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Of Rees-Mogg and Long Words

"The floccinaucinihilipilification of European Judges." ("The act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant, of having no value or being worthless." (From the Latin roots) Wiktionary)


Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg (48) may have begun his political career late - he was not elected for his NE Somerset seat until 2010, although he had made several unsuccessful attempts before - but no one could claim he has not made an impression. Rather amazingly, despite never holding any government post, there is a not inconsiderable public campaign for him to be appointed Prime Minister! 

The campaign has coined the word "Moggmentum" - a thinly disguised humorous pun on the opposing grassroots Labour movement, of which he is caricatured as being the exact opposite. So far it is said, it has attracted at least 12,000 votes. (1) Others of a different political persuasion pour scorn on the idea. (2)

No one knows either his true intentions or indeed how ambitious he may be for position, but in the best traditions of polite society - and who could aver that in matters of tradition he is not expert? - he has denied any expectation or desire of such. 

Few would be prepared to bet more than a few pennies, if at all, that he will remain on the back benches for long, or not be in with a fighting chance of high - perhaps the highest - office if he so desires. Indeed he may well represent the only hope 'Brexit' and the Conservative Government have of not being drowned in the choppy waters of the English Channel!

How and why he in so short a time has moved from total obscurity to one of high profile and expectation, without jumping all the usual intermediary hurdles, is an interesting and puzzling one that perhaps rather like a mirror, gives reflective insight into the mood and aspiration of the British public, that in some senses may appear paradoxical.

After all Jacob Reece Mogg is unashamedly a throw back to an earlier patrician and elitist social milieu, for which he is soundly ragged. He is referred to as "the MP for the 20th Century" or even the 19th one. Rather than being defensive, he revels in it but in a way that is charming and self-deprecating. The English still love and are forgiving of the person who through no fault of their own, evidence ill-defined "class", devoid of pretence and arrogance, able to laugh at themselves in a classically philosophical manner. 

In their public duties it is a skill expertly demonstrated by the Monarch and most of her family, that has secured the love and respect of the population, domestic and international and the secret of their continued power and influence. Whether they show the same approach in private is quite another matter. Perhaps Rees-Mogg benefits from a similar technique and personality?

Here is an image of the traditional family man with wife and children, the latest of whom "Sixtus" has created unprecedented media interest.

Interestingly and perhaps predictably the family is Catholic by religious persuasion. I have to say I retain a Lockean reservation of that sect which until relatively recently debarred persons from public office. Were Rees-Mogg to become the Prime Minister at any point, he would be the first Roman Catholic to hold that office, although the present PM, Mrs May, regards herself as High Church Anglican and daughter of the Vicarage, although this is denied. (3) I am reminded that the last, and arguably best, President of the United States, John F Kennedy, had to defend an analogous situation.

Gournay Court, West Harptree, Somerset c.1930s

In January 2007 he married Helena de Chair, who  is the grand daughter of the eighth Earl Fitzwilliam by her mother Lady Juliet Tadgell the fourth wife of Somerset de Chair. They currently live at Gournay Court in West Harptree. Rees-Mogg was born in London but the family home was the palatial Ston Easton Park, between 1964 when his father purchased it, to 1978, when it was turned into a plush hotel and country club.

The Rees-Mogg family made its money from land ownership in the 18th Century onwards in which there were rich coal deposits as part of the North Somerset coal field. Both Jacob and his wife have maintained financial and technical connections with hydrocarbons.

Ston Easton Park

Apparently Jacob has a huge following by the younger cohort of voter. Whether this is predominantly the young Tory voter or a representative section of all young voters is not clear. From a small and unscientific survey of friends, I would say the suggestion is fairly accurate although I am also aware he excites some vituperative remarks on social media, largely related to the contrast between his wealth and voting record on the poor. However he has made a point of not claiming his Parliamentary expenses so can at least claim amnesty on that particular charge of hypocrisy demonstrated by many of his colleagues. 

Here he is shown 'getting on' with young people probably from a less privileged background. Mrs May warned against the dangers of Conservatives being regarded as the "Nasty Party", which despite her efforts (or perhaps because of them) still haunts the Party. If Rees Mogg could shed it and provide a coherent Brexit strategy, he may become increasingly attractive to the Party managers and MP's themselves.

"Hugging Hoodies"?

