entered through the back door. If as suggested by the police, they tried to enter but were frustrated by locked doors the question arises how the terrorists entered, or indeed how the nun left to raise the alarm?

The video purports to be at the end of the siege, so why only a single nun comes out immediately before the attackers? If as stated there were five in total plus the priest, there must have still been three left inside. There is the question why these desperate terrorists allowed this to happen?

The information provided by Prosecutor Molin if true, suggests that these individuals were equiped more as comedians than serious terrorists. A fake suicide vest? Fake guns in a back pack? A timer wrapped in silver paper? Really! Come on! At best these are 'pretend terrorists' and knife criminals that any self-respecting terrorist organisation would disown.

The video gives no evidence that the young men were challenged to surrender before being shot and no photographic evidence of the second attacker dead on the ground. Why is this when the area of the shooting must have been immediately outside the door shown? 

It certainly took some time and a rather contrived story to finally identify the second man "from DNA" because his face was obliterated by the gunshot apparently. We have had this excuse previously almost as if it is a stock answer. In any event police are invariably trained to aim at the heart I thought. Head shots are only for assassins. 

The Mirror reports "The two murderers - identified by French media as Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik P, both 19 - were gunned down by officers in the street." Yet the photographic evidence does not support that dramatic claim showing only one and then definitely not "in the street" on a path immediately next to the rear of the church itself.

Then I have (as always) questions how the video, again from an upstairs location came to be taken and disseminated so quickly via le Telegramme? Was it in fact a Telegramme employee? The Mirror report says only that it was a "17-year-old, known only as Mathis." The video - the only one of the event apparently - lasts only 40 seconds, yet if we are to believe the reports it had been going on for about an hour and a half before the men were shot dead. So an obvious question poses itself, how come he only filmed the critical 40 seconds and nothing before or after, or was this part of the editing carried out by le Telegramme that produced and published it?

The snippet of video has him saying, 

"Was that a gunshot? There's the army and everything.There is someone who is shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in the church. He has explosives, f***. For sure, there has to be people who have died."

So another obvious question is how would he have heard the stock words given to all these terrorists, whether they actually say it or not, 'Allahu Akbar', if they had been made inside the church? Another report has them saying it as they attempt to leave the building but why would they if they were not firing guns or such. The nun claims they took over the service with Arabic words including those above but this was at least an hour before and anyway could not have been heard outside from the distance of the camera.

Then again how could a young observer from that distance, with sight lines obstructed that either he had explosives, or people had died or even that it was a 'he'? This certainly suggests the words are contrived to add dramatic effect maybe at the time or after, or were scripted in advance, because events were scripted in advance.

Church of the Gambetta in Normandy

Then the Mirror makes another statement that cannot possibly be accurate. It says and I quote: "Just minutes before their deaths, the killers had brutally slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel, 85, after forcing him to kneel in the church." The reason it cannot be possibly true is because before the police were even alerted by the 'first escaping nun' she reported witnessing the Priest being made to kneel and having his throat cut. In other words this must have happened at the start of the siege, not minutes before they emerge, apparently behing a second nun and are immediately shot dead, if the accounts can be believed. 

Clearly there is unreliability in one or other or all of the accounts of what actually happened.

Note: The police slew the two men despite the fact that the risk posed by them was marginal at the most. Also they did so without actually being in a position to confirm the nun's report for themselves. So they shot two young men on a premiss and an assumption that they had killed someone. There appears to have been no effort to warn, disarm or arrest them. Indeed the stated intention, in a country that has abandoned capital punishment, is summary execution without enquiring into facts or relative responsibility. How in any scheme of things can that, in Mr Hollande's words, be upholding the rule of law? Incidentally of course the President was born and brought up in nearby Rouen. 

And yet again Israel is not far from the surface. The BBC quotes the President of Normandy's regional council, Herve Morin, as calling for France to learn lessons from the countries hardest hit by terrorism. "We need to Israelise our security," the former French defence minister told Le Figaro."
So yet again we see where this is going and actually answers the age old question cui bono('who benefits?)