Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Incestuous and Murderous Relationship Between the United States and Israel Has to Change. – Tim Veater

The Incestuous and Murderous Relationship Between the United States and Israel Has to Change. – Tim Veater

The only reason Israel can get away with its discriminating and murderous activity, is because America supports it. They are both, it would seem, “tarred with the same (black) brush”.
The world can see this better than their deeply indoctrinated residents and they are becoming more marginalised and despised because of it.
The United States, once the watchword for freedom from oppression and an asylum from persecution, has become the instrument of it. The damage to its reputation and influence may be profound and abiding.
Rather than ensuring stability, peace and justice in the world, it has come to enshrines an approach of “might is right” even when it isn’t and a devious, subversive promotion of extremism, as an excuse for further military action – ISIS and Ukrainian nationalists being only two recent examples.
The following report from “If AmericansKnew” is a case in point, vetoing yet again any attempt by the international community to reign in Israel in its current indefensible and brutal activity, in so doing incriminating itself and proving its calls for a cessation of violence is as reliable as the smile of the fox or perhaps more appropriately the hug of the bear.
To say the American government is “in bed with the Israel” is an understatement. It is a wholly disreputable and unpardonable incestuous relationship, that will result only in deformed and cretinous progeny, and we shall all be the more insecure and debauched by virtue of it! END.
FROM “If Americans Knew”
1 hr AGO
“On Monday, Israel struck a hospital in Gaza, killing five people, two of whom were patients in their beds, and killed 25 members of the Abu Jame’ family, including 18 children and five women, three of whom were pregnant.
“On Thursday, 16 people were killed when the Israeli military shelled a UN school that was sheltering displaced people.
“In the last two-and-half weeks, Israel has struck 3,209 targets in Gaza. Over 800 Palestinians have been killed, 25% of them children, and most of whom were civilians.
“Over 5,000 Palestinians have been injured and 150,000 displaced. 34 Israelis have been killed, nearly all of them combatants.
“On Wednesday, the United States was the only country to vote against a UN Human Rights Council resolution that would set up a commission of inquiry into the situation in Gaza.

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