Saturday, 11 March 2017

Scape Goat or Guilty Party?

We are much better at memorials, than preventing the wars that cause them - or looking after their victims. So are they an indication of real remorse and sympathy, or just window dressing, to allow the elite to pretend they care?

Sharing the joke....

“I had nothing to contribute. I played no part. I was on the edge.
Everything around me, grey.
It was the same old feeling, back again.
I was in the middle of the group but I might as well have been a million miles away from these people.” 
― Tim RelfStag

From The Guardian here:

"The Queen unveiled a memorial to the many thousands of UK military and civilians who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf, but there was disquiet among some for the way the event was organised and the presence of the former prime minister Tony Blair.
"A full contingent of senior royals and politicians met 2,500 military and civilian guests as the new memorial, on the banks of the Thames, was dedicated at a military drumhead service on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, central London.
"As some criticised the fact that many bereaved had not been invited, there was also bitterness over the presence of Blair, who made the controversial decision to take the UK into the Iraq war."

How is it possible that an opening ceremony of a monument dedicated to those that served, and often paid the ultimate price, could overlook the many families that were bereaved and still, on a daily basis, are reminded of the fact without a statue to remind them? 
It rather illustrates the harsh reality that lives count for little in the scheme of things in the pursuit of national objectives, or to the people that make the crucial decisions,  whether legal or not, moral or not, supported by the people or not. 

Blair and Bush... together

Clare Short Quote: “The Middle East is more angry than ever. I’m afraid that the sort of deceit on the route to war was linked to the lack of preparation for afterwards and the chaos and suffering that continuous – so it won’t go away will it?”

And now it seems so long ago....


  1. Dunblane, Secret Societies and the Ministry of Defence.

  2. Whistleblower Melanie Shaw shockingly and unjustly sentenced for other alleged offences. Was this fabricated to silence her?

  3. The fact that ALL these events have common features, suggests common instigators and common intentions. It's rather akin to the well established criminal idea of 'modus operandi'. This raises very profound questions and issues. Are we really saying that embedded somewhere, there is an active unit, an operations room, determining what and where? To whom does such a group answer to? Clearly all Western/Israeli governments strenuously deny involvement and responsibility, a position that is becoming increasingly untenable. So are the ostensible political leaders intentionally deceiving us (surely a serious crime?) or are they also in the dark? If the latter the conclusion must be a treasonous power base in not one, but most American and European countries or able to penetrate them without opposition! Of course we are asked to believe the coordinating enemy is in fact 'ISIS', but leaving aside the fact that we know ISIS is the child of Israel, America and Saudi planners, so that anything it is claimed to be responsible for, leads straight back to Tel Aviv, Washinging and Riyadh, nevertheless it is quite preposterous that this recently created group of mercenaries have the range or organisation to do what is claimed. It is clear that insofar as Muslim Arabs have been blamed for outrages, they invariably appear to be working at the behest of others or have been framed to appear guilty. Nothing could be more serious in our time, or more threatening to our social, economic and political wellbeing. The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that there is indeed a conspiracy that crosses international boundaries, intended to spread fear and distrust directed against principally Arabs and Muslim - though in recent years and since Putin has stepped in and frustrated Western plans, this has been extended to Russia. The only possible and rational explanation turns on the the expansionist, hegemonic ambitions of Israel, carefully concealed by Jewish controlled media, from millions of ordinary people, who they know just would not wear it. Only the internet has challenged this narrative, which of course has now prompted the clamour for restrictions (for which child porn has been very useful) and the 'Fake News' meme.

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