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"Insider" Photographers Do Terror Events!

The videos by "Annie Logical" listed at the bottom of this page, draw attention to the fact the crucial photographs of the alleged Westminster Attack were by just two trusted (by government) photographers: 

Toby Melville who works for Reuters, and

Stefan Rousseau who works for the Press Association.

Details of their professional profiles are reproduced below. Of course it is a very reasonable to ask how and why they were in the right place at the right time, but also fully prepared with cameras at the ready? In the case of Rousseau we must also ask how within split seconds, he found himself viewing the scene from inside the Houses of Parliament, at just the right window to catch the attacker being shot by two mysterious gunmen said to be the Minister of Defences bodyguards who also appeared at just the right moment? 

Yet rather strangely no one captures images of the attack vehicle crashing into pillar and railings which evidence no sign of damage, off the attacker running the considerable distance from it to the Parliamentary gates or the knife attack itself despite the area being covered by CCTV. It must after all be a "top target" in even the most 'rooky' of 'rooky' of security department, paid vast sums to prevent such incidents or at least record them. 

The fact that Westminster Council decided to turn off all their cameras only months before to "save money" (Really? When the country is on a level of alert only one step down from outright war?!!!) does not preclude the Parliamentary and Government buildings CCTV, which presumably was up and running. Yet none of this material was published.

These facts, and all the others referred to in previous articles, must lead any reasonable person to conclude there is, yet again, something very, very, odd about this event. That neither Church nor State can see it, indeed combine to reinforce and enshrine the official line, without expressing any doubt or reservation also tells us something. 

Yet again no one in responsibility in the corridores of power is held to account for the obvious failures in intelligence and security even of the most basic sort. Indeed those responsible for earlier huge failures are promoted and praised. This is a sure sign of collusion and fraud in this crazy and dangerous "New World Order", where Government has lost all credibility in such matters.

Of course this repeats features of earlier attacks in Nice, Paris, Brussels and Berlin where the first images either in video and or photographs were taken by individuals with either domestic or foreign (Israeli) Government links. Only a fool could conclude that this was not conclusive proof of fore-knowledge and planning by those involved. Equally unless ISIS did the notification, it points unmistakenly to Government responsibility. It is a chilling realisation that our own Western Governments could be engineering these events to secure extremely dangerous objectives both at home and abroad.

See also:

Toby Melville 

Toby Melville is presented with the award for Nikon Sports Photographer of the Year by Chancellor Gordon Brown at The Picture Editors Awards 2005 held at the Guildhall, May 23, 2005, London, England. May 23, 2005
Image result for Toby Melville photographer images

"Witnessing the London Attack."


"Melville was standing below the bridge on the south bank of the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament at around 2:30 p.m. when the man landed near him.
"There was a lot of blood coming from his head. I thought this must be a domestic or horrible accident," Melville said.
"The noisiest part I can remember is the initial thud which I'm sure was the shock in my mind of hearing the bloke landing behind me. It was relatively quiet, in my mind anyway," he said."

Quote from:

"I like this quote by John Steinbeck: “I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.”"

Stefan Rousseau

Photographer of the year - Stefan Rousseau, PA Photos. Taken on April 1, 2009

"For the past fifteen years, I've spent much of my time travelling with and photographing the Prime Minister of Great Britain. This has taken me to every corner of the world and includes Tony Blair's first visits to Afghanistan, Iraq and later to Libya where he held historic talks with Colonel Gaddafi. In 2009, I became the British Press Awards Photographer of the Year and retained the title in 2010."

2016 politics seen by PA photographer Stefan Rousseau

19 December 2016 Last updated at 14:43 GMT
Recalling some political highlights of the year as caught on camera by Press Association chief political photographer Stefan Rousseau.

Westminster Attacks BUSTED!!! Insider Photographers Exposed!
Published on 27 Mar 2017
This video has been created to show that ALL the pictures used in this media reported attack were by two photographers who are both trusted Govt/Royal photographers. Once again, CCTV cameras were missing,drills and events that mimic the event played out just days earlier, and, the aftermath, the loss of personal freedoms and freedom of speech, plus troops on our streets being proposed. I must point out an error in this video, the claims that £11 million were spent on guns was from 2016 BUT it begs the question, why spend that much for protection but turn off the CCTV to save money?

Paris Attack 2017- Busted! Same Photographers as 2015 Paris Attacks!

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