Thursday, 28 July 2016

Forbidden Territory: Where the Police Won't or Can't Go!

A revealing inside story of police corruption and cover-up of child prostitution in London.

A frank and fascinating interview by Brian Gerrish of an ex-London detective, John Wedger, regarding child prostitution and the way it was dealt with by the Metropolitan Police in the two decades 1990 - 2014. 

It confirms everyone's worst fears. 

The system is contrived so as to ensure any officer determined to uncover the truth is silenced. 

"The first question (the Recruiting Firm) ask you is , "Are you a Mason, because so many enquiries have been undermined by them,"

"I made a complaint to the IPCC. They said, 'We won't get involved.' They even said if I wrote to them again they wouldn't open my letters!"

"Then suddenly my misconduct papers had been raised to 'gross misconduct'.

"There was a detective from Greater Manchester Police called Maggie Oliver. Her story was strikingly similar to mine. What she said to me was, 'John, watch it ... you'll get arrested next, because that's what they did to me, you'll be put before a Tribunal, you'll be found guilty, and they'll sack you. That's exactly what they did to me and that's what they'll do to you. They will raid your house. They will do everything'"

"A Hampshire detective enquiring into child exploitation had been bullied to the point of suicide. He runs an outreach group for so many coppers who are thinking of topping themselves!  They will ruin you John, like many other officers, bullied to the point of suicide."

"I then took the matter to the (British) Cabinet. I had a meeting with Mike Penning, the Crime Minister (now Minister of State for Armed Forces) (See: He said he was shocked and stunned. He said he would implement a formal enquiry into the algorithm of bullying."

"I told him this (child abuse) was massive and went to the heart of the establishment - even influencing politics - and I have evidence of that including the thing about Leon Brittan (ex Home Secretary and EC Commissioner)."

"Mike Penning then stopped all contact with me. (Despite promises) I couldn't get hold of him at all. I had previously met him on several occasions - his office was right next to Michael Gove, the Lord Chancellor. His exact words were, 'What worries me is the public perception of this, if this gets out' and that's all he was worried about. It appears he did nothing despite repeated enquiries and requests'"

"When I found out that a file had been sent to the DPP for a prosecution against me I contacted the Commissioner (of the Met Police, Bernard Hogan Howe) 

"So for more than ten years, those serious, serious crimes - you're talking about the raping - murder really - of children were never investigated. There was a unit for trans-gender crime but for child prostitution, there was nothing - nothing!"

"They do this because they are involved. People are appointed to key positions to control the process. Only authorised units can deal with the subject with total governance so they can't be dealt with by any other specialist unit and there is a filter they go through to decide what gets proceeded with and what doesn't. So they have total autonomy over what gets dealt with and what doesn't. These people are put in place to make sure these allegations don't get out.

In all the years I fulfilled this remit getting referrals from different sources, I got only one from the NSPCC which has Child Line with thousands of calls. Why didn't they come through? My opinion is these people act as filters deliberately put there to protect those involved. Deliberately."


  1. SCOTLAND. NOT A MINOR ISSUE. PRESUMABLY NO DIFFERENT IN ENGLAND? More than 500 children have been identified as potential victims of online sexual abuse during a major investigation by Police Scotland.
    The force said 30 million indecent images were seized and 77 people had been charged during Operation Lattise.
    The charges include rape, sharing indecent images of children and grooming for sexual purposes.
    Of the 523 potential victims, some as young as three, 122 have been referred to child protection services.

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