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False flag clue? " Jul 22
Oops: A gunman on the loose in , and The Sueddeutsche Zeitung’s website has crashed. "

Another horror story in a European city. France having had three multiple 'terror' incidents, it now seems it is Germany's turn with a recent very suspicious rail collision in Bad Aibling (is the name significant?), then an axe attack on a train, now an alleged gun incident in Munich.

Equal only to the horror of the events, are the multiple coincidences and very questionable aspects, that point to a controlling mind behind all of them, and not as suggested either isolated 'lone wolf' or ISIS-inspired, but something much deeper, darker and more sinister.

It is a statement of the obvious that the incidents do not benefit ISIS or immigrants from destablised Middle East countries, merely making fear, hatred and military attacks more likely. Indeed this is just the point, for I believe whoever is organising them, wants the public to think that way. These are actions designed to stir up fear and hatred of Muslims in particular, who are always connected to, and blamed for, them.
The alleged shooter on car park roof! Left handed you notice. The unasked questions: what was he doing there and why? Who took the image and from where? Given the time lapse and number of armed police in the area, why none to be seen, given he was such a 'sitting duck'?

We have to ask given the present international situation what nation or group of nations - or indeed secret elements within them - would want to do that? As always it is in the timing and dissemination of news about the event, that may well provide us with the clues as to who they are.

First let's start with one report from a somewhat dubious source. Dubious because of the backgound connections of both reporter and company previously detailed. It is from CNN which some think is merely a channel for government and zionist propaganda as here: 

I really could not say, but I do find it interesting how it always appears to a have its reporter or source in the right place at the right time, as in the Paris attacks and now in Munich. This was its take on the incident:


"Children unable to run away

"The gunman in Munich started shooting at a McDonald's across from the Olympia mall around 5:50 p.m. (11:50 a.m. ET), Andrae said.
"A witness who wanted to be identified only by her first name, Lauretta, told CNN her son was in the bathroom with a shooter at the restaurant.
"That's where he loaded his weapon," she said. "I hear like an alarm and boom, boom, boom ... and he's still killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can't run."
"Lauretta said she heard the gunman say, "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great" in Arabic. "I know this because I'm Muslim. I hear this and I only cry."
"Huseyin Bayri, a witness of the shooting, said he heard the attacker screaming out that he will kill "foreigners."
"I heard a scream at first: 'You shitty [bleep] foreigners. I am German. You will get it.'"
"The gunman moved across the street to the mall, which is adjacent to the site of the 1972 Olympics. Located in a middle-class neighborhood in northern Munich, the shopping mall is the city's biggest and a popular destination for shoppers on Friday nights, German lawmaker Charles Huber told CNN."

I would draw your attention to several repeated motiffs in the narrative, that I do not believe are accidental. The prominance of the Macdonald Company which is repeated in many of the photographic images as below. You will remember that allegedly a subversive blew himself up outside a Macdonalds in Paris. Some might think this is getting a little too frequent for the company's own good. Is it a wise ploy to associate the company with terror attacks? However, again we have children or young people being used to heighten the emotional impact of the event.

(I have discussed 'Product Placement' in relation to terrorist attacks previously on this blog and recommended experts in the subject)
Then we have a rather 'querky' feature that I have drawn attention to before: the lavatory or toilet or 'bathroom'. We keep hearing of it in 'witness testimonies' of virtually all the recent events in Paris, Brussels and Nice. 'People crowding into the toilet for sanctuary' so to speak. Is it for real, or has it been invented, and reinvented, for dramatic effect? I am certainly left wondering.
In this Munich event for example the witness claims 'her son was in the bathroom when the killer was loading his weapon'. Now how strange is that? Why would a lone youth with killing on his mind, load his weapon in the bathroom pray? Surely he would have made sure the gun was loaded before leaving on his mission? And why didn't he shoot the boy there and then? 
Detail is very lacking and contradictory. She says he was killing children and they couldn't get away, so where was she, and where was her son at this stage? Did he come out of the 'bathroom' before or after the gunman started the shooter, to recount what he saw in there? In any event they must be the luckiest people alive mustn't they?

