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"Once the criminal fraud of 9/11 is exposed in all its tyrannical and treacherous evil, all the acts predicated on it that have devastated so many lives and countries subsequently, suddenly becomes all too clear." – Tim Veater

The video below of a recent speech (or should we term it a political ‘sermon’?) by Louis Farrakhan (1) may interest you. It powerfully places in the public arena, what I consider to be perhaps the most important issue of the world today. It applies to America but equally to ourselves in many respects. In brief it is a view of the consequences of a Jewish or Zionist hegemony, backed by an international supportive network, on western policy and priorities and particularly as it relates to the Israeli/American relationship.

Farrakhan powerfully makes the point that it is Israeli leaders themselves that make the claim that they control American politics and foreign policy. Ariel Sharon is famously quoted as saying:
Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

(see: and

The claim would be extraordinary were it not supported by circumstantial and specific objective evidence. How else to explain more than sixty years of support, including literally billions of dollars and sophisticated technology, much of which has been devoted to aggressive warfare and oppression of minorities, including millions of deaths?

Were it not for America and it allies in the United Nations, Israel would not have escaped censure and possible intervention to force it to implement UN Resolutions. Nor without American backing could it have accrued and stored actual WMD (nuclear, chemical and biological); or used some of them in attacks on civilian populations, as it did with phosphorous weapons in Gaza or as has been argued, supplied them for use in Syria; or targeted women and children as it did in Gaza; or adopted a policy of targeted segregation, apartheid and occupation against Palestinians; or pursued a policy of assassination of opponents around the world.

Perhaps the most obvious and ignominious example of how the relationship works was provided by the invitation extended to Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the American Congress without Presidential approval, that received a standing ovation at its conclusion. The thrust of the speech was the threat from a nuclear Iran and the inanity of any agreement with it. (Here: ) Of course the hypocrisy of this claim, when only Israel has a stock of nuclear weapons in the region, goes completely unchallenged.

There can be little doubt that Israeli policy is directed towards stoking war and internal conflict in all the countries surrounding it, and using American military power – and Europe/Canada/Australia’s too if it can – to spearhead an offensive directed at Iran and its allies, which of course includes Russia. I am sure I need not recount the devastating results of this already, although potentially this could be just an hors-d’oeuvre for the poisonous course yet to come. Somehow it has managed to manoeuvre other nations in its sphere to replicate events of such patent similarity, that is hard not to conclude a coordinated and subversive programme is not at work, the purpose of which is to further the above objective. In this it has been patently successful. 

It is why public awareness of what is going on is so important and why government is presumably so keen to prevent the truth getting out. With so much at stake, there is no room for anything less than frank and full analysis not only of policy decisions, but also the hidden process of the decision-making process, particularly if it is subject to obscure or clandestine exterior lobbying or pressure.

Unfortunately the debate is rigged against it. Why? Because any attempt to discuss the effect of the Jewish lobby, is under threat of a claim of ‘anti-Semitism’, which has gained the status of a shibboleth (I use the term advisedly) never to be challenged and universally abhorred. The state that has traded on the despicable actions of the holocaust, appears content to apply similar treatment to its subjugated neighbours!

Since the events of 9/11, seared into the memories of us all, anti-Muslim invective has been orchestrated and encouraged, providing an automatic fall-back justification for any and all acts of western aggression. Of course this campaign, for campaign it surely was, has been done under the specious umbrella of assurances from political leaders, that nothing could be further from their minds, the duplicity of which is plain to see.

We have been encouraged to believe in a world-wide, co-ordinated threat from this quarter, supported by filmic acts of barbarism, even if all the evidence supports the view that these are actually conceived, perpetrated or engineered by the very forces making the case. As we have often stated, once the criminal fraud of 9/11 is exposed in all its tyrannical and treacherous evil, all the acts predicated on it that have devastated so many lives and countries subsequently, suddenly becomes all too clear. 

The fact that over a decade later, our political leaders to a man, still defend and promote a multi-faceted deception, and threaten those who seek to uncover the truth, proves the depth of it and the mortal danger we are presently in.

So we may summarise by saying, we are encouraged to hate and fear Muslims, whilst being denied any opportunity to suggest that Jews or Israel may be guilty of crimes, up to and including mass murder and terrorism, on pain of being accused of being ‘anti-Semitic’. I am not anti-Semitic. I whole-heartedly condemn the mistreatment of any individual or group based on racial features or religious practices. 

This cannot and should not be used to prevent an objective examination of the issues or the drawing of appropriate conclusion. Indeed our survival may depend on it! Just as I am against an irrational pre-conceived view of someone who considers themselves a Jew, so am I against that approach to any other group or nationality. What is pernicious is any clandestine or sophisticated effort to stoke racial or religious animosity for political purposes, up to and including ‘false flag’ events. 

I for one am convinced that this is what we have been observing both nationally and internationally for over a decade, and the finger points unmistakeably to a nexus of predominantly American and Israeli Neo-conservative/Zionist individuals and groups as the planners, initiators and implementers. The big question is, has the process gone too far to stop? How, we should ask ourselves, in the current domestic election, can this over-arching issue, which is hardly referred to, be addressed? How can we prevent ourselves being drawn ever more closely into this conspiracy of the powerful?