It is well known that Jacob's father was the protestant Editor of the Times, William Rees-Mogg (1928 - 2012) who married an American Catholic, and converted to Catholicism. He was knighted in 1981 and made a Life Peer - 'Baron Rees Mogg of Hinton Blewitt' in 1988. William was himself a frustrated MP, so it must have come as a great consolation to witness his son's success in this regard before he died. In his time he was subject to parody by the satirical magazine as "Mystic Mogg" for his inaccurate predictions.
The fiftieth anniversary has just passed of his famous editorial "Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel" that criticised the harsh sentence on the Rolling Stones Keith Jagger, and in a broader sense ushered in a much more permissive society that for good or ill we witness today. (4)

Several of the Rees-Mogg family are interred in the near-by, now redundant Camely Church. (5) It is here that my five times great uncle, his wife and several children are buried with a still existing large grave stone.  In the 19th Century the coal mines provided relatively well paid, though dangerous and unhealthy, employment in the area and Jonathan was one of them, dying in 1850 at the age of 62. He might well have worked in a Rees-Mogg pit. 

In addition in my own youth, several close aquaitances worked for the family in various capacities, so it did not seem so far away. At that time, being the Member for North Somerset seemed to me to be the dream job and in my wilder moments I fantasised it could be me! The constituency he represents is well known to me and it was strange in watching one You Tube video of him touring the towns and villages, those where I and my ancestors grew up. (6) 

The memorial to John Rees-Mogg in the Church of St James, Cameley, Somerset

A view of the northeast corner of the church. Loyn Blacker took the picture in 1930 during a visit to Cameley as he returned home from his mission.

In addition Pensford was the home of the internationally famous philosopher John Locke, who I believe Jacob referred to in his Maiden Speech and his father was an expert on.  (7) In 2004 I attended a lecture by William Rees Mogg given in Publow Church on the 400th anniversary of Locke's death. Publow was where Locke's father stood and declared for Parliament in 1642. I recall both with a certain pleasure.(8)

Although noted in the Commons for fillibustering (delaying) measures with which he disapproves, he has been more successful than most in "catching the Speaker's eye", and in making humourous, yet significant constitutional points, including The "floccinaucinihilipilification" of European Judges. That obviously resonated with the wider British public, even if it had not the slightest idea of its true meaning.

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TIMING! "The incident came ahead of shares in Market Tech, whose majority shareholder is Playtech founder Sagi, being cancelled from trading on London’s main market tomorrow."

Hot on the heels of the Grenfell Tower Block disaster a huge fire in Camden only a stone's throw away. London, it would appear, is going up in flames. It is the second large fire to ravage the immediate area. In February 2008 the Camden Canal Market was destroyed by an inferno that wrecked several local landmarks and put the waterside market out of action for 15 months.

The property folio of the Camden Locks area was the hands of a company called "Market Tech", in which Israeli Teddy Sagi held 70% of the shares. A
s of March 2015, Sagi owned the four most important of the six sections of the market.

Another of his wholly owned companies "Lab Tech" made an offer for the remaining shares -providing roughly 35% increase in value to shareholders - and the Directors recommended acceptance in April. The new company is now private and does not have to publish its financial details.

Meanwhile Market Tech de-listed from the London Stock Exchange just a day or two after the fire.

In 1999 Sagi received an 18-month prison sentence in for "grave deceit, bribery and insider trading", after being found guilty of manipulating bond prices in Israel in 1994. (Source Wikipedia)

"Investigators were today trying to establish the cause of the massive blaze which tore through Camden Lock Market like “a scene from a disaster movie”.
"More than 70 firefighters battled the fire which took hold in the famous tourist attraction shortly before midnight yesterday. 
"Witnesses said flames quickly spread across several buildings in the historic complex of independent boutiques, restaurants and market stalls on Chalk Farm Road.
"James Brown, 19, said: “It was like a disaster movie happening in front of your eyes, I have never seen anything like it. I was sweating I was so close to the flames.”
"Besides the stake in Market Tech, Mr Sagi is the founder of  gaming and financial derivative trading technology company Playtech, has also launched online payment service provider SafeCharge and web distribution business Crossrider, and owns Holborn Links Estate, which encompasses London's Sicilian Avenue." 

camdenlockfire1007f.jpgThe owner of Camden markets said most traders will open as normal following an overnight fire Nigel Howard

