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Two sides of the Andrea Davison story: What to believe?

Corruption. Corruption. Corruption. Which ever way you look at it.

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Andrea Davison claims to have been prosecuted to silence and prevent her from publicising corruption and child abuse in high places. Gordon Bowden claims he has hard evidence of a completely rent iffedback story. Make up your own mind.

Andrea Davison On her Astonishing New Book Richie Allen Show

andrea letter

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Gordon Bowden Fraud & Deception in Wales

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Gordon Bowden ~ Expert Witness (ITNJ Seating)

Jacob Rees-Mogg's empowering Brexit speech at Bruges Group

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Government Persecution

Emiliano Sala in Missing Plane over Sea
Accident or Foul Play?

Update as of 10.25, 23.1.2019. AOL reports as follows: The search resumes after a WhatsApp voice message emerged that Sala sent to friends while on the plane bound for Cardiff. In the recording the footballer says he is "getting scared" and "aboard a plane that seems like it is falling to pieces". I treat all messages from disappeared/crashed aircraft since 9/11 with a certain degree of scepticism but this may be reliable. Note we have still been given scant information about the ownership or pilotage of the plane in question. Why?
Now (13:00) via BBC News: "Plane UK owned; USA  Registered; Pilot still unknown." All very strange.

Update 14.00 24.1.2019  Via Sky:

The pilot named
"The private pilot flying the plane which has gone missing with Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala on board has been named as David Ibbotson. Mr Ibbotson, 59, from Crowle, near Scunthorpe, has been missing with the newly signed footballer since the plane disappeared from radar over the English Channel on Monday night. He has been associated with skydiving company Target Skysports, based in Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire.

Plane's owner
It is believed that a football agent may have helped Sala book the flight. The plane’s registered owner is the Suffolk-based company Southern Aircraft Consultancy (SAC), according to the US Federal Aviation Administration. SAC confirmed the company was a trustee for the plane for “registration purposes only” and it was cooperating with authorities.

Football agent named
The plane was registered to the family of Scottish football agent Willie Mckay. Sala was not one of his clients but he is thought to have been involved in brokering the transfer from FC Nantes to the Bluebirds.

Monaco-based Willie McKay is one of the most successful agents in the game, brokering huge contracts over the years and pulling the strings to secure some of the biggest transfers in history.
In his career he has been involved in 485 deals, ranging from Ronaldinho's move from Paris Saint-Germain to Barcelona to acting for Queens Park Rangers during negotiations to sign Joey Barton on a free transfer. He has represented Joey Barton, Charles N'Zogbia, Ross McCormack, Pascal Chimbonda and Amdy Faye, among others. His twin sons Paul and Jack have gone on to become footballers while his other son Mark followed his career path to become a football agent.

McKay, who was born in Scotland, was one of five men arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting in November 2007 as part of the City of London Police football corruption probe before he was cleared of any wrongdoing 18 months later. In December 2008, he was given a suspended ban by the FA for breaching regulations by acting for two different clubs in two consecutive transfers of Portsmouth and Manchester City striker Benjani. His footballing twins Jack and Paul McKay, 22, have been on the books of Doncaster Rovers, Leeds United and Cardiff City.

Pilot a "bit rusty with ILS
David Ibbotson, known as ‘Dibbo’, was at the controls of the single engine PA-46 Malibu that picked up Cardiff City’s £15million signing on Monday. The 60-year-old from Scunthorpe, who also worked as a gas engineer, had landed in Nantes from Cardiff on Saturday and posted on Facebook: ‘Was not too bad when I got there but I’m a bit rusty with the ILS’ — a reference to the instrument landing system.

"They are not going to find me. I'm so scared"
Sala told friends in the WhatsApp voice message he was travelling on ‘a plane that seems like it is falling to pieces’ adding 'In an hour and a half if you haven’t had news of me, I don’t know if they’ll send someone to look for me because they’re not going to find me. Dad, I’m so scared.’

Four attempts to take off
Reports suggest the plane needed up to four attempts to take off before leaving Nantes in Brittany.

Question: Who actually made the arrangements for the flight and what was the Piper Malibu's maintentence schedule and flight record?

