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Westminster Attack!

Westminster attack map

Great and genuine sympathy to all those who may have been killed or injured in this attack.

Far from finished piece but will put it up anyway whilst it is still topical. You will have to fill in the gaps and do the editing yourselves!

Since Nice, suspicious consistency of method quite different to that expected of a true terrorist organisation. Here's just one recent American example. This is gesture terrorism.


Ohio State attacker was Somali, US official says

Posted: Nov 28, 2016 3:18 PM GST

"Authorities say a man purposely ploughed his car over a curb and into pedestrians on Monday morning before jumping out of the car and attacking people with a butcher knife. A police officer who was nearby because of an earlier gas leak was on the scene in a minute and shot and killed the attacker.
The FBI and other agencies joined the investigation.
Authorities say nine people were hurt, one of them critically."


A question arises how the following still from a video was possible  and by whom given the fact that the incident began only seconds before with no advance warning? Fore knowledge is a very good indicator of responsibility.


"Abu Izzadeen named as suspect in London terrorist attack." Source:

London Attacker Was Reportedly Identified As Abu Izzadeen, But There's A Problem: He's Still In Jail.

Note knife in bottom left hand corner. Hard to see but no obvious evidence of blood stain.

Man on a stretcher at Westminster

The following appears to be a still from CCTV showing two groups of emergency workers tending the two injured parties - the assailant in the background (note policeman pointing automatic rifle) and what we must assume is the injured policeman in the foreground, there being no others. The quality of this image is not great but that is not the problem. It seems to me that there is an unexplained inconsistency with other images of the scene. How could the image have been reversed? See images below.

So now we have much better images from the same direction but note how the one above is laterally reversed. How and why has this occurred? There is an unexplained issue of how the individual got past the security on the gate (especially when the country was on a high state of alert) and how the assailant was nearer the entrance gate than his victim? Do we assume from this that he was actually heading back out when he was shot?

In this next image it is clear that the assailant who later died, has been removed whilst the Policeman, now deceased remains in situ. His (?) helmet remains on the kerb to the right. What is rather strange is that the whole crime scene appears to have been totally deserted by police and other emergency services.

A wider view, now flooded with heavily armed policemen (after the horse has bolted some might say) but before the one above. Note, main gates have now been closed!

Clearly the next image was taken before ambulances arrive. Where and why the use of blue surgical gloves by non-medics?


Ambulance crews and police outside the Palace of Westminster

Undoubtedly, as evidenced by this still, there will be CCT coverage of the moment the vehicle crashed into the railings (if it did) In fact given the location and its high security status there are sure multiple versions available to the police. To date none as far as I am aware have been made public. We shall see if they are. Given the circumstances, I can think of no reason why they should not be. Despite the damage to the front of the vehicle, there is no obvious damage to masonry or iron work that might be expected. It should be noted that either the vehicle has come to rest about a metre off the wall or has been pushed back. Other images indicate a person being treated in the space between the two, though apparently surviving the crush as the two fatalities were on Westminster Bridge only. The CCTV referred to above relating to actual moment of the crash, would clarify precisely what happened and in particular what the driver did immediately after he left the SUV and confirm that the man shot in Palace Yard, was in fact the same man that drove the vehicle. At the moment it is an unproven assumption - that may be accurate - that they are one and the same. Note helmeted cyclist in front of vehicle. Strange crime scene with police present.

In the foreground stationary official vehicles. So who is the intriguing hooded individual appearing to be making a hand signal. What is its meaning?

Better image from CCN! Identical moment.*388/London+Attack+4+-+MGN.jpg

Again it is reasonable to ask where is the evidence of damage to pillar or railings from what must have been a collision at speed sufficient to cause the damage to car indicated? We do not appear to have witnesses to the collision or to the driver getting out and walking around the corner before entering without opposition it seems, the Palace Yard.

Here's a very odd image. For some reason an area to the right has been obscured. Why?


PC Keith Palmer

The police officer killed in the attack at Westminster was later named by Scotland Yard as PC Keith Palmer. The 48-year-old husband and father was a member of the Met's parliamentary and diplomatic protection command and had 15 years service. Previously a soldier.

Explaining why he didn’t have a gun despite being charged with guarding Parliament the national lead for Counter Terrorism Policing and the Acting Deputy Commissioner, Mark Rowely, said: “Our parliamentary protection team are a combination of armed and unarmed officers doing different roles, and sadly the officer who lost his life today was unarmed.
“He was supported by armed colleagues who shot and killed the attacker. He (the attacker) tried to enter Parliament and was stopped at the gate.”
Some might think this raises more questions than answers them.

