Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Britain in 2014. Can you believe it? Well you better had! – Tim Veater

Britain in 2014. Can you believe it? Well you better had!

At the same time Theresa May is arguing for reductions in the budget for the three conventional emergency services, in the belief it will lead to greater integration and efficiency, we are faced with exorbitant waste on the precautions for the NATO summit.

It appears cost is no impediment to the extraordinary lengths to which the State is prepared to go to protect the few against the many – oops sorry , the terrorist few.

We may reasonably pose the question, what is the supposed threat that demands an almost state of emergency without specifically declaring such? Where is it thought to come from, demanding not only total segregation and a para-military police presence of one thousand, plus warships and military aircraft? Do they believe the terrorists are already embedded in the country and so powerful, that the more conventional and discrete protective measures to be insufficient? Or is it an admission that MI5 Intelligence is not up to it and no one has a clue where the threat might come from? Not even the Queen’s visit to Northern Ireland, a hot bed of IRA terrorism required such a response. Perhaps things have deteriorated since, certainly the government wants us to think so with the raising to “severe” the risk level?

I can come up with only one explanation for this explicitly non-British display of force and “lock-down” so called: it is a Boston-type experiment to see how easy the whole process is, and how little the public object to it.

Do the organisers think the public might even like it? Will they perceive not as an ominous indication of an authoritarian state preparing for civil unrest but rather the reassuring impression of security and safety? “See what resources the state can call on. Just look at all the automatic weapons and hardware. All this just to protect us from the terrorist threat.”

Back in the Ministry of Defence and Home Office: “Let’s put on a proper display. The Red Arrows and other aircraft always draw an admiring crowd as do the latest warship tours. We can make what otherwise be a terrifying image of trained police marksmen loaded up to the gunwales with offensive weapons, including pistols AND sub-machine guns, walking our civilian streets, into an ENTERTAINMENT that everyone can admire and enjoy.”

Do not be deceived people. This is a trial run in psychological conditioning, of tactical planning, of testing how far government can go without raising the slightest objection by the population. The sorting of logistical problems. It may even be, as some have suggested the operational cover, for a false flag event of international proportions, though I think it unlikely. (However we should not forget that terrorist incidents and simultaneous “exercises”- sometimes as in the case of 9/11 multiple ones – have an uncanny habit of happening.)

As such it should be viewed with the greatest suspicion and peaceful opposition. Do we really want this style of policing in our country, which undermines everything we though we stood for and have within the recent past, fought to protect?

Government, it seems to me, is getting seriously out of hand and Cardiff and Newport are the living proof. It is projecting a philosophy and world view based on threats (MH17 and executions) that are proven fabrications, yet no-one appears to challenge them.

When even the London Times claims the Foley killing was a hoax but at Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron claims it was for real, and a second similarly dubious one has taken place and no-one raises even a hint of dissent, whilst meanwhile a regional capital of the UK is turned into a para-military occupation, something is seriously wrong with our appreciation of the true dangers facing us.

Surely all this extravagant nonsense could not be just to divert attention from the up-coming second anniversary of the Chevaline killings? No even that is too far-fetched to believe for a moment although very fortuitously that will be the unintended result.

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