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Christchurch Attack

"As we saw in Christchurch, attacks can happen at any time and in any place." Cressida Dick and Andrew Parker. The Times. Friday March 29th 2019.

The most important question, never posed by the media: Was this yet another attack by a lone madman, or was it executed by or on behalf of, covert organs of a state or states?

Prince William to visit at request of Jacinda Ardern.
Prince William with Jacinda Ardern at the World Economic Forum, in Switzerland, in January

At about the same time as the shooter Brenton Tarrant, and as yet unidentified others, were carrying out a shooting attack on two Muslim Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing at least fifty persons, Friday's London Times was rolling off the presses. 

When it was 1.30 pm on Friday 15th March in Christchurch, it was 12.30 am in London, thirteen hours prior. As a result, the incident was not included in that edition, but had to wait until Saturday 16th.

In these circumstances, the entries for "On this day" and "The last word" seem almost prescient. 

They were respectively, 'In 44BC the Roman General Julius Caesar was assassinated by a conspiracy of senators'; and '"I dreamed in a dream I saw a city invincible to the attacks of the whole earth, I dreamed that was the new city of Friends." Walt Whitman.' 

Note the wording on the image below.

A card is placed at the memorial at the Botanical Gardens in Christchurch. Muslims account for about one percent of New Zealand's population. VINCENT THIAN/AP
A card is placed at the memorial at the Botanical Gardens in Christchurch. Muslims account for about one percent of New Zealand's population. [Vincent Thian/AP]

1. Of times and timing

We have noted many times, how events of this sort have a peculiar habit of presaging or commemorating important political or military events, or are used to further them. They are often associated with 'drills' that mimic the real event or have other suspicious recurring features.

2. Spooky strange features

  • It occurs on the 15th March, traditionally "The Ides of March."
  • It happens four days after the suspicious the Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max air crash, killing all on board, including 19 UN personnel.
  • It happens seven days before the Autumn Solstice - the occult time of sacrifice.
  • March 21st was also the Jewish festival of Purim, one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. Purim also happened to coincide with Iraqi and Libyan offensives.
  • On the 25th March a major offensive against Gaza, obviously planned well in advance, swung into operation with bombing of targets and massing tanks on the border.
  • Days before the General Election on the 31st March, Netanyahu welcomes Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro with the words "We are making history together".
  • March 29th marks the 40th anniversary of the Israel/Egypt Peace Treaty following the Camp David accords. What better way to celebrate it? (21)
  • The alleged killer had a strange global itinerary and profile for several years prior to the attack, yet he had lived in NZ for two years without ever attracting the attention of police or secret services
  • It is not clear how he supported himself other than the suggestion he had made a fortune on Bit coin
  • The attack follows a very familiar pattern well beyond the shooting itself
  • The official version cannot be made to fit the initially reported facts of two killing locations far apart
  • The alleged live-stream video that has been banned in NZ, contains many anomalies
  • The attacker has been declared a non-person, not to be mentioned by name. His face is obscured at his court appearance.
  • The event has been used to further a particular agenda of censorship and control of gun ownership, besides cultivating the idea that 'Muslims are the dangerous problem'.
  • It also reinforces the recent MI5 message of the danger from 'Right Wing Extremism.'
  • In Britain the crucial 29th March Brexit deadline approached repeating the strange juxtaposition of terrorism and political events (Jo Cox murder days before Brexit vote; three terrorist attacks before the General Election)
  • Christ Church, Hampstead, was the centre of a notorious child abuse case with unmistakable Government trolling, cover-up and close down.
  • It now appears we also have the 'parallel drill' scenario, a sure fire sign of Deep State involvement! (22)
  • Thirty survivors of the Florida, Parkland shooting travelled to Christchurch last July. The purpose of that trip,  "was a way to help the students cope with the tragedy they experienced and also as a way for them to learn how to sustain the anti-gun violence movement they had begun in the Parkland shooting’s aftermath." (How would they do that when Christchurch hadn't at that time experienced a shooting incident?) (23)
  • It was five years and seven days after the still unexplained disappearance of MH 370 (24)

3. Why Christchurch? Why New Zealand?

The media, channelling government output, draws parallels between this attack and that of Anders Breivik on the Norwegian island of Utoya in 2011 when he shot and killed 77 young socialists. Indeed Tarrant claims to share Breivik's outlook and obsession and that the two have met. It raises the question how that might be possible, if the latter has been in confinement since he gave himself up in 2011 and Tarrant didn't start travelling abroad until then?

However the association may well go far beyond this if Olle Dammegard is right in his assessment the Norway outrage was in fact a Deep State operation. (16) The way these things work is extensively revealed by twenty operatives here. (17) As Olly points out, not only are these events fraught with operational failures that are never adequately explained or punished, they follow identical paths and exhibit identical features, despite as Dick and Parker claim "they can happen in any place and at any time." Some might think that is a tad disingenuous!

Prior to the Breivik attack, Norway had the reputation of a highly civilised and peaceful nation. The parallel with New Zealand is too obvious to state. As Olle points out, if as he claims these events are staged to create fear and loathing, as means of getting populations to adopt policies that would otherwise be rejected, the more brutal and outrageous it is the better. Thus remote and peaceful communities lend themselves, as do religious communities and all ages of defenceless people, but particularly women and children.

Paradoxically the orchestrated after-effect of these events is also the same: a call to unity and love. Somewhere in the space between the entertainment and subversion industries the template has been struck, with mass demonstrations of togetherness and mourning - the flowers, the lights, the slogans and of course the political leaders with their inspirational "we shall not be moved, we shall overcome" speeches, whilst their officials roll out an ever more repressive regime.