THE HERO (Source:

MP Tobias Ellwood helps at the scene of the stabbing of the police officer

On 22 March 2017, during an attack on Parliament, Ellwood gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR to a stabbed police officer even though there were plenty of healthcare professionals around the victim.[11] The police officer was subsequently reported to have died.[12] Ellwood was called a "hero" by those at Westminster and the press, as photos surfaced of him with blood on his face while he crouched over the body of the dying police officer.[13] Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Opposition, was among the first to pay tribute.[14] John Crace, satirical political sketch writer for The Guardian, wrote that he had seen a man run out from the Parliament buildings to help, immediately after the attack; he didn't recognise him at first, but later found out that it was Ellwood, whom he knew.[15]
This does raise the question as to what he was doing in that immediately vicinity at that time. Presumably he came from the 'Member's Entrance'. Only he can explain the precise circumstances.

Briefly his biography was born in NYC of British parents and after Loughborough University joined the Royal Green Jackets from 1991 to 1996, leaving with the rank of Captain. He then followed a political ambition, unsuccessfully standing as Conservative candidate in 2001 and elected for Bournemouth East in 2005. Thereafter he held various government jobs often connected to military-related Ministers or topics. He was a supporter of David Cameron and immediately placed in the Whips Office on election - clearly an indication he was preferred. Thereafter in 2010, he was appointed PPS to then Defence Secretary Liam Fox, well-known for his Middle East contacts amidst some controversy over arms sales. In October 2011 was appointed PPS to David Lidington, Minister for Europe at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, now Leader of the House.    In  July 2014 Ellwood was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He was a Member of the Parliamentary Delegation to the NATO Assembly, 2014 and Parliamentary Advisor to the Prime Minister for the 2014 NATO Summit. In 2011, Ellwood served on the Special Select Committee set up to scrutinise the Bill which became the Armed Forces Act 2011.[5] He was also a member of the Defence Reform Act 2014 Committee[6] In May 2014 he was one of seven unsuccessful candidates for the chairmanship of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.[7]

The following image shows Ellwood with what appears to be blood stain or livid graze to forehead

He has something of a reputation for confrontational behaviour. In 2011 referring to the Conservative party rebel Mark Pritchard Ellwood was reported as saying "He should be given a good hiding behind the bike shed". He later claimed he was joking.[2] In 2010 Ellwood was threatened with arrest outside the House of Commons by the police after confronting them over an anti-war protester. Contrary to policy he voted in favour of a 10% increase in pay for MP's in contrast to 1% freeze for rest of public service., 
Dear Lorna, One thing we could all do is not be taken in by the hype and deceit embedded in these events. All is not clear regarding this one but there are many questions that remain to be answered. Like why was the accused man, later found to be still in gaol? Who took the images of the vehicle crossing Westminster Bridge and was it just coincidental they did so in that tiny window of time? Why is there no apparent damage to pillar and railings, yet the assault car is majorly damaged including windscreen shattered? How did a member of the public just saunter into Palace Yard through gates and past policemen without being challenged? Why did he ignore policemen at the gate but stab an officer inside? Why does the offending knife show no signs of blood contamination as far as can be seen? Why if this was a genuine ISIS were not guns and explosives used and more people employed? Why does it follow an identical pattern of recent events on the continent and in Israel? Why are there so many Masonic and Caballistic embedded in the events (even the rescue helicopter was sponsored by mason and carried their logo)? How is it that an ex-military and NATO connected MP was immediately on scene and carried out resuscitation techniques when trained para-medics were available? Why was the death and injured toll mis-represented and had to be corrected down? Why was it necessary to 'lock down' Parliament for so long? Why was security so poor given the high terrorist threat level and most obvious target? How and in what way was the assailant known to MI5 (again) and why if he was known to be a "terrorist sympathiser" were alarm bells not rung when he hired a vehicle? Previous incidents both here and abroad have followed such stereotypical paths as regards the event and the way it is responded to, not to mention consistent proof of involvement by the State of Israel and/or its agents, that it would be naive to think these can be taken wholly at face value. I hope 38 Degrees is aware of this and will do its bit to shed light on a very dark and dangerous process. Yours sincerely, Tim Veater. P.S. You may like to check out these:;;

Mark, I have no special inside information but the coincidences and similarities in this latest outrage are so glaring that it would be naive to ignore them. There is no doubt in my mind that there is an evil caucus - even call it ISIS if you wish - but it is not what it is purported to be. Just as Al Qaedabefore it was a creation of mainly America, ISIS also. So even if the front of ISIS is carrying out attacks we can be sure it is implementing US/Israeli policy and planning. Israel has stated it supports ISIS and this has been proved in military action both by NATO and Israel. Why do you think ISIS has never attacked Israel? Why it has aligned itself against both Palestinians and Iran? Why Putin so pissed off the West? (Answr: Because he was actually fighting ISIS unlike us!) The whole ISIS thing is a sham from start to finish so why should we believe the plank that ISIS is Muslim and behind all these attacks? You will notice half the time the patsies that are put up are drug taking, alcohol drinking, night clubbing promiscuous MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALISTS? Very unlikely to me. In fact the ISIS fighters, led by American trained individuals, are simple mercenaries flooded in by the US from Libya and other places largely for the money. From 9/11 onwards the British people have been subjected to an evil and pernicious hoax that the political elite has signed up to and it it is surely but slowly unravelling and I think they know it. That is what these terror events are about - to spread fear and hatred and to enable them to advance an agenda, which they are doing in tiny steps. Note even here in Cornwall we have been told there will be more armed police patrols because of the Westminster incident! Can you believe it? Yet again this individual alleged to have been the assailant, was known to MI5. Why do they always know them but do nothing to stop them? That is yet another unanswered question I'm afraid.
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Sorry I after all that I didn't answer your specific questions. False flags come in many shapes and sizes. Invariably truth is mixed in with the lies and that is why it is so difficult to tease them apart. Thousands of people were killed on 9/11 and there probably were 19 individuals labelled as "hijackers" but that does not mean that the people blamed were actually the perpetrators. We must never let natural emotions of sympathy or rage colour our judgement because that is what the criminals behind it rely on. Everything might have happened in London exactly as stated, but equally there may be subtle but significant variations that we know nothing about. For example the vehicle that crossed the bridge might not be the vehicle that hit the wall. The vehicle that appears to have hit the wall may not have! The driver of the vehicle might not be the man that was shot. The policeman might not have died from stab wounds. The assailant may have been shot or died from someone other than the policeman. The assailant may have been acting under duress or the influence of some sort of mind control or drug. All of these things are possible and have been documented before. As to Muslims hating us, I'd be rather surprised if they didn't given our past history for at least 20 years. We have killed or facilitated millions of deaths and left civilised countries in ruin. I'm sure you would be sore if you lived abroad and watched it happening here. Considering this they have been very restrained although it has kicked off big time in France - you notice largely ignored by the British media. As to condemning the atrocities - do you mean here or there, and by whom, them or us? We all need to condemn atrocities equally and place the blame where it truly belongs. Which British politician has had the courage to challenge the 9/11 story and place the blame where it truly belongs, with elements of the American and Israeli governments? Who has had the courage to charge Israel with gross violations of human rights. Condemnation of violence from whatever quarter needs to be condemned and by all.

Well I don't think we should be apathetic or indifferent to it and we should be sympathetic to the injured and affected. What I think we should avoid is uncritical acceptance of the official story and the media's treatment of it including what appears to me to be an example of mass hysteria. Why is the response to this so hugely different to the thousands killed and injured on the roads EVERY year, sometimes with the same degree of recklessness or malice? How is it that we get so emotional about three killed but don't turn a hair when thousands were murdered in Gaza by the Israelis who we actively support? It appears so irrational to me but worse it is an active objective of these events as in Paris and elsewhere. Note this is absolutely no use to ISIS but is helpful to our own politicians. Incidentally, ref. to the questions I raised above, the BBC has just revealed that the assailant was not shot by a policeman but by a "bodyguard"! Bodyguard of whom, provided by whom? I think this proves at least part of my argument. Regards.


  1. What is lie? What is truth? ISIS and Syria is built on one BIG lie. So what of all the presumed subsidiary events?

  2. This event was over in less than TWO MINUTES! So what are the chances that there would be TWO armed guards (not police!) available at that moment to intervene? And how was Masood allowed to pass through the gate carrying two knives without being stopped or challenged by the armed police stationed there? These are questions that haven't been answered. Indeed Amber Rudd has refused to answer them. Why?

  3. British governmental corruption appears to run deep and wide, and leaving aside the whole 9/11; Afghanistan; Iraq; 7/7 fiascos, the McCann/Hampstead cases confirm and corroborate the connections between the misuse of children and the secret services. That is why the state organs are TERRIFIED of revelation and are prepared to go to almost any barely legal means of stifling the topic and those with actual information on it, Melanie Shaw for one, the Hampstead "whistle-blowers" just two painful examples of many silent and hidden ones. Their treatment is a mirror on the spots and blemishes that anti-wrinkle serums cannot hide and makes the whole visage ugly in the extreme. Sadly we cannot now take anything our government tells us at face, without questioning its purpose and veracity. We all have a responsibility - nay a duty - to question, question, question.

  4. But something in all of those I DIDN'T refer to was the fact that the very dodgy video, that purported to be of the offending vehicle crossing Westminter Bridge must have been taken from the iconic Millbank Tower, or that it is owned by two reclusive Jewish billionaires - the Reuben brothers - who made their money in Russian metals before selling up and investing in London property. So yet again we have a repeat of the stong Jewish connection to early 'terrorist' event video that strangely immediately becomes available to all media outlets. (See: It is also the location of the firm highlighted by Ole Dammegard: "CRISIS SOLUTIONS" (See: This firm is also located there: As far as I am aware, no one has come forward to accept responsibility for that film, nor for that matter how the vehicle on a bridge dense with slow moving traffic, was able to get back in the traffic lane and at speed crash into the masonry pillar and railings without doing any damage to them or any cyclists that would have been using the dedicated lane. Needless to say, no clear and accurate video has been released despite this being perhaps the top terrorist target in the country! Just a few of the many unexplained anomalies that strongly suggest fraud.


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