"Camden market landlord Market Tech on Monday insisted it was business as usual for traders despite a huge fire breaking out at the site, as the company prepares to delist from the stock exchange. 
"The Camden markets owner, backed by Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi, said it is working with the emergency services to investigate the cause of the blaze, which was brought under control by 2.50am, at a building adjacent to the market hall area of Camden Lock Market.
"A spokesman said only a small section of the area will be closed off as a precaution.
"He added: “The rest of Camden Lock Market and the wider area... will be fully open and operating and welcoming visitors and customers as usual today.”
"The incident came ahead of shares in Market Tech, whose majority shareholder is Playtech founder Sagi, being cancelled from trading on London’s main market tomorrow.
"The firm is being taken over by the entrepreneur’s LabTech Investments, which is acquiring the shares it does not already own for 188p a share. 
"The shares were flat at 187.25p earlier, valuing the business at £884 million."

Well I never! 15.11.16 - 

"The entity we call Camden Market is actually several markets in the area. In 2014, Market Tech began buying four of the sites – Camden Lock, Canal Market, Stables Market and Union Street Market – uniting them under a single owner for the first time. Market Tech, owned by Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi, has bought other Camden sites, including a stretch of high street, the Barfly club and the Open University building. Sagi made his fortune through online gambling company Playtech, which he founded in 1999 following a short spell in an Israeli prison for manipulating bond prices." Source:

21.4.17. - The founder of Market Tech Holdings, Teddy Sagi, has made an offer to buy the remaining shares in the group, which owns London's Camden Market, less than three years after it floated on the London Stock Exchange. 

A company controlled by Mr Sagi, LabTech Investments, already holds a 71pc stake in Market Tech Holdings, but made an offer of 188p per share for the remaining shares late on Friday, in a deal which values the real estate firm at £892.5m. 

Shares in Market Tech closed up 0.75pc at 145.75p on Friday. Source:

Market Tech Holdings Ltd
LON: MKT - Jul 10, 9:51 AM GMT+1
187.75GBXPrice increase0.50 (0.27%)

  1. 1 day
  2. 5 day
  3. 1 month
  4. 3 months
  5. 1 year
  6. 5 years
  7. max
No chart available
Market Tech Holdings Ltd
LON: MKT - Jul 10, 9:51 AM GMT+1
187.75GBXPrice increase0.50 (0.27%)
  1. 1 day
  2. 5 day
  3. 1 month
  4. 3 months
  5. 1 year
  6. 5 years
  7. max
Apr 18May 2May 15May 30Jun 12Jun 26Jul 10190180170160150140
Mkt cap886.36M
P/E ratio23.51
Div yield-  Market Tech

From:  21st April, 2017.

The boards of directors of LabTech Investments Ltd ("LabTech") and Market Tech Holdings Limited ("Market Tech") are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer for Market Tech by LabTech, pursuant to which LabTech will acquire the entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of Market Tech not already directly or indirectly owned by LabTech (the "Offer"). As at the date of this Announcement, LabTech holds approximately 71.00 per cent. of Market Tech's issued shares.
·                  Under the terms of the Offer, Market Tech Shareholders will receive 188 pence in cash for each Market Tech Share.  The Offer values the entire issued, and to be issued, share capital of Market Tech on a fully-diluted basis (excluding any ordinary shares of 10 pence each in the capital of Market Tech issuable on conversion of the Convertible Bonds) at approximately £892.5 million.
LabTech is a property and technology company that was established in 2014. LabTech's primary assets are its shareholding in Market Tech and a substantial portfolio of properties in Holborn, Central London, which it acquired in late 2016 for approximately £300 million. LabTech is wholly owned by GHT, a trust of which the ultimate and sole beneficiary is Teddy Sagi.       
·                  LabTech intends to finance the Offer exclusively by means of its existing financial resources.


Market Tech shakes up board after Sagi takeover
22 June 2017 | By David Parsley

Market Tech, the group that owns a large slice of London’s Camden Town, has made a raft of board changes following the takeover of the group by Teddy Sagi’s LabTech Investments.


Image result for cornwall fire terror exercise images

Tim Veater1 second ago
From: 8:24
Firefighters in Devon and Somerset are being trained to give emergency medical treatment to victims of a terror attack, the BBC can reveal.

Their role would be to provide back up to paramedics at the scene.

