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London 'Acid Attack': Some Suspicious Elements.


Mangle   Original: PA

It is reported by the BBC that at about "01:10" GMT on Monday 17th April, 2017 someone 'sprayed' acid at people attending a music club in the east end of London. Twelve people were apparently injured and required hospital treatment. This does not quite tie up with "man threw acid at two men after a dispute between two groups" only a few paragraphs down the same article. 'Spraying' and 'throwing' a dangerous liquid in my experience, are two quite different things, but we will let that pass and put it down to confused reporting. It is understood about 600 people were at an event in the nightclub.

In the current climate, one immediately fears the worst - that it might be a terrorist-inspired incident, or one designed to look like it. The Bataclan incident in Paris is still fresh in our minds.

I have absolutely no idea what happened there, other than what I have read in the reports, however I couldn't help noticing a series of small features that might mean nothing or alternatively quite a lot.

We are undoubtedly in an era of not only terrorism but also of false terrorism for political and social purposes, and it is often very difficult to distinguish between them. To further complicate the issue, real circumstances can sit cheek by jowl next to fraudulent ones, and only by careful examination can they be told apart.

One thing that has been repeatedly noticed in cases that appear suspicious as to their veracity, indicators are everywhere evident of occult and/or masonic imagery and of signage that can be construed with double or hidden meaning. Links to Jewish and other business interests appear regularly, and far more often than chance alone would expect.

So with this in mind let us examine this location and in particular this one image of its frontage.

The nightclub is called "Mangle". The definition of which is very dark as are the images produced by a Google search using that word.

"Mangle". Definition:  verb. destroy or severely damage by tearing or crushing.

First note the logo enlarged below. What we see it consists of nine triangles. 
RA: Mangle E8 - London nightclub
Image result for mangle images

For the significance of triangle symbolism see:

For the significance of nine (3 x 3) see:

A Google "Mangle" Image Search

Most people must now be aware of the Masonic significance of black and white chess board. If not see:


The Nightclub is stated to be in Sidworth Street, Hackney.  (We all remember the "Tell Sid" slogan that launched the first privatisation) However on the left hand wall we see the street sign "Mentmore Terrace". Meant more than what?

Below it we see another sign reading "Diversion". Of course that's precisely what many of these recent incidents are. Some readers will immediately recall this prominent image from the earlier Westminster attack.

What did this sign say? Strangely blurred.

westminster attack

Then on the opposite right hand wall...


Definition "Wringer": "a person or thing that wrings. an apparatus or machine for squeezing liquid out of anything wet, as two rollers through which an article of wet clothing may be squeezed. a painful, difficult, or tiring experience; ordeal (usually preceded by through the): His child's illness really put him through the wringer."

"Dead Wringer": "noun: dead ringer
  1. 1.
    an athlete or horse fraudulently substituted for another in a competition or event.

    "it was discovered that the winning horse was a ringer"
  2. 2.
    a person or thing that looks very like another.

    "he is a dead ringer for his late papa"

Even "8" has symbolic meaning thus:

Image result


"Eternity is often symbolized by the image of a snake swallowing its own tail, known as the Ouroboros (or Uroboros). The circle is also commonly used as a symbol for eternity, as is the mathematical symbol of infinity." 


Twelve people were injured. Six hundred were in the club at the time.

Amongst many other connotations 12 is the number attributed to the government of the world or the cosmos.

For significance of 600 see:


We remember "Angels of Death Metal" from the Bataclan. On this particular occasion it seems this was a "LoveJuice club night". To sample them and the inside of Mangle see:

The Witness on the scene

The well known researcher Ole DammegĂ„rd has pointed the strange frequency with which people in the media just happen to be on scene at these events and are immediately contacted by news outlets for comment. 

In this case a Phie McKenzie's tweets are quoted by the BBC without informing the reader what she does for a living. I checked and found she is the Editor of @notionmagazine is a quarterly music and fashion magazine published quarterly in the UK founded in 2004 by Billy Hussein. She has been with the company for a little over two years. 

Its web site is here:  However I can find no record of it at Companies House under that name.

Despite this, his Linked In page states he has been with the magazine "since Jan 1995 - 22 yrs 4 months". (See: 

He was also the Managing Director of 

"numbnums" for five years from 1995 to 2000. 

He follows Pulse an American on line newsy channel/site here:

Bit confusing but there we go. These things often are. Whether any of this has ultimate significance we shall have to see as the police/fire investigation continues. Maybe it is just one of those unexceptional criminal events with no significant meaning. Or was it planned as a panic situation that didn't quite work as intended?

We shall have to wait and see - or not see - as the case proves.

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