Whilst on the subjet of gunman or gunmen, what is it to be? The police were of the opinion there were several but attention now seems to concentrate on just one dead eighteen year old, found about a kilometre away. For what its worth an alleged indistinct image of the gunman below, does not appear anything like a youth of 18. He's too stocky and lumbering. In addition there are what appears to be several different men in different locations including a roof!

Story image for munich shooting images from Sky News

Yet again the video images and accounts are highly suspect for a number of reasons that I shall presently detail. For the moment it is worth pointing out that they add little factually to the understanding of events. They just convey images of people running away mainly. This is a device that has been seen consistently in events both in Europe and America. 
It may in part be the effects of genuine fear and panic, but this should be distinguished from the method by which the images are captured and their psychological purpose. In the case of Orlando their fraudulent nature has been amply demonstrated, in that people were being carried towards the danger, not away from it, and the alleged injured are shown to walk away unharmed after the edited version.

Most images if you do an image search are of police and their vehicles, usually heavily armed and masked, pedestrians in various states of submission, fear or escape, and multiple references to memorial and loss, all of which are familiar emotive devices. Only a very few provide any sort of practical help in establishing what actually happened.
Yet again the main visual images appear to come from dubious sources, with Israeli or Jewish connections, and indeed as will be seen the very same person who working for an Israeli news outlet, managed to capture people running in panic from the Brussels Airport explosions! This has to be beyond coincidence!

Finally in this context the significance of place and timing cannot be overlooked. Munich is redolent with political and terrorism memories of particular significance to Jews and Israel. Then incredibly the date is precisely the FIVE year anniversary of the Norway massacre of young people by Anders Behring Breivik on this day in 2011. If a coincidence it's a very big one. Was it the intention of the killer to replicate it, or for others to make it seem as if he did?

Which brings us to the alleged killer, yet again a young man of foreign extraction (the confusion over whether he was from Afghanistan or Pakistan is interesting because this sort of confusion often makes its appearance in fraudulent events) who ends up dead, either shot by police or by his own hand.

Reuters reports here:

"A German-Iranian teenager who killed nine people and then himself in Munich had undergone psychiatric treatment and was in all probability a lone gunman who had no Islamist militant ties, police said on Saturday.

"The 18-year-old,
(now referred to as David S. (Guardian))who was born and raised locally, opened fire near a busy shopping mall on Friday, triggering a lockdown in the Bavarian capital in the third act of violence against civilians in Western Europe - and the second in southern Germany - in eight days. 

(Now named as Ali David Sonboly or David Ali Sonboly, now just Ali Sonboly - why the confusion?)

Alleged picture of Ali Sonboly the teen gunman
German media has printed this picture of alleged shooter Ali Sonboly  His body was discovered a kilometre away (not as previously stated in a nearby backstreet) No one has explained how he got there with gun and backpack when the area was on the alert and teeming with police. Apparently he fired 300 rounds from his 9mm pistol which would have required multiple (about 30) cartridge changes. This has not been explained either or how he carried the cartridges. The man in the following image is LEFT handed obviously. Was David/Ali?

"The Munich gunman, whose body was found on a side street near the mall, was not identified but police said he had no criminal record but he was a victim of two minor crimes -- a theft in 2010 and bodily harm in 2012.

"Police commandos, armed with night vision equipment and dogs, had raided an apartment in the Munich neighbourhood of Maxvorstadt early on Saturday where the German newspaper Bild said the gunman lived with his parents."

Note how the location details in the above report are quite wrong. These things are never explained.

Everone in the world should now be aware of the term 'Patsie' and its meaning, i.e. a person not responsible for the planning of an event but blamed for it. The big question is whether said 'David S.' was a patsie or not? Certainly it appears he was subsequently discovered in a side street, shot it is claimed by himself which seem highly suspicious. The back story of a young man obsessed with violence also raises questions as does where he obtained the anonymised gun from, or what drove a completely out of character brutal killing spree? 

Nor should it be overlooked that in the tweets discussed below it is firmly stated that "the police had confirmed there were SEVERAL shooters". So what has happenened to that one? Yet again the conflicting story line is highly suspicious.

Can we rely on the German authorities to carry out an intensive, methodical and truthful investigation and not jump to foregone conclusions or a wholly unconvincing narrative, as we have had in the French cases?

