Monday, 24 April 2017

Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)

"The world you think you know is an ILLUSION!"

  1. an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.
    "stripes embellish the surface to create the illusion of various wood-grain textures"
    synonyms:miragehallucinationapparitionphantasmphantomvisionspectrefantasy, figment of the imagination, will-o'-the-wisp, trick of the light; 
    "the magical illusion is created using mirrors, lights, and paint"

"THE SECRET SERVICES: YOU THINK THEY ARE THERE TO SERVE AND PROTECT A PEOPLE, COUNTRY ETC but they actually turn out to be criminal organisations, to be more precise the system is heavily so. We are talking about financing wars, so basically creating a lot of misery in this world, so lots of conflicts. Secret services will stop at nothing... dealing in drugs, weapons or people ... All of them are doing it. Our view of the world is an illusion."

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  1. "Theresa May would fire Britain’s nuclear weapons as a ‘first strike’ if necessary, the Defence Secretary has said. Michael Fallon said the Prime Minister was prepared to launch Trident in “the most extreme circumstances”, even if Britain itself was not under nuclear ..."

    The Junta we have in control at the moment are itching to bomb, in order to keep their American masters sweet and pursue the Zionist agenda. The mind-set of the psychopath may be otherwise logical. Killing can always be justified by self interest and personal ambition. Has it ever been better illustrated than in Defence Secretary Fallon's incredible statement that he was prepared to make a FIRST strike (not relaliatory you notice) with NUCLEAR weapons! Empathy and compassion do not score high in power politics or collect brownie points - as we have witnessed in the treatment and derision poured out on Corbyn - although of course those faux emotions are rolled out for PR purposes whenever considered necessary. (One of the objectives of false terrorist theatre) Mrs May has set the electioneering ball rolling, confident that the state of the Labour Party and polls give her a clear run, but the British Public should be in no doubt of the dark and dangerous path on which the Conservative Party leadership is embarked, both domestically and internationally. It will undoubtedly result in mass killings abroad and repression of dissent and opposition at home. The rules were fixed previously, to ensure if successful, there will be no opportunity to remove the government for a further five years, in which time it has been calculated the plan can be enshrined - if we last that long!


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