4. Why now?

Another familiar feature is the way in which events chime with classical, occult, numerical or historical allusions. I will get distracted if I wade into justifying these assertions but ample evidence exists on this and other web sites to support it. The important point is that if true, it points to a controlling mind and explanation often far removed from that officially adopted and promulgated in the media.

Of course the London Times, in which the above quotes appeared, is headed by a prominent Australian, Rupert Murdoch, whose 88th birthday occurred on the 11th March four days before the Christchurch attack. If there is anyone in the world - outside intelligence circles - to be the first to know of terrorist events, even in advance of them, he must be one.

The numbers have a certain significance. On the same day as he celebrated his birthday, a new Boeing 737 MAX came down in Ethiopia (33) with the loss of all lives. It was made more suspicious by the fact that it replicated the Indonesian Lion Air flight 610 which crashed into the sea on the 29th October 2018. Disastrous crashes appear to have become a familiar feature of Malaysian and Indonesian aircraft recently. (MH 360 mysteriously vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014 and MH 17 over Ukraine 17th July 2014) (24) & (25) Can these countries' opposition to elements of Israel policy be excluded as factors?

Four days after Rupert Murdoch's 88th birthday (32) and the Ethiopian air crash, the Christchurch attack occurred on the 15th March, the historic 'Ides of March', notorious for its perfidy. This synchronicity may well be purely coincidental but it should not be ignored or overlooked. Perhaps more important however is how the event chimes with other political events, in Western and Middle East arenas.

Britain and the European Union are/were locked in the Brexit imbroglio. The Dutch provincial election were held on the 20th March and suspiciously only two days before on the 18th, three people were killed and seven others wounded in a mass shooting on a tram in Utrecht, that appeared to be a terrorist attack. France was being rocked by the 'Yellow Vest' street protests. Germany was facing the demise of the Merkle Chancellorship

5. Danger from 'Right Wing Extremism' - the new meme.

Undoubtedly the takeaway message from this event was that there were in the southern hemisphere, right wing extremists prepared to massacre innocent people merely because of their (Muslim) beliefs. We might ask why New Zealand was particularly chosen for this exercise, although there is no doubt that the choice of a remote and pacific country added to its impact? If there, what country could be exempt from the corrosive threat demonstrated?

An attack on Muslims by a white/Europhile of course reverses what has been a feature of recent European/American attacks in which either ISIS or Russia have been blamed. Is it merely chance that as the role of ISIS has declined, another threat has emerged in the form of the 'white right wing extremist' of which the Christchurch attack could not better demonstrate?

Both in Britain and America warnings from the security services about 'right wing extremism' have been coming thick and fast. This from the Centre for International and Strategic Studies:

"The threat from right-wing terrorism in the United States—and Europe—appears to be rising. Of particular concern are white supremacists and anti-government extremists, such as militia groups and so-called sovereign citizens interested in plotting attacks against government, racial, religious, and political targets in the United States." (1)

Unusually the Director of MI5 has made public his concerns from 2017 onwards in many public forums. As recently as October 2018 the Guardian reported: 

"MI5 is to take the lead in combating extreme rightwing terrorism amid mounting fears that white supremacists are increasing their efforts to foment violent racial conflict on Britain’s streets, The Guardian has learned. The switch from the police – which has always previously taken responsibility for monitoring far right extremism – to MI5 means that the ideology will now sit in the same portfolio as Islamist terrorism and Northern Ireland-related terrorism, which are both covered by the domestic security service. The decision also means that extreme rightwing activity will now be officially designated as posing a major threat to national security. (2)

On the 14 May 2018 MI5 Director General Andrew Parker gave a speech to the BfV Symposium in Berlin in which he said "It feels right that I’m here in Berlin to give the first public speech outside the UK by a serving Director-General of MI5. Chief protagonist among these hostile actors is the Russian Government. Daesh continues to pose the most acute threat, but Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups haven’t gone away. Terrorism is not new. But, amplified and accelerated by the reach and tempo of technological change, it is now more global, more multi-dimensional and of a different order of pace and intensity than Hans-Georg and I have seen in our long careers. (3)

On the 23rd March, 2019, the BBC had this: In the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand

"Simon" - who worked as a counter-terrorism specialist for the Home Office - said the north of England faced a growing danger from far-right extremists and neo-Nazis. "We've got former mill towns and cities across the north where this ideology, that white people are supposedly superior to everyone else, is growing and becoming more entrenched. "I've no doubt that there are far-right extremists across the north who are planning to use violence to target Muslim or Jewish communities."They'll harbour the ambition to copy what happened in Christchurch. He added: "We've already seen in Yorkshire how this extreme ideology has been used to target members of Parliament." Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in her West Yorkshire constituency in 2016 by Thomas Mair, who was described in court as a lonely Nazi sympathiser.  (4)

6.  Doubt cast over the arrest and conviction of Jo Cox's killer.

The fact that Mair was thus described does not mean he was! Indeed there is considerable doubt over the arrest, conviction and guilt of Tommy Mair as demonstrated in Richard D Hall's investigation, listed elsewhere on this blog. (See: ) In fact he points the finger at the very organisation (MI5) that ostensibly is warning of the threat. Is it possible that the people claiming they are the defenders are actually the perpetrators? Sadly based on the events of 9/11 and 7/7 and many others, that is the unavoidable conclusion we must draw. Those most trusted are most untrustworthy. 

