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 Ansbach Suicide Bombing - Issues

I have just watched the ITV report on the Ansbach suicide bombing here: Published on 26 Jul 2016 

(Apologies: Try as I may, I am unable to paste a copy of the screen shot I made of the broadcast so no image of the young lady in question is available here, other than that below.)
"More about the Ansbach bomber and other images of terrorist attacks in Germany in recent days. Rohit Kahroo reports, with Tom Bradby in the studio." 

I have to say I watch these productions carefully and critically for signs of problems. I noticed Rohit Kahroo a graduate from Birmingham University, was appointed ITV's 'African Correspondent" five years ago and rather unusually it was jointly with US network NBC. 

He is now "the Security Editor for ITV News, concentrating on counter-terrorism and national security, both in the UK and abroad."  

Reading his brief profile here in connection with his promotion in 2011, in the Birmingham Mail (Here: was this: 

"Still only 28, he was diagnosed with the condition (Type 1 diabetes) three years ago. “I was driving towards Leicestershire to work on a story with the McCanns when I realised I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than half a second,” he said. “So I stopped at a service station for a quick nap – and woke up hours later having missed that story." 

He was however the reporter for a McCann item according to ITV (here: "LTN: CRIME: Madeleine McCann disappearance: parents no longer suspects 21 July 2008 Story ref: T21070841 Contains: 7 Clips Format: betamax" amounting in all to over two and three quarter hours. 

So to suggest he "missed the story" may not give a totally accurate picture. 

The intrigue surrounding the McCann story and involvement of departments of HM Government is well known and a bit of a red flag in relation to anything else. (See:

But in relation to the Ansbach bombing, the bit that interested me in particular was an interview with a stated "Witness", (at 1.13 m) a young woman in her late teens or early twenties, called Jana Vandenberg. She speaks with a pronounced American accent. In the exceedingly brief slot (it's obviously savagely edited nine (9) seconds in total!) she says: 

"... and then I remembered that my little sister was back inside so I ran back towards the entrance of the concert hall and I saw a man laying injured on the floor with blood on his face ..."

No information is given where she comes from, by whom she is employed (if she is), or why she and her younger sister were in Ansbach? Or indeed why she of all people was chosen as the "eye witness" and no others.

I have just (10.8.2016) managed to source this still from the NBC video clip (See below):

There are several elements to this that I find questionable. It is not clear how long after the incident the interview takes place but her utter composure and undisturbed - both mentally and sartorially - appearance is worrying. 

True she doesn't claim to have seen the man blow himself up but she claims to have witnessed the immediate after effects, and she was clearly desperately worried about her"little sister" who may have been a casualty. Having been concerned about her no mention is made of her again which seem rather strange.

So the man on the ground "with blood on his face": is she suggesting that was the bomber? That would certainly be the inference I got from it. If so the account is quite preposterous. He was I believe described as setting off a backpack bomb filled with bolts and such like. Do you really think that a bloodied face would adequately describe the carnarge such a device would produce?

But perhaps she was instead describing one of the fifteen injured? If so why not a mention of them or more importantly the impact the bomber himself made on her? In no way is this a credible witness report. 

The question arises, was she in fact scripted or indeed what has come to be known as a "crisis actor" purely for the emotional impact on, and link to, the United States audience?

Searching the name on the internet provided only this at which does look remarkably like the person being interviewed in the ITV footage. This young lady of identical name has this against it surprisingly: 
Jana Vandenberg

I have now discovered the same footage, but more of it - forty (40) seconds this time - put out by NBC. (Note the Rohit Kahroo joint arrangement with NBC above that looks as if it might still be in operation) This clip is self standing at and provides a little bit more information. We learn she is sixteen:"16-year-old Jana Vandenberg was taking an ice cream break from a music festival when she heard the explosion in Ansbach, Germany". (Her white T-shirt has 'California' embroidered on it.) Actually she doesn't say they were having an icecream but rather that "they ran in the opposite direction towards the icecream stall". Had she actually left her little sister alone inside the hall and why did it take time before she remembered her? 

"There was security people everywhere," she says. This we must presume was within minutes or seconds even, of the explosion itself. No one explains how or why they were there so quickly. The man we learn who had "blood on his face " was an "elderly gentleman" but she doesn't stop to help him or any of the other injured apparently or take notice of the man who has just blown himself up! This is quite incredible.

She says she was, "able to push through inside the concert screaming for her sister. They were hiding in the bathroom , really scared. I said we' re running now and we got out and ran all the way down town. As we ran cop cars were coming the other way. There was a very quick reaction."

So again we have the familiar element of these incident narratives "holed up in a bathroom very scared". But it begs the question doesn't it, how if she got to the scene so quickly, ignoring all the mayhem around her, and unobstructed by all the security people she says were there, and able to get back inside (she says "pushed through") yet within minutes not only has her little sister hidden in the bathroom, but she is able to locate her there and still be out and running away whilst "cop cars" are still arriving.

I would say there is something very wrong with this account. Yet again the television companies (in this case ITV and NBC) are either very gullible or knowingly agree to broadcast a very questionable source.

As usual we have a big problem both with the witness reports and the photographic evidence that might back up the story. I can't find a single photograph to support either multiple injuries, a dead bomber or any damage that might be expected with such an explosion. If someone else can, I am happy to stand corrected.

There is this one that claims to capture the explosion with this caption: "Sunday outside the restaurant in the Bavarian town of Ansbach was a blast. The alleged terrorist was 27-the summer native of Syria — previously refused him ..."
This was published by 'EDESKNEWS'. Wikipedia (Here: reports the bomb exploded at 22.12 (Twelve minutes past ten in the evening) This raises some serious questions regarding the witness statement discussed above. Who would be taking "an icecream break" at that time of night? Who would leave a "little sister" alone in a concert hall at that time of night? Who would "run all the way down town" at that time of night rather than call parents or guardians?

But  leaving aside any evidence of the damage that such an explosion would have caused, there is a much bigger problem. Look at the time record on the video. It says 'AM' so that must be nearly five minutes past two in the early morning. That's either 20 hours before or four hours after the stated time of the explosion. Clearly the image or the report is totally unreliable.

Image result for ansbach terrorist bomb images
This was the nearest I could get - an undamaged backpack left outside the premises:

Here it is again actually identified as being the one carrying the explosive device. So what sort of device was it and how was it used, in the process killing the handler of it? This, unsurprisingly has not been explained.


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