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The Murder of Jo Cox by Thomas Mair

The facts the jury probably didn't hear.

The message in the launderette's window says: "Please note, I did not tackle the gunman. And no one shouted Britain First at any time."

Video of Mair's arrest here:

Very Important! Check it out at 2mins 20 secs and then compare it with this image:

"Police said a man was arrested in Market Street near the scene of the attack in Birstall" BBC (Of course it wasn't though witness said he saw him arrested there! In fact it was in culdesac a mile away!)

Man being arrested

Here's another:

Still from mobile phone footage issued by West Yorkshire Police showing police officers crouching over a man alleged to be Thomas Mair

Note in the video there is no sign of the holdall (presumably with gun inside - see photo below) or it being moved. None of the officers appear to be in a position to move it. Where did it go or alternatively how did it get there?

The helicopter police video here ( clarrifies it a certain extent. I am right in my guess about the first police car to arrive. The holdall is shown from the air but video stops before it must have been moved before the start of the house video. Of course as part of the crime scene it should not have been moved or interfered with until photographed and subjected to proper forensic examination.

On the same police video he is seen at Hill head Drive without his overcoat. Where was that abandoned and was it located? Note now also the BLACK cap rather than the white one he had been wearing. Was in the habit of having two caps and where is the white one?

Arriving at Library day before

Tommy Mair trial for the murder of MP Jo Cox

Prosecutors claim CCTV showed Mair in the area at the time of the attack

Does this look like the same guy to you? And whats that long thing he's carrying. A bag or something else. Note dark hair and build that doesn't seem to match to me.

Still from CCTV footage issued by West Yorkshire Police showing Thomas Mair

Note time and date of above image.

The two UNARMED officers had arrived first followed by a whole platoon of armed ones. Sadly they have no excuse to expend their bullets on a sitting duck that appears not even able to quack! Was this meant to happen? Indeed would the man on the ground have survived had they not? 

Note also the arrival of two possibly three unmarked cars in addition to five police cars shown. The manner in which they arrive and treated by police suggests they are involved. So who are these people in these 2/3 unmarked cars. Is it possible they are Special Branch or other Government employees on site to make sure things go according to plan? Note also the arrested man appears to have walked into a culdisac more convenient for the police than him.

Note in this vid there is no sign of either a black hold-all  or the brightly decorated plastic bag although there is in others. The police car in the fore ground obviously belongs to armed officers as they return to it. The unarmed officer's car is in the middle with door open. How though were they able to get there first? 

They are said to have "rugby tackled" Mair which would suggest he was running away. If so this would be out of character with other images and descriptions of him so perhaps they just brought him to the ground heavily. In the circumstances it would perhaps have been reasonable. 

But again the video shows no evidence of Mair resisting arrest or of putting up any kind of resistance. Did they in fact sabotage what they knew would be a possible assassination if they didn't? Who after all would have questioned the shooting dead of an armed man who had supposedly just carried out an horrendous attack on an innocent and attractive MP? 

Shooting dead suspected terrorist has become the norm for armed officers so he may in fact owe his life to the unarmed ones. Hollande in France has made it explicit; Cameron hinted at the same. What better opportunity than this where a legislator, and a young and attractive one at that, had been assassinated? Surely it could be relied on for the 'Diana effect' despite not being so well known?

Rather strangely Diana or Artimis tend to merge with Athena or Minerva in classical mythology, and as we shall see, this is not wholly irrelevant as Mair seems to have had a new looking wallet placed right next to his gun, with the head of Medusa boldly displayed (all covered with snakes) who actuall becomes the shield of Athena! Well I never did. Who would guess this manic depressive extreme nationalist would put so much thought into Greek and Roman mythology? (See below)

The shooting of alleged 'terrorists' serves multiple purposes. It removes the need for a trial and any possibility the accused may dispute the accurate or fabricated story of his culpability. It can be portrayed as a necessary evil by very brave and heroic police officers. And it has the further advantage that it impresses on the public mind that not only is the government protecting them, but the extremist threat is ever present and real, and that the arming of the police is an unfortunate necessity, in an increasingly dangerous world. 

Of course the government would never admit to this hidden agenda or of actually planning and executing these events themselves. They would say it was complete baloney. And who in politics would dare to suggest this was so or even raise a voice in defence of 'Mair' himself? 

Published on 16 Jun 2016
The suspected murderer of British politician MP Jo Cox being arrested and treated at the scene for a head injury. Mother of 2 Jo Cox was shot and stabbed multiple times in a brutal attack while meeting members of her constituency on the 16th of June 2016. Thoughts and prayers are with her family in this tragic time that has shocked the nation.

Who took this video? Does anyone know? It appears to have been loaded the same day on "WatchVid". Does anyone know anything about "WatchVid"? What would have been the out come if the unarmed policemen hadn't found him first? Did this the frustrate the true plan?

On this Jack Dromey says, "We just pray she pulls through." Not dead at scene then?

From: vice news video here:
Witness says he walked down and "saw a man with a baseball cap - a white baseball cap. He pulled an old fashioned gun out of his bag. Heard shot. People scattered very scared. We ran back to the restaurant. Then we heard second shot.Then we waited."
Another female witness said Mair "had been hanging about. That he stabbed her and another man. Then he came back and shot her three times in the head."

A gun that was presented in evidence (below) during the trial of Thomas Mair CREDIT: WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE

A gun that was presented in evidence during the trial of Thomas Mair
Questions: At what point was this photo taken? Clearly before it was placed in an exhibits bag. Note blood stain on wipe. Gloved fingers suggest policeman's hand on scene.  Note also heavy duty PVC hold-all and what appears to be a decorated blue plastic bag. Note it contains a wallet with Greek goddess Medusa emblem in gold prominently displayed.