A team of 42 volunteers have been taught how to deal with bullet wounds, shock, and injuries caused from being hit by fast-moving vehicles. They’re also being given bulletproof vests and helmets, and have been trained in terrorist tactics with police firearms teams.

The move is in response to the changing terror threat and marauding attacks using vehicles and guns, such as those carried out in Paris and at London Bridge.

Tim Veater1 second ago
27 Jan
Firefighters from Devon and Somerset are getting ready for what they're describing as the "biggest fire exercise ever to be held in Devon".

About 150 firefighters will be involved in tackling a simulated fire at the now empty Civic Centre in Plymouth on Sunday.

The drill is designed to look at how crews tackle fires in the increasing numbers of high rise buildings in the region.

Dummies have already been placed around the building in preparation.

Tim Veater1 second ago
There was this from end of last year:

Tim Veater1 second ago
On today's news, a South West 'emergency exercise' with fire and ambulance personnel dealing with multiple crisis actors pretending (very convincingly) to be injured. However it should be noted how these people see it necessary to wear protective uniforms including weapon grade helmets! Yet further evidence of the mind conditioning nonsense being promoted by our so-called "democratic" government for hugely remote risk. (Unless of course they have something planned for the SW just in case we are feeling left out of the drama) Bristol, Temple Meads, I note was cordoned off so I suppose the roll-out is getting closer!

Tim Veater1 second ago
This might interest you? Sounds very Common Purpose doesn't it? [PPT]JESIP Training & Delivery Workshops 2017

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Motor Vehicle Red Lights

It is estimated that there are 1.2 BILLION motorised vehicles in the world, excluding those used off road, and being added to daily. (1) In Britain alone there were 37 million registered with almost a million added in 2016 (2) accounting for around 500 BILLION passenger miles. (10)

This has a huge environmental impact on many levels: accidents and pollution impacting on human health; roads, noise and contaminants adversely affecting nature.

As an historical human, globally detrimental, technical phenomenon, it has no equal. But are there now indications that the supremacy "King Car" may be coming to an end?

Automobile Traffic : Stock Photo

Reading of the sad demise of Stephen Tindale on the 1st July, aged only 54, took me back. (3) For most of his life he took a leading role in campaigns for Friends of the Earth, as an advisor to politicians such as Environment Minister Michael Meacher MP (Times Obituary: 22nd October 2015) and Director of Greenpeace. He was closely associated with the notorious incident of the sinking of the 'Rainbow Warrior' in 1985 by the French Secret Service in an operation code-named interestingly "OpĂ©ration Satanique". (4) Latterly he created considerable internal controversy and not a little incredulity, by supporting nuclear power generation, genetically modified crops and fracking! He suffered from severe depression and tragically took his own life.

As an aside, regarding the Rainbow Warrior affair, it is worth noting, particularly in this epoch of "terrorist events" centred on France and other European cities, that at first the French Government denied responsibility for the sinking and the death of a crew member, blaming it on "terrorists". Then when two of the culprits were caught, tried, convicted and sentenced to a gaol term of 12 years, France threatened New Zealand with crippling EU sanctions if they were not returned to French jurisdiction. In the event they were back in France in only two years and promoted! Others involved were picked up from their yacht by French submarine and never prosecuted. The incident serves as a very telling and poignant lesson, particularly to those that States could ever do such things - as now.

Getting back to Stephen Tindale, prior to being appointed as 'Pollution Campaigner' for Friends of the Earth in 1989 he had attended St Anne's Cambridge where he studied PPE and later a MSc in politics and administration at Birkbeck College, from where he moved to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, based in Pakistan. A question must arise as to whether he was ever recruited by the British secret services or worked for them in his later positions. His father was a diplomat in Kenya where he was born and his background and education certainly has a familiar ring to it, but if he was he certainly never admitted to it.

A question certainly arises why he wished to leave a well paid and promising career with the Civil Service and take on the Friends of the Earth role for very little remuneration? I speak from experience, for I was interviewed for that very post in 1986 by Jonathan Porritt and others. As I remember it, it was a sceptical and challenging panel that interviewed me, and I failed miserably to impress, a disappointment assuaged only by the fact that Jonathon Porritt rang me personally to break the news I had not been successful. Even for me I remember the post in London would have involved a significant salary reduction, and the office had the appearance of optimistic chaos. 