Emiliano Sala with Ken Choo after signing for Cardiff
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These days, whenever a plane falls from the sky, the question must be asked, accident or foul play? When all the evidence has been meticulously sifted, hopefully all will be revealed. Maybe not. It could result from mechanical failure, navigational or pilot error, or sudden illness, or from deliberate interference with an essential element of the aircraft.

At the moment it doesn't look good for the occupants of the plane - a Piper Malibu plane registration PA 46 - which appears to have disappeared over the sea. Air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane, near the Casquets lighthouse, around eight miles north-west of Alderney at 8.30pm.
Occupants included the promising Argentinian football player Emiliano Sala, who recently signed to the Malasian owned club Cardiff City, from Nantes FC in Brittany, France, for £15 million.

Guernsey Coastguard received an alert at 8.23pm on Monday from Jersey Air Traffic Control, that a light aircraft had gone off their radar approximately 15 miles north of Guernsey. Channel Islands Air Search chief officer John Fitzgerald told The Associated Press the plane "just completely vanished". The aircraft was flying at 5,000 feet. The aircraft on passing Guernsey requested descent. Jersey ATC lost contact whilst it was flying at 2,300 feet.

An official involved in the search has cast doubt on whether either of the two passengers on the aircraft will have survived a crash.
"After all this time the weather's quite cold, the water is very cold out there... I am not expecting anyone to be alive," Channel Islands Air Search chief officer John Fitzgerald told The Associated Press.
"I don't think the coastguard are either. We just don't know how it disappeared at the end of yesterday." He said the plane "just completely vanished. There was no radio conversation".
This has rather eerie resonance with the Malaysian plane MH370 that went missing with 239 passengers on board on the 8th March, 2014, never found and never explained. 

Following from:

Channel Island Air Search 'confident' floating objects are from plane

1 hour ago 

Journalist Rebecca Williams has shared an update on the earlier news regarding floating objects found in the water. 
She tweeted: "Chief officer of Channel Island Air Search tells me they have found what appears to be seating and orange material in the sea.
"They’re fairly confident it is from the plane. If feasible, the coastguard could choose to send a diver down to examine below the water surface."

Sala had fears over the safety of the flight

4 hours ago 
Emiliano Sala had fears over the safety of the plane that disappeared over the English Channel, according to a report from 20 Minutes.
According to the French publication, he told friend and former team-mate Nicolas Pallois, who gave him a lift to the airport, that he was concerned about the flight.

If Sala had reservations about the flight it is only natural to ask why?
It would of course be valuable to have more details on the plane and its air worthiness history; the company or individual it belonged to; the pilot; and where it had been prior to this particular fateful flight. All or any of that crucial information has been notable for its absence from any media outlets I have so far seen. 

One of the first to break the news seems to be the Editor of the French regional paper, 'Ouest France 44'
French journalist Arnaud Wajdzik, tweeted: "@EmilianoSala1 was in the plane that crashed between #NANTES and #Cardiff.""

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"Selon nos sources, il n’y aurait que deux passagers (dont Emiliano Sala) à bord de l’avion qui comptait six places, et non trois comme indiqué par certains médias." (According to our sources, there would be only two passengers (including Emiliano Sala) aboard the plane that had six seats, and not three as indicated by some media.)

Confusingly there is this tweet on his page, 
Replying to   
Mirror, il y a 46 minutes "French journalist Arnaud Wajdzik tweeted this morning: "A private plane has been reported missing since last night in Nantes and Cardiff. "The player Emiliano Sala who was scheduled to leave for Cardiff last night was apparently not on that plane."

Arnaud Wajdzik


Journaliste et directeur départemental       Payé pour interroger les faits
Nantes, France

The actress Barbara Schulz has come to the premises of Ouest-France in Nantes
Image result for Arnaud Wajdzik

He has just posted the following tweet. A tad suspicious or just a speedy response to a likely tragedy?

