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Gouta Massacre 21.8.13. – Tim Veater

 Gouta Massacre 21.8.13. – Tim Veater
Gouta Massacre 21.8.13.

For anyone still interested in the circumstances surrounding the Gouta Massacre
on the 21st August, 2013, used by the West to support a military attack on
Syria, I refer you to this impressive investigative report by Denis O’Brien PhD.

He concludes from available pharmacological and post-mortem evidence, that the
chemical agent could not have been Sarin as suggested, but more likely Cyanide
or Carbon-monoxide, and likely carried out not by Assadists but by Saudi/Israeli
backed Sunni militias as an essentially “false flag” operation to provide moral
excuse for military intervention.

It should be noted that this conclusion is quite contrary to the official UN
report into the event that concluded it was a caused by a Sarin agent, delivered
by rockets fired by Assad troops. This official view is summarised in the
Wikipedia report here:

“The UN inspection team returned to the Damascus area to continue investigations
into other alleged chemical attacks in late September 2013. A final report on
Ghouta and six other alleged attacks (including three alleged to have occurred
after the Ghouta attack) was released in December 2013. The inspectors wrote
that they “collected clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were
used […] against civilians, including children, on a relatively large scale”
in Ghouta on 21 August 2013. The evidence from which they drew this conclusion
*Impacted and exploded surface-to-surface rockets, capable to carry a chemical
payload, were found to contain Sarin;
Close to the rocket impact sites, in the area where patients were affected, the
environment was found to be contaminated by Sarin;
The epidemiology of over fifty interviews given by survivors and health care
workers provided ample corroboration of the medical and scientific results;
A number of patients/survivors were clearly diagnosed as intoxicated by an
organo-phosphorous compound;
Blood and urine samples from the same patients were found positive for Sarin and
Sarin signatures.”

These conflicting opinions, replicated in the opposing global power blocks, has
yet to be definitively resolved.

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