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EU Referendum and Death of Jo Cox MP


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Monday, 20 June 2016 10:25 

Thursday's UK referendum on EU membership is approaching and the final plays are being played. The true nature of, or intent behind, the tragic killing of Jo Cox will not emerge until afterwards but subtle references (she was all about "unity" repeated ad nauseam) by the BBC, (may) have had a dramatic short term effect on the polls, reversing some of the Brexit momentum, at least temporarily. Was her killing orchestrated to influence the vote? Who knows at this point but there is certainly circumstantial evidence to suggest so.
As yet, few have articulated what is in the back of many of our minds but this critical thinker raises some important questions:
"Yes, there have been whispers of a 'coming bombshell', and there may be yet more.
There are already a number of other oddities, besides those already noted, surrounding the murder of Jo Cox. What is needed is an exact timeline from the attack itself, to the arrest of Thomas Mair, the arrival of armed police at his home, through his medical and psychiatric assessment to actual police interview. But, and in the absence of such an exact timeline, prima facie the following questions need answering;-
1) How come an armed police response car was so close to the scene of the attack as to be able arrest Mair apparently within minutes? Indeed given the speed at which other such units arrived at his home, there may have been more armed units in close proximity?
2) Judging by the scene of the arrest which have been released, Mair may have suffered a few bruises at that time. Given a case of this importance surely a police doctor and psychologist would have been summoned almost immediately. Thus it is most odd that it was not until the following day that the Acting Chief Constable announced that he had been medically assessed and was now judged fit for interview. From the wording of her announcement it appeared that at that time the interview had not yet commenced.
3) The initial committal hearing is normally a brief formality. How come Mair was taken to London for that hearing ... normally held in the local magistrates' court … and on whose authority? Was that authority judicial or administrative?
4) A recall of parliament on the murder of a backbencher (this did not happen in the cases of Neave, Berry or Gow) is unprecedented.
5) Who, other than the normal police interviewers, doctors, psychologists and his lawyers, may have had, or may still have access to Mair in these interregnums (or which more below).
The milking of this murder by the Remain camp has become a vulgar circus, obviously intended to create a 'Princess Diana moment' for the Remain cause.
That said, in my view the prevailing memetic emanating from this circus is more subtle, and also more pervasive, than any comment I have so far seen, reaching even below the notion that Leave has caused blood on the streets, and the hint that its central message is violent and fascistic as recorded by the likes of Toynbee, Delingpole, much European press comment, and others.
That memetic is contained in a clip from Jo Cox's maiden speech, together perhaps with one or two other brief clips from her speeches on the same theme. This theme concerns, 'we have more that unites than divides us; 'togetherness' and 'unity'. Such brief excerpts on the 'togetherness' and 'unity' meme have been repeated, repeated, repeated ad nauseam on mainstream media since Thursday afternoon like a mantra. Strange isn't it?
I wonder whether there is some Norman Reddaway style spook might be in the background, orchestrating all of this, and … if so … working through what channels?
For want of any doubt I must strongly emphasise that I am definitely not against 'togetherness' any more than I against a 'better world' of peace and harmony. However 'togetherness' comes in many brands and varieties, a number of which are seriously ersatz.
So often, indeed almost invariably, the laudible objective acts as the Trojan Horse for the corporate control agenda.
For the rest, what I am about to say, is uttered with the greatest reserve and caution. As to whether this is a full blown black operation, we will almost certainly never know for certain. I seek only to establish, at this time, plausible hypothesis, and no more.
Too often a plausible hypothesis is seized upon, without further hard evidence, and turned into incontrovertible proof to be taken as established truth. Such brands of 'conspiracy theory' are rightly condemned. To construct a plausible hypothesis is not to establish confirmed truth. Suspicion, even with some level of prima facie evidence, is one thing; proof is quite another.
Thus I pose the following strictly on the basis of that which is not impossible.
There is already an accumulation of statements from those who knew Mair, in many cases for many years, who say that what has happen ran against everything they ever knew about him and against many long established estimations of his character. Also we know that he has had a long struggle against depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
In his Activist Post article of yesterday (18th June) Jon Rappoport alleges a possible psyop. He highlights the possibility that Mair may have been prescribed SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressants adding that 'these drugs are known to push people over the edge into violent behavior ... ' and giving some examples of violent incidents involving drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil, as well as some commentary from leading practitioners. He adds that another slightly different drug, Luvox is often prescribed for obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as depression. Ritalin may also be involved.
What Rappoport does not mention, but which has become a matter of speculation in a number of cases ... most notoriously that of Sirhan Sirhan the convicted killer of Robert Kennedy, is the possible role of hypnosis.
Those who regard such a possibility with incredulity need look no further than the work of Derren Brown. Using apparent hypnosis Brown has produced a series of remarkable ... many quite hair raising … results. These include the use of a games console to hypnotise a person into believing they had actually become part of the game itself (and which involved considerable violence in this individual fighting off what he believed to be real-life zombies).
For anyone who doubts the ease with which a person can be hypnotised into carrying out an act against their will, a look at Derren Brown's The Assassination of Stephen Fry is strongly recommended. In this, and using a sequence of hypnotic triggers, an ordinary individual (with no axe to grind against Stephen fry at all) is induced to fire a pistol at Fry in a crowded theatre. Afterwards he is brought out of the trance by Brown, and clearly has not a clue in hades where he is or what the hell is happening. My estimation of Stephen Fry is that he would not be a party to a fraud. It is very scary stuff indeed. Brown's work is widely available.
There is no shortage of Tommy Mairs out there. They are often loners, perhaps not the most intelligent, have a history of mental, drug or sexual and personal problems, are often impressionable and gullible. Against that they often exhibit a greater than normal (and to some authorities unwelcome!) curiosity about what might be happening behind the faux imagery, cliches and cardboard scenery of modern life.
This one appears to have dabbled in far right politics. It may just as easily have been Scientology, Zen Bhuddism, or herbalism. Beset by personal problems they may latch on to such causes only to find that those also have feet of clay, are not an answer to their problems and then drift on to another destination.
Such an individual encountering a series of drug and hypnosis induced triggers and then acting in such a manner is by no means impossible, and may even explain his apparent calmness through this entire episode."