Compare with the image below:

So what do we know about her apart from being a Greek God? Wikipedia has this: 
"The 2nd-century BCE novelist Dionysios Skytobrachion puts her somewhere in Libya, where Herodotus had said the Berbers originated her myth, as part of their religion.
Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, as a weapon[4] until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield
In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa appeared in the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion."

Now I didn't know Mair was into classical mythology but he may have been I suppose. As far as I am aware nothing has been made of this particular detail but it strikes me as typically elitist not Mairish. One of those little clues that just happens to be left lying around. Of course we may draw parallels between Cox and Medusa and between Perseus and her killer - whether Mair or someone else. "The power to turn her enemies to stone for those that looked on her and effectively the protector of the godess Athena." Surely not a side swipe at brexiteers and in praise of the European ideal surely? After all the event and its meticulous timing was surely intended to be the final nail in the Brexit coffin. ("Oops sorry boss it doesn't appear to have gone according to plan!")

Perhaps this use of imagery is even more poignant:

"The profoundest instinct in man is to war against the truth; that is, against the Real. He shuns facts from his infancy. His life is a perpetual evasion. Miracle, chimera and to-morrow keep him alive. He lives on fiction and myth. It is the Lie that makes him free. Animals alone are given the privilege of lifting the veil of Isis; men dare not. The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination. Man, awake, is compelled to seek a perpetual escape into Hope, Belief, Fable, Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love. From Medusa-Truth he makes an appeal to Maya-Lie."
— Jack London, The Mutiny of the Elsinore"

Need I say more?

A knife that was presented in evidence during the trial of Thomas Mair
Police say they found a dagger-like knife in Mair's holdall 
Here's the other one. Clean as a new pin you notice.
Tommy Mair trial for the murder of MP Jo Cox

Further Police CCTV video is here:

Thomas Mair (below) in police custody after his arrest CREDIT: WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE/PA
Thomas Mair in police custody after his arrest
Check out shape of nose on shadow which I have trouble reconciling with his own. Also pronounced forehead that appears to be lacking in his actual profile. Strange. The location of the shot also raises questions - obviously not that secure or confined for an alleged violent terrorist. Note posters on wall, absence of any other policemen in shot and slippers and different (police issue?) clothes to that he was arrested in. He certainly doesn't appear to being treated as a highly dangerous radical "terrorist" to me. Does he you?

Map from Market Street, Birstall, Batley WF17 9EN, UK to Risedale Avenue, Birstall, Batley WF17 0NA, UK
5 min (0.9 mivia A643

Map of the area

Please note witness reported killer "walking calmly towards the Market". This note is in the precise opposite direction to the route he is said to have taken! And why would the police report he was arrested in Market Street when in fact the arrest took place over a mile away an hour later?

Video on the Guardian site here: evidences a very BIG problem. Immediately before the attack Mair is shown walking with white baseball cap, light trousers and an overcoat. However later video after the murder said to be of him, shows him walking past with a black baseball cap, black trousers and NO overcoat. This clothing is repeated in images of where he is arrested. This is a clear conflict of evidence that has not been explained. Further there is no evidence of blood splashing on his clothes although rather strangely there is in the bag.

Just some of the contradictions or unsupported claims
  • Air lifted to hospital or ambulance to hospital (both reported)?
  • Why no video of either?
  • Why taken to London when crime in Yorkshire jurisdiction? (Shades of JFK)
  • Committal proceedings under Chief Magistrate, Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot in the  Marylebone court kept for the most dangerous cases. Her Alma mater · Trinity College, Cambridge 
  • Died at scene or in hospital?
  • Helicopter with camera over scene! Who did ambulance belong to?
  • Was she coming out of her car or coming out of the library?
  • Conflicting evidence as to whether she was shot or stabbed first and by how many times.
  • She was reportedly confirmed dead at the scene at 1.48 pm. Yet no pictorial evidence.
  • From the same report this witness claims to have seen both her being taken away in an ambulance as HE was arrested. (See * below)
  • And anyway why would she still be at the scene almost an hour after the event?
  • He had to reload each time. Two and three shots are reported. Going away and coming back.
  • It was claimed when arrested that he had a cache of ammunition (.22 bullets) in his coat pocket but as we have seen he appears to have no coat on when arrested
  • How could a leading politician (the MP for Birmingham Erdington) speak of her recovery well after the event?
  • Earlier shown with WHITE baseball cap and so described at scene, wearing black baseball cap when walking past CCTV in Hill Crescent (strange place for CCTV?) No cap when arrested and injures head on road. Somewhere on trip from murder scene to arrest point loses 'bomber-type' outer coat and no mention of it being retrieved as far as I have seen. (Important for blood staining)
  • Blood next to muzzle of gun but not on clothes? 
  • Adapted gun now said to come from a right wing associate.
  • Reported character of Mair does not fit what was being claimed.
  • Multiple photos of clearly different people all claimed to Mair.
  • The frankly unbelievably story circulated by the press that 25,000 people had tweeted in SUPPORT of her murder, again linking this to Brexit voters.
  • Note the alleged Mair photo below linking him to the Kray twins.
  • Strange similarities and parallels with other notable killings such as Olof Palme and Anna Lindh in Sweden also linked to EU votes or similar.
  • Speed with which the very next day, all the political leader found themselves in Kirkstall for a memorial service.
  • The blatant way in which the murder was portrayed as being right wing extremism and Brexit favouring. This can only be interpreted as endeavouring to influence the vote that followed shortly after.
  • The speech by her husband that did the same.
  • The unprecedented recall of parliament the next day followed by what would have been Cox's birthday!
  • Even the date 16th of the 6th  2016 - and can you believe it if you add up the time numerals 
  • Why was the jury at Thomas Mair's trial not allowed to see photos of her