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Damascus bomb kills seventy innocents. Was this US/Israeli terrorism?

On Wednesday 15th March, 2017, the Damascus Palace of Justice, located near the famous and crowded Hamidiyeh market, was the latest target for the Israeli-backed and murderous, bomb blasts. The BBC reports that at least 31 people have been killed in the suicide attack and that later, another suicide bomber attacked a Rabweh restaurant, injuring more than 20 people.

Syrian security forces cordon off the area around the Palace of Justice in central Damascus (15 March 2017)

The government-held city of Homs has also been similarly attacked in the past few weeks.
This followed an attack on Saturday 11th March 2017, targeted Shi'ite Pilgrims close to the Bab al-Saghir cemetery in central Damascus. The dead include 54 civilians and 20 security personnel it was claimed. It was again caused by a roadside bomb followed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up in a crowd of visitors.
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Israel planes attack Homs also
Two days later (at 2.30 am on the 17th March) Israeli military jets struck at an Army position near Palmyra in Homs eastern countryside  the Syrian Army’s General Command has claimed, one of which was shot down. Clearly forces acting on behalf of Israel are deeply implicated in this anti-Assad terrorist activity.

Why does the BBC play down or not report these terrible events?

This series of Israeli-backed massacres (ostensibly ISIS affiliated anti-Assad groups) and military attacks hardly impinge on the main BBC News broadcasts
Today's (17.3.2017) lunchtime news considered GCHQ's denial of covertly interfering with Trump's campaign; Teresa May's spat with Nicola Sturgeon over another referendum; George Osborne's appointment to the Evening Standard; and a few other relatively trivial domestic stories, are considered much more news-worthy than hundreds being blown up in Syria - or who is behind them. It is proof that the BBC has squandered its reputation as a reliable and unbiased news source.

Attitude to terrorism taken by Western Governments in international forums.

Now it is no surprise then that in international forums such as the UN it appears that the United States of America takes a nuanced and partisan view of murderous terrorist activity. It is very much dependent it would appear on who carries it out and against whom. Apparently suicide bombers and car bombs are less morally troublesome if they are carried out by anti-Assad groups and aimed at destabilising his control of the country. This lays bare the duplicitous and immoral USA/Israeli position backed by Britain, and the BBC's collusion in refusing to report it.

Russian Position

Needless to say it hasn't reported the Russian Foreign Ministry's reaction to a refusal by the US and its allies to condemn the attacks either. So I will take that opportunity below:

"It is regrettable that the Security Council does not always find a common denominator on the Syrian issue. For example, the biased position held by a number of its Western members prevented it from reaching a consensus on a Russia-proposed draft press statement denouncing the bloody terrorist attack in Damascus on March 11, which claimed 70 lives, according to the latest reports. 

"Implementing their well-known political directives, they attempted to unjustifiably modify the thrust of the document by including provisions reading as accusations of the Syrian authorities and justification of the terrorists’ actions. In consequence, we had to withdraw the draft.

"Moreover, during the debate on the text, our Western colleagues made it clear that they had a “different [operating] standard” with regard to Syria, which did not imply an unqualified denunciation of terrorism. The consequences of this approach may prove most unfortunate. At the same time, we believe it is crucial that the crime in Damascus was resolutely condemned by the UN Secretary-General."  

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"What amazes is that intellectual morons such as Niki Haley get elected by the population to government positions, was she Governor of Louisiana or something. and that these retard dimwits they call Republicans control 35 of 50 states. They do it by just reading from a script, written by Rush Limbaugh or somebody similar, stay on script, anti union, anti minorities, pick the right scapegoats, privatize everything so that rich Republicans ( or their Democrat butt buddies ) can profit even more stealing from the common good. Mike Pence did the same thing in Indiana, just stay reliably right wing reactionary, never waiver. One would think that an average educated white woman such as Niki would be embarrassed by the transparent bullshit coming out of her mouth, but hey, Samantha Powers was just as bad, which may be an indication just how hopeless things are in the US. At this point I am thinking that Russia is fast realizing that they do not have a rational "partner" on the international stage, and that Trump will not live up to any expectations ( hopes, like in Obama's hope and change, LOL ). The reality that Clinton would have been even worse shows just how demented and imbecilic the US has become; if she were elected I would give odds of 75% that we'd all be dead now, as her "no fly" zone was a not a gonna fly, and as for her I could tell U where I'd like to put one of those S-400 missiles."