"Un rassemblement est prévu ce soir place Royale à #Nantes. "Retrouvons-nous nombreux, ce soir à partir de 18h30. Exprimons une pensée pour Emiliano, les autres passagers et leurs proches en déposant des tulipes jaunes au pied de la fontaine", réagit l'association A la nantaise" (A gathering is scheduled tonight Royal place at . "Let's meet a lot of people tonight from 6:30. We express a thought for Emiliano, the other passengers and their relatives by dropping yellow tulips at the foot of the fountain ", reacts the association to the Nantes)

For biographical information on Arnaud Wajdzik see:

West France. Arnaud Wajdzik, new director of the editorial offices

  • Arnaud Wajdzik, 44 years old.
    Arnaud Wajdzik, 44 years old. | West France
François CHRÉTIEN.
Arnaud Wajdzik, 44, takes charge of the editorial offices of Loire-Atlantique, after Cyrille Pitois, who has become a regional reporter.

A single engined Piper Malibu similar to the one missing
A Piper Malibu plane, similiar to the one Sala was on.

From Wikipedia here:

Cardiff City F.C. Cardiff City crest.svg

Owner: Vincent Tan

In May 2010, Malaysian Datuk Chan Tien Ghee took over as club chairman, with Vincent Tan also investing and joining the board.[41]

Vincent Tan Chee Yioun.jpg

Vincent Tan Chee Yioun

February 1952 (age 66)
Batu PahatJohor, Malaysia
OccupationFounder of Berjaya Corporation
Owner of Cardiff City Football Club
Owner of FK Sarajevo
Co-Owner and director of Los Angeles FC
Owner of K.V. Kortrijk
Home townBatu Pahat
Net worthUS$820 million (September 2018)[1]

Berjaya Corporation[edit]

Tan studied entrepreneurship and leadership skills, through that he established it into Berjaya Corporation. He is known as a pioneer in many innovative business sectors in Malaysia, known for bringing the McDonald's franchise business into Malaysia in the early 1980s, and has since introduced other international food and beverage franchises to the country.
Berjaya Corporation's core businesses include consumer marketing and direct sellingfinancial services, property investment and development, as well as hotels, resorts and recreation development. It also specialises in gaming and lottery management, food and beverage, environmental services and clean technology investment, motor trading and distribution, finally telecommunication and information technology-related services, solutions and products.
In 2010, Tan received a gaming license  for his wholly owned subsidiary Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.[6] However the license was revoked in October 2010, and as of July 2018 the government said it had no plans to reissue it.[7]
Below are the listed subsidiaries under Berjaya Corporation Berhad:
  • Berjaya Land Berhad
  • Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad
  • Berjaya Food Berhad (including Pappa Richi brand)
  • REDtone International Berhad
  • Berjaya Philippines Inc.

Chairman: Mehmet Dalman

Mehmet Dalman (born 1958, Paphos, Cyprus[1]) is a British-Turkish Cypriot investment banker.[2] He is Chairman of Premier League football club Cardiff City.[3]


From 1990 to 1995, Dalman served as the Head of European and Japanese Equities at Credit Lyonnais Securities and Head of Quantitative Marketing at The Nikko Securities Europe.[7] He served as a Managing Director at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Capital Markets Limited, and Head of Japanese Equities and Equity Derivatives for Asia Pacific. Between 1997 and 2004, Dalman was the first non-German to sit on the board of the German bank Commerzbank. He founded the WMG Group / WMG Advisors LLP in 2004. In January 2012, Dalman joined the Cardiff City F.C. board as the Bluebirds looked to return to the top flight and was subsequently made chairman in July 2013.

As we are all aware there has been a very unfortunate history of plane crashes involving Malaysian aircraft in mysterious or murky circumstances. Some commentators have suggested this is not unrelated to the approach Malaysia has taken to the activities of the Israel State, particularly as it relates to the Palestinian population.

Only five days ago the Malaysian Prime Minister banned Israeli participation in international sporting events it hosts. Israel blamed the decision on Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s "rabid anti-Semitism”See:

Now we have a plane in which a high-profile footballer was travelling on his way to Malaysian-owned, Malaysian-promoting, British football club, disappearing from the sky in mysterious circumstances. 

The coincidence, particularly in the light of previous events, is chilling and cannot be dismissed until thorough investigation proves otherwise.

