Thursday, 27 April 2017

Is something special planned for May 27th?

Morse Code Threat

In an earlier article I flagged up the rather strange and ominous "Transformers - Last Knight" Morse code 'threat' embedded in its official Twitter account in a 19-second short video in that translates to "I'm coming for you May 31". (Source:

The 'Last Knight and the Westminster Attack'

It was potentially significant because exactly six months prior to the Westminster Terrorist Attack, Westminster Bridge was closed off for two hours for an action sequence for the above film and the release date for the film was exactly three months after the attack on Wednesday 22nd March, 2017. Nor should we over-look the fact that only three days prior to the Westminster attack, there was a full scale emergency exercise that replicated actual elements of the 'real' thing.

How life imitates art - or is it the other way around?

No one should by now be unaware of how both official and commercial 'exercises' are closely aligned to the actual event and indicative of government involvement at all stages, as is the treatment of the event by media and state agencies subsequently. Common features in the event and treatment appear with such frequency, that only a fool would conclude there was not a uniform 'controlling mind' behind them.

Further that there are many aspects of the alleged attack that pose doubts as to its genuine nature in part or whole. The way the event evolved both then and later demonstrate theatrics for emotional purposes, its treatment parallelling previous events elsewhere, it would be extremely imprudent to rule out elements of fraud.

So returning to the 'Last Knight' - note the alternative meaning - as the official release date is June 23rd it cannot be this to which it refers. And why in Morse Code? Was it intended as a secret message to be recognised by only a few? Or was it just a little in-house prank signifying nothing? As far as I am aware the film company (High Command Productions) have proffered no explanation. But why this particular date of May 31st? (Source:

The General Election

Of course we now know that a General Election has been called by the British Prime Minister, Mrs May, for Thursday 8th June, 2017, despite repeated assurances that there would not be a'snap election' and about which even her Cabinet colleagues were kept in the dark.

Further we have witnessed particularly in France, how "terrorist events" have a particular knack of being timed to influence political events, most recently in the Presidential Elections there. (See:

If a similar event did take place in Britain a week or so before the General Election it could only be in the interests of Mrs May and the Conservative Party. (It may also equally be in the interests in the launch of a violent film using English locations!) Of course I am not for one moment suggesting that any of these would have a hand in such a thing - but others who wished to see certain objectives, might! The European precedents are all there.

"The Exterminating Angel"

The thing that sent my mind along this particular trail, was the announcement by BBC Radio 3 that it was to broadcast a particular opera on the 27th May. The opera is called "The Exterminating Angel." (See:

"Thomas Adès conducts a huge ensemble cast of world-class singers in the UK premiere of his latest opera, inspired by Luis Buñuel’s iconic film." (See:

The 1962 Spanish film on which the opera is based (Spanish: El ángel exterminador), written and directed by Luis Buñuel, starring Silvia Pinal, and produced by her then-husband Gustavo Alatriste. is described as sharply satirical and allegorical, and contains a view of mankind as "harbouring savage instincts and unspeakable secrets". (See:

The plot  in both film and Royal Opera House production is as follows: 
"Guests are invited to an exclusive dinner after a night at the opera. Towards the end of the evening they find they are unable to leave. The door is open – but no one can get out, and no one can get in.
The elegant party quickly dissolves into anarchy. One guest dies. Two others kill themselves in a suicide pact. Finally, the dishevelled survivors discover that by re-enacting earlier events they can escape. There is celebration and relief – but it is short-lived, as soon they realize they are trapped again…"(See:

"Sneaker Con", Earls Court

We have noticed the ritual importance of feet and footwear haven't we? True or False? Legit or Fake? Also the way products are used to presage or benefit from events with international coverage. So I happened to notice this rather unusual American-inspired event where apparently people can swap and 'authenticate' their trainers! It is booked for London's Earls Court for the 27th May. Is the logo intimating something?

"The Sneaker Con Authenticated station will be in full effect in New York. Our team of experts will be on site to examine your shoes and legitimize them. For no cost, not only will we answer the question of legit or fake? But you will be educated on the reasons why, as well as some key details to notice on your own. If you're not sure about a shoe, bring it over and have it Sneaker Con Authenticated. 

"If you have shoes that you would like to sell or trade, and you do not plan on purchasing a vendor space, you can still bring the shoes with you. We do not have a limit on the amount of shoes that you bring with you, we do not allow handtrucks, dollies or anything with wheels to bring the shoes in. Feel free to carry the shoes via backpack, duffle bag or any other item that would require you to carry the shoes in. Once you bring the shoes into the event you are permitted to place the shoes on the floor for sale in our "Trading Pit" area."

Elton John Event Targeted.

