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Hampstead Cover Up to Pizzagate. Mother's statement and appeal to the pu...

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  1. The caring voice-over of Ricky Dearman regarding Haiti children here:

  2. And now it is reported that the indefatigable and rational campaigner, Belinda McKensie ( has been arrested by the Metroppolitan Police, clearly desperate to pursue anyone who believe and wish to represent mother and children in the Hampstead case. Needless to say not one of those actually accused of horrendous acts has been interviewed under caution by the same police!
    For those that wish to read the opposing view and make a judgement, see :…/

    Tim Veater
    March 20, 2015·

    The way this case has been handled from the first is a disgrace to the policing, education, social services and justice systems in Britain. The latest judgement is case-study in the mendacious manipulation of facts and opinions, to demonize the innocent and exonerate the guilty. As such it will for ever remain as an indelible stain on the court and judge responsible, akin to the notorious trials by Judge Jeffry in the seventeenth century.

    Although unable to stop him in his tracks, public opinion recoiled in horror from his methods and judgements. He met an unseemly end and his actions were a significant contribution to the political revolution that followed. We can only hope the same will happen here.

    The judge in this case has broken the most basic of principles both in law and social care: to listen to the children. She says she has watched the videos, has incredibly rubbished them but has failed to propound a convincing explanation as to how or why the mother, with the assistance of her dubious boy friend, was able to implant such a story in the minds of her children, and enable them without difficulty, to supply a myriad of tiny details that not only corroborated one another but also revealed details that could be easily checked and corresponded with information, that children could not possibly have known, were it not true.

    To suggest that all this, including the testimony that he actually watched his father and a nasty friend in the process of making dildos(!) was gleaned only by watching the ‘Mask of Zorro’ is as outrageous as it is inane.

    She (the judge) was forced to rubbish the children’s testimony, for without doing so her conclusions would have been untenable. She has labelled the mother, the one person in all this, lauded and supported by the children themselves, as the evil party, and the father against whom the children have consistently levelled the most serious charges of abuse, compounded by evidence of violence, threats of death and supported by subsequent carer reports of nightmares and panic attacks, as the more caring and responsible partner, clearing the way presumably to the unconscionable result of affording him more access. Could there be a more perverse or horrific consequence?

    Finally the role of the press in this is nothing short of despicable. Having abided by a blanket gag through out, not even referring to the case in general terms, it now simply replicates the judge’s opinion without questioning any aspect of it. This after all the moral grand-standing over “historic” cases of abuse is simply incredible and very depressing because it proves as a society we have actually learned nothing and are just as gullible as we ever were.

    Sadly it is as always the innocent victims – the children – that are blamed and made to suffer by a corrupt and inhumane legal system

  3. British governmental corruption appears to run deep and wide, and leaving aside the whole 9/11; Afghanistan; Iraq; 7/7 fiascos, the McCann/Hampstead cases confirm and corroborate the connections between the misuse of children and the secret services. That is why the state organs are TERRIFIED of revelation and are prepared to go to almost any barely legal means of stifling the topic and those with actual information on it Melanie Shaw for one, the Hampstead "whistle-blowers" another.
    As I have said many times, it is hard not to have certain reservations about the approach of the step father to the children, particularly in the context of past history but they have been grossly exagerated and misrepresented to cover the subsequent official action, the heinous nature of which is hard to describe adequately. I have always been convinced that only State implications could justify the blatant miscarriages of justice that have been involved and subsequent cover-up and persecution of those posing greatest risk of revelation.
    The implications of this case both for child welfare and basic justice should enrage and galvanise EVERY person in this nation of ours as it demeans and threatens us ALL! Unfortunately for that to happen there needs to be aa organised MASS MOVEMENT along the lines of the Chartists or Anti-slavery movements of previous centuries but Government knows that is very difficult to achieve. Do not be mistaken, whilst pretending to support the uncovering of past misdeeds, elements of government are carrying out a guerrilla campaign that it will never admit to (that is the nature of them and to which secret services are addicted!) to sabotage all such efforts. It does so by picking off individuals and threats one by one by various means. Supt. Veale's recent statements are a current problem that they are currently trying their best to disarm. I hope this particular officer has an unblemished record and has the support of his Chief Constable and 'Crime Commissioner'.


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