Another suspicious indicator! Wikipedia reported Sala as deceased even before search for aircraft completed! The following tweet was posted at approx 0900 22.1.2019. It states "He died in a plane crash"!

Replying to 

Already announced dead on . Not cool... Searchs are going on in the channel.

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Anti-Semitic George Soros Conspiracy Theory

Anti-Semitic George Soros Conspiracy Theory

It's OFFICIAL!  The 'anti-semitism' meme is just a ploy created by jews.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Dustit El Shabaab attack, Kenya.

Familiar features:

  • Young handsome victims
  • English victim
  • American/Israeli victim
  • A SAS 'hero' and immediate medal announcement
  • Conflicting reports and evidence
  • Failure of CCTV
  • Photo opportunities
  • Subliminal messaging
  • Warnings ignored
  • Anti muslim message
  • Timing and wider American issues in relation to Syria

A security agent evacuates an injured woman from the scene

I always get nervous when the BBC bigs up a 'terrorist attack', particularly when its news programme ignores 99.9% of what could be considered 'news' and completely ignores bombing in Gaza, Syria and Yemen. 

So it was when it interrupted its continuous blanket coverage of the 'great Brexit debate' (ad nauseam) to report the 'El Shabaab' attack at a DusitD2 hotel and office complex, which includes bars, restaurants, offices and banks. It started on Tues. 15th January, 2019 and was "mopped up" the next morning.

"The assault began shortly after 3pm on Tuesday with an explosion in the parking lot and then a suicide bomb blast in the hotel’s foyer. It was claimed by al-Shabaab, the militant Islamist organisation based in neighbouring Somalia that carried out the 2013 attack on Nairobi’s Westgate mall that left at least 67 dead." (Guardian)

As always questions arise as to whether all or any of the event is fabricated for some ulterior political or other motive. Whether those blamed for the attack are actually responsible? Whether government was actually complicit in the operation? Whether photographs issued and stated features indicate staging or are otherwise suspicious?

One of the questions relates to the fact that apparently authorities were pre-warned of the possibility of an attack yet video that purports to show the gun men sauntering around the complex with semi-automatic weapons without challenge or confrontation by security forces. 

Video carried by the BBC here ( ) shows it. Rather strangely the official report states there were four attackers, yet the short clips at the beginning and end of this clip clearly show at least six or even seven attackers. Note different distinctive headgear. The time stamp on the first video clip states 15.17. The second 15.32. 

CCTV shows moment Kenyan attacker blows himself up between 15.5.49 and 15.5.53

However in this video the attackers are shown entering the complex at 15.17.42

On this basis the suicide bomber blew himself up within the compound almost twelve (12) BEFORE the attack started

Note also the video directly contradicts the report above that it happened in the foyer.  The video shows him outside next to a covered area. Nor does he seem intent on injuring or killing anyone if indeed he did blow himself up. After the explosion pours from the corner of the shed. Is this because his body was blown there or for some other reason?


Very worrying is that these images directly conflict with witness testimony that the attackers were wearing GREEN! As follows from

"Survivor ‘saw at least two bodies’

A survivor of the attack on a hotel complex in Nairobi has said he saw the bodies of at least two people at the scene. Robert Murire told AP he saw attackers wearing green and wrapped in ammunition belts. It is still not clear how many casualties have been caused by the incident. Al-Shabaab, the extremist group that has claimed responsibility for the attack, said its members remained fighting inside the building.
Gunshots can now be heard again outside the complex, sending some people running for cover behind cars and screaming."

Further it seems Kenyan authorities had had prior warning of the attack, although they claim it wasn't specific enough for a speedier response. Nevertheless if the video can be believed the response was dilatory to say the least: 

"Intelligence services in Kenya were warned that al-Shabaab was planning terrorist attacks on high-profile targets in the east African country around Christmas and the new year, western and regional security officials have said. Officials and other sources told the Guardian the warnings had been passed on several times in recent months, adding that they had been frustrated not to see a greater response from Kenyan authorities." (

Needless to say these important anomalies and contradictions are never explained by the authorities.

