Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Another visitor falls from a Thai Hotel

Joshua Edward Beath
Date of Death: July 29, 2016 (Aged 30)

Friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help bring Mr Beath's body home.
The following article is taken from "Farang Deaths". 
It states Mr Beath  died when he fell from the seventh floor of a Bangkok hotel. Mr Beath was from Melbourne, Australia, but no details are given of his occupation. It says he entered the hotel with a local woman who has subsequently disappeared and for whom the police are looking. It is reported he was on holiday and although there is no evidence of foul play, no one can explain how he came to fall.
Many foreigners die under analogous or unexplained circumstances that 'Farang Deaths' (here: attempts to catalogue.
"A 25-year-old Australian checks in into a four-star hotel with a Thai woman. Less than 24 hours later, his body is found on the ground next to the building. Was it suicide – or was anyone else involved in the death of the young man?

The friends are seeking $30,000 to help bring his body home.

The information was first released by Siamrath, a Thai language online news website. 
"According to the article, Bang Rak Police Station was informed of the death of a foreigner at 7:15 Friday morning. Police denied to name the four-star hotel but said it was located on Surawong Rd in Bangkok’s Si Phraya district.
"Police officers from Bang Rak along with investigator Pol Maj Satid Soncha made their way to the place of the incident. On the concrete of a narrow aisle next to the 17 floors high hotel building, they found the lifeles body of Joshua Edward Beath, aged 25." friends are seeking $30,000 to help bring his body home.

"Siamrath wrote Mr Beath was an Austrian citizen. However, considering his name and the fact that an obituary was published in the Australian paper Herald Sun makes it safe to assume that Mr Beath was actually from Australia.

"Mr Beath was not wearing any clothes, Pol Maj Satid said. He was lying on his back in a pool of blood.* An emergency doctor from General Police Hospital stated that the young man had sustained severe injuries to his head which eventually might have caused the death."
(* It should be noted the following photograph appears in contrast, to show him lying prostrate on his FRONT adjacent to what appears to be a large pool of blood. There is no explanation for the divergence between police description and the photographic evidence shown here.)

"Pol Maj Satid inspected room no. 758 on the 7th floor of the hotel where the deceased had stayed. There were no signs of a fight or other circumstances that might indicate Mr Beath was the victim of a crime, he said.

"A maid on her way to work had found the already dead man and immediately called the police. According to hotel personnel, Mr Beath had checked in only one day earlier at around noon. With him was a Thai woman who was not present when police arrived.

"Police have opened an investigation to find out what really happened that night. For that, they will inspect related CCTV footage and question the Thai woman who might have been the last person that saw Mr Beath alive.

"In the obituary published in the Herald Sun days after the death, it is being said that his death was a “result of accident”."

Note: Fifteen further deaths of foreign persons falling in or from hotels during 2016 are listed here:

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