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'Terrorist' Arrest on the Ukraine/Polish Border: Genuine or False?

A video grab taken from undated footage made available on the Ukrainian security service' official website allegedly shows security officers detaining the unidentified French national at the border with Poland.

Note: Red shirt with "6" logo.


In a dramatic arrest caught on camera, Ukraine police - dressed to kill or at least impress - arrested a French national in his white van, just before he was allowed to leave the country at Yagodyn. In it was found five Kalashnikov semi-automatic rifles, two anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades, 5,000 bullets, 100 detonators and 125kg (275lb) of TNT as well as balaclavas.

Other film released, proves this came as no surprise to the arresting authorities, as clearly, all his movements had been monitored for some time. In fact the state security agency - the SBU - announced the man had been under surveillance since mid-December, 2015.

Foreknowledge is also indicated by the fact that immediately after the arrest, Ukraine announced the very specific plans of the Frenchman in question as 15 attacks on bridges, railways, synagogues, mosques, public buildings including tax offices and motorways in France. 

The Euro football tournament is specifically excluded from this list, although at least one American source (here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-releases-details-on-arrest-of-alleged-terrorist-weapons-procurer-1465213313) states that it was.

Laura Mills of the Wall Street Journal, in a report filed on June 6, 2016 from Moscow: 

"Ukrainian authorities said they arrested a French citizen who amassed weapons and explosives for a potential attack on the Euro 2016 soccer championships."

Intriguingly she also reports the man was actually arrested on the 21st May - two full weeks before it was actually announced and only three days before the Paris Euro championships.

"The man is being held in Kiev, said SBU spokeswoman Olena Hitlyanska. She said the man had been detained on May 21 on the Polish border," she says.

Yet two weeks after it,the French authorities are still in the complete dark? All this suggests something very suspicious and unreliable. It may also indicate the real propaganda intention and what agencies were actually behind it.

Vassil Hrytsak of the SBU told a press conference in Kiev. “The operation lasted almost six months during which we documented every one of his acts and movements. At first we thought it was linked to a classic terrorist organisation. But we stumbled across an organisation in France that is unhappy with those in power and was planning to organise a series of attacks during the Euro.” (My emphasis)

Rather unusually these days, the man is said to be a 'right wing extremist' rather than a Muslim and his intended targets equally shared between both Jew and Muslim besides government targets with no religious connotation at all.

Nevertheless, French sources denied any knowledge of the man or his plans. If Ukraine knew about him, it certainly appears they didn't share the information with his intended target country! How strange is that?

French police said the man was from the Lorraine region of eastern France and was unknown to France’s police and security service - this at a time when the country is in a state of marshal law and civil unrest, with 90,000 soldiers, police, gendarmes and security guards for the football tournament starting this Friday (9th June, 2016). Quite incredible!

Another very strange feature, is that despite the length of time the man had been followed and detailed knowledge of his plans, no one else has been arrested or charged.

How likely is it that the man was acting alone? The arsenal had to come from somewhere. He must have had contacts in both Ukraine and France and probably elsewhere. To arrest just one man without following up the leads and wider organisation is not only bad policing, it is positively negligent and reckless, particularly after recent events in Paris and Brussels.

This certainly looks staged and timed by me for a 'news event' to coincide with the football tournament. This is Ukraine after all. Whenever there happens to be (a) a film crew and (b) widespread publication in the media of the event, everyone should be highly suspicious of the circumstances under which it happened and is projected via the media. 

In this case, not only the dramatic and highly theatrical arrest (which bears many similarities to that of Salah Abdeslam in Brussels you may notice) but covert film of the suspect packing up the armaments.

The only thing we should be certain of is that nothing emanating from the CIA run Ukraine, responsible for the lies relating to MH17 and other matters, can be relied on in matters of terrorism. Nor for that matter in relation to the fraudulent 'Friday 13th' Paris outrage.

How I wonder was this particular 'right-wing' potential gun-runner/terrorist identified and located so as to enable at least TWO hidden cameras (we must assume they were hidden!) could be installed to catch him packing and loading them up? Normally in 'terrorist' or police incidents the cameras either arn't working or are kept secret by police! 

Whenever the opposite is the case (note here both sets of film are released in a coordinated way proving a planned intention) we should treat the evidence sceptically, further reinforced by the way mainstream media present it as front-page news. 

The fact that although it appears the suspect did not intend to target the Paris football fest, it is of course highly significant that the story appears just before it. Was the intention to promote both a destabilising fear of continuing threat and a necessity and justification for unprecedented state security.

Is it not somewhat surprising that when intelligence, preparedness and protective action was really needed on Friday 13th November, 2015, it was notably absent, this despite all the emergency services being on a high alert exercise?

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