re: http://www.globalresearch.ca/entrapment-fbi-tried-to-lure-orlando-shooter-into-a-terror-plot-in-2013/5531929
I am not at ALL surprised. This is the REALITY of our bloated 'intelligence' and 'security' sector. They have gone rogue and have forgotten who they are meant to be working for. Somehow they have been infiltrated by a foreign and deadly virus of deceit to achieve unspecified (to the wider public) goals. We all need to wake up and challenge the accepted orthodoxy and the official versions of many of the recent past 'terrorist events' most of which are sham in whole or in part! THIS not ISIS (though clearly ISIS is part of the same) is our biggest threat and should be acknowledged as such. In some ways 'Brexit' is a side issue the main one being: 'Who ACTUALLY is in charge of these events and will it be better or worse if we leave the EU?

Are the initial 'terrorist' narratives ever updated or corrected in the public mind?

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Hi Tim,
A news search on the murder of Jo Cox which, temporarily at least, arrested the accelerating momentum of the Brexit campaign, pulls up stories from seven days ago - the day before the EU referendum vote. The story did its job; it's now old news. Strangely, the heartfelt "unity" message eulogised by Remain campaigners in the immediate aftermath of her death was only for the referendum vote - the subsequent recriminations and orchestrated campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the Labour party, don't smack of unity.

Questions remain: who was Jo Cox? We know, because money raised in her memory was allocated to the white helmets in Syria, that either knowingly or not, she was a tool of the NATO war machine to oust president Bashar Assad. The circumstances of her death remain unexplored in spite of the parallels with the murder of pro-Euro Swedish minister, Anna Lindh, in 2003. Thomas Mair, accused of her murder, is not to be tried until November when the murder will be even older news and the political theatre will have moved on. He appears to have had "mental issues" and was claimed to be acting alone - fits the pattern of a false flag event.

It happens every time: Event to shock and distract -> capitalise on the momentary sympathy for the victim(s) to achieve your objective -> quietly let the story drop below the media radar and move on.

Another such "story" is the recent mass slaughter of gay club patrons in Orlando, Florida. One of the motives ascribed to the "lone" gunman was homophobia but it has emerged subsequently that the alleged shooter was himself gay.  More questions remain and now it appears that no-one died until the police SWAT team arrived  - so who killed all those people? More importantly, why?

What should have been front page news everywhere, somehow got buried amid the official narrative we were given about the Orlando shooting. Judge Andrew Napolitano told FOX News that an FBI transcript indicated that no one died until 05:13am Sunday morning when the police SWAT teams entered the building.

It is only through vigilance and monitoring such events that we see the patterns emerge. When the atrocity occurs, we are given an immediate narrative that quickly embeds itself in our psyche: murder of Jo Cox? "...oh yes, that was that lone racist nutter"; Orlando massacre? "...oh yes I remember, that was the homophobic Muslim acting alone" - the contrary evidence is never presented. So unless, you look for yourself, how will you know what's really going on?

9/11 is where this current millennia's cycle of insanity started and until we engage with the truth of 9/11, we don't have a clue about why David Kelly and many more died subsequently. The weight of evidence suggests that Kelly was murdered by the deep dark state to sustain the illusory narrative behind the Iraq war which itself was a product of 9/11.

Truth is the only route to freedom

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