Perhaps we might take encouragement from the fact a similar censorship was placed over the subject of immigration prior to rise of Nigel Farage and UKIP who forced the issue, by dint of public support, onto the agenda. This at least has proved that despite the propaganda emanating from the main political parties, Britain not only lost control of immigration, it cannot get it back without leaving the EC – that is in the absence of a fundamental re-negotiation of terms which appears out of the question. He at least has done us the favour of letting us know where we stand on the subject.

Does this not epitomise the success of the propaganda exercise? That the BIG issues are left out of the debate? That the true agenda remains hidden? That the intended policies to curb free speech and action, or to pursue policies of violence and aggression against other groups and nations are only hinted at, buried and camouflaged by debates around a billion pounds here, a billion pounds there, and who will give us the most ‘sweeties’? Certainly David Cameron has made it clear in a number of speeches his intended direction of travel, yet people seem to be un-alerted to its impact, asleep to its dangers.

The recent attention given to cases of proven or alleged sexual abuse may be a
case in point, of which that relating to Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone is but the latest. With other named prominent individuals, it is reasonable to pose the rather obvious question, was their political, religious and other  affiliations a factor in the criminal allegations against them or others for whom they were responsible, not being pursued?

Conversely was the absence of action initially by the police, and subsequent prosecution, of what were predominantly Asian/Muslim men, influenced by ulterior political or other motives? We now know, and didn’t we always, that sex

 and the more illicit the better, was tacitly being used in Northern Ireland, North
 Wales and London (at least) as an agency of information gathering and control
 but for what ultimate purpose and for whom?

Similarly has the persecution and imprisonment of whistle-blowers in specific recent high-profile cases (A sample: (2)) influenced by factors more to do with protecting individuals and networks, than getting at the truth and securing justice for those that might have been abused? 

If nothing else, these cases have opened our eyes to a subterranean and parallel
 world not only of vice but also to how this has been an integral part of national
 and international politics, to be used for political purposes. As such it
 underscores and undermines the whole democratic process.

 Financial impropriety in and around Westminster has been compounded by
 something much worse that will not go away until it has been properly addressed, free of fear or favour – religious, political, social or other. END.


(1) Louis Eugene Farrakhan was born Wolcott (also mistakenly spelled

 Walcott) in The Bronx, New York, the younger of two sons of Sarah Mae

 Manning (January 16, 1900 – November 18, 1988) and Percival Clark

, immigrants from the Caribbean islands. His mother was born in Saint Kitts and 

Nevis. His father was a Jamaican native. The couple split before Louis was



Holly Grieg/Robert Green

Samantha Morton

But strangely not Melanie Shaw

Ben Fellows

Ella Draper



    Leaked emails reveal Hollywood execs at work for Israel

    Alastair Sloan, Middle East Monitor – Top Hollywood bosses enjoy a strong relationship with the Israeli government and various pro-Israel lobbying groups across the United States, according to a cache of Sony internal emails leaked to Wikileaks and published for the first time last week.
    The emails reveal a dinner between Sony executives and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; the presenter of American X-Factor chiding actress Natalie Portman aggressively for her views on Israel; meetings between top entertainment chiefs and the Israeli consulate-general; close ties between Sony’s Co-Chairperson and various pro-Israel lobbying groups; and film chiefs planning, in detail, a new documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, about which the emails also reflect rising concern.
    Amy Pascal, Co-Chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment from 2006 until 2015, was signed up to regular email updates on the security situation in Israel, from a right-wing pressure group called The Israel Project. The group was described by Jewish Daily Forward in 2010 as a Zionist group which, “Stokes Fear of Islam for Political Profit.” The Israel Project has been admonished by the more liberal pro-Israel lobby group J-Street for taking a pro-settler stance. The daily emails sent to Pascal by The Israel Project had subject lines like “Protect Israel from a Nuclear Iran”, “Fighting Anti-Israel Hate” and “Hamas Agrees to Ceasefire then Breaks It, Again”. Most of the emails, which were being sent as often as once a day, contained requests for financial donations.

    For more see the original article.
    Alastair Sloan is a London-based journalist focused on human rights and injustice.


    Britain’s Cameron Government Under the Helm of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI)

    Conservative Friends of Israel, abbreviated to CFI, is a British parliamentary group affiliated to the Conservative Party, which is dedicated to strengthening business, cultural and political ties between the United Kingdom and Israel. CFI is an unincorporated association.

    According to the Channel 4 documentary Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby, around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the CFI. In 1995 Conservative politician Robert Rhodes James called it “the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel”.

    In 2007 the Political Director stated it had over 2000 members and registered supporters. In 2009, at least half of the shadow cabinet were members of the group according to a Dispatches documentary. Its membership includes:

    David Cameron, Iain Duncan-Smith, Liam Fox, William Hague and Malcolm Rifkind.

    David Cameron, then newly elected leader of the Conservative Party, addressed the CFI annual business lunch on 30 January 2006, whose audience included half of the Conservative Parliamentary Party. As part of his speech, he stated “I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative friend of Israel ..”

    The Dispatches documentary claimed members of the group and their companies have donated over £10 million to the Conservative party between 2001 and 2009. Dispatches described the CFI as “beyond doubt the most well-connected and probably the best funded of all Westminster lobbying groups”.

    ‘In 2010 the Conservative Foreign Secretary, William Hague, changed the law of ‘universal jurisdiction’ under pressure from the Israeli government to allow the war crimes arrest law to be amended specifically to facilitate the free entry to Britain of Israeli politicians and military personnel.’


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