Tindale described his move as follows: "I left the Foreign Office on a Friday in a suit and on Monday morning I was sitting cross-legged and bare foot in a meeting addressed by Jonathon Porritt on the roof of the Friends of the Earth building."

Porritt himself, after a decade of environmental campaigning, Chaired of Friends of the Earth from 1984 to 1990 in which time the membership grew twenty-fold to 226,000. He has remained at the forefront of 'green' campaigning, and has almost obtained iconic status in the movement. He 
has been described as "Britain’s most influential green thinker".

Viewed objectively, and particularly in relation to the internal combustion engine, progress has been very limited, although alternative energy initiatives have been more successful. Some have claimed that all green policies have 'back-fired' in one way or another. In 1994 he inherited his father's baronetcy, who had been the eleventh Governor General of New Zealand (1967 - 72).

At the time I was interviewed for the Pollution Campaigner post I was coming to an end of my Research Fellow post at the Leeds Polytechnic School of Law, but probably chosen for my earlier experience in Environmental Health, particularly for the brief and modest celebrity obtained by a student paper I had written entitled "Lead Pollution Motor Vehicles and Health" published in the then "Public Health Inspector" magazine in 1972. It focused on tetra-ethyl lead added to petrol to increase the octane rating and prevent premature combustion, referred to as 'pinking', and its adverse effects on people and the environment. At the time it was a relatively novel subject. It probably played a small part in drawing attention to the issue and the later campaign to ban lead from petrol.

However, lead is only one contaminant, and the fact that it was phased out did little to control the  increase of other combustion products and gases by incessant increase in vehicle numbers linked to a government sponsored move to diesel engines - another environmental mistake based on a theory that only CO2 would be produced, a blatant error. You have to ask whether government or the car industry has ever been really serious about controlling the adverse effects of the motor vehicle?

Just consider for a moment the hysterical and far-reaching governmental response to largely fraudulent terror attacks and the yearly carnage on Britain's roads and the other adverse consequences of traffic. There is no logic to the over reaction to the one compared to the under reaction of the other despite the huge discrepancy in deaths and injuries.

We now find ourselves in a situation where urban areas all around the world are literally becoming uninhabitable owing to motor vehicles and their power plants. The air has become un-breathable. The less obvious consequences, such as effects on wild-life and eco-systems largely unquantified, yet nothing appears to slow the exponential growth of this device, and whole economies are dependant on it.

In parallel we have developed systems of living that make the vehicle indispensable. The out of town shopping centre, distancing work from living, moving essential services from those that require them and so on. In addition vehicles are used unnecessarily so often, engines and the pollution they create have got bigger as a designer and ego statement. As roads are improved, so people merely go further. Yet average speeds continue to decline. 

Combustion products not only pollute the air but contribute to general pollution of land, crops and water courses and to the depletion of birds and other wild life. Yet government takes a very relaxed view of all this as it does to the pollution of the upper atmosphere by aircraft.

Almost fifty years ago in my small way, I drew attention to mainly one pollutant - lead - a poison that was being added to the air that all humans breathed and to the urban dust that children played in, and to the grass consumed by animals. Studies showed that lead exposure could be correlated with IQ, educational and social outcomes. Needleman was an early worker in the area but later studies this if anything was an underestimate of the damage done. (6) Again who cares about the long term health and mental capacity of children when we can obsess over fraudulent "IslamicTerrorism"? 

More recently lead has been highlighted as a major factor in autism that is currently getting to epidemic proportions, and could not be more serious for long term status of the child. (7) The topic is of course highly controversial around the subject of multiple inoculation and the claims of Dr Derek Wakefield who has been subject to a concerted and irrational campaign of vilification. (8)

So now we have news that there may be significant changes in the pipeline that will have considerable consequences if implemented.
France has announced that from 2040 it will be illegal to sell cars with internal combustion engines! (9) Not only will this have a dramatic effect on car production, but presumably will start to bite many years before, although it relates to sale not use, so it will be many years before roads are free of the engine. Will other countries follow suit? Can battery cars, much more expensive to buy, fill the breach or will other less polluting solutions be developed? Just think of the ramifications for the capital intensive, over-productive car manufacturing and oil sectors.

