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"Once the criminal fraud of 9/11 is exposed in all its tyrannical and treacherous evil, all the acts predicated on it that have devastated so many lives and countries subsequently, suddenly becomes all too clear." – Tim Veater

The video below of a recent speech (or should we term it a political ‘sermon’?) by Louis Farrakhan (1) may interest you. It powerfully places in the public arena, what I consider to be perhaps the most important issue of the world today. It applies to America but equally to ourselves in many respects. In brief it is a view of the consequences of a Jewish or Zionist hegemony, backed by an international supportive network, on western policy and priorities and particularly as it relates to the Israeli/American relationship.

Farrakhan powerfully makes the point that it is Israeli leaders themselves that make the claim that they control American politics and foreign policy. Ariel Sharon is famously quoted as saying:
Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

(see: and

The claim would be extraordinary were it not supported by circumstantial and specific objective evidence. How else to explain more than sixty years of support, including literally billions of dollars and sophisticated technology, much of which has been devoted to aggressive warfare and oppression of minorities, including millions of deaths?

Were it not for America and it allies in the United Nations, Israel would not have escaped censure and possible intervention to force it to implement UN Resolutions. Nor without American backing could it have accrued and stored actual WMD (nuclear, chemical and biological); or used some of them in attacks on civilian populations, as it did with phosphorous weapons in Gaza or as has been argued, supplied them for use in Syria; or targeted women and children as it did in Gaza; or adopted a policy of targeted segregation, apartheid and occupation against Palestinians; or pursued a policy of assassination of opponents around the world.

Perhaps the most obvious and ignominious example of how the relationship works was provided by the invitation extended to Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the American Congress without Presidential approval, that received a standing ovation at its conclusion. The thrust of the speech was the threat from a nuclear Iran and the inanity of any agreement with it. (Here: ) Of course the hypocrisy of this claim, when only Israel has a stock of nuclear weapons in the region, goes completely unchallenged.

There can be little doubt that Israeli policy is directed towards stoking war and internal conflict in all the countries surrounding it, and using American military power – and Europe/Canada/Australia’s too if it can – to spearhead an offensive directed at Iran and its allies, which of course includes Russia. I am sure I need not recount the devastating results of this already, although potentially this could be just an hors-d’oeuvre for the poisonous course yet to come. Somehow it has managed to manoeuvre other nations in its sphere to replicate events of such patent similarity, that is hard not to conclude a coordinated and subversive programme is not at work, the purpose of which is to further the above objective. In this it has been patently successful. 

It is why public awareness of what is going on is so important and why government is presumably so keen to prevent the truth getting out. With so much at stake, there is no room for anything less than frank and full analysis not only of policy decisions, but also the hidden process of the decision-making process, particularly if it is subject to obscure or clandestine exterior lobbying or pressure.

Unfortunately the debate is rigged against it. Why? Because any attempt to discuss the effect of the Jewish lobby, is under threat of a claim of ‘anti-Semitism’, which has gained the status of a shibboleth (I use the term advisedly) never to be challenged and universally abhorred. The state that has traded on the despicable actions of the holocaust, appears content to apply similar treatment to its subjugated neighbours!

Since the events of 9/11, seared into the memories of us all, anti-Muslim invective has been orchestrated and encouraged, providing an automatic fall-back justification for any and all acts of western aggression. Of course this campaign, for campaign it surely was, has been done under the specious umbrella of assurances from political leaders, that nothing could be further from their minds, the duplicity of which is plain to see.

We have been encouraged to believe in a world-wide, co-ordinated threat from this quarter, supported by filmic acts of barbarism, even if all the evidence supports the view that these are actually conceived, perpetrated or engineered by the very forces making the case. As we have often stated, once the criminal fraud of 9/11 is exposed in all its tyrannical and treacherous evil, all the acts predicated on it that have devastated so many lives and countries subsequently, suddenly becomes all too clear. 

The fact that over a decade later, our political leaders to a man, still defend and promote a multi-faceted deception, and threaten those who seek to uncover the truth, proves the depth of it and the mortal danger we are presently in.

So we may summarise by saying, we are encouraged to hate and fear Muslims, whilst being denied any opportunity to suggest that Jews or Israel may be guilty of crimes, up to and including mass murder and terrorism, on pain of being accused of being ‘anti-Semitic’. I am not anti-Semitic. I whole-heartedly condemn the mistreatment of any individual or group based on racial features or religious practices. 

This cannot and should not be used to prevent an objective examination of the issues or the drawing of appropriate conclusion. Indeed our survival may depend on it! Just as I am against an irrational pre-conceived view of someone who considers themselves a Jew, so am I against that approach to any other group or nationality. What is pernicious is any clandestine or sophisticated effort to stoke racial or religious animosity for political purposes, up to and including ‘false flag’ events. 

I for one am convinced that this is what we have been observing both nationally and internationally for over a decade, and the finger points unmistakeably to a nexus of predominantly American and Israeli Neo-conservative/Zionist individuals and groups as the planners, initiators and implementers. The big question is, has the process gone too far to stop? How, we should ask ourselves, in the current domestic election, can this over-arching issue, which is hardly referred to, be addressed? How can we prevent ourselves being drawn ever more closely into this conspiracy of the powerful?

