Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Is America Waking Up? If so it’s not before time. – Tim Veater

Is America Waking Up? If so it’s not before time. – Tim Veater

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
““Wake up my son! I bought toys for you, please wake up!”
“These were the heart-wrenching pleas of Salman Abu Namous, who was begging his four-year-old son Sahir to come back to life. Sahir was killed on Friday by shrapnel from a missile launched by Israel. His cousin described his killing: “He was playing and smiling next to his mother when missile shrapnel divided his head.”
“Another young Palestinian named Najla al-Haj was communicating with her university friends on Facebook from her home in Khan Younis. Within hours, Najla and seven family members were killed when an Israeli airstrike destroyed their home. The al-Haj family will never share another meal together, attend another wedding, or say another goodnight.
“While we don’t know how many more of the 1.7 million residents of Gaza will suffer cruel fates like these, there is one thing we can be sure of – U.S. taxpayers helped pay for the weapons that killed Sahir and Najla, and for the missiles, planes, and other war materiel that Israel has used to kill more than 170 Palestinians, the vast majority of whom are civilians, including 34 children, in the last seven days.
“But instead of condemning the war crimes that Israel is committing in Gaza and holding it accountable for violating U.S. law by killing civilians with U.S. weapons, last Friday the House passed a resolution, H.Res.657. The resolution passed by unanimous consent and with no debate; it described Israel’s massacre of Palestinians as “self-defense.”

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