The internal combustion engine has dominated the last century and brought with it unquantifiable short and long-term consequences, that humans have learnt to live with, with a certain nonchalance. For many it has become for many an indispensable accessory. This cannot disguise the fact that innovative solutions are required both behavioural and technical, if the many associated problems are to be tackled in anything more than a superficial manner. Nor should we ever forget - apropos the diesel gaffe - that the solution to one problem can create another nor that batteries are without their own. (11)

Reuters reports: "Swedish carmaker Volvo's latest generation of diesel engines could be its last as the cost of reducing emissions of nitrogen oxide is becoming too much, Chief Executive Hakan Samuelsson was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

"From today's perspective, we will not develop any more new generation diesel engines," Samuelsson told German's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview.

"However, a Volvo Cars spokesman said on Wednesday Samuelsson had been discussing options rather than a firm plan to stop the further development of diesel engines.

"Samuelsson later said in a statement emailed to Reuters he believed diesel would still play a crucial role in the next few years in helping the company meet targets to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, being more fuel-efficient than petrol engines.

"Instead, Volvo will invest in the electric and hybrid cars, with its first pure electric model due on the market in 2019." (12)

The Future?,w_1199,ar_32:11/prod/content/dam/CRO%20Images%202017/Cars/March/CR-Cars-Hero-Tesla-Model-S-Cutaway-03-17


3.   The Times Register. 7th July, 2017.

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Sarin-lying; War-defying.

How the West lies to support its devious Syrian plans.

Japanese sarin exercise. Psychological propaganda?

The following is taken from:  (Images and highlighting added by me.)

Deception Inside Deception: The Alleged Sarin Gas Attack

Deception Inside Deception: The Alleged Sarin Gas Attack
Paul Craig Roberts
Seymour Hersh, America’s most famous investigative reporter, has become persona non grata in the American Propaganda Ministry that poses as a news media but only serves to protect the US government’s war lies. Among his many triumphs Hersh exposed the American My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Abu Ghraib torture prison run by the Americans in Iraq. Today his investigative reports have to be published in the London Review of Books or in the German Media.
From Hersh’s latest investigative report, we learn that President Trump makes war decisions by watching staged propaganda on TV. The White Helmets, a propaganda organization for jihadists and the “Syrian opposition,” found a gullible reception from the Western media for photographs and videos of alleged victims of a Syrian Army sarin gas attack on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun. Trump saw the photos on TV and despite being assured by US intelligence that there was no Syrian sarin gas attack, ordered the US military to strike a Syrian base with Tomahawk missiles. Under international law this strike was a war crime, and it was the first direct aggression against Syria by the US which previously committed aggression via proxies called “the Syrian opposition.”

Seymour Hersh Dishes on New Exposé Upending the Official Story About Trump and Syrian Chemical Attacks

Reporting on his sources, Hersh writes: “In a series of interviews, I learned of the total disconnect between the president and many of his military advisers and intelligence officials, as well as officers on the ground in the region who had an entirely different understanding of the nature of Syria’s attack on Khan Sheikhoun. I was provided with evidence of that disconnect, in the form of transcripts of real-time communications, immediately following the Syrian attack on April 4.”
The belief that sarin gas was involved in the attack comes from what appears to be a gas cloud. Hersh was informed by US military experts that sarin is oderless and invisible and makes no cloud. What appears to have happened is that the explosion from the air attack on ISIS caused a series of secondary explosions that produced a toxic cloud formed by fertilizers and chlorine disinfectants that were stored in the building that was hit.
US officials spoke with Hersh, because they are distrubed that President Trump based a war decision on TV propaganda and refused to listen to the detailed counter-assessments of his intelligence and military services. A national security source told Hersh: “Everyone close to him knows his proclivity for acting precipitously when he does not know the facts. He doesn’t read anything and has no real historical knowledge. He wants verbal briefings and photographs. He’s a risk-taker. He can accept the consequences of a bad decision in the business world; he will just lose money. But in our world, lives will be lost and there will be long-term damage to our national security if he guesses wrong. He was told we did not have evidence of Syrian involvement and yet Trump says: ‘Do it.”’