Perhaps we might take encouragement from the fact a similar censorship was placed over the subject of immigration prior to rise of Nigel Farage and UKIP who forced the issue, by dint of public support, onto the agenda. This at least has proved that despite the propaganda emanating from the main political parties, Britain not only lost control of immigration, it cannot get it back without leaving the EC – that is in the absence of a fundamental re-negotiation of terms which appears out of the question. He at least has done us the favour of letting us know where we stand on the subject.

Does this not epitomise the success of the propaganda exercise? That the BIG issues are left out of the debate? That the true agenda remains hidden? That the intended policies to curb free speech and action, or to pursue policies of violence and aggression against other groups and nations are only hinted at, buried and camouflaged by debates around a billion pounds here, a billion pounds there, and who will give us the most ‘sweeties’? Certainly David Cameron has made it clear in a number of speeches his intended direction of travel, yet people seem to be un-alerted to its impact, asleep to its dangers.

The recent attention given to cases of proven or alleged sexual abuse may be a
case in point, of which that relating to Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone is but the latest. With other named prominent individuals, it is reasonable to pose the rather obvious question, was their political, religious and other  affiliations a factor in the criminal allegations against them or others for whom they were responsible, not being pursued?

Conversely was the absence of action initially by the police, and subsequent prosecution, of what were predominantly Asian/Muslim men, influenced by ulterior political or other motives? We now know, and didn’t we always, that sex

 and the more illicit the better, was tacitly being used in Northern Ireland, North
 Wales and London (at least) as an agency of information gathering and control
 but for what ultimate purpose and for whom?

Similarly has the persecution and imprisonment of whistle-blowers in specific recent high-profile cases (A sample: (2)) influenced by factors more to do with protecting individuals and networks, than getting at the truth and securing justice for those that might have been abused? 

If nothing else, these cases have opened our eyes to a subterranean and parallel
 world not only of vice but also to how this has been an integral part of national
 and international politics, to be used for political purposes. As such it
 underscores and undermines the whole democratic process.

 Financial impropriety in and around Westminster has been compounded by
 something much worse that will not go away until it has been properly addressed, free of fear or favour – religious, political, social or other. END.


(1) Louis Eugene Farrakhan was born Wolcott (also mistakenly spelled

 Walcott) in The Bronx, New York, the younger of two sons of Sarah Mae

 Manning (January 16, 1900 – November 18, 1988) and Percival Clark

, immigrants from the Caribbean islands. His mother was born in Saint Kitts and 

Nevis. His father was a Jamaican native. The couple split before Louis was



Holly Grieg/Robert Green

Samantha Morton

But strangely not Melanie Shaw

Ben Fellows

Ella Draper

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Gouta Massacre 21.8.13. – Tim Veater

 Gouta Massacre 21.8.13. – Tim Veater
Gouta Massacre 21.8.13.

For anyone still interested in the circumstances surrounding the Gouta Massacre
on the 21st August, 2013, used by the West to support a military attack on
Syria, I refer you to this impressive investigative report by Denis O’Brien PhD.

He concludes from available pharmacological and post-mortem evidence, that the
chemical agent could not have been Sarin as suggested, but more likely Cyanide
or Carbon-monoxide, and likely carried out not by Assadists but by Saudi/Israeli
backed Sunni militias as an essentially “false flag” operation to provide moral
excuse for military intervention.

It should be noted that this conclusion is quite contrary to the official UN
report into the event that concluded it was a caused by a Sarin agent, delivered
by rockets fired by Assad troops. This official view is summarised in the
Wikipedia report here:

“The UN inspection team returned to the Damascus area to continue investigations
into other alleged chemical attacks in late September 2013. A final report on
Ghouta and six other alleged attacks (including three alleged to have occurred
after the Ghouta attack) was released in December 2013. The inspectors wrote
that they “collected clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were
used […] against civilians, including children, on a relatively large scale”
in Ghouta on 21 August 2013. The evidence from which they drew this conclusion
*Impacted and exploded surface-to-surface rockets, capable to carry a chemical
payload, were found to contain Sarin;
Close to the rocket impact sites, in the area where patients were affected, the
environment was found to be contaminated by Sarin;
The epidemiology of over fifty interviews given by survivors and health care
workers provided ample corroboration of the medical and scientific results;
A number of patients/survivors were clearly diagnosed as intoxicated by an
organo-phosphorous compound;
Blood and urine samples from the same patients were found positive for Sarin and
Sarin signatures.”

These conflicting opinions, replicated in the opposing global power blocks, has
yet to be definitively resolved.