We must remind ourselves that these and all the other European terrorist events have promoted the message that it is Russia and Islamism that is to be feared above all else, which strangely and conveniently aligns with the West's foreign policy towards those countries. Jo Cox's death evidences all the familiar indicators of a fraudulent and inexcusable attempt to influence the Brexit vote just a few days before and press the message that it was a right wing extremist that carried it out. A year later, three terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, came just before a general election. In both cases the suspected purpose seems not to have worked but that does not lessen the importance of the lesson we must take away.

Currently a man - Jack Renshaw - with a conviction for grooming under aged boys and the alleged leader of a proscribed extremist right wing group, 'National Action', has been convicted of plotting the murder of a Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

Head of investigations for counter terrorism policing in the North West, detective superintendent Will Chatterton, said: "Today's result has enabled the spotlight to be shone on the sickening activities of the banned extreme right-wing organisation National Action.
"During the trial, one of those jailed today stood before the court and openly denied the Holocaust had taken place - an unimaginably horrific event that resulted in the murder of millions of Jews at the hands of the Nazi regime.
"Today's result is a body blow to extreme right-wing organisations such as National Action.
"It sends out a clear message that counter-terrorism officers and partner agencies will rigorously identify and investigate any violently extreme individual or group who seek to bring a reign of terror to our shores."

7. Did Tarrant act alone or on behalf of a secret organisation?

We have police statements that he "was acting alone" and that it was him who was responsible for the simultaneous fatal shooting on the other side of town! But who was "HE"?

Was the killer, or killers, different to the accused individual? Was there an operational balls-up? Was the intention to get the Bangladesh cricket team - only saved by traffic jam? Did he delay the shooting accordingly (he was parked in side lane)? Did this make the second shooting impossible to pin on him? Was the intention to kill the alleged gunman also frustrated by unplanned police arrest? Is the man in the dock the man who has been accused, who could be a patsy, or someone else?

All just preposterous speculation of course but not beyond the realms of possibility. The central problem that cannot be explained is two simultaneous shooting far apart but only one claimed assailant. We can expect a variant explanation soon.

8. Do political leaders benefit from terrorist attacks if they tow the line?

In this connection the Norway/New Zealand experience is instructive. Jens Stoltenberg was Norway's Prime Minister at the time and fulfilled his role more than adequately. He was well rewarded by being given the job of 13th Secretary General of NATO only three years later in 2014. He is to stay until 2022 on a tax-free salary of £222,000 (so many elevens!) so he must have done a very good job despite all the tensions and challenges it has faced.

There are certain vague parallels with the Dunblane school shooting in which 17 (18 with the perpatrator) were shot dead allegedly by Thomas Hamilton 13th March, 1996 - that is almost exactly 23 years prior to Christchurch! (26) At the time Lord George Robertson had been Secretary of State for Scotland (from 1993 - 1997) Indeed his own son had been in a club run by the (alleged) shooter, Hamilton, and apparently removed because of his concerns! For some reason all the records surrounding the incident have been sealed for 100 years! (27) Between 1997 and 1999 Robertson was appointed Secretary of Defence. (28) Then from 1999 he became Secretary General of NATO - a period that obviously covered the momentous period of 9/11 attacks and subsequent invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq. (29) 

It would be interesting to research if there are any more unfortunate coincidental associations between the holders of the NATO top political job and notable massacres.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has performed a similar role so well that the 'New Yorker' magazine has been singing her praises. (18) Others have commented the terrorist event has thrust her onto the international stage and that she hasn't put a foot wrong. From relative obscurity and inexperience, after travelling the political world, she has been catapulted into the top spot and rescued an ailing Labour Party from extinction. Almost too good to be true.

From the New Yorker article: "Neither she nor her constituency could ever have imagined that they would face horror like what happened last week, an event that one local political commentator described to me as “New Zealand’s own 9/11” " 

We are now all aware - or should be - what a criminal fraud 9/11 was and nothing like the official description still held by governments. To liken the two is to wave a very red flag over the the official explanation of the Christchurch shooting.

Ardern has proved to be the archetypal 'new age' politician: female, under forty, in a non-marriage relationship, pregnant in office, empathetic, non-religious but tolerant of all, supportive of all equalities, blaming Face Book for 'hate speech' and all extremism, against gun ownership, signed up to Agenda 21 and 'global warming' and so on. What is there to disapprove of? The only problem is the extent to which these are merely camouflage for more sinister trends.

The ubiquitous lonely shoe! Is it a clue?
Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

9.  Israel declares war on New Zealand!

For some years New Zealand has followed a pacific, anti-nuclear, pro-Palestinian stance. Since 1984 New Zealand has been a 'Nuclear Free Zone' creating a principled gulf between it and the United States and its neighbour Australia. It was one of the signatories to the UN resolution opposing settlements on Palestinian territory. It is interesting that the other proposers haven't fared too well subsequently either. Should we remind ourselves that 19 UN delegates were also on the ill-fated Boeing 737 Max?

According to reports in Israeli media, the Israeli PM called Murray McCully, the foreign minister of New Zealand, before Friday’s resolution, which was co-sponsored by Wellington. Netanyahu told him: “This is a scandalous decision. I’m asking that you not support it and not promote it. If you continue to promote this resolution, from our point of view it will be a declaration of war. It will rupture the relations and there will be consequences. We’ll recall our ambassador [from New Zealand] to Jerusalem.” (19) & (20)

The above is indisputable proof that Netanyahu bore a grudge and made a concrete threat. This alone could prove the necessary motive for an attack that 'killed two birds with one stone'. The fact that Israel has masses of precedent of assassination activity that largely goes unopposed and un-condemned by the international community, should be sufficient to make even the most pro Israeli pause for thought.

