Saturday, 11 March 2017

Israel/US Issues Warning about Chemical Attack to European City!!!

Such warnings (see 'The Ugly Truth' article below) issued from US/Israeli covert sources should not be taken lightly. 

The whole world should now be aware both of the close links with the so-called 'ISIS' organisation and these nations and the uncanny way in which somehow, they may on occasions be imbued with amazingly accurate and percipient foreknowledge to protect their own. 

Notoriously this happened in New York on 9/11 when Jewish workers were warned to stay away from the World Trade Centre (1) and London on 7/7 when bombs went off in the underground and a bus and Netanyahu was told to stay in his hotel. (2) Of course in both of this events, almost identical emergency mock exercises were carried out at the same time. (3)

We should also be aware that in almost every one of the recent European terrorist events, Israel and its secret agencies have been closely implicated in one form or another. (Articles elsewhere on this blog describe them) (4)

So to summarise:

  • ISIS has been proved to be the creation of US/Israeli/Saudi foreign policy 
  • the claims that it has been opposed by them is actually the precise opposite of the truth
  • many of the claims as to its brutal activities have either been fabricated or orchestrated by Mossad/CIA controllers
  • that most of the recent American and European terrorist attacks demonstrate multiple factual Israeli links that point to pre-knowledge at the very least
  • all of this is clearly designed to promote an anti-Muslim narrative; fear and instability in European nations; restriction in civil rights and the introduction of more militaristic and oppressive law enforcement; and supportive of illegal military action on foreign territory
  • all western governments appear to be signed up to and supportive of, what can only be described as a huge and treasonous web of lies and deceit
In view of all this, the warnings emanating from Mossad/Israel must be viewed in a most serious light. We know in the case of Syria that "chemical attacks" have been engineered by Israel, implemented by its 'ISIS' -related associates ("Al Nusra" being just one) and blamed on Assad forces - not that the latter are blame free. (5)(6)(7)

Analogous deception has revolved around the "White Helmets" deeply implicated in brutal acts of terror. Much of recent European "terrorist event" display the same incriminating finger prints. (8)

So if the CHEMICAL ATTACK WARNING comes to pass, DO NOT BE FOOLED and place the blame where it truly belongs. 

Our own security agencies and politicians should be advised as a matter of urgency, to call foul on this cruel and dangerous charade and advise its populations as to the true nature of the problem and who is to blame, if despite all the alleged precautions, it comes to pass.


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Israel Fears I.S.I.S Chemical Attack In Europe

JERUSALEM POST – The National Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau is concerned that ISIS terrorists might be plotting to carry out chemical attacks in Europe in the coming months. The bureau intends to issue a travel advisory to the tens of thousands of Israelis who are planning to vacation in Europe over the upcoming Passover holiday, Channel 2 reported.

The bureau is said to be particularly concerned with the possibility that, due to losses ISIS is sustaining in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters there will return to their homes in Europe and carry out attacks along the lines of the truck attack in Berlin in December that killed 12 people, including Dalia Elyakim, an Israeli tourist, and wounded 56 others.

The bureau was specifically concerned with the possibility that ISIS would try to carry out a mass casualty chemical attack in a main European city, the Channel 2 report said. The bomb could be made using over-the-counter ingredients available in supermarkets and home improvement supply stores.

On Tuesday, the US State Department issued a worldwide warning, urging American travellers to be vigilant while travelling overseas.

“Terrorists are increasingly using less sophisticated methods of attack to more effectively target crowds, including the use of edged weapons, pistols, and vehicles as weapons,” the State Department said in its statement.










  1. For some, a knowledge of history can enlighten and inform. For others it restricts and confines. Netanyahu and the whole Israeli State is chained so firmly to ancient events, that it is hopeless to expect them and it, to act intelligently or fairly. Modern Israel demonstrates Jewish fundamentalism and extremism, with all its irrational dangers, ISIS being one. Britain and America have facilitated it. Brad Stoker's Count Dracula created a monster. We have created one too. Gothic fiction remains fiction, however much it may frighten. We may consider it fake history. Tragically Israel and its monstrous activity is all too real.

  2. The fact that ALL these events have common features, suggests common instigators and common intentions. It's rather akin to the well established criminal idea of 'modus operandi'. This raises very profound questions and issues. Are we really saying that embedded somewhere, there is an active unit, an operations room, determining what and where? To whom does such a group answer to? Clearly all Western/Israeli governments strenuously deny involvement and responsibility, a position that is becoming increasingly untenable. So are the ostensible political leaders intentionally deceiving us (surely a serious crime?) or are they also in the dark? If the latter the conclusion must be a treasonous power base in not one, but most American and European countries or able to penetrate them without opposition! Of course we are asked to believe the coordinating enemy is in fact 'ISIS', but leaving aside the fact that we know ISIS is the child of Israel, America and Saudi planners, so that anything it is claimed to be responsible for, leads straight back to Tel Aviv, Washinging and Riyadh, nevertheless it is quite preposterous that this recently created group of mercenaries have the range or organisation to do what is claimed. It is clear that insofar as Muslim Arabs have been blamed for outrages, they invariably appear to be working at the behest of others or have been framed to appear guilty. Nothing could be more serious in our time, or more threatening to our social, economic and political wellbeing. The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that there is indeed a conspiracy that crosses international boundaries, intended to spread fear and distrust directed against principally Arabs and Muslim - though in recent years and since Putin has stepped in and frustrated Western plans, this has been extended to Russia. The only possible and rational explanation turns on the the expansionist, hegemonic ambitions of Israel, carefully concealed by Jewish controlled media, from millions of ordinary people, who they know just would not wear it. Only the internet has challenged this narrative, which of course has now prompted the clamour for restrictions (for which child porn has been very useful) and the 'Fake News' meme.

  3. Hi Tim, James here, can't find you on facebook?


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