Residents and security personnel gather at the site of an explosion in Damascus May 10, 2012. Two explosions shook the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, killing and wounding dozens of people, state media said, in a district that houses a military intelligence complex involved in President Bashar al-Assad's crackdown on a 14-month uprising.
Residents and security personnel gather at the site of an explosion in Damascus May 10, 2012. Two explosions shook the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, killing and wounding dozens of people, state media said, in a district that houses a military intelligence complex involved in President Bashar al-Assad's crackdown on a 14-month uprising.
Damascus May 10 2012. Also 70 killed. So who was behind this one?


and this on the 22nd February, 2016....?

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, which has seized territory in Syria and Iraq, claimed that it was behind Sunday's attacks, which killed at least 63 in Damascus and 46 in Homs. SANA, the official government news agency, said a car bomb followed by two suicide attacks in the area of Sayyida Zeinab shrine killed 83 people and left 178 others, including children, wounded. At the end of January, bombings claimed by ISIL killed at least 70 people near the same shrine.(

....... and this on the 11th June, 2016.  
At least 20 people have been killed after two explosions hit the suburb of Sayyida Zeinab outside Damascus, a monitoring group has said. The first explosion was caused by a suicide attacker wearing an explosives belt at the entrance of Ziabiyeh district, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reports. The second blast was triggered by a car bomb in the main al-Tin Street in al-Diyabia town, according to Syrian state TV.
Syrians gathering at the scene of a double bomb attack outside the Sayyida Zeinab shrine AFP

Role of Putin and Russia.

Since President Putin of Russia has intervened and interposed

 himself in the largely Western initiated war, the wrath of the 

West's governments and media has been turned against him and

 Russia has again been portrayed as a threat to western military,

 political and commercial interests. That this is largely

 fabricated and magnified is not hard to see. Russia under

 Putin's leadership is being childishly punished for opposing the

 West's plans in Syria and exposing them for the counterfeit that

 they are. His views therefore need to be properly considered.

Following from:

At the 13th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, President Vladimir Putin argued that an,  "Oligarchic ‘1 percent’  dominates our world and this had resulted in “abandoning substantive and equal dialogue with other actors in international life, choosing not to improve or create universal institutions, but instead bring the entire world under the spread of their own organisations, norms and rules. They chose the road of globalisation and security for their own beloved selves, for the select few, and not for all.”

He continued, “If these powers find some standard or norm to their advantage, they force everyone else to comply. But if tomorrow these same standards get in their way, they are swift to throw them in the bin, declare them obsolete, and set or try to set new rules.” 

"The powers that be" “churn out threats, imaginary and mythical, such as the ‘Russian military threat’. Money is pumped into defence budgets at home, to get allies to bend to a single superpower’s interests, expand NATO and bring its infrastructure, military units and arms closer to our borders.”

“Another mythical and imaginary problem is what I can only call the hysteria the USA has whipped up over supposed Russian meddling in the American presidential election. The United States has plenty of genuinely urgent problems, it would seem, from the colossal public debt to the increase in firearms violence and cases of arbitrary action by the police.”

So Israel no longer even pretending not to be involved.....

At 2.30 am today (17.3.17) (Note the numbers!) "Israeli Air Force Strikes Targets in Syria; Assad Forces Threaten 'Direct' Retaliation. Syria deploys air defence system, fires missiles at Israel Air Force jets; Israeli missile defence system intercepts missile north of Jerusalem. 

"Syria and Israel engaged in the most serious incident between the two countries since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war six years ago overnight on Thursday, as Israeli Air Force Planes struck several targets in Syria.

"In response, the Assad regime deployed air defence systems and fired a number of missiles toward Israeli jets. The Israeli army said that none of the missiles struck the jets, though in Syria, the military claimed Friday that one Israeli jet had been shot down and another damaged."

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Amos Harel, Gili Cohen  and Jack Khoury Mar 17, 2017 1:29 PM

See also:

Then there was this American atrocity in Aleppo!!!!

Not worthy of the "News" BBC?

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