Friday, 20 February 2015

Chevaline: Just another numerical co-incidence? – Tim Veater

The Chevaline Massacre that took place on the 5th September, 2012, is full of numerical, lexical, geographical and historical coincidences. These are just a small sample. 
It was fifty years, plus ninety-seven days, since Adolph Eichmann was hanged on the 31st May, 1962.
Even more amazing, it was forty years to the DAY since the "Munich Massacre". That initiated "Operation Wrath of God", in which many PLO members were targeted and killed by Israeli "Kidon" squads by a variety of methods, including multiple head shots. (See below) 

Forty is sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  Its significance is thought to derive from the fact that the planet Venus forms a pentagram in the night sky every eight years with it returning to its original point every 40 years with a 40 day regression. It is the sum of the sequence 1,3,9 and 27! It also happens to be the atomic number of zirconium, an additive to steel critical in nuclear technology in which the French victim's employer specialized.
Ninety-seven is the twenty-fifth prime number. "10-97" also happens to be police code meaning "we have arrived on scene". The initial 15.48 call has never been satisfactorily explained as to how or who actually made it, nor how it was disseminated. The French authorities have never made the documentation or recording of it public.

Is it possible that Chevaline was an extension of Operation Wrath of God and that one of the victims at Chevaline was a marked target? Perhaps even number 25 on a list of prime targets? Or that one of the victims had tenuous or other links with Bader Meinhoff or even the Vichy Regime collaboration with the Third Reich particularly as it relates to the extermination of French Jewry.
The fact that the murders took place in the remote "Combe d'Ire", "Ire" having the definition of "intense anger; wrath" in relation to the Israeli State's assassination programme labelled "Operation Wrath of God", can be nothing other than yet another incredible coincidence. 
A total news black out surrounded Said al Hilli's wife's mother, and the French cyclist, both of whom were specifically and unmistakeably targeted.  A question remains Why?  The Al Hilli's were obviously nervous - there are multiple indicators of that - and they travelled in some secrecy. Locks were changed at home, the local school where the daughters were due to return for the new term were not notified, in France they changed camp site after only a couple of days, Said kept leaving the site, he was heard arguing with a stranger the day before he was murdered, he inexplicably drove to and parked at the remote spot where they were all killed.

"British intelligence writer Gordon Thomas wrote that hours before each militant was killed, his family would receive flowers and a condolences card bearing the words "A reminder we do not forget or forgive". WIKI
It would be interesting to know if the Al Hilli's received anything similar before they dashed off to the Alps?

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