Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Commons Iraq Debate: Open Letter to Andrew George, MP. [-] Tim Veater

Commons Iraq Debate: Open Letter to Andrew George, MP.
Andrew George, MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London.
Dear Andrew,
Proposed HoC’s Debate/Vote on Military Action Iraq/Syria (Open Letter)
I write to express my objection to British forces again being employed in
offensive military action in Iraq. I hope that you agree and will vote against
the current proposal.
The US/UK involvement in the area is steeped in mire. The latest proposal is
contrived, hypocritical and disingenuous.
Contrived because it is part of a published long-term American plan to
destabilize and fragment the nations in the area; to reduce military threats to
Israel; oust President Assad; get closer to isolating Iran; whilst securing
existing oil sources and supply routes. (Paradoxically the co-operation of both
Syria and Iran is being sought for the present action!)
Hypocritical because both Obama and Cameron have used human rights and violence
as the pretext for intervention, when thy said and did nothing to stop the
Israeli Zionist state mercilessly bombarding and murdering of over two thousand
innocent civilians in Gaza.
Disingenuous because both in Syria and Iraq events have been manipulated by the
west to influence public opinion, ably assisted by a biased mainstream media, to
provide the excuse for intervention, denied a year ago. Note then it was
intended against Assad. Now apparently it is against his enemies that have been
trained, equipped and funded by the very countries that are now bombing them!
You really couldn’t make this stuff up!
I notice Cameron has promised for tactical reasons, action will not be taken in
Syria, however the US is already there, which is a flagrant breach of
international law and the most serious war crime by definition. To support the
US in these circumstances, even if we stay out of Syria, makes us complicit in
the crime.
In addition, having heard Dominick Grieve on the “Daily Politics” show, the
ex-Attorney General is already providing a legal justification for attacks in
Syria reminiscent of that provided to Blair a decade ago. This is on the basis
of Iraq requesting our assistance (as it has) and then using the principles of
right of defence and pursuing an aggressor into a foreign territory, to allow us
to do so, with or without the Iraqi troops themselves.
Of course we can all see how this position has been engineered, first by
ousting Maliki then replacing him with a western puppet Prime Minister, Haider
al-Abadi, who surprise, surprise, asks for our help. Inexplicably both the US
and Iran worked in concert to evict Shia Maliki so what strange deal was done
behind the scenes is anybody’s guess.
The point is that yet again the British public is being bamboozled into a course
they do not support and people both foreign and our own, will die as a result. I
hope Parliament will resist this proposal but by all accounts it appears
unlikely. Why is Parliament so intent on war and so easily fooled by an
essentially CIA/Mossad regional master plan that negates every human and British
Yours sincerely,
Tim Veater.

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