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Mass Shooting, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia?

DISCLAIMER (with apologies) Oscar James26 June 2016 at 11:16
"Complete fabricated tale by a hoax website and if you saw the source it has a different mass shooting every day of the week in Australia. It's clickbait to get you to click on the ads."


We live in an age when real events cannot be taken at face and similar wholly ficticious events are presented as real. Who was behind this particular one and for what reason? Is it just a contemporary version of the 'practical joke' or does it have a more sinister purpose, to muddy still further the dividing  line between fact and fiction?

Strangely in this particular case, there appears to be no official attempt to clarify the story or identify and challenge its authors. You might have expected that in an Australia on high alert. Surely, surely it wasn't a planned event, the details of which were leaked before its time?

Is the following report reliable and if so why was it not all over the western media?

Strangely this major 'terrorist' incident appears not to have been widely reported in the western media. It is almost impossible on Google search to find reference to it!
Australian mass psychology obviously being targetted by same forces behind other American and European outrageously staged events.
Where have we seen this format before? The 'modus operandi' too familiar to be coincidental. Compare and contrast with just this one: 
See also the spookily timed following article: . 
The following report from:  June 23rd 2016.
"21 dead, many injured after mass shooting in Hervey Bay, Queensland."

"Hervey Bay, Queensland (ABC) – With the investigation still unfolding, much is unclear about deadly Hervey Bay shooting.
"The police were not able to track down suspects, said officer Nicole Wilson.
"One of the eyewitnesses, brother of the deceased, told reporters: “I have no idea why they would do something like this. I have absolutely no idea. I am in shock myself.” He said he last talked to his brother 2 hours ago.
"Police tells ABC that one of the guns used in the shootings was legally purchased and traces back to someone believe to be connect with the shootings. The police would not disclose the name of the purchaser.
"One of the suspects involved in the Hervey Bay shootings has been identified but the name is undisclosed. He abruptly left the crime scene after the shootings.
"The sources said one of the residences in Hervey Bay, surrounded by law enforcement is connected to the suspect. It is that house where the chase began that led to the shootout with the occupants of the SUV.
"The sources could not say for certain that he was in the SUV, if he was a shooter, or that he is one of the dead. The sources did say that the suspect is not known to be a local citizen.
"Two suspects died in a gun battle with police hours after SUV incident and killed 21 people before they were taken down.
"But it was unclear whether the furious shootout with the male and female suspects was the end of a daylong manhunt after the mass shooting in Hervey Bay.
"A police raid was unfolding late at an apartment in in the city, where authorities were serving a search warrant connected to the shooting.
"Mass shootings in Hervey Bay continued for 20-25 minutes. Witnesses said at least two shooters opened fire, killing 21 people.
"Around 70 people were hurt — many wounded by bullets from automatic-style rifles, some injured in the panic to escape.
"The shooters fled in a black SUV, prompting a huge police response in the area.
"As the hours passed, the hunt for the suspects continued with a tip taking officers to a place not far away from the city center.
"When detectives followed up on it, a black SUV passed by slowly then sped up and raced off. A law enforcement official close to the investigation told, that police car spotted it and went in pursuit.
"There was a shootout, the official said. The male suspect shot out of the vehicle while the woman drove. The SUV stopped minutes later, as an officer returned fire.
"A device that looked like a bomb also flew out of the vehicle, police officer told ABC. The SUV was racing back toward Hervey Bay, she said.
"Residents were stunned to hear the eruption of continuous gunfire. A barrage of bullets riddled the SUV’s windshield.
"A third person who was caught running near the scene was detained, but police aren’t sure whether he was connected to either shooting.
"Hervey Bay police didn’t say how old the suspects were or physically describe them in detail. They told reporters they were armed with assault-style rifles and handguns.
"Police continues to investigate these cases and warns everyone to be careful and report any strange activity on the streets." (Article ends)



  2. complete fabricated tale by a hoax website and if you saw the source it has a different mass shooting every day of the week in Australia. It's clickbait to get you to click on the ads.

  3. Well thanks for this Oscar. It's very hard to distinguish these days. I will post a your discaimer at the top!

  4. In reply to Andrew G Johnston here:
    Well that's one way of looking at it but I'm not sure the 'left/right' paradigm works any more. Just look at the last twenty years - Blair aping Thatcher, Cameron aping Blair. Indeed although politicians live by disagreement, there is little blue (or red) water between them, all realising that their survival depends on securing the middle ground, where most of the populace resides. They all reside on a 'greasy pole' of their own career, fulfilling the useful role of deflecting attention from the real shakers and movers who remain in virtual anonymity, which is where they like to be. Just as 'left' and 'right' are largely illusionary, so those companies and individuals with interests and agendas are very real. Never forget the circumstances of 9/11 and 7/7 and the intentional lies that were told to the British people to pursue an essentially zionist agenda in the middle east. The facts, however mollified by Chilcot, are now too convincing to ignore, even though MSM will not touch it and Government actively resists it. It proves to me at least, there are indeed dark forces at work, particularly in the western world, intent on destabilisation and conflict, not in the interests of the people, but of its own selfish agenda. It is this that we should focus our attention on, not the largely ficticious and fabricated division between 'left' and 'right', or even 'in' and 'out'.


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