Wednesday, 22 March 2017

London 3/22. Any significance in numbers?

"Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.” James Jesus Angleton,  ((December 9, 1917 – May 11, 1987)CIA Chief.

Strange gear for police (?) responders!

Armed police at Westminster

So it's your turn London for a repeat run of what is now the standard script of policeman stabbing, car madness and public place theatrics. This might raise questions on its own (I haven't even studied the actual details) but the number occult/masonic elements of the numbers is quite extraordinary if merely coincidence, which of course we will be told that they are. I have an article in the pipeline about the number 11 and its multiples. So we not only have the twenty second (2 x 11) but the 22nd of the 3rd month thus sixty six (3 x 22)

("In Templar Freemasonry, however, eleven is still significant as being the constitutional number required to open a Commandery; and here it is evidently allusive of the eleven true disciples. See: Do we need to be reminded of the "twin towers" (also 11) on 9/11? Further the not unconnected assassination of JFK as on the 11th month, on the 22nd day, and on the 33rd parallel.

Thirty three has major significance to these groups arguably because Babylon (now Baghdad!) was also on this latitude. It also of course is half of 66, the sum of today's day and month when multiplied. Thirty three is considered one of the most significant numbers. Elizabeth van Buren, in her book, "The Secret of the Illuminati" states "It is found over and over again in the stories of the Bible and elsewhere. Jesus Christ was thirty-three when he was crucified; the first temple of Solomon stood for thirty-three years before being pillaged by King Shishak of Egypt; there are thirty-three symbols of the Masonic Order and one of their symbols depicts a double-headed eagle crowned with an equilateral triangle: inside of this is the number thirty-three. Solomon's ring - the double triangle is all threes, 333 and 333 making 666 and we all know what that represents.

Very strangely 1/66th = 0.0151 515 151 515 (recurring) thus 666. Also the word "curse" is used 66 times in the OT. But that is not all!

I have Fredrik Montelius to thank for this observation: "It happened at 14:40. First 144 digits of Pi add up to 666. Time is 144 Mossad time, isn't it?. There are 1440 minutes in a day.

Then Miriam Stevenson reminded us that the Americans would say 3/22 for the date. 322 signifies the Order of 'Skull and Bones'. The order was incorporated in 1856 by General William Huntington Russell, and Alphonso Taft who became Secretary of War under President Grant in 1876. The numerical value of this year is 1+8+7+6 = 22, and the numerical motto for Skull and Bones is 322, or 3 x's 22. 'Skull and Bones' so prominent in both Kennedy's assassination and events of 9/11. And so we come full circle! (Oops sorry about that!)

Injured man at Westminster

There are lots more significant facts regarding 22 but that I think should suffice to make you .... think?

"Twenty people were reportedly injured - and three people killed, including a woman and a police officer - in what police in England are calling a terrorist attack. According to Fox News, the assailant was also shot by a police officer while trying to storm Parliament. A police officer was stabbed in the attack, reported Fox, and "as many as a dozen people reportedly run over outside London's Parliament building" during the March 22 attack. Sky News reported that a police officer had also died from being stabbed. Some of the injuries were described as "catastrophic." The Independent reported that the woman who died was a pedestrian. She has not yet been identified, but graphic video shows a body of a victim crumpled on the pavement as passersby rush to help. In addition, reported The Independent, "Various witnesses have confirmed that a body was seen floating in the water near Westminster Bridge after the attack." "

Man on a stretcher at Westminster


  1. British governmental corruption appears to run deep and wide, and leaving aside the whole 9/11; Afghanistan; Iraq; 7/7 fiascos, the McCann/Hampstead cases confirm and corroborate the connections between the misuse of children and the secret services. That is why the state organs are TERRIFIED of revelation and are prepared to go to almost any barely legal means of stifling the topic and those with actual information on it, Melanie Shaw for one, the Hampstead "whistle-blowers" just two painful examples of many silent and hidden ones. Their treatment is a mirror on the spots and blemishes that anti-wrinkle serums cannot hide and makes the whole visage ugly in the extreme. Sadly we cannot now take anything our government tells us at face, without questioning its purpose and veracity. We all have a responsibility - nay a duty - to question, question, question.

  2. Did You notice the freemason symbol on the helicopter? On press photos it is aranged with specific angles:

    1. Indeed. Well spotted Martin. In fact the helicopter (or another) was purchased largely with a donation pledge of £2 m from London Lodges. How could they refuse the odd favour? ;-) See:


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