10.  2011: A year of Earthquakes and Terrorist Attacks

In the year 2011 NATO countries were ramping up the offensive against Syria with the assistance of the suddenly created 'ISIS' for which public support was sought with a deeply questionable PR campaign.

In Syria, pro-democracy protests erupted in March 2011 in the southern city of Deraa. By July 2011, hundreds of thousands were taking to the streets across the country. 

There is every reason to believe that the uprising was fomented and encouraged by western covert action, as part of the Pentagon/IDF 'seven countries in five years' plan, as reported by General Wesley-Clarke. 

The disastrous Christchurch earthquake happened on 22 February 2011. (There's that ubiquitous 11 and 22 again!) Less than a month later on Friday 11 March 2011 (note date) the Tōhoku earthquake and Tsunami hit the Japanese coast, causing irreparable damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant and inestimable environmental consequences (11)  Some have placed it at the door of Israeli sabotage. (12)

Anders Breivik
Image result for anders breivik images

This was also the same year as the right wing extremist, Anders Breivik, shot and killed seventy-seven young socialists in Norway on the 22nd July, 2011, with whom Tarrant has specifically associated himself and said he had met. (In passing note again the strange repetition of eleven and its multiples!) (14) & (15)

11. Links to Israeli secret sabotage and terrorist operations.

For a small foreign country to keep cropping up in terrorist incidents cannot be accidental, yet its implications are seldom acknowledged by western government. This cannot be accidental either. It is not 'anti semitic' therefore, to always consider this a possibility. It is a rational response to past experience and observation.

Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the Daily Mail (5) reported it had had the effect of uncovering a team of Israeli spies. One was killed in his van by falling masonry. He had five fake passports on him. Three other members of the troupe escaped injury but immediately - within twelve hours! - departed the country. The Israeli government of course 'pooh poohed' the whole idea that they were spying.

Those with any knowledge of the events in New York on 9/11 will notice the spooky parallels with the 'dancing Mossad agents' as the Twin Towers fell! No one has ever explained their mission or if in any way it indicated some sort of prior knowledge of the disaster about to strike. 

Yet again all the Israelis arrested by the New York police were released without charge and allowed to return to Israel within days, where on television they admitted to be Mossad agents!

Now compare and contrast this with the following report of the 'team' that carried out the recent Christchurch atrocity. The remarkable similarity and connections to Israel, if true, would be damming.

Following from:

"It remains unclear if the attackers of the two mosques were the same or there were five attackers involved. One of the terrorists managed to escape the country hours after Friday noon. The fifth attacker has defected to Israel with the help of unknown aides. No official reaction has been made by Tel Aviv or local authorities on the issue yet."

12.  Israeli spies prosecuted in New Zealand in 2004 for passport theft

Pictured | Uriel Zosha Kelman, an Israeli spy, arrives in court in disguise in 2004, left/ Zev Barkan, another spy, right.
Uriel Zosha Kelman | Zev Barkan

Of course Israel has a track record of using false passports for clandestine operations. Seven years prior to the 2011 events (2004) Mossad agents were caught and convicted of identity theft for illegally obtaining New Zealand passports. (6) Another notorious incident of passport chicanery was in the uncovered murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai by Mossad agents in 2010. Of the twenty-six suspects, the Dubai police found that 12 used British, six Irish, four French, one German, and three Australian passports. (7) In the criminal fraternity, to which Israel patently belongs, this I believe is called implicating 'Previous'.

A fake French passport used by of Mossad hitman Zev Barkan.
Mossad Passports

13.  Are there links to Israel in the 2019 Mosque shootings?

So are there any suspicious links to Israel in this latest outrage? Well they are tenuous but not absent.

Without citing any hard evidence, a Mossad connection, has been alleged by the leader of Auckland's biggest mosque. His comments have been attacked by the local Jewish community as antisemitic and inflammatory. In both North America and Europe, alleged 'anti-semitism' has been used to prevent any legitimate criticism of Israeli actions at home or abroad.

Brenton Tarrant:
Image result for brenton tarrant  images

At a recent rally, businessman Ahmed Bhamji, who is the chairman of Masjid E Umar in the Auckland suburb of Mount Roskill, referring to Brenton Tarrant said, “Do you think this guy was alone? I want to ask you — where did he get the funding from? … He has been here [for] two years, in New Zealand. Tell me, what has he been doing here for two years? Where was he working? Where was he getting the money from? Bhamji added. “I stand here and I say I have a very very strong suspicion that there is some group behind him and I am not afraid to say I feel Mossad is behind this.” (13)  This has subsequently been contradicted by NZ's leading Muslim.

A handout frame from a CCTV video on March 16, 2019 shows the arrival of a man who is believed to be Australia-born Brenton Tarrant on September 13, 2016 AFP  This man it should be noted appears to be wearing army-type gear and either heavy duty back pack or bullet proof vest. And what is that yellow object protruding over his left shoulder?
Brenton Tarrant

Very suspiciously, despite at least four arrested and three detained, at, at least two locations, some distance apart, only Tarrant remained in the spotlight, and even he we are told by the New Zealand Prime Minister, should never be mentioned by name. This certainly smacks of secret service cover-up and close-down, rather confirmed by the draconian response to the circulated video. Up to ten years for viewing it, twelve years for sharing it, and a teenager already arrested on said charge! 

