Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hillary's Fall-down or Downfall?


Did you see the line-up for the 9/11 memorial at the new WTC? No wonder Hilary Clinton had a funny turn! Several leading politicians either implicated in the events themselves or in their cover-up. Hilary Clinton was there too but she had to leave early because she was 'feeling unwell', owing to the heat. (Incidentally it wasn't a particularly hot day) 

Clearly there have been similar attempts at camouflaging her medical condition over previous months and perhaps years. They have raised serious reservations about her physical and mental capability to run for President and potentially fill the office.

Perhaps the reference to 'heat' was metaphorical, for Senator Clinton must be aware more than most, of the horrible deception that was 9/11 and the political elite's part in it. As a member of that inner circle she must be both informed and complicit in the cover-up - not a happy psychological place to be. 

Such knowledge is bound to lead to inner conflict and emotional stress that has the potential to cause mental and physical illness or make other medical conditions worse. At the very least there is evidence from her published emails of difficulty with sleeping, which in all the circumstances of her life is perhaps not surprising.

Apparently she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days before collapsing at the fifteen year memorial of 9/11 WTC buildings collapse, but chose to keep it secret. Worse, when video of her crisis went viral, she (or her campaign manager) chose to lie. That she was part of the deception is proved by her appearance, remarkably recovered, a matter of hours later, when she feigned nothing wrong. (1) “I’m feeling great, it’s a beautiful day in New York," she said emerging from her daughter's flat.


The mainstream media it should be noted has been very helpful in this regard. Even today in an assessment piece in the London Guardian newspaper, her collapse was put down to "losing her footing"!  No one would wish to exaggerate anyone's unfortunate circumstance but this is surely intentionally misrepresenting what can be observed as at least a 'fainting fit'. (3 & 4)

When associated with a now confirmed pneumonia diagnosis, it of course takes on further implications. Given the above misinformation, there is also a question as to how reliable the diagnosis is. Could her health in fact be much more serious and debilitating?

Doubts have been circulating since at least the beginning of September this year with earlier incidents such as fainting on the platform in 2012. In this latter event, it is claimed it led to a brain hemorrhage and possibly permanent neurological damage. (5 & 6)

She has had coughing fits sometimes even producing the exudate associated with congestion of the lung. Also peculiar facial ticks and seizures and mental freezes. (All of these are demonstrated in the video at (7)) There is also firm evidence of close medical assistance and research on her revealed e-mails of a drug called "Provigil", specifically intended to treat early onset of Alzheimer's Disease or memory loss. 


It is also been suggested that she is a confirmed alcoholic. "American Thinker" had this in December, 2014 "A  “boozed-up” Hillary Clinton suffered a secret collapse during a recent vacation – and now worried advisers want her to do a secret stint in rehab before her White House run! A high-level insider told The ENQUIRER: “Hillary’s social drinking has gone out of 

It presciently also added, "she may make serious mistakes on the campaign trail under the influence of, or hung over from, booze.  Fair enough.  Hillary will be 69 in 2016, and the rigors of a campaign at that age are a challenge in themselves, even without the handicap of substance issues." (8)

So whether Hilary's curious episodes are down to 'losing her footing', 'over-heating', 'lack of hydration', 'lack of sleep', stress, prescribed medication, 'alcoholism', the after effects of a blood clot on the brain, 'pneumonia', or even a more serious underlying medical condition, the question is not now whether it will damage her chances of entering the White House as President, but by how much. Can she continue the race and even if she does, is she physically and mentally capable enough to do the job? 

Presumably the American people will decide but what a choice!


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  1. Amazingly, some media sources reported (inaccurately) that Hillary Clinton had DIED! How could they get something so fundamental so wrong? See: https://www.facebook.com/80256732576/videos/10154570833312577/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED

  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1414069075274292&id=507253029289239
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