A View from the “Other Side”: A Modern Take on Troy and the Trojan Horse. – Tim Veater

 A View from the “Other Side”: A Modern Take on Troy and the Trojan Horse. – Tim Veater
US ‘Trojan Horse’ at the gates of Tehran
US President Barack Obama (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (file photo)
US President Barack Obama (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (file photo)
Thu Dec 5, 2013 2:34PM GMT
By Mark Glenn
Related Interviews:
‘After many years of failure and damaged by 10 years of war, the Greeks build a giant wooden horse and weave planks of fir over its ribs…They pretend it’s a religious offering to their gods and this rumor spreads…But inside the horse, the Greeks have secretly hidden a select group of armed warriors…Then Laocoon, the priest of Troy, rushes down eagerly from the heights of the citadel to confront and warn the people of Troy, shouting–
‘O unhappy citizens, what madness is this? Do you think the enemy has sailed away? Do you think any Greek gift is free of treachery? Either there are Greeks hiding inside the horse, or the horse has been built as a machine to destroy our walls or spy on our homes…In any case, it hides within it some trick to be used against us…People of Troy, do not trust this horse. Whatever it is, I’m afraid of Greeks, even those bearing gifts…’
–from “The Aeneid” by the Latin poet Virgil
Despite all the political kissy-face and eye-batting taking place these days on the part of the Obama administration towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, beginning first with the phone call from the White House to newly elected President Dr. Hassan Rouhani, followed by talk of sanctions being lifted and then the recent deal signed between Iran and the P5+1, let the world be clear nevertheless in understanding that America, the West and all the other tentacled heads making up the Zionist Hydra are fully intent upon seeing Iran destroyed, brick by brick and bone by bone.
There has been no ‘conversion’ as far as America is concerned…She has not ‘seen the light’, recognized the error of her ways and had her ‘coming to Jesus’ moment…She is not falling on her knees before Iran, beating her breast penitently while begging forgiveness for her many, many sins…
Nor has she (or the Zionist interests firmly in control of her) been defeated, as her subordinate posturing to Iran would seem to suggest.
Quite the contrary. The entire spectacle now on display before 12 billion eyes on planet earth is nothing more than a ruse of sorts, a type of political shape-shifting no different in essence than the wolf dressing up as grandma in the children’s story in order to make dinner a much easier task.
No, despite the very diplomatic language and Oscar-winning performances presently on display from Obama & Co, the fact nevertheless is that they do not see Iran as a sovereign country to be respected and treated accordingly.
Rather, what they see in Iran is a fortified city – much like Troy in Virgil’s Aeneid – that has thus far successfully resisted all the invasive maneuvers the West has deployed against her for over 3 decades. The result of this is that Iran is no closer to becoming yet another Middle Eastern country firmly under the control of Zionist political/financial and military interests than the Moon stands the chance of becoming Mars.
Much like the Greeks in the epic poem where the protracted siege against Troy has taken a heavy toll in terms of money, men and material – but more importantly, in terms of international prestige – so too has Iran made a monkey out of the United States, Israel and the West by refusing to go the way of other nations who have cut deals with this multi-headed monster headquartered in Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv and in the process, cut their own throats.
And it is for this reason then that the American/Zionist version of the Trojan Horse has been placed at the gates of Tehran in the form of rapprochement and detente. Feigning defeat, the entire drama is as much a Hollywood production as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize of years past, a mere exercise in deception and done entirely in the interests of having Iran open the gates to her well-protected city so that – as in the Aeneid – a nighttime invasion may take place.
The world – and especially Iran – should not make the mistake of thinking there is any substantive difference between the mass murderer George W. Bush and the mass murderer Barack Obama. Just because Obama has not employed the same strategies as his predecessor (per se) does not mean he does not possess the same proclivities for shedding innocent blood, because he certainly does.
The only difference between what the powers-that-be have planned for Iran vs. what they have already done in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya is scale. Rather than the apocalyptic ‘shock and awe’ inflicted by the madman George W. Bush, where ancient cities were subjected to the hellfire of American munitions, bunker buster bombs and the like, the destruction planned for Iran will be slow, insidious and imperceptible, similar in many respects to being poisoned to death slowly.
If they – Israel and America – succeed in having the gates of Persia opened to them, then the first part of Iran’s central nervous system that the virus of US/Israeli influence will attack will of course be her financial system – up to this point out of the reach of Zionist banking interests – that will be brought in-line with the West, so that Iran’s economy – rather than being subjected to the cumbersome nature of arbitrary sanctions – can instead be manipulated via the remote control mechanisms of the IMF, World Bank and other agencies of economic espionage and sabotage.
Much like the Stuxnet virus designed to penetrate, subjugate and eventually decimate Iran’s nuclear energy program, the financial equivalent planned for Iran’s economy would be such that at any moment Iran decides to exert her sovereignty and act in her own interests, moneymen-assassins – with the mere push of a button – can quietly rain down economic chaos and catastrophe on the Persian Street.
As witnessed over the last three years with the ‘Arab Spring’, dire economic factors make for the perfect environment in bringing massive numbers of angry people into the streets demanding regime change, a situation which America, Israel et al would obviously be all-too-willing to exploit.
Next in line of course would be Iran’s intelligence and state security apparati that up to now have been very successful in rooting out and thwarting American and Israeli plots aimed at bringing destabilization and political/social unrest. Unlike her counterparts in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia et al, Iran’s intelligence and state security services have performed like any sophisticated anti-virus program that blocks, isolates and destroys incoming malware, thus preventing outsiders from infecting Iran’s political and social hard drive.
Therefore, in order to breach the firewall protecting the Islamic Republic of Iran from the various political, cultural and social venereal diseases with which Israel and the West seek to infect her and in the process transforming her into a mirrored image of other nations in the region, the methods, means and gifted personnel working within the state security services would be replaced with something obviously more pliable, penetrable and easy to manage. Likewise with Iran’s military leadership, who would have to be replaced with incompetent, corrupt and corruptible individuals who would be susceptible to blackmail, bribes and other pressures.
And last, but certainly not least in terms of its importance, would be the penetration of Iranian media and mass communication with the same corrupting influences that prevail in the West. A strategy once suggested by none other than Benjamin Netanyahu himself, the United States could ‘incite a revolution’ against the Iranian government through the use of popular television programs that feature ‘beautiful young people in varying states of undress, living, glamorous, materialistic lives and engaging in promiscuous sex’, capping off his statements with–
‘This is pretty subversive stuff…The kids of Iran would want the nice clothes they see on those shows. They would want the swimming pools and fancy lifestyles.’
So in other words, by using the same pornographic, materialistic, violent memes that have reduced the people of America and the West into pliable, malleable, obedient morons, whose thoughts begin and end at the belly button and go no higher, so too would the young people of Iran be reduced to Persian versions of the same, thus erasing Iran’s Revolution of 1979 from human history, and simply by beaming the corrosive, corrupting, highly acidic components of Zionist media into the minds of Iran’s young people, a rather cost-effective replacement to marching Western armies across the border in a conflagration that would likely turn into another world war.
It is highly unlikely that Iran and her leadership – insightful as they are and as well-versed in understanding the diabolic language of Israel and the West -would not see that traps are being laid for them.
However, there is the human element that must be considered, given the fact that Iran has suffered three decades of crippling sanctions and has lived under the constant threat of annihilation from Israel and the West. It is in difficult moments such as these when people may make decisions that seem good now but which prove to be fatal later.
Let all hope that she judges wisely and understands the lessons of the Aeneid, and particularly those involving the giant horse left as a ‘gift’ at the walls of Troy, all the while paying heed to the words of the priest, as his warning to the people of Troy could very easily be substituted for those of Tehran, to wit –
‘O unhappy citizens, what madness is this? Do you think the enemy has sailed away? Do you think any Zionist gift is free of treachery? Either the enemy hides inside the horse, or the horse has been built as a machine to destroy our walls or spy on our homes…In any case, within it is some trick to be used against us…People of Iran, do not trust this horse. Whatever it is, we should fear Israel and America, even when they come bearing gifts…’
“PROFITS OF DOOM”? – Tim Veater
 “PROFITS OF DOOM”? – Tim Veater

