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A dangerous profession: 

73 Journalists Killed in 2015

All countries and their agencies appear to be at it! 
The MSM's job is as much to protect the public from 
the truth, as to inform it.

Award-winning photographer David Gilkey captured the harsh realities of disaster and war around the 
world. He was killed June 5th 2016 in an attack in Helmand province in Afghanistan, along with NPR 
interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna and an Afghan soldier. He was 50.
Top Ten most dangerous countries
  1. Syria: 14
  2. France: 9
  3. Iraq: 6
  4. Brazil: 6
  5. Yemen: 5
  6. Bangladesh: 5
  7. South Sudan: 5
  1. Mexico: 4
  2. Somalia: 3
  3. Turkey: 3


List of journalists killed in Russia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The dangers to journalists in Russia have been well known since the early 1990s but concern at the number of unsolved killings soared after Anna Politkovskaya's murder in Moscow on 7 October 2006. While international monitors spoke of several dozen deaths, some sources within Russia talked of over two hundred fatalities.[1] The evidence has since been examined and documented in two reports, published in Russian and English, by international organizations. These revealed a basic confusion in terminology that explained the seemingly enormous numerical discrepancy: statistics of premature death among journalists (from work accidents, crossfire incidents, and purely criminal or domestic cases of manslaughter) were repeatedly equated with the much smaller number of targeted (contract) killings or work-related murders. The Remembrance Day of Journalists Killed in the Line of Duty in Russia is observed on 15 December every year."

Who's killing the messengers?

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Hi Tim,
While accusations and recriminations continue to reverberate in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in 
Turkey and fingers are pointing at possible/probable US/CIA involvement (there is a long history of the 
Anglo-American elite fomenting regime change), we should not lose sight of the repressive,
 duplicitous nature of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule. One cannot exclude the possibility that the coup
 was encouraged/facilitated to flush out opposition to Ergodan's regime; the subsequent detentions give 
credence to this interpretation of events. Furthermore, in multilevel geopolitical chess, this version of events 
doesn't exclude the possibility of US/Israeli involvement.

Prior to the coup attempt, a number of journalists have died in suspicious circumstances in Turkey with little 
outrage or reporting in Western media, even when they were British or American citizens.

Ex-BBC journalist Jacky Sutton found hanged in airport ‘feared ISIS would kill her’"Unless I see evidence beyond reasonable doubt that #JackySutton committed suicide, I am convinced that 
she has been killed. RIP"
“I’m not into conspiracies, but if the Turks say a security camera at Istanbul-Ataturk was malfunctioning then 
Jacky Sutton was murdered,”

 by Tom Porter
A colleague of former BBC journalist Jacky Sutton, who was found hanged in a toilet cubicle in Istanbul 
airport, said claims she committed suicide "go against everything we understood about Jacky".
The 50-year-old acting Iraq director for the London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting was found 
dead in Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. The Foreign Office confirmed the death of a British national in Istanbul on 
18 October and said it was "providing consular assistance to the family at this time".

A year before Jackie Sutton's mysterious death, Serena Shim died in Syria and Turkish intelligence services 
were implicated.

 of Bedlam
Exactly a year ago – on October 19th, 2014 – the journalist Serena Shim was killed after reporting from 
Kobani in Syria as a war correspondent. Her death was almost certainly the work of the Turkish intelligence 
community.Meanwhile the killing of journalists and activists, either as tragic consequences of reporting from 
danger zones or by deliberate, targeted assassination, is an ongoing crime all over the world. 
The highly suspicious death of Jacky Sutton in a Turkish airport, just announced this evening, demonstrates 
that Serena Shim wasn’t the first and won’t be the last journalist to lose their life in the field, and that she is
 part of a long line of journalists who’ve been killed for various reasons over the years, including the likes of
 Max Hastings, Hunter S. Thompson, Garry Webb, Daniel Pearl, Maya Nasser and many others. According
to the International Press Institute, 64 journalists have been killed so far in 2015.

Turkey is by no means the only country which eliminates those who may expose the crimes of the ruling 
classes; the body count across the US and UK probably runs into hundreds or even thousands. Some of 
the more prominent in the UK are Diana Spencer, Robin Cook, David Kelly and Jill Dando. In the US, the 
Clintons' likely victims run into dozens, the latest being Seth Rich.

DNC Data Director Seth Rich was likely assassinated by the Clintons
The Clintons have known the Kleebs since at least 2008. Scott Kleeb started a business the Clinton Global
 Initiative was found fraudulently supporting. Seth Rich was deeply entrenched with the Kleebs from their 
Nebraska Democratic work. Seth Rich was hired onto a position in the DNC out of a job from a data 
consulting firm which had previously worked with President Clinton, which was opened up because the 
Clintons pushed for the Voter Expansion project so that 2008 didn't happen to Hillary in 2016. Seth Rich 
has at least 2 connections to the Clintons. Jane Kleeb is a voracious environmentalist/Sanders supporter 
who might've prompted Seth Rich to leak the emails, especially after their business was one month earlier 
revealed for fraudulency. The best way to cover their tracks would be to make this seem like another 
right-wing conspiracy. His murder was deemed a robbery, but nothing was missing from his person.

There are few brave enough to go on record to expose the Clintons' criminality - statistically, the odds of 
survival are poor. The best help we can give is to make sure these stories aren't swept under the carpet 
along with all the other criminality of the ruling classes.

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