First we should note the Israeli's preference for utilising the so-called 'Kidon' group (8) of four or five for assassination missions. It was reported 'four or five' were involved in the Christchurch attack. No less than 194 Israeli assassination incidents causing the deaths of many hundreds of individuals are listed here and this does not even include the deaths in the New York Twin Towers! (9) & (10) 

It would be naive to believe assassination is not a tool of other states around the world, but I would challenge anyone to find one with as blatant and prolific an assassination policy as that of Israel. Yet incredibly this appears to avoid the attention of the media or opprobrium of the international community. However given this undoubted proclivity and skill it would also be negligent to consider the possibility of Israeli involvement in all terrorist attacks, whomsoever they are blamed on. In any murder enquiry, the first step is to rule out any known murderers, particularly if they are in the vicinity or the 'modus operandi' is familiar.

14.  Could Tarrant have escaped the 'Five Eyes'?

We are all aware of the 'Five Eyes' - America, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand - that has been in existence for decades. (30) & (31) But there is no doubt that there are other countries closely aligned to it and party to the information gleaned, one of which is Israel. Taken in total, this is a gigantic intelligence network that not only monitors the activities and communications of foreign powers but keeps track of persons of interest that may cause problems one way or another, all under a cloak of secrecy - at least to the composite populations.

The people it is likely to 'tabs' on will be those with military background who are known to have taken on covert spying or assassination roles. These people are specialists in a deadly game and it is naive to think the experts do not know who they are or what they are up to. Another group would be those that take a prominent and radical role, especially those that espouse hatred or violence. It is only the general public who do not know who they are, yet are fobbed off with the feeble excuse after every outrage, that intelligence services had no idea either.
Brenton Tarrant pictured in North Korea.
Image result for brenton tarrant  images

Of course if the released profile of Brenton Tarrant is reliable, he just the sort to be targeted and profiled. From 2011 to 2017 he apparently travelled widely in Europe and the Far East paid for, French Wikipedia claims by a fortune made from Bit coin! His views are strangely conflicted, on the one hand praising the "mujahideen" in East Pakistan whilst railing against the dilution of European culture, actually meeting the mass killer Breivik. His itinerary favoured places of political and social conflict such as the Balkan states. Now tell me this would not have excited the interest of one or more of the national intelligence agencies.

Note he also started his travels in the significant year of 2011 referenced above. Could that be significant? Was he in fact recruited by western organisations in that year as part of their wider Syrian objectives?

But it gets worse. In the following Face Book entry (I copy it in full) the claim is made that Tarrant whilst in London, made contact with MI5. If true, there could only be one reason for that, he was an MI5 asset, which of course makes a nonsense of the New Zealand claim that he was unknown to their security service, particularly as it is part of the 'Five Eyes' and he and his passport, had been there for two years. If as is claimed the Russians had him in their cross wires, it is preposterous that the Australian/British/ New Zealand nexus didn't. Of course the suspicion must be, as with previous terrorist events, the involvement goes beyond incompetently being unprepared to possible complicity.

The following extracts pull these strands together into something of a Gordian Knot! MI5. Freemasons. Mossad. Whilst paradoxically stoking both the right-wing and Muslim extremist memes.

The attacker in Christchurch is from British -Jewish Parents, his family got out from Palestine after 1948 war & settled in Australia.he visited Israel ( Palestine ) in 2017 and 2018 and he is a member of freemason in Canberra.

Chris Hanley It seems the Russians had shooter in NZ pegged... 
Cut n paste section from article "
A rather perfunctory new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin’s strong condemnation of the horrific New Z
ealand massacre whose death toll is at least 49, has appended to it a beyond shocking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) national security file on the mass murder shooter behind this massacre Brenton Tarrant—that most critically notes he’s an Australian citizen first “acquired/targeted” by SVR surveillance in May-2017 while he was visiting Western Europe—most specifically due to his visit to the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)—otherwise known as MI6—located at 85 Albert Embankment in Vauxhall, a south western part of central London—and after leaving, saw Tarrant traveling about 5 kilometers (a little over 3 miles) to Temple--London EC4Y 7BB where he entered Temple Church (built by the Knights Templar as their English headquarters in 1185) where he met privately with Master of the Temple Robin Griffith-Jones—the significance of which was unknown until a few hours ago when Tarrant posted his 73-page manifesto titled “The Great Replacement” "

15. Conclusion

Elements of the official story about the Christchurch shooting are undoubtedly true but we must say that it is unlikely to be the whole story. Nor can we expect to have the larger and deeper one explored or revealed.

The circumstantial evidence piles up that although the said Tarrant may have played a prominent role either as killer or patsy, it is unlikely that the official version of events is reliable. That version would have us believe this was just another 'lone wolf', a 'mad or bad right wing extremist', out to wreak vengeance on Muslims as a foreign, invasive culture.