Police stand at a the crime scene (Sebastian Widmann/AP)

"Police believe the unnamed teenage gunman acted alone (SebastianWidmann/AP)  from


Now I move on to what I consider to be a deeply suspicious and implicating feature of the story - the fact that the same Israeli reporter , who for unexplained reasons was able to capture the panicked evacuation of the Brussel Airport bombing, also finds herself in Munich and able to tweet both news updates and video almost immediately following the event.

To say the least this is VERY strange. (See:

It is compounded and reinforced by the fact, as I have proved in other articles on this blog, virtually in EVERY CASE where video of terrorist incidents has gone viral, they have been captured by people with demonstable connections to Jewish institutions, and/or Israel. Of course the implications and ramifications go far beyond the bare fact, to one of preparation and pre-knowledge. Needless to say foreknowledge is always suggestive of complicity in the event itself.

Note she was on a 'livefeed out of Munich'. It appeared on my Twitter feed before 8.08 pm (BST) stating it had been posted three (3) hours previously under the title 'BREAKING'. Given that Munich is an hour ahead of British Summer Time, and the shooting was said to have started at 5.52 pm local time, this means that she must have posted it within MINUTES of the event taking place.

Even for an intrepid reporter, that is good going, let alone only an hour later having available video footage as can be seen from the transcript lifted from the Twitter feed. The video was subsequently withdrawn and became 'unavailable'. More suspicious circumstances surrounding video to compliment the recent revelations that in the Nice attack police tried to destroy the CCTV!!!!

The questions that must be asked of this reporter with strong links to the study of terrorism and Israel (see: is why was she in Munich and able so quickly to report on the events there? And how does she explain the very strange coincidence that just at the moment of the Brussels Airport bombing she was just in the right position and prepared to capture the mass evacuation of the terrified people?

She can be seen reporting on the 'World Refugee Day' in Berlin on the 20th June, 2016 here:

She obviously takes an active interest in the phenomenon of the mass exodus of populations, particularly from Syria to Europe, and the instability it has caused. Some might say that she has been active in stoking fear and discrimination and this has already had political consequences - Brexit for one - and may well have more particularly for Merkel and Hollande and the whole of the EC. In doing so, is she pursuing a personal agenda or one on behalf of the Israeli State is an interesting and highly pertinent question?

Below: twitter at 8.08 pm 22.7.2016.

  1. : Major police operation underway in , , after shots fired in shopping center
  1. Local media reporting that at least one shooter killed himself

The Twitter reference of video footage by Asaf Ronel above, here:  gets this response 

"Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!"

The "i24" news station Anna recommends is one that she works for is here:

The video carries a pre-prepared item on increased extremist terror in Europe. She is then interviewed giving the opinion that as ISIS is put under increased pressure and Mosul is invaded, this will result more terrorists and more  incidents in Europe. It is a moot point whether this is actually the view of Israeli intelligence and designed to stoke fear and panic directed at Muslims and immigrants in Europe.


It is the twitter account of one Thamina Stoll 'born and raised in Munich'. In addition to her video being used widely across the media she was also interviewed by ITV as an 'eye witness' and it is on her twitter feed.  She reports says "Everyone was scared and confused, and no one knew what was going on." 

Thamina Stoll


From the latter 8 minute interview interspersed with images of the alleged shooter and 'her own' video  @ 3.40mins, she states another amazing coincidence as follows (verbatim): 

"Actually my dad was at Nice, last week he was, uuum, he was a journalist, uuum, (she appears to laugh) (indistinguisable) off the truck driving by, running over dozens of people, uuum, so it was a shock to be so close to this terror attack myself, because I was scared I wouldn't ever see my dad again, happening so close to my home. Yes it's terrifying." 

Apart from the coincidence stated, you may find it strange that she refers to her father's occupation in the PAST tense or that at that point she appears confused and laughs. You may also consider it strange that despite the time that must have elapsed between meeting fleeing people and walking back to her flat (she says, "After taking in the family that had run away from the shopping mall, we went back upstairs to my grandma's apartment and I recorded the video from her balcony") she was still able to capture people running away. 

How long would it take with an elderly woman to return to the house from the street, climb the stairs besides dealing with the family she claims to have taken in. Then exceedingly strange despite all the commotion and fear she was able to calmly take the shots without a suggestion of shake or distress, that surely must be unavoidable in such situation, with all the excitement and exertion.

Perhaps M/s STOLL might like to clarify these reservations on the accuracy of her account? From her various internet accounts open to general access, it would appear she has been a very active and successful lady, now rather confusingly at Duke University in the United States but also working for the Bayern Munich Football Club on a three month (May - August) placement at the same time. Her studies appear to have concentrated on politics and communications. Of course it is always an interesting question how just one or a few persons appear to be chosen by all the media outlets and how particular video is used to the exclusion of others?

It is also perhaps worth noting the prominent role of football in recent events in Paris France/Germany match, followed by the France/England match in London, and subsequently France for the Euro Competition. Now Bayern Munich involvement in this one.
Her Twitter account states:

"Thamina Stoll


Duke University Class of 2017 | born and raised in Munich, found my home in Durham, NC | Feminist, sports aficionada, passionate about life, and Duke Basketball
 Joined October 2013"

Linkedin has this public information about herself:

Summary (Quote)

I'm a big dreamer, still trying to figure out what life has in store for me, and how I can make an actual impact. Meanwhile, I'm gaining a lot of experience in entrepreneurship, gender equality advocacy, sports business, marketing, social media, online communication, digital strategizing, journalism, and broadcasting. I am very fortunate to be receiving a world-class education at Duke University where I am surrounded by highly inspiring and talented people who are constantly challenging me to become the best version of me that I can possibly be. I love to expand my horizon and pushing the envelope every single day. Among many other things, especially my obsession with sports is what keeps me going.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."​ - Walt Disney

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."​ - Steve Jobs

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from coming up to bat." - Babe Ruth


New Media, Media Rights, and IT Intern

FC Bayern München
 – Present (3 months)Munich Area, Germany
I'm specifying on social media and digital strategizing. My responsibilities mainly include creating and publishing content, monitoring Bayern Munich's various social media platforms, overseeing subpages, engaging with users, and conceptualizing new approaches to digital storytelling. Our main goal is to enhance Bayern Munich's brand overall, both on a national and on a global scale. Currently, the team has an online following of about 60 million fans worldwide.

Digital Media Intern

Duke University
 – Present (1 year)Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
I'm interning with Duke's Office of News and Communications where I am mainly responsible for:

- Digital Marketing
- Brand Imaging
- Live-coverage of university events
- Execution of online campaigns
- Photography
- Filming and Editing

Social Media Street Team member

Duke Athletics
 – Present (2 years)Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
The Social Media Street Team, also known as Social Devils, does live-coverage of the Duke Blue Devils' Division I games on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We are emphasizing picture/video editing, score-updates, basic reporting and - most importantly - fan engagement. I am focusing on basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, baseball, and soccer.

Parents & Alumnae Relations Chair

Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority, Eta Mu Chapter
 – Present (7 months)Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
- facilitating a close relationship between Gamma Phi Beta alumnae and our chapter
- initiating and executing a campaign to get current members' parents involved in our chapter
- creating monthly newsletters for parents and alumnae
- organizing Gamma Phi Beta's Founders Day

Chief Marketing Officer

partiO Inc.
 –  (6 months)
partiO is a social marketplace with the goal of revolutionizing the way college students use their stuff. Our long-term goal is to extend the culture of shared economics that is already incorporated into major companies such as Uber and Airbnb. We believe in a world where assets are utilized more efficiently, contributing to a more sustainable economy.

Social Media Co-Chair

Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority, Eta Mu Chapter
 –  (10 months)
I am responsible for our chapter's online presence on various social media platforms.

Smart and amazing college student

My bedroom
 –  (less than a year)

Digital Communications Intern

The White Fox
 –  (3 months)Munich Area, Germany
As an Online Communications Agency, The White Fox is focusing on Online Marketing, Social Media Management, and Crowdfunding Campaigns.

My duties included:

- Conception and implementation of crowdfunding campaigns
- Conception and implementation of corporate blogs
- Composing corporate blog posts
- Aiding in community management
- Conducting competitor analyses
- Conducting market analyses
- Developing brand strategies
- Overseeing and analyzing relevant social media channels
- Selecting and contacting relevant media outlets and multiplicators
- Public Relations

TV Anchor

afk tv
 –  (3 months)Munich Area, Germany
"afk tv" is a tv station, run by young adults, usually students. As an anchor I was moderating the stations' daily show that airs on Munich tv.

Reporter and Anchor

afk M94.5
 –  (1 year 5 months)Munich Area, Germany
M94.5 is a local radio station, run by a student editorial staff. As part of both the Friday daily team and the sports desk, I composed radio reports, conducted interviews with professional athletes, artists, and government officials, wrote online articles and hosted radio shows.

Research Assistant

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München
 –  (5 months)Munich Area, Germany
At LMU's Institute for Communication Science and Media Research, I was involved in a research project called "Social Media and Journalism". We were examining the effect Twitter has had on professional journalists, and therefore the way how news publishing has changed with evolving digital media. I was responsible for content analysis, coding, data editing and recruiting survey participants.
Social Media and Journalism - Publication (in German)
Social Media and Journalism - Publication (in German)


 –  (1 year 3 months)Munich Area, Germany
"BLLV" is providing special services to Bavarian teachers to support them with their personal affairs such as financing, insurance and traveling. I gave advice and consulted with clients about different insurances we were offering. I also processed and issued insurance and travel documents. Furthermore, I took care of the company's database and represented the "BLLV" at special events, aiming to recruit new clients.

Student Intern

 –  (1 month)Munich Area, Germany
"Abendzeitung" is a local newspaper, based in Munich. As part of the news editorial team, I conducted interviews, did research and wrote my own articles that were published in next day's issue.

Student Intern

Condé Nast
 –  (1 month)Munich Area, Germany
I worked as an assistant to the editorial staff of the Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine "Myself".


Duke University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political SciencePolicy Journalism and Media Studies,Innovation & Entrepreneurship

After my study abroad year at Duke I decided to submit a transfer application because I felt that an American college education at a top 10 institution was more beneficial and more sustaining to me than continuing my academic studies in Germany. I was very lucky to be accepted as the competition was extremely keen, with over 1,100 applicants for only 30 spaces available for transfer students.
(Open)1 organization
(Open)3 honors and awards
(Open)4 courses

Duke University

Study Abroad, Public PolicyJournalism, 3.83 GPA

For two semesters, I participated in Duke's "Visiting International Student Program" that was partly funded by the Prosa Scholarship from Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich. The grant was provided by the German Academic Exchange Service "DAAD" and the State of Bavaria.
(Open)2 honors and awards
(Open)8 courses

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and GovernmentCommunications

Major in Political Science, Minor in Communications
Activities and Societies: Political Science Student Government
(Open)20 courses, including:
HERE are some images from Brussels

A young lady of rather similar facial profile and coming from the same area of the United States (North Carolina) was featured prominantly as a lucky survivor in the Brussels Airport attack as shown below.

Story image for allison talkers brussels from WLWT Cincinnati

"A woman from Northern Kentucky was inside Brussels Airport Tuesday morning when bomb blasts sent people running for cover. 'Some people thought that the loud noise was like a car crash outside,' Alison Talkers said by phone from a village near Antwerp. 'Some people said they thought it was a machine that exploded.'"

terror training volunteers


Facebook 'game' offering free McDonald's posted less than two hours before Munich shooting

(A strange assortment)!/image/2597701915.jpg_gen/derivatives/headline_609x343/2597701915.jpg
Note word 'assets'.
Note no head gear.

To accompany this article:

Munich police warn of 'imminent threat' of terror attack

Train stations evacuated

UPDATED 9:23 PM EST Dec 31, 2015
Munich police president Hubertus Andrae said German authorities had been tipped off by a foreign intelligence service that IS was planning attacks with five to seven suicide bombers, the German news agency dpa reported. Andrae said so far there hadn't been any arrests.

Shorts and masks are apparently all the rage.  "Special police forces prepare to search a neighboring shopping center outside the Olympia mall in Munich on July 22. Sebastian Widmann / AP"

"Did Munich killer lure children to their deaths on Facebook? | Daily Mail Online"

More variety and pointing guns whilst the public 'submit' with hands on heads.


  1. And to compound and reinforce the 'coincidences' there is this:

    Richard Gutjahr, who I and others independently revealed just happened to take the images of the Nice van driver that went viral, now appears to be back in Munich, though to be fair he does come from there!


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