Further despite the attack apparently starting with an explosion, this seems to have failed to alert security forces in time to prevent mass injuries and deaths!

An unexploded grenade lies in a hallway of an upscale hotel complex.

"A woman rescued from the hair salon she manages in the dusitD2 complex on Tuesday also survived the Westgate attack, local media reported. “I was working there when the attackers stormed in, it was not easy just like today. All I can say is that I thank God,” Tracy Wanjiru told Nairobi News.
Wanjiru said she heard a loud explosion on Tuesday and went out to see what was happening. “I jumped back to the salon, told my colleagues we were under attack. They dismissed me at first but when they heard wails and screams, everyone went into hiding,” she said." (Guardian)

A Jewish/American businessman and British aid worker were said to have been killed in the attack, and both SAS and US Navy Seals were said to have assisted. 

The Guardian reports: 

"The Briton was named by his employer, the charity Gatsby Africa, as Luke Potter, its Africa programmes director. In a statement, it said he had devoted the past 10 years to helping some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world.

Luke Potter

“Luke was respected by all he worked with, bringing huge drive, determination, a relentless work ethic, and a thirst for new ideas to every project,” the statement said. “He brought a calm head and his unique sense of humour to every situation … He was our colleague and our friend.”
The charity said it shared the grief of his family, partner, daughter and friends. Nic Hailey, the British high commissioner in Nairobi, said authorities were providing support to his family and friends."

In addition we are told that an SAS soldier, apparently on scene and well prepared take an heroic role in rescuing victims. 

The Guardian reported: "A member of the British SAS took part in the mission to end the assault, photos from the scene showed. The heavily armed man with a military vest and balaclava worked with local forces and helping victims leave the complex. It was reported the lone SAS member took part in the operation alongside US Navy seals, having been in the country to train Kenyan special forces. The MoD said it did not comment on special forces."

Then we have this explanation of how a lone SAS soldier happened to be on scene at the time. Apparently he was just on a shopping trip and when he heard the bangs ran back to his car and collected his gear. Really?

Image result for kenya attack images

Note this 'gear' not only consists of a bullet proof jacket and additional flak jacket with kit, but a state of the art rifle. That's some stuff to carry around in his car on a shopping expedition!

Daily Mirror here:

"The British SAS hero who stormed alone into an under-siege hotel in Kenya to rescue hostage was out shopping when the attack was launched, military legend Chris Ryan has revealed.
The elite soldier, who is in Kenya training the country's special forces, was on an "admin run" when al-Shabaab terrorists stormed the nearby hotel complex, killing 14 people, including a British charity worker.
And he sprinted back to his car, where he had left his equipment, before heading to the hotel to take on the terror gang single-handedly.
It had been reported that the soldier, a serving member of the elite unit, had been taking part in training Kenyan troops when they got word of the attack and went to respond.
But Chris, who served in the elite regiment for 10 years, said: "He was out shopping on an admin run.

"He had his equipment in the car, so when it all kicked off he sprinted back to his car and quickly got kitted up before heading straight towards the firefight."
Such stories defy logic and lead one to suspect someone, somewhere in the information chain, is telling 'porkies'. This in turn may lead some to doubt the overall truth of the story put out by those in charge.

On Thursday the London Times carried an essentially misleading story on the front page about the SAS hero. It suggested that he was wearing ordinary informal clothes supporting the line that he "had been carrying out personal errands" prior to the attack and in no circumstance prepared for or expecting it. This is supported by, "He arrived at the scene in jeans, trainers and a balaclava, thrown over a purple jumper" to suggest he was in his normal domestic casual clothes. 

Although his these could be described as 'casual' the footwear, shirt and matching headgear appear much more likely to be SAS approved or supplied. Clearly his flak jacket, Colt Canada C6 assault rifle, Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and combat knife, beside spare ammunition, are far removed from normal "personal errand" attire.

Then there is the question of who was around to take the dramatic photographs that show him escorting civilians and how the front page Times image happens to include in the background the advert slogan "We are open. Book your appointment now"! How fortuitous the SAS should be portrayed in the media as heroic whilst welcoming new recruits to the armed services just when a Capita 'snowflake' recruitment campaign has been widely mocked and criticised?

