Friday, 24 March 2017

Terrorism: Exercises v. the Real Thing

June, 2015 a major inter-agency exercise, Operation Strong Tower, saw hundreds of officers respond to a simulated terror threat in a disused London Underground station. Clearly it would have been planned well in advance of this. This was just five days after 30 Britons were killed when a gunman attacked holidaymakers on a beach in Tunisia. Were the two in any way related? ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&

11am on Sunday 19th March, 2017

The scene of a fierce mock gun battle between hundreds of armed officers and police posing as terrorists shortly after 11am on Sunday 19th March on the Thames. At least one “body”, played by a volunteer, was thrown overboard from the River Cruises boat "Eltham".

terror drill

terror drill
Black-clad armed officers board the boat CREDIT: GARETH FULLER/PA

"Commander BJ Harrington, head of the Met’s public order command, said the exercise was not in response to any specific intelligence about an impending marine attack. But he noted that recent terrorist incidents in the rest of Europe showed how would-be attackers have found varied ways to inflict harm.
"He said: “It’s important to point out that the exercise has not been designed in response to any specific threat. There’s no information that we have that we’re preparing for.
“Of course, we have seen a number of incidents abroad in the past few years: NiceBerlin – we have seen different methodologies developing, and, of course, the river runs right through London, so why wouldn’t we prepare for that.”"

Only three days later!
Wednesday 22nd March, 2017.

The unfortunate victim, Andreea Cristea, 29.

Andreea Cristea, 29, was rescued alive following the atrocity, which saw three people killed on the bridge before the driver murdered a police officer in a knife attack

Terrorist attack on Westminster. A Romanian woman thrown into Thames and rescued by river boat. Is this the woman? And the fire rescue boat on hand? Lucky. Note the same River Cruise company but different boat - 'Millenium Diamond' - is involved in both exercises.

Pictured: City Cruises staff and a fire service rescue crew work together to hook an object out of the water during the operation

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  1. British governmental corruption appears to run deep and wide, and leaving aside the whole 9/11; Afghanistan; Iraq; 7/7 fiascos, the McCann/Hampstead cases confirm and corroborate the connections between the misuse of children and the secret services. That is why the state organs are TERRIFIED of revelation and are prepared to go to almost any barely legal means of stifling the topic and those with actual information on it, Melanie Shaw for one, the Hampstead "whistle-blowers" just two painful examples of many silent and hidden ones. Their treatment is a mirror on the spots and blemishes that anti-wrinkle serums cannot hide and makes the whole visage ugly in the extreme. Sadly we cannot now take anything our government tells us at face, without questioning its purpose and veracity. We all have a responsibility - nay a duty - to question, question, question.


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