“PROFITS* OF DOOM”? – Tim Veater.
“Chilling new evidence that Britain and America came close to provoking the
Soviet Union into launching a nuclear attack has emerged in former classified
documents written at the height of the cold war.”

“Cabinet memos and briefing papers released under the Freedom of Information Act
reveal that a major war games exercise, Operation Able Archer, conducted in
November 1983 by the US and its Nato allies was so realistic it made the
Russians believe that a nuclear strike on its territory was a real possibility.”

“When intelligence filtered back to the Tory government on the Russians’
reaction to the exercise, the prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, ordered her
officials to lobby the Americans to make sure that such a mistake could never
happen again. Anti-nuclear proliferation campaigners have credited the move with
changing how the UK and the US thought about their relationship with the Soviet
Union and beginning a thaw in relations between east and west.”

This was not the only time war was almost precipitated by military exercises.
See: “Art of drills: 10 NATO war games that almost started armed conflicts

The lesson we can draw is that military exercises are not without their risks,
indeed usually indicate increased international tension and likelihood of real
confrontation and war, with all its horrific consequences for civilized life and
the civilian population.

Time links all events. Association does not necessarily prove causation but it
may be suggestive of it. Nor are events wholly random despite chaos being caused
by them. There can be no doubt we are experiencing a particularly dangerous
phase in human history that even the most superficial understanding might
suggest anything other than randomness, the latest being the the highly
contrived latest civil unrest and confrontation in Ukraine that appears to be
spinning out of control. The fact that the CIA operatives occupy a floor of the
new Ukraine government can hardly be coincidental can it?

Of course this is only the latest example of disruption and violence in which
particularly the Western powers have had more than an insignificant hand in.
Indeed despite assurances to the contrary, it is hard not to conclude that
multiple examples of civil unrest ostensibly intent on securing “freedom”, and
incited or supported by western powers, results in the diametric opposite,
involving huge civilian death tolls, damage to infrastructure and all the other
evils consequent on it.

We have had a decade of this mayhem initiated by America on the back of a
fraudulent 9/11 event. Eleven years after the invasion of Iraq there are more
“terrorist” related deaths than ever. Thirteen years after the Afghanistan
invasion more opium is being exported than ever. After three years of civil war
in Syria over one hundred and fifty thousand people lie dead and millions have
been up-rooted and traumatised.

Meanwhile elements in  American society, with Britain and other European nations
in its wake, rack up the tension in Middle and Far East following an essentially
Israeli agenda. The fact that it is largely unsupported by the majority of our
populations is ignored or camouflaged. Foreign policy has been manoeuvred by an
elite for its own deluded and dangerous reasons, divorced from any semblance of
popular support, using well tried clandestine and propaganda methods in which
most of the MSM has been complacent or complicit, focusing the public’s
attention away from the extreme dangers evident.  We are after all still in a
world saturated with nuclear weapons capable of destroying ALL of us!