I cannot reproduce the Times image as it is behind a pay wall but a similar shot appeared in the Telegraph that illustrates the point:

The same article from the 17th - i.e. only two days following the incident - it reports,

"SAS hero of Nairobi terror attack in line to receive George Cross". Again this suggests to me an element of story manipulation and planning. If so it would certainly undermine, with the other evidence, of spontaneous and surprised response.

The Jewish/American killed was described by Haaretz as follows:

JTA / Facebook
 Image of Jason Spindler from his Facebook page

"Jason Spindler, a Jewish American whose life was changed when he survived the 9/11 attack in New York, was killed in a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya.
The shooting attack Tuesday on a business complex, claimed by the Somali Islamist terrorist group Shabab, claimed at least 21 lives. Shabab said it was motivated in part to commit the attack by President Donald Trump’s recognition in 2017 of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Spindler, a young investment banker in 2001, helped save lives in New York on 9/11, friends told The Washington Post.
The experience led Spindler to leave investment banking, earn a law degree from New York Universitya and join the Peace Corps. He was in Kenya as a social entrepreneur, helping others start small businesses as a means of alleviating poverty.
Spindler’s Houston-based family was flying to Kenya to retrieve his body and would hold a funeral service for him on Monday on what would have been his 41st birthday."

So it appears tragically from an American and European point of view the event produces both victims and heroes from those continent. This may not be merely coincidental. Nor can it escape notice that yet again, remarkably, a 9/11 Twin Towers survivor is killed in another terrorist attack attributed to Muslim extremist terror.

Does this look staged or what?
People are evacuated from the complex by a member of security forces

This appears to be the same soldier and group creeping away. Notice soldier in background sees no reason to crouch or hide.
Image result for kenya attack images

Police sources and a mortuary official had previously reported 15 were killed in the attack - but the number of dead was later revised up to 21.
The Kenyan Red Cross has said 50 people who were in the hotel at the time of the attack remain unaccounted for.
Al-Shabaab - the Somalia-based Islamist extremist group that is allied to al Qaeda - claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.
CCTV footage broadcast on local media showed four black-clad, heavily-armed men entering the complex on Tuesday afternoon.
At least one of them blew himself up at the start of the attack.
Authorities sent special forces into the hotel to flush out the gunmen, who local reports said were on the seventh floor of the Grosvenor Hotel.
A fresh blast has been heard in the Nairobi complex 24 hours after the extremists first entered.

Check this image out!  In the midst of an emergency evacuation, a chap on the right appears to be capturing video footage??? How cool is that?
Here apparently are the local security forces in action

Here apparently the local police - casually dressed - inside the building
Police say they are making 'considerable progress' after suspected terror attack at DusitD2 hotel and office complex in Nairobi.

Now compare and contrast with an "SAS" man on scene
A security agent evacuates an injured woman from the scene

Another image of an SAS soldier with the following text: "An unidentified member of Britain's SAS discusses with Kenyan security forces before entering to clear a...." (FOX)

A Toyota parked nearby and in shot. 119 CD 7K. Any subliminal resonances there?  At 2.35 here a tall white man in pink shirt and light trousers can be seen exiting to join a colleague who stand outside and to the front left hand side of the car, filming the scene. Neither appear at all concerned about their safety or have any protective gear. Only diplomats have red number plates with CD.  The numerals indicate a country in the order it recognised Kenya diplomatically. The USA is 29 CD; Britain is 22 CD; 11 CD is Slovakia. It appears that 119 is not attached to a country and numbers jump from 118 to 121 without explanation which is rather intriguing. 

116 CD - Sahrawi
117 CD - Djibouti
118 CD - Sierra Leone
121 CD - South Sudan
123 CD - United Arab Emirates

Image result for 119 CD 7K. kenya

Can we assume these individuals are representatives of either an American or European state but wish to remain anonymous? If so, and given that the attack has only just started, they seem to be taking a very relaxed view of their safety. Alternatively they may be confident that they are in no danger. (See: )

Note official security vehicle roughly in location from which above image taken: 

Image result for 119 CD 7K. kenya