Several children allegedly killed by gas attack at Khan Sheikhoun. Several have bleeding head injuries
Concerns about Trump’s purely emotional reaction to TV propaganda persist. Hersh reports that a senior national security adviser told him: “The Salafists and jihadists got everything they wanted out of their hyped-up Syrian nerve gas ploy” (the flare up of tensions between Syria, Russia and America). The issue is, what if there’s another false flag sarin attack credited to hated Syria? Trump has upped the ante and painted himself into a corner with his decision to bomb. And do not think these guys are not planning the next faked attack. Trump will have no choice but to bomb again, and harder. He’s incapable of saying he made a mistake.”
As we know, the White House has already released a statement predicting that Assad is preparing another chemical attack, for which, the White House promises, he will “pay a heavy price.” Clearly, a false flag attack is on the way.
By all means, read Hersh’s report: It reveals a president who makes precipitious decisions likely to cause a war with Russia.
I do not doubt Sy Hersh’s integrity. I accept that he has accurately reported what he was told by US officials. My suspicions about this story do not have to do with Hersh. They have to do with what Hersh was told.

Fraudulent "White Helmets" in action. The giveaway: no gloves!

Hersh’s report puts Trump in a very bad light, and it puts the military/security complex, which we know has been trying to destroy Trump, in a very good light. Moreover, the story strikes me as inconsistent with the subsequent attack on the Syrian fighter-bomber by the US military. If the Tomahawk attack on the Syrian base was unjustified, what justified downing a Syrian war plane? Did Trump order this attack as well? If not, who did? Why?
If national security advisers gave Trump such excellent information about the alleged sarin gas attack, completely disproving any such attack, why was he given such bad advice about shooting down a Syrian war plane, or was it done outside of channels? The effect of the shootdown is to raise the chance of a confrontation with Russia, because Russia’s response apparently has been to declare a no-fly zone over the area of Russian and Syrian operations.
How do we know that what Hersh was told was true? What if Trump was encouraged to order the Tomahawk strike as a way of interjecting the US directly into the conflict? Both the US and Israel have powerful reasons for wanting to overthrow Assad. However, ISIS, sent to do the job, has been defeated by Russia and Syria. Unless Washington can somehow get directly involved, the war is over.
Syria "chemical weapon" attack proven by autopsies Turkey says as Trump blames Assad regime - CBS News
The story Hersh was given also serves to damn Trump while absolving the intelligence services. Trump takes the hit for injecting the US directly into the conflict.
Hersh’s story reads well, but it easily could be a false story planted on him. I am not saying that the story is false, but unless we learn more, it could be.
What we do know is that the story given to Hersh by national security officials is inconsistent with the June 26 White House announcement that the US has “identified potential preparations for another chemical attack by the Assad regime.” The White House does not have the capability to conduct its own foreign intelligence gathering. The White House is informed by the national security and intelligence agencies.
In the story given to Hersh, these officials are emphatic that not only were chemical weapons removed from Syria, but also that Assad would not use them or be permitted by the Russians to use them even if he had them. Moreover, Hersh reports that he was told that Russia fully informed the US of the Syrian attack on ISIS in advance. The weapon was a guided bomb that Russia had suppied to Syria. Therefore, it could not have been a chemical weapon.

Collecting evidence of a chemical weapon in Khan Sheikhoun

The Times of Israel
A Syrian man collects samples from the site of a suspected toxic gas attack in Khan. Note lack of protective clothing particularly feet.

As US national security officials made it clear to Hersh that they do not believe Syria did or would use any chemical weapons, what is the source for the White House’s announcement that preparations for another chemical attack by the Assad regime have been identified?
Who lined up UN ambassador Nikki Haley and the UK Defence Minister Michael Fallon to be ready with statements in support of the White House announcement? Haley says: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.” Fallon says: “we will support” future US action in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
How clear does an orchestration have to be before people are capable of recognizing the orchestration?
The intelligence agencies put out the story via Hersh that there were no chemical attacks, so what attacks is Niki Haley speaking about?

Site of U.S. missile strike on Syrian air base

A reasonable conclusion is that Washington’s plan to use ISIS to overthrow Syria and then start on Iran was derailed by Russian and Syrian military success against ISIS. The US then tried to partition Syria by occupying part of it, but were out-manuevered by the Russians and Syrians. This left direct US involvement as the only alternative to defeat. This direct US military involvement began with the US attack on the Syrian military base and was followed by shooting down a Syrian war plane. The next stage will be a US-staged false flag chemical attack or alleged chemical attack, and this false flag, as has already been announced, will be the excuse for larger scale US military action against Syria, which, unless the Russians abandon Syria, means conflict with Russia, Iran, and perhaps China.

Trump launches attack on Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles