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Orly Shooting. Suspect?

An image from CCTV shows the gunman moments after he was shot
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Someone please explain the location this photograph was taken from with reference to the image above. Then explain how the khaki top (if in fact it is the same garment) manages to find its way over weapon and head showing now a white shirt/vest underneath. At the very least this would have required an enormous amount of manipulation (how do you get an arm free of a sleeve without disturbing the body?) Anyway it would be anathema to the crime scene. Both images presumably are meant to represent the scene immediately after the shooting, there being a complete absence of personnel. Where have they all gone? As previously noted there is also the small matter of absence of blood stains or bleeding.

The Mirror: 

"A CCTV image shows the Orly airport attacker dead on the floor moments after he was shot by security forces. The man was killed after he stole a soldier's firearm and took refuge in a shop around an hour after he wounded a police officer in an earlier shooting."

"An image taken from CCTV footage shows him sprawled on the floor in front of a Chez Paul bakery in the airport's south terminal, French media reported. Police sources told Reuters he was a "radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services". A spokesman for the French Interior Ministry told reporters that the man wrestled the gun away from the soldier and was killed by security forces moments later."

This appears to be a highly suspect story or account!
It is claimed that it was the same man who shot a police officer earlier in the day. It just happened to occur at the same time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Paris and carrying out memorial events for the the Bataclan massacre. Rather strangely they were also staying not far away when the Annecy Chevaline massacre took place. Wales are also playing against France in a rugby international today . (18.3.2017) The incident given big coverage by the BBC comes just days after American war planes killed more than 60 worshippers at an Aleppo Mosque and Israeli planes attacked targets in Syria, neither of which were given much attention by the BBC. Obviously there were considered unimportant to British listeners/viewers.

Mirror: "Terrified passengers fled the airport after hearing gunshots" 

I'm always interested in the first video uploaded to the web.

Here it is by this gentleman who happens to be a chaffeur/bodyguard for company providing up-market vehicles for the wealther and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.:
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"Evacuation in Orly Airport after Shooting. Paris, France"

Immediately below the 10 second video of alleged Paris attack on prestiget75 twitter a/c there is this advertisement:
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