This cannot be accidental. Those behind these things must know the public would
be revolted by the intrigue by primarily the American “Industrial/Military
Complex” that has caused this mess. Apparently by his recent comments, Mr Blair
wants more not less of the same, and he is the moderate, socialist voice of
reason! This tells us all we need to know about “Neo-Con” opinion doesn’t it?

Meanwhile the public has been distracted and lulled into a false sense of
security. It has been intentionally kept in the dark as to events and what is
behind them. By the time they realise what has happened it may be too late to do
anything about it.

There follows a selection of events in chronological order focusing on how
military exercises of the past few years have been ratcheting up the
international tension and point to what is planned  (God Forbid!) These
exercises are juxtaposed with a few significant events that may or may not be

Of course this of necessity is just a limited and arbitrary selection. No doubt
many hundreds of other events could be added. Nevertheless as politicians are
fond of saying, “Just because we can’t list them all, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t
highlight some”.

All of them follow the economic collapse of 2008, the repercussions and
reverberations of which continue. We have plenty of historic examples of how war
and finance are closely inter-connected. Depression leads to war. War leads to
economic depression, even if it is through momentary inflation.

It is to be hoped that the people of the world will wake up to what is going on
before we all are reduced to the devastation of Iraq and elsewhere.


1..May 2009 Ziad al-Homsi and Mustafa Ali Awada (Israeli spies) arrested in
Lebanon  (Currently serving long prison sentences)

2.  19 January 2010  Dubai. Israeli agents assassinate Palestinian leader
Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh (14 February 1961 – 19 January 2010)

3.  February, 2010, arrest of Ben Zygier (“Prisoner X”) in Israel.

“When he was arrested, Zygier was carrying a compact disc loaded with more
intelligence files that he might have planned to pass on to his Hezbollah
contact, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.” (Note: Shades of Chevaline)

4.  June 2010 Stuxnet computer worm used to disable Iranian nuclear cyclones

It was designed to attack industrial Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs.
PLCs allow the automation of electromechanical processes such as those used to
control machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or (most
infamously) centrifuges for separating nuclear material. Exploiting four
zero-day flaws, Stuxnet functions by targeting machines using the Microsoft
Windows operating system and networks, then seeking out Siemens Step7 software.
Stuxnet reportedly compromised Iranian PLCs, collecting information on
industrial systems and causing the fast-spinning centrifuges to tear themselves

(15th December, 2010 “commits suicide” in top security Ayalon Prison, Tel Aviv.
Not made public until 2013 via Australian TV outlet)

5.  Feb 25th 2010  A round-up of Israeli spies in Lebanon

“WITH a lot less exposure in the world’s press than it got for its recent Dubai
operation, Israel has quietly suffered a string of setbacks in Lebanon, a
front-line state with which it has often been at war. Lebanon’s security service
says that since November 2008 it has broken up no fewer than 25 Israeli spy
rings. The reported arrest this month of a colonel in Lebanese army
intelligence, identified solely by the initials GS, brings the number of those
charged to 70-plus; 40 of them are in Lebanese police custody.”

6.  18th December, 2010 Tunisian “Jasmine Revolution” begins

The Tunisian Revolution, also known as the Jasmine Revolution,was an intensive
campaign of civil resistance, including a series of street demonstrations taking
place in Tunisia. The events began on 18 December 2010 and led to the ousting of
long-time President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011.

7.  25th January, 2011. Egyptian Revolution begins

The Egyptian Revolution of 2011, locally called January 25 Revolution was a
diverse movement of demonstrations, marches, plaza occupations, riots,
non-violent civil resistance, acts of civil disobedience and labour strikes
which took place following a popular uprising that began on 25 January 2011.

8.  15th February, 2011. Libya Civil War begins.
The timeline of the Libyan civil war begins on 15 February 2011 and ends on 20
October 2011. It begins with a series of peaceful protests, similar to others of
the Arab Spring, later becoming a full-scale civil war between the forces loyal
to Muammar Gaddafi’s government and the anti-Gaddafi forces.

9.  19th March, 2011 NATO (US, UK, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Canada)
military attacks begin called “Operation Unified Protector”.

10.  17 February 2011 Bahrain Uprising

Protesters at the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, known locally as Bloody Thursday.
The Bahraini uprising is a series of demonstrations, amounting to a sustained
campaign of civil resistance, in the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain

11.  11 March 2011. Japan. The Fukushima  nuclear disaster  A catastrophic
failure at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant on  resulting in a meltdown of
three of the plant’s six nuclear reactors following undersea megathrust
earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred at 14:46JST (05:46 UTC) on
Friday 11 March 2011,

12.  7th – 30 May, 2012. Jordan: “Operation Eager Lion”

“Eager Lion” Pentagon leads unprecedented exercises on Syrian border
Operation Eager Lion 2012
Up To 12,000 Troops Take Part In Operation Eager Lion 2012 Eager Lion 2012, the
largest joint military exercise in the Middle East in a decade held in Jordan,
lasted three weeks wrapping up on May 30. It brought together more than 12,000
special forces servicemen from 19 countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq,
Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Qatar, Britain, France, Italy, Spain
and Australia. Of those, 6,500 soldiers were from the United States, and 3,500
were from Jordan.

