Sunday, 19 June 2016


by Hugh Williams and many other sources 


1. The EU is an oligarchy run by unelected bureaucrats in the European Commission.

2. These people regard democracy with contempt. Any vote not to their liking will be circumvented or ignored.

3. There is no way of dismissing those who govern us.

4. The effective government of the EU, the Commission, does not depend on any parliamentary majority.

5. Whole rafts of officials and institutions, MEP's, judges, commissioners, the ESM and ECB are immune from legal process which thus places state above law. A condition by which the state places itself above law is, by definition, tyranny.

6. The EU is supranationaL Law is created top-down and placed outside the control of the parliaments, governments and courts of member states.

7. The EU was designed from the outset to create a single European mega state.

8. The states of the Eurozone are being reduced to shell entities, like the states of Bismarck's Germany. They have lost much of their legislative autonomy, their monetary independence, and are now set to lose their fiscal, military and diplomatic independence,

9. The EU already controls, or has a central and growing role, in the following areas: Foreign affairs Economic affairs Monetary policy Public health Energy Justice Environment Employment Farming Police Fisheries Social affairs Law enforcement Immigration Trade Transport

10. Our accession to the EU in 1973 and the 1975 'referendum' was brought about by a highly organised campaign of deception.

11. Our accession was also treasonous. The sovereignty of the county does not belong to parliament but to the people.

12. David Cameron's 'renegotiation' is not a treaty, will not result in a treaty, and has no binding force whatever. Treaties such as Lisbon, Nice and Maastricht take precedence.

13. This means that at some stage we will be required to make a choice between full commitment to the pan-European megastate or leave.

14. The European Assembly is a faux parliament. Its MEPs cannot initiate, amend or repeal legislation. Only the unelected European Commission can do that.

15, Debates in this assembly are often absurdly truncated. MEPs often vote on hundreds of items in a day.

16. Acquis Communautaire is the Brussels Ratchet which says that, once a national power has been ceded to Brussels, it will never be returned.

17. The Acquis Communautaire is also a Roman Law concept and works in an entirely contrary manner to our own Common Law. It places the state above law, has no intrinsic principle of innocence or habeous corpus, and eschews the jury system.

18. The EU works by a system called engrenage … sometimes called 'sausage slicing' … which means it grabs power by a deliberate strategy of stealth and deceit over time.

19. The three main political parties are catspaws of the EU. There is very little electoral choice.

20. No law passed in Brussels has ever been overturned by the UK Parliament.

21. We can no longer ban live animal exports.

22. The European Arrest Warrant is a monstrosity which allows deportation without a prima facie case. (even American states have to prove a prima facie case before an accused person can be transferred to another state), often at the behest of an official, not even a court.

23. Thousands of Post Offices have closed thanks to EU regulation.

24. The EU has two parliament buildings costing over £100 million extra a year.

25. The EU is highly intolerant of criticism and comes down hard on critics and whistleblowers such as Bernard Connolly, Nigel Farage, Marta Andreasen, or Martin Tillack.

26. In the Connolly case the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice gave it as his formal opinion in case C274/99P that “Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and could be restricted without violating freedom of speech”. Other senior figures in Europe have likened criticism to 'terrorism'.

27. For almost 2 decades the EU has failed to produce audited accounts. If it was a company it would have been wound up and its directors prosecuted many years ago.

28. The Common Fisheries Policy has been a wasteful lunacy resulting in the most depleted fish stocks and the fattest seagulls of any continental shelf in the world.

29. The CFP has resulted in the decimation of our own fishing industry.

30. In May 2004 the European Assembly voted not to punish those guilty of corruption.

31. The Treaty of Lisbon is self-amending which means the EU can now do whatever it wants. No further treaties will be needed.

32. Three European countries that are not part of the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, are among the richest per capita in the world.

33. The Common Agricultural Policy is probably the most corrupt slush fund in history. It gobbles up £65billion per annum, yet farm incomes continue to fall, and sectors of agriculture such as dairy continue to be hollowed out.

34. The CAP adds almost £1000 per annum to an average family food budget, because we cannot trade food openly. New Zealand butter, which is virtually subsidy-free and, after being shipped half-way around the world, is cheaper than EU brands.

35 The EU does much of its business in secret, through so-called 'trilogues'.

36. The EU is dominated by corporate and banking lobbyists.

37. Renationalisation of the railways would not be permitted by the EU.

39. Quantitative Easing for the people would not be permitted by the EU.

40. De-privatisation of Health and public services would not be permitted by the EU.

41. Renationalisation of public utilities … water, energy, transport … would not be permitted by the EU.

42. There is a growing clamour from Germany, France and Jean-Claude Juncker for Europe to have its own armed forces ... for which there is provision in the Lisbon Treaty.

43. The Euro, as predicted by many economists at the time of its inception, has been a disaster for the countries of southern Europe.

44. The Euro always was a political, not an economic project, which must be ruthlessly pursued regardless of the cost to the countries for which it is unsuitable such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy. No amount of suffering in those countries is allowed to deflect from the Grand Project.

45. The Treaty of Lisbon says that the currency of the EU shall be the Euro; so using the Euro is now a condition of EU membership. It is unlikely we will be able to remain outside the Euro for much longer.

46. TTIP negotiations have been conducted in secret.

47. EU-inspired Money Laundering Regulations destroy the Principle of Innocence by assuming all people to be criminals, whilst involving many people in onerous, invasive and hassle.

48. VAT is an unnecessarily cumbersome and complex sales tax.

49. The EU costs us about £54 million every working day (an average of £14 billion every year between 2013/14 to 2019/20) just to belong. It is reckoned to cost a further £220 million every day (£80 billion a year) complying with EU regulations.

50. We only get back about half of what we pay in, and have little control as to how even that is spent.

51, One of the great EU plans is to balkanise member states into 'regions' as part of a longer-term plan of divide et imperia.

52 Jose Barosso has likened the EU to empire. Empires tend to do imperial things.

53. The EU is anti-Christian. Baroness Ashton, the (then) EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, announced in February 2011 that it is no longer politically correct to use the word “Christian”.

54. The EU already has most of the trappings of a state … a constitution, currency, central bank, embassies, supreme court, flag, anthem, central government, civil service, and elected assembly.

55. Much of our gold and currency reserves (have been) transferred to the European Central Bank.

56. The costs of translating the proceedings of the institutions has escalated exponentially from £200 million when there were 15 members to close to £1billion per year.

57. Aid will be given to political parties in the European Assembly only so long as the parties form crossborder entities.

58, Pensions paid to retired European nomenklatura (including a number of our own parliamentarians) are conditional upon that person saying nothing deeply critical of the European project, thus turning such payments into de facto bribes.

59. In the past 5 years the BBC has received from the EU direct financing of over £22 million, and 'soft' loans of around £140 million. So although technically giving each side equal time, night after night, the BBC is leading with the claims of the Remain camp. Strange isn't that?

60, Through its aid and financing policies the EU has a powerful ability to buy the loyalty of corporations, NGO's, organisations and individuals, which it exploits to the full.

61. Massive and unpredictable flows of mass migration, putting severe strain on services and resources.

62. Uncontrollable inflows of cheap low-skill labour depressing wages at a time of general wage stagnation.

63. The EU's neo-imperial meddling in the Balkans, the Middle East and the Ukraine.

64. The EU's devotion to neo-liberal economic orthodoxy and austerity.

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