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How do you keep a lid on the biggest lie?


Analysis of 9-11, Part 4: It is Becoming Harder to Keep the Lid on the Lie

truth cookerMainstream media is still trying to keep the lid on the lies over 9-11.
by Dee McLachlan
This is Gumshoe’s 800th post.
I started this site out of frustration with the mainstream media’s dishonesty over 9-11. So this article seems appropriate.
I want to thank the remarkable Mary Maxwell who has been so prolific over the last few months keeping the home fires burning — whilst I was working on a film, plus the the other contributors.
But back to the media. I believe it will be near impossible to keep the truth from becoming mainstream in the coming years. Yet we are still some way to a tipping point, but it will eventually come. And the realisation that an entire generation was conned into a false belief will baffle future generations.
The facts are so clear — and so there are no more excuses from those guarding the lies of 9-11. Jon Faine (popular radio host on ABC 774) wrote back to me, saying:
“I confirm that i am not interested in sept 11 conspiracy theories. It is an insult to the dead to play with this”.
I direct Mr Faine to Matt Campbell and his efforts in finding the truth about who was behind the murder of his brother, Geoff, in the North Tower.
Matt has contributed articles to Gumshoe, and now features in a new film, entitled “Incontrovertible“, see trailer below. And you only need to listen to Bobby McIlvaine (father of a 9-11 victim) to understand that it is an insult to the dead to NOT seek the truth.
One of the participants in the documentary — Brian Maxwell (no relation to Mary), a firefighter — has had to resign over his participation and support of the film.
Maxwell learned of Tony Rooke’s film and agreed to make an appearance. The main focus of Incontrovertible is World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), which collapsed — purportedly from fires — late in the afternoon of 9/11.
Not long after he began “sharing” the film, his superiors said he had breached the fire service code of conduct by providing photographs of himself in uniform. They deemed his appearance in a film political, as it implied government corruption. (Story here)
CBT12 – 9-11 Focus
I am happy to announce that the mainstream media is being challenged. It is an independent PBS station, Colorado Public Television 12. It presents a whole collection of September 11 films, in its 9/11 Focus. (I doubt Australia’s ABC would show any one of the films.)
One of these is the “Demolition of Truth“, which presents testimony from highly-credentialed scientists, engineers, and military experts. This expert testimony is also interwoven with analyses by social scientists who examine the psychological impact of the “attacks.” The film concludes with steps we can take toward healing.
They also present the 2012 documentary, “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out“, where over 40 experts in the fields of structural engineering, high-rise architecture, controlled demolition, physics, chemistry and metallurgy lay out the case for a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11.
The experts cite evidence showing that high-temperature incendiaries and explosives were planted throughout the twin towers and the lesser-known Building 7 which collapsed later the same day.
It is becoming harder and harder to keep the lid on the facts.
Justice in Focus – Symposium
Hundreds of researchers and activists will gather in the historic Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City on Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11, 2016. In the 800-seat auditorium, they will assess the state of ongoing efforts to expose the truth and obtain justice for the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent victims. (Details here)
Among the many speakers and panelists, are:
Mr. Ferdinando Imposimato, the Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court and a former Italian senior investigative judge.
Daniel Sheehan, one of the US’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers, and
Bob McIlvaine (please note Mr Faine). His son, Robert Jr., worked for Merrill Lynch & Co. as an assistant vice president of media relations. On the morning of 9/11 he was attending a banking conference on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower. Bob is one of the 9/11 family members to openly challenge the official narrative.
Mail Out
And Architects and Engineers of 911Truth are sending out their newest publication, World Trade Center Physics, to 35,000 engineers, 400 ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) leaders and 100 NIST employees and contractors.
The succinct 13-Page publication “Blows Apart the Official Explanation for the Total Collapse of the Twin Towers.” (here)
As I wrote back in April — The Media are the Enemy Within, and the cat is out of the bag.


  1. The BIG lesson that has yet to sink in fully is this: virtually all governments, through their specialist and intelligence sources, must have known within years of the actual event (clearly some knew from the beginning and Britain was probably one of those with its certral position in the so called 'Five Eyes') that the official version of events was ONE BIG LIE. Therefore if they could knowingly lie about this, they obviously can and do lie about anything. Britain's culpability was proven throughout the Iraq affair and in the events of 7/7 at the very least. In other words, sadly we cannot TRUST our own government about ANYTHING, unless and until it comes clean about the gross injustice and deception - the mass murder that justified even more - that was 9/11.

    "Your people do not know and that's what worries me." Secrecy in government is the poison that affects all of us sooner or later because it is part of intentional deceit. Government is not run by the wishes of the people but to reflect the corporate and private desires of a few in positions of power and indeed. Indeed as Blair demonstrated, it is often diametrically opposed to the will of the people, on a totally misleading prospectus. Somehow or other the people must reassert its sovereignty and ensure that as long as the current parliamentary system lasts, it is reflective of it. To do so, given the behaviour of the rump labour party, the only option as I see it is a total clear-out of sitting members, to be replaced to reflect the mood and the will of the people. This is clearly what happened in Scotland and in the Brexit vote but the process is continuing, and for all his faults and opposition, Corbyn best represents it. Unfortunately Tories have rigged the system and are continuing to do so to give themselves an unfair advantage, by using the 'fixed term parliament' to delay as long as possible the next election and by introducing boundary changes to boot. The Liberal Democrats stupidly fell into a trap and were decimated in the process which some of us could see coming. The PLP is also now in terminal decline which is just what the tories wanted. The only light at the end of the tunnel (which could be an on-coming express!) is the new membership directly as a result of Corbyn articulating the pent-up desires of the people, previously betrayed.

  3. Strange how testimony regarding 'mini nukes' here: has gone down for repair.

    From here:

    "Monday, August 20, 2007
    Proof of the Existence of Mini-Nukes and Micro-Nukes
    From the Anonymous Physicist

    More and more people are realizing that other theories proposed could not have destroyed the WTC, and are limited hangouts. As more people realize that the WTC was likely demolished via small nuclear bombs (likely with subsidiary conventional explosives), some are now claiming that milli-nukes (mini-nukes), or micro-nukes don’t even exist. Spooked and I have addressed this issue before. Here first is proof of the “Nuclear rifle” from the 1950’s, no less.

    The .01 kiloton (kt) TNT equivalent is about 1/1000th of the Hiroshima (20KT) blast. And here is a govt scientist, Peter Leitner, PhD, speaking to a Congressional Committee, in 1998. This is proof of nuclear bombs down into the range of “several pounds of TNT.” He stated, “These experiments involve the ACTUAL TESTING of extremely low-yield fission devices (as low as the equivalent of several pounds of TNT) within a confined environment.” Several pounds of TNT is equivalent to about 1/10,000,000th (one ten millionth) of the Hiroshima blast. Thus the U.S. Govt admitted having micro-nukes, and beyond in 1998. Note that this public admission stated that the testing was done “in a controlled environment.”

    Clearly, the gov't has had milli-nukes and micro-nukes for some time."

  4. The inside story on 'wet', 'dry' and psychological operations of the American Marine Corps. The amazingly frank and revealing inside story from Kay Griggs.


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