13.  2012 Indian Ocean Exercise Malabar. Bilateral naval exercise involving the
United States and India.

Participation has been expanded in some years to include Japan, Australia
and/or Singapore. The annual Malabar series began in 1992, and includes diverse
activities, ranging from fighter combat operations from aircraft carriers,
through Maritime Interdiction Operations

Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 1 of the US Navy, comprising USS Carl Vinson,
embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 17, Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser
USS Bunker Hill and Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Halsey
participated in the 10 day exercise. Military Sealift Command’s fast combat
support ship USNS Bridgealso provided support for the exercise.
The frigate INS Satpura, destroyers INS Ranvirand INS Ranvijay, and
corvette INS Kulishrepresented the Indian Navy, along with Indian Navy
replenishment oiler INS Shakti (A57)
The exercise took place in approximately 450 nautical miles of sea and air
space, and offered the opportunity for the U.S. and Indian naval services to
conduct communications exercises, surface action group (SAG) operations,
helicopter cross-deck evolutions, and gunnery exercises. The participants split
into two SAGs, with Bunker Hill leading one and Satpura leading the other. Carl
Vinson and CVW-17 provided air support for the exercise.

14.  12/23/2012 WASHINGTON – Israel has received approval to participate in NATO
activities in 2013 that had been held up amid tensions with Turkey, Israeli
officials told The Jerusalem Post.
The officials said the approval had come as Turkey’s request that NATO station
Patriot missile batteries along its border with Syria was granted, leading them
to assess that NATO was using the deployment as leverage to induce Ankara to
thaw its relations with Israel.

15.  15/04/2013 – Scotland
The largest ever NATO exercise to take place off the coast of Scotland has begun
today as the Royal Navy, Army and RAF put their war fighting skills to the test.

“Exercises such as Joint Warrior provide us with the scale, diversity and pace
that we need to maintain our capability as the naval contingency element of the
Response Force Task Group.” Commodore Paddy McAlpine

Seven warships from the UK, Netherlands and Canada sailed in formation from the
East coast of Scotland round to the West today where they will join up with the
rest of the task group on Tuesday.
Involving more than 40 warships, 40 fixed-wing aircraft and 30 helicopters from
the UK, Netherlands, Canada, France, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Sweden
and Germany, over 12,000 personnel will be taking part in Exercise Joint
A training exercise for Response Force Task Group, which is designed to respond
at a moment’s notice to rapidly unfolding world events, this takes place twice a
year in a vast arena off the coast of Scotland.

16.  21st April, 2013. Persian Gulf. Exercise Eagle Resolve.

“WASHINGTON: The field training segment of U.S. Central Command’s three-part
Eagle Resolve exercise is slated to kick off this weekend, bringing together
participants from 12 nations – most from the Gulf region – to promote
cooperative regional defence capabilities, the lead planner reported today.
Hosted by Qatar, the 11th iteration of the annual, multilateral naval, land and
air exercise began April 21 with a command post exercise that wrapped up
yesterday, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Gerald Lowe, a member of Centcom’s Exercise and
Training Directorate, said during a telephone interview from Doha.”
Eagle Resolve has evolved significantly since it began in 1999 as a seminar
among Gulf Cooperation Council nations, Lowe said. It remains Centcom’s premier
exercise with its Gulf partner nations, he said, with participants continuing to
enhance their own capabilities while gaining better understanding of each
other’s ways of operating.

17.  9 – 21st June, 2013 – Jordan: “Eager Lion”

The Operations Chief of Staff at the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF), Major General
Awni El-Edwan, held a press conference at the Jordan Special Operations Command
Headquarters in Amman on Sunday 9 June to give details of the Eager Lion 2013
multinational military exercises taking place in his country from 9 to 21 June.

Senior US and Jordanian military officials said that the annual exercises,
involving over 8,000 troops from 19 nations, are not related to the ongoing
conflict in neighbouring Syria. The Major General stressed that Jordan is a
neutral country and planning for the Eager Lion began in 2010, prior to the
beginning of the Syrian crisis.

The objectives of the exercises are to:

• strengthen the multilateral military relations between participating countries
(Bahrain, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Italy, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, United Kingdom, United States, Turkey,
and the United Arab Emirates);

• train various military and security units and NGOs to focus on irregular
warfare and national security challenges such as counter-insurgency,
counter-terrorism, strategic communications and chemical weapons; and

• integrate the work of more than 7,000 civilian personnel from government
bodies and NGOs taking part in a wide range of offensive and defensive
operations of warfare such as air defence, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian
relief, and security challenges.

Eager Lion 2013 training is focused on a joint task force, which will fall under
Jordanian leadership, and it also includes a multilateral field training
exercise, a table training exercise and various workshops and seminars. The
majority of the participants (4,500) are US forces from the Army, Air Force,
Navy, and Marine Corps working alongside approximately 3,000 participants of the
JAF and just 500 from the other participating countries.

El-Edwan stressed that any decision to retain the undisclosed number of US
Patriot missile batteries and F-16 fighter jets that have been sent to Jordan
recently, or equipment and personnel currently in Jordan for the exercises,
would be a political decision to be taken by the Jordanian leadership and

18.  3 July 2013, Egyptian coup d’├ętat

The Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi removed the President of
Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, from power and suspended the Egyptian constitution, as a
conscious response to the demands of millions of Egyptians demanding the end of
Morsi’s administration and the initiation of early presidential elections.

19.  20th – 26th September, 2013. Russia: “West 2013”

‘West 2013’: the Belarusian and Russian armies’ anti-NATO integration exercises

Andrzej Wilk
On 20-26 September, the active (military) phase of the strategic-level exercises
held by the armed forces of Russia and Belarus, entitled ‘West 2013’, were held.
This was the largest joint exercise both armies had ever carried out; including
the ranges in the western part of Belarus, Kaliningrad and the Baltic Sea, over
22,000 soldiers took part in it. For the Russian army, ‘West 2013’ did not
constitute a particular challenge, coming as it did as part of the larger series
of exercises arranged in parallel in the Murmansk oblast and the Barents Sea.
For the Belarusian army, however, this year’s joint exercises are the biggest
undertaking in military training it has carried out for two decades.”

20.  2 – 9th Nov 2013 – Latvia: “Steadfast Jazz”

Exercise Steadfast Jazz (in Latvia and in Poland from 2 – 9 November  )
concluded successfully on 8 November after two weeks of intense multinational
joint military training in locations across Europe. About 6,000 personnel from
28 NATO member nations as well as three-partner nations (Sweden, Finland and
Ukraine) trained together in a combined multinational setting. The long, cold
days of training in Exercise Steadfast Jazz culminated with a massive live fire
demonstration at the Drawsko Pomorskie training area in Poland. SOURCE:

“(Reuters) – NATO is staging its biggest military exercise in seven years this
week in the Baltic countries and Poland but its insistence that the drills are
not aimed at sharpening defenses against a resurgent Russia have not convinced
NATO says the exercise, involving 6,000 soldiers from the alliance as well as
non-members Sweden, Finland and Ukraine, is based on a fictional scenario in
which troops from the imaginary state of Bothnia invade Estonia in a crisis
sparked by competition for energy resources and economic collapse.
But Russian officials see the exercise close to their western border as
confirming fears that NATO’s expansion since the end of the Cold War would lead
to the allies flexing their muscles in Moscow’s backyard.”

21.  27th November, 2013. Israel: “Exercise Passex”
“North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Operations
November 29, 2013
Standing NATO Maritime Group and MARCOM Commander Pay Visit to Haifa
Haifa, Israel: Two NATO ships assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO
(SNMG2), flagship ESPS ALVARO DE BAZAN and FGS SACHSEN, arrived Wednesday 27
November 2013 for a visit to the historic port city.
In conjunction with the port visit, Vice Admiral Peter Hudson, Commander of NATO
Allied Maritime Command, travelled to Haifa to visit the Group and participate
in staff talks and activities with the Chief of the Israeli Navy.
On the way into the port, NATO and Israeli naval forces participated in a
passing exercise (PASSEX) to enhance interoperability between the maritime

22.  24th – 28th November, 2013. Israel:  “Exercise Blue Flag”
“UVDA AIR FORCE BASE, Israel: The U.S. Air Force participated in the first
Israeli Blue Flag exercise at Uvda Air Force Base, Israel, Nov. 24-28.
Blue Flag is the largest multinational aerial warfare training exercise hosted
by the Israeli Air Force. The exercise included forces from the U.S., Israel,
Italy, and Greece. Its objectives were to improve operational capabilities and
combat effectiveness of the participating nations, and to foster…combat
“It was an outstanding experience for the more than 170-person U.S. Air Force
team,” said Lt Col John Orchard, 492nd Fighter Squadron commander, Royal Air
Force Lakenheath, England, and U.S. Air Force Blue Flag commander. “The Israelis
provided an excellent training environment, which offered us the opportunity to
learn from each other, and to take advantage of good airspace, surface threat
replicators, and challenging scenarios. It was a real pleasure integrating with
our Israeli, Italian and Greek partners who all offer unique tactical, strategic
and cultural perspectives.””

23.  26th – 28th November, 2013  Estonia: “Cyber Coalition 2013”

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has started its largest-ever cyber
security exercises to practice thwarting large and simultaneous attacks on
member states and their partners. The defence exercises, which started on
Tuesday and are scheduled to continue until November 28, are based at the
alliance’s cyber defence centre in Estonia, Russia Today reported.  Codenamed
Cyber Coalition 2013, the exercises involve participants from more than 30
countries across Europe, including five non-NATO nations: Austria, Finland,
Ireland, Sweden, and Switzerland. New Zealand and the European Union have
observer status. Reports say that the exercises’ scenario includes simulated
multiple, simultaneous attempts to infiltrate information networks with diverse
cyber warfare techniques.

24.  February 2, 2014. Persian Gulf. US and French navies complete combined
strike group operations.
First-Ever: U.S., French Carrier Strike Groups In Joint Persian
Gulf Operations. The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group and French Navy Task
Force 473 — which includes the French carrier FS Charles de Gaulle — began
operating together in late December.
Officials said this involved full integration of strike group operations to
conduct routine maritime security, along with various training events.

