Thursday, 19 February 2015

Looking into the Abyss. – Tim Veater

 Looking into the Abyss. – Tim Veater
After the macabre discovery of hundreds of child bodies at the Catholic St.
Mary’s Mothers and Babies Home near Taum in the Republic of Ireland and earlier
revelations of widespread child abuse in Canada and elsewhere, this is beginning
to look suspiciously like systematic, institutionalised, policy by the Catholic
Church, at least.
Do we live in a parallel universe in which genocide in certain quarters is
remembered and rightly condemned, whilst mass murder in another context is
ignored and refused proper investigation by government?
If true, the only conclusion could be that what we take as our enlightened,
civilised system, is in fact deeply corrupt and malign, more interested in
preserving the reputation of powerful individuals and institutions than
revealing the truth and righting an injustice, with its inevitable uncomfortable
If the indications are reliable, having failed to protect the vulnerable, the
least we can do now is to document an evil system that allowed it to happen. The
world has been alerted and is watching governments like a hawk. Only a fully
resourced forensic criminal investigation will suffice. If it results in an axe
to the root of the tree, so be it! END.

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