To those sceptical of the possibility of individuals targeting public event I refer you to this article in the Daily Mail regarding an individual who it is alleged intended to set off a nail bomb at Elton John's concert on the anniversary of 9/11. His brother had previously been convicted of a related offence. In both cases there was contact with under cover MI5 officers apparently. (See:

Meanwhile the following public events also on the 27th May

Kate Tempest's is bringing her brilliant new album 'Let Them Eat Chaos' to the Brixton Academy in May. This isn't your usual sort of music... it's more like poetry. It's a narrative rap. She doesn't sing - she speaks her poems over the top of her music. - See 'Kate Tempest • O2 Academy Brixton, London • 27 May 2017' at

Kate Tempest "Let Them Eat Chaos" concert, Brixton Academy (See:
Kate Tempest's is bringing her brilliant new album 'Let Them Eat Chaos' to the Brixton Academy in May. This isn't your usual sort of music... it's more like poetry. It's a narrative rap. She doesn't sing - she speaks her poems over the top of her music. - See 'Kate Tempest • O2 Academy Brixton, London • 27 May 2017' at https://www.londondrum.com

L'elisir d'amour at Royal Opera House.
Donizetti's comedy opera "L'elisir d'amore" tells the story of Nemorino, who tries to woo his love with a fake love potion. - See 'Whats on in London Saturday 27 May 2017' at

Donazetti's opera tells the story of Nemorino who tries to woo with fake love potion. (See:

Wembly Stadium: FA Cup Final

The O2: Iron Maiden. The Book of Souls World Tour

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

I can locate no major events in London for May 31st

"Prophets are not without honour, save in their own country."

The art of prophesy is an inexact science and very liable to ridicule. That any of the above holds any significance to future possibilities, awaits to be seen. However, if by flagging up hints of intended-damaging-manipulative-events, helps to forestall them, the effort and derision may be worth it. Of course if something happens along these lines, I shall be proved right. If it doesn't, no one (apart from a select few) will know whether I was right or wrong. That I suppose is the essence of inspired guesswork in these times of mass mind control through state initiated 'terrorism'.

See also:

And now (27.4.2017) as if to prove my point, we have this:

 "A man carrying knives near the Houses of Parliament has been wrestled to the ground by armed police and arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences." Clearly not supported by the photograph!

"A backpack, that reportedly held several knives, was removed from the scene following the arrest"
A backpack, that reportedly held several knives, was removed from the scene following the arrest

"The rucksack and knives left in Whitehall after armed officers swooped on a terror suspect." Clearly a quite different back-pack! How can this be explained?
The rucksack and knives left in Whitehall after armed officers swooped on a terror suspect

and this....

"Scottish Parliament: three suspicious packages containing 'white powder type substances' sent to elected officials"


  1. "Theresa May would fire Britain’s nuclear weapons as a ‘first strike’ if necessary, the Defence Secretary has said. Michael Fallon said the Prime Minister was prepared to launch Trident in “the most extreme circumstances”, even if Britain itself was not under nuclear ..."

    The Junta we have in control at the moment are itching to bomb, in order to keep their American masters sweet and pursue the Zionist agenda. The mind-set of the psychopath may be otherwise logical. Killing can always be justified by self interest and personal ambition. Has it ever been better illustrated than in Defence Secretary Fallon's incredible statement that he was prepared to make a FIRST strike (not relaliatory you notice) with NUCLEAR weapons! Empathy and compassion do not score high in power politics or collect brownie points - as we have witnessed in the treatment and derision poured out on Corbyn - although of course those faux emotions are rolled out for PR purposes whenever considered necessary. (One of the objectives of false terrorist theatre) Mrs May has set the electioneering ball rolling, confident that the state of the Labour Party and polls give her a clear run, but the British Public should be in no doubt of the dark and dangerous path on which the Conservative Party leadership is embarked, both domestically and internationally. It will undoubtedly result in mass killings abroad and repression of dissent and opposition at home. The rules were fixed previously, to ensure if successful, there will be no opportunity to remove the government for a further five years, in which time it has been calculated the plan can be enshrined - if we last that long!

  2. Is this because the American Government KNOWS what is planned?


    'Tourists told attacks could happen on the continent 'with little or no warning'

    a day ago


    The US State Department has issued a new terror alert warning Americans about travelling to Europe.

    The notice cited incidents linked to terrorism in France, Russia, Sweden and the UK as evidence Isis, al-Qaeda and affiliated groups could carry out terror attacks on the continent.

    “While local governments continue counter-terrorism operations, the department nevertheless remains concerned about the potential for future terrorist attacks,” the alert said.

  3. I quite agree the chances of a theatrical event before the General Election are very strong. I have suggested, based on factual indicators, that some time at the end of May is a possibility. Of course the more this is thought likely and generally known, the more likely it will be postponed by those that organise these things, for which we may look no further than our own or other's 'deep state' institutions. But we can be sure they are desperate for May to win and Corbyn to lose. In addition to the fact that it is Conservatives/right wing that generally benefit from 'terror attacks' it is something along those lines we must expect. As always sadly there must be aspects that tug at the heart strings, or evoke disgust - preferably both. So we may expect some brutal and primal act, probably involving women and children, designed to outrage public opinion, and particulary that cohort referred to as 'floating'. Apart from the Westminster attack (can you imagine the craziness of so called security of a top target at a time when they tell us the nation is on high alert?) that I have flagged up in a number of articles, notice how the NHS (close to everyone's hearts???!!!) computer attack had equal billing with all those knives removed from kids in school (shock horror)? I am quite sure that is all part of the psychological build-up with the help of our reliable BBC. In addition we can also expect parallel targeting of Corbyn himself. Watch this space.

  4. Is THIS it?

    Several dead and injured after 'Manchester Arena blast'

  5. The miraculous surviving terrorist identity document:


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