The fact that Tarrant could enter and live in New Zealand for two years, without attracting the attention of the security services, after so many world trips and links to Angers Breivik, is in itself sufficient to raise suspicions. As with the Norway outrage, the official version is unbelievable and it is more likely that the attack was planned and facilitated by dark and secret state organisation(s) that know no barriers or ethical restraint.


mmmm we should be very wary about making people 'disappear' whatever they have done. No doubt that would make a certain element of power very happy. Justice depends on identifying the person and uncovering the crime. People have to take responsibility for their actions. How is this possible if individuals are classified as 'non persons' or assume anonymity? We also rely on facial recognition and other factors to ensure the right person is charged with a crime. That is what identity parades are about. Blurring people's faces, removing their identity is a slippery slope to secret courts and processes where they can be removed or silenced without any due process at the whim of others. This is not hypothetical, the precedents have been set with 'extraordinary rendition', incarceration without trial, extrajudicial killings, allowing officials or military to murder civilians without consequences, illegal, unjustified wars. We must also face up to the fact that individuals are capable of terrible acts. Some of these we exculpate. Others we justify and excuse. We have witnessed this in Gaza, Yemen and Syria besides many other places. The very same individuals can be shocked and outraged about one, whilst apathetic or excusing about the other. These are the paradoxes and contradictions of humanity that we should recognise. Making people into 'non-people' does nothing to make the problem go away or indeed of explaining it, which often goes far deeper and is more sinister, both psychologically and politically, than the popular theories allow. We need to awake to the fact that many events are orchestrated by state organs to promote agendas which include changing attitudes. That is why statements by the NZ PM need to be challenged. Gaoling someone for ten years just for watching a video depicting the results of someone shooting a gun, if indeed it does, may be an omen more dangerous to society than even the deaths so caused.

Any sane person can see that the proposed ban would not have made a scrap of difference to this fraudulent event. Would it have made any difference to identifying or stopping the gunMEN? Would it have stopped a putative terrorist from obtaining the weapon and ammunition. As with Dunblane the incident is clearly being used to prevent the population owning weapons and just as in Britain's case, it will not stop terrorism or murder. Needless to say, whilst people are disarmed, forces of the state will be armed to the teeth and allowed to use their weapons with impunity.

Following from:

"It remains unclear if the attackers of the two mosques were the same or there were five attackers involved. One of the terrorists managed to escape the country hours after Friday noon. The fifth attacker has defected to Israel with the help of unknown aides. No official reaction has been made by Tel Aviv or local authorities on the issue yet."


The attacker in Christchurch is from British -Jewish Parents, his family got out from Palestine after 1948 war & settled in Australia.he visited Israel ( Palestine ) in 2017 and 2018 and he is a member of freemason in Canberra.

Chris Hanley It seems the Russians had shooter in NZ pegged... 
Cut n paste section from article "
A rather perfunctory new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin’s strong condemnation of the horrific New Z
ealand massacre whose death toll is at least 49, has appended to it a beyond shocking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) national security file on the mass murder shooter behind this massacre Brenton Tarrant—that most critically notes he’s an Australian citizen first “acquired/targeted” by SVR surveillance in May-2017 while he was visiting Western Europe—most specifically due to his visit to the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)—otherwise known as MI6—located at 85 Albert Embankment in Vauxhall, a south western part of central London—and after leaving, saw Tarrant traveling about 5 kilometers (a little over 3 miles) to Temple--London EC4Y 7BB where he entered Temple Church (built by the Knights Templar as their English headquarters in 1185) where he met privately with Master of the Temple Robin Griffith-Jones—the significance of which was unknown until a few hours ago when Tarrant posted his 73-page manifesto titled “The Great Replacement” "

Then we have this account of the second shooting from the Guardian. Read it and give it marks out of ten for credibility. "A worshipper at the site of the second Christchurch mosque attack has spoken of how he chased away the gunman armed only with a credit card machine.

Abdul Aziz, who was born in Afghanistan but is an Australian citizen and lived in Sydney for 27 years, was inside the Linwood mosque with four of his children for Friday prayers when someone shouted that a gunman had opened fire.

“He had on army clothes,” Aziz told Reuters on Sunday. “I wasn’t sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy. When he swore at me, I knew that he’s not the good guy.”

When he realised the mosque was being attacked, the 48-year-old ran towards the gunman, picking up a credit card machine as a makeshift weapon. After the gunman had run back to his car to get another gun, Aziz said he threw the credit card machine, ducking between the cars to avoid gunfire.

He then picked up a gun dropped by the attacker and pulled the trigger, but it was empty. “I was screaming at the guy, ‘come over here, come over here’ – I just wanted to put his focus on me,” Aziz said.

Aziz said the gunman went inside the mosque, and he followed, eventually confronting him again.

“When he saw me with the shotgun in my hands, he dropped the gun and ran away toward his car. I chased him,” he said. “He sat in his car and with the shotgun in my hands, I threw it through his window like an arrow. He just swore at me and took off.”

Aziz has been called a hero by the mosque’s acting imam, Latef Alabi, who said he believed the death toll would have been far higher if it had not been for Aziz’s actions."

This is not to say the said man did not challenge the killer of course.

Most of the casualties were struck in the Al Noor mosque after the attacker entered and shot randomly at people with semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity magazines.
The attacker then drove off to another mosque in Linwood and killed at least nine other Muslims.

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3.40pm: Police confirmed there were multiple simultaneous attacks on mosques in Christchurch.

As of 3am AEDT Sunday 
Mucad Ibrahim, 3
Abdullahi Dirie, 4
Sayyad Milne, 14
Khaled Mustafa and his son Hamza, 16 
Naeem Rashid and his son Talha, 21
Ansi Karippakulam Alibava, 25 
Atta Elayyan, 33
Dr Haroon Mahmood, 40
Husne Ara Parvin, 42
Mohammad Imran Kahn, 47
Amjad Hamid, 57
Linda Armstrong, 65
Haji-Daoud Nabi, 71
Lilik Abdul Hamid, unknown age
Ashraf Ali, unknown age
 Still missing:  
Vora Ramiz, 28
Farhaj Ahsan, 30
Mojammel Hoq, 30
Abdelfattah Qasem, 59
Ali Elmadani, 66 
Syed Jahandad Ali, 34
Hussain Al-Umari, 36
Osama Adnan, 37
Kamel Darwish, 39

Following from:  "As we wade through the river of crocodile tears being shed by these ‘Jews of conscience’ over this heinous act of Judaic-inspired mass murder of innocent Muslims, please consider that in just a few days from right now, in every corner of the world, Jews–including those very LOUDLY and DRAMATICALLY crying a river of tears over what just took place in New Zealand–will put aside those tears and will replace them with their yearly celebration of Purim, filled with drunken revelry and the eating of pastries made to resemble the body parts of the 75,000 Persians which Jews believe their ancestors slaughtered, as well as the not-so-coincidental timing of this massacre to the one that took place 25 years ago by the insane Judaic mass murderer Baruch Goldstein who went into a mosque in the West Bank and machine-gunned to death 29 innocent Muslims on Purim.