25.  February 15, 2014 Indian Ocean. Chinese Naval Exercise
Three Chinese warships on a military exercise that included combat simulations
sailed through the Sunda Strait, turned east, passed by Christmas Island before
skirting the southern edge of Java and turning north again. Never before has a
Chinese naval drill come so close to Australia

26.  February 17, 2014. US military exercises in Asia

This past weekend, as part of the annual multinational joint exercise known as
Cobra Gold, the U.S. dropped a crack airborne task force into central Thailand.
They were the first U.S. boots on Asian soil since the official change in
military and foreign policy posture. The drill was to seize and secure an
airfield at Lop Buri, 90 miles north of Bangkok, amid a humanitarian disaster.
The exercise involved 400 parachutists from 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne),
25th Infantry Division, known in military shorthand as 4-25, based at Fort
Richardson, outside of Anchorage.
With the U.S. and Thailand leading Cobra Gold, commanders and analysts say the
strategic aim of the exercise was to demonstrate to Beijing’s communist
leadership how fast and effective the U.S. can be in supporting its Asian
allies, all of whom lie in a tight arc around China — from India and Nepal
through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to South Korea and Japan.
8th March, 2014. Malasian Airlines MH 370 Boeing 777 – 200 “disappears” on
flight from Kuala Lumpa to Beijing.

27.  29 March, 2014 USA President Barack Obama & NATO Secretary-General Anders
Fogh Rasmussen discuss additional steps NATO could take in response to Russia’s
annexation of Crimea –
These included updated defence plans, enhanced exercises and appropriate

March 26 2014 Breaking News Russia holds MORE war games Russia’s military
started large-scale aviation exercises in the northwest close to Baltic
ex-Soviet republics jet fighters & bombers 40+ Sukhoi & MiG warplanes & Bombers
in Leningrad, which borders NATO-member Estonia and Finland, and Karelia

March 18 2014 Breaking News Associated Press Ukraine crisis gives NATO alliance
new purpose

March 14 2014 Breaking News REUTERS – pro-Russian force opened fire in seizing a
Ukrainian military base in Crimea and NATO announced reconnaissance flights
along its eastern frontiers as confrontation around the Black Sea peninsula
showed no sign of easing

March 11 2014 Breaking News USA navy destroyer manoeuvres with Romanian and
Bulgarian warships in the Black Sea across the water from the Crimean Peninsula
where Russian military groups have seized control from Ukrainian authorities.
Poland, USA fighter jets are also to take part in joint exercises

March 11 2014 Breaking News USA NATO United Nations Russia China Globalization
stepping Stones NWO New World Order
28.  16 April 2014. Korea.  The sinking of the MV Sewol.

Occurred on en route to Jeju from Incheon. The South Korean ferry capsized while
carrying 476 people, mostly secondary school students from Danwon High
School(Ansan City). The 6,825-ton vessel sent a distress signal from about 2.7
kilometres (1.7 mi) off Gwanmaedo Island at 08:58 Korea Standard Time.

29.  2 May 2014 Ukraine crisis: Dozens killed in Odessa fire amid clashes

At least 31 people have been killed in a fire in an official building amid
worsening violence in Odessa in south-west Ukraine, provoking further Russian

30.   What next???????

Comment: ” “PROFITS OF DOOM”? – Tim Veater” – Tim Veater

Comment: ” “PROFITS OF DOOM”? – Tim Veater” – Tim Veater

After writing this piece I did a Google search for “Profits of Doom” (OK, I know
it was remiss of me not to have done so before coming up with the header!) and
discovered it was far from being very original, there being some five million
references to it on the internet! So much for my originality. Nevertheless it
also brought an Australian article by that title by Antony Loewenstein to my
attention that is well worth passing on. A review of it can be found here:

From that review:

In each of these areas (war, inter-governmental development aid, disaster relief
and the detention of asylum-seekers) government and business are becoming almost
surreally intertwined. If the job of government is to protect the common weal
and the job of private enterprise to shake off regulation so as to make money,
the two domains cannot be a comfortable fit.”

“That the US has a higher pro rata incarceration rate than any other country is
well known. But Loewenstein’s historical comparisons are instructive. There are
more black people in jail in the US now than during the years of slavery, he
writes in his introduction, and more people altogether (six million) than were
in the Gulag archipelago (five million) at the height of Stalin’s terror in

“Between 1999 and 2010, the number of inmates in private prisons grew by a
whopping 784 per cent federally and by 40 per cent at the state level,
Loewenstein writes. Nearly half the prisons built between 2000 and 2005 are
privately run, and nearly half of all immigrants detained are sent to such
facilities. In 2001, the US’s largest private prison company, Corrections
Corporation of America, reported revenues of $US1.7 billion.”

“And yet Profits of Doom is important reading. After all, the world Loewenstein
describes is being built in our name: it is democratically elected governments,
not dictatorships, that are outsourcing their moral responsibilities. However, a
touch less polemic, and a touch more of Sandel’s careful argument, would help
Loewenstein’s cause.”

“Profits Of Doom: How Vulture Capitalism is Swallowing the World
By Antony Loewenstein” END.