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Satanism or Not?

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Tim Veater

Saturday, 19 March 2016
Satanism or Not?
'God' may or may not exist. 'Satan' may or may not exist. Would either, if all mankind were wiped out?
Clearly those who believe in both, think they are objective realities, although they would probably have difficulty in describing or agreeing on their precise nature. That the two entities are not physical like us, would probably be a point of consensus, but are they like 'smoke' or 'photons' or 'dark matter', about which science has managed to reveal the secrets to some extent. Or are they just that part of the cosmos that defies description - a 'God and Satan of the Gaps'? The alternative is that both concepts are the product of an overactive imagination and a deep desire for explanation and meaning - a subjective projection of the complex workings of the human mind.
In any event, the reality of any spiritual belief - in this context 'Christianity' or 'Satanism' - is of itself proof or guarantee of the beliefs implicit in them cannot be assured. Nor, conversely is it necessary that an absence of God or Satan, were that even possible to prove, be confirmation that 'Christianity' or 'Satanism' could not exist. Both can and do exist, whether the beliefs and rituals associated with them, are rational or not. The argument propounded by the contributor below, that "as there is no such thing as Satan, 'Satanism' cannot either", is therefore fallacious and probably disparaging and must be rejected.
We know that human action flows from both rational and irrational thought processes and creates a 'worldview' that may be unique or widely shared. Our actions are deeply embedded in all the physiological and emotional processes created by inheritance, environment and 'choice'. What is important is that belief systems are accurately documented and judged according to their real consequences for other human beings and the wider world.
There is no doubt that the wave of christianity that progressively swept the world in the past two millennia, was both good and bad for the human race and the environment depending what and whom is chosen for investigation. Maybe the same can be said for 'Satanism', although I for one find many of its aspects deeply worrying, promoting and excusing many of the worst behaviours, which must of course include in certain instances the ancient practice of the abuse and ritual slaughter of humans, including children. The failure to actually admit this exists, or of hiding it from general view, raises an ominous question mark regarding the most central, elite and hidden corridors of power and government.

"The changing face of Satan"



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