Today, Goldstein is championed by the Jews of Israel as a hero and as a Jewish saint for what he did."

Shades of 'Dancing Mossad Agents on 9/11?" Following from:

DAILY MAIL, 20JUL11 – A Mossad spy team from Israel may have been uncovered by the Christchurch earthquake that hit New Zealand.

A newspaper has said that an Israeli, named as Ofer Mizrahi, was found with at least five passports when his body was recovered after masonry fell on his van.

Three other Israelis were in the vehicle but escaped serious injury and rapidly left the country within 12 hours, the paper claims.

The Southland Times said the group were suspected of trying to hack into the country’s police computer system.

It said the country’s Security Intelligence Service ordered checks into the police national computer system following the earthquake because of fears Israeli agents had loaded software into the system that would allow backdoor access to highly sensitive intelligence files.

One intelligence officer told the paper that the service was suspicious of activities of several groups of Israelis during and immediately after the disaster, which claimed 181 lives.

Acting police chief information officer Murray Mitchell said he was confident that the data and network systems were not compromised during February’s quake.

The newspaper said it had asked Prime Minister John Key repeatedly to confirm details of an SIS investigation into whether the Israeli secret service had infiltrated the police national computer.

Mr Key responded that he was satisfied there had been no misuse of the police computer – but he refused to say whether an investigation had been carried out by the security service because it was not in the national interest.

But he did confirm that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rang him four times on the day of the earthquake.

Seven years ago Mossad agents were caught and convicted of identity theft for illegally obtaining New Zealand passports.

While Mr Key declined to comment on the claims that the men in the van were spies, the Israeli Ambassador in New Zealand, Mr Shemi Tzur, dismissed them as ‘science fiction’ yesterday.

He said the three friends of Mr Mizrahi, 23, had left New Zealand hurriedly because they were shocked and crying and wanted to go home.

‘These were youngsters holidaying in your beautiful country,’ Mr Tzur told local media.

‘We encourage our young people to visit New Zealand.’

Mr Tzur said he was aware that Mr Mizrahi was carrying more than one passport when identification checks were being made of the earthquake victims.

‘I was handed a parcel of his effects and it did contain more than one passport.’

But he said that dual citizenship was common in Israel because of difficulties over the use of Israeli passports in some countries.

‘I’ve not been told anything about Mr Mizrahi being found with five or six passports and to suggest that he and his friends were anything other than young tourists makes me upset.’

Mr Tzur said that two urban search and rescue teams from Israel had arrived in Christchurch soon after the disaster but were refused permission to enter the earthquake red zone to help the search because they were unaccredited.

Following from: 


by Jonathan Azaziah
Do you know what they do today? Do you really? If you don’t… Shame on you. Because you should. It’s a genocide holiday, this thing. This vile and despicable, hateful and irreconcilable “commemoration”. They call it Purim. And on Purim… They… they, being the Jews… celebrate the massacre of 75,000 Persians after the wife of the Persian king Ahaseurus, Queen Esther, who had kept her Jewish roots concealed, entices her husband to allow her tribe to butcher his advisor, Haman, his kids and the aforementioned 75,000 Persians under the false pretext that Haman was plotting to wipe out Persian Jewry. They were MARRIED. Rabbinical authorities, as quoted by McGill University Professor of Jewish and Biblical Studies Dr. B. Barry Levy in an article for Jewish online studies center “The Torah”, using Halakhic and Talmudic proofs, confirm it themselves. It started with Jewish revenge. And it ended with Jewish revenge. When we say celebrate, by the way, we really do mean it in every sense of the word. The Jews go all out. Staging parties. Dressing up in the wildest costumes… Like the burning Twin Towers, for example. As if to pay homage to their masterpiece false flag on 9/11. They even eat something called Hamantaschen, a pastry shaped like Haman’s ears, “to remember the execution of Haman, since before he was executed his ears were cut off,” as one Haaretz writer put it. Thus, we can not only describe Purim as a genocidal “holiday”, but a genocidal and cannibalistic “holiday”.
Why is all of this relevant to the current date, March, 20th 2019?
Because, Iraq was invaded on this day… Purim… 16 years ago. This writer told you, bluntly, that every bit of Iraqi suffering was Jewish at the root. You ain’t listen. Libya was also invaded on this day… Purim… 8 years ago, in the midst of the fraudulent “Arab Spring”. This writer told you, bluntly, that every bit of Libyan agony was triggered by the Zionist dragon beating the drums of war. 
Iraq and Libya were torched, butchered and damn-near-dismembered for ‘Israeli’ expansionist aims. For ‘Israeli’ water needs. For ‘Israeli’ oil interests. For ‘Israeli’ strategic gains. For regional Zionist dominion. For global Jewish dominion. For Jewish religious reasons.

Following from: 
Latest Clinton Email Dump Exposes ‘Off-the-Record’ Backchannel with Israel Newly uncovered batch of Hillary's emails show plot to thwart 'Jewish leadership' in US By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 23rd March 2019 @ 12.00am

Below is the full, unedited text from the memo:For: HillaryFrom: SidRe: Good Cop, Bad Cop1. The same sources that informed me during the campaign that Sarah Palin had been invited to the Israel rally that you were scheduled to address without telling you are now saying that the attack last week by Abe Foxman of ADL on the appointment of George Mitchell as Special Envoy to the Middle East was coordinated by Jewish institutional leaders and carefully scripted. Malcolm Hoenlein, vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, is the chief organizer. Foxman was chosen as point man to shoot the first round, but he was hardly acting alone. Foxman's remark that Mitchell is neutral and therefore suspect simply lays down a marker. Mitchell is distrusted for his previous work and statements on the issue. That he is of Arab descent, which has deliberately gone unmentioned for now but may be used later, makes him politically vulnerable, whatever his qualifications, skill or stature. (Foxman: "Sen. Mitchell is fair. He's been meticulously even-handed. But the fact is, American policy in the Middle East hasn't been 'even handed' - it has been supportive of Israel when it felt Israel needed critical U.S. support. So I'm concerned. I'm not sure the situation requires that kind of approach in the Middle East.")2. The same sources tell me that every one of your conversations and communications with Bibi Netanyah u flows directly and instantly back to top Jewish leadership. You should, of course, assume that nothing involving him is private. Though Livni and Barak signed on to the Gaza adventure and thought they would receive political credit, only Bibi is gaining in the aftermath. The guiding assumption must be that he will likely become the next Israeli prime minister. (See report in today's NYT: "Gaza War Gives Bigger Lift to Israel's Right Than to Those in Power, By Isabel Kirschner, Jerusalem- With two weeks to go before the Israeli elections, the politicians who seem to have benefited the most from the military offensive against Hamas in Gaza are those who were not involved in planning or carrying out the war. That is not because Israelis have regrets or have become faint-hearted about the casualties and destruction in Gaza. To the contrary, there appears to have been a shift further to the right, reflecting a feeling among many voters that an even tougher approach may now be required. Recent polls indicate that Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing opposition party, has retained and even increased its lead. The other party that appears to have gained the most ground is the nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu, led by Avigdor Lieberman.")3. In June 1990, after Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir proposed stringent conditions for peace talks with the Palestinians intended to sabotage negotiations, Secretary of State James Baker, testifying before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, recited the White House general telephone number and said, "call us when you are serious about peace." Baker's tough stance stunned the Israelis and eventually helped pressure Shamir into the process. Baker presented himself as an honest broker and neutral party (like Mitchell), but he never recovered his full ability to operate, though his actions led to the Madrid talks that began the modern peace process. He was savaged by Jewish organizations, in the Jewish press and among the phalanx of neoconservative media. (That President George H.W. Bush's chief of staff John Sununu was of Arab descent provided a leitmotif.) To this day, despite his extraordinary effectiveness, Baker is limited in how he might ever be used in the Middle East.4. You are always in danger of being maneuvered into Baker's position. Mitchell is even more immediately in danger. Gen. Jones, widely distrusted by Jewish leadership, is wisely keeping a very low profile, but to the extent he emerges will be in danger and targeted as Baker redux ( and Scowcroft's stalking horse).5. Bibi and the Jewish leadership should be expected to use political means, including outsourcing personal attacks, to counter moves the administration seeks in any peace process or initiating any negotiations. As you know, Bibi is deeply connected to political networks in the US-media, Jewish groups, Republican leaders, and right-wing Christian right organizations. (In 1998, Bibi tried to undermine President Clinton's peace process by meeting in the US with and mobilizing nearly every influential conservative columnist, the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, Jerry Falwell, Fox News, etc.)6. In order to protect yourself and your emissaries in the diplomatic effort from the inevitably intense fire of which the Foxman incident is only a portent, you need a political heat shield. That barrier must be a person. That person should not be a diplomat (though Mitchell is already targeted and will receive incoming). That person should be organically tied to the President, invested with his authority and have an explicitly political brief. That person should be the bad cop. The bad cop must be a political appointee, Jewish, considered the true friend of Israel, and be understood as representing the president's will. The bad cop should already have sternly rebuked Foxman to send the message back not to play with fire. The bad cop


17. 20 Ex-Intelligence Agents Expose the Military Intelligence Complex 

21.  "But the future held tricky obstacles: Israel’s declaration of annexation of the Golan Heights, Sadat’s assassination, the first Lebanon war and the exacerbation of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and liberation from the Israeli occupation.
Now, on the 40th anniversary of the thrilling signing ceremony on the White House’s north lawn, it can be said with justification that the treaty was made possible by the peace ethos Israel had upheld since its founding. All Israeli governments, including Begin’s, which came into being following the 1977 electoral upheaval that ousted Labor after 29 years in power, had made peace their leading priority. They believed in peace, said so and acted accordingly."

22.  "In what can be described as an extremely strange “coincidence,” Chris Cahill, a detective inspector who is president of a local labor union for police officers, explained that officers were involved in a drill near the city center when the shooting broke out. Police in New Zealand don’t typically carry firearms, much less dress in tactical gear, so officers holding a drill with all their tactical equipment and weapons at the ready was a helpful coincidence indeed.
For those who may be unaware, the significance of the drill is important due to the fact that most terror attacks in recent history have coincided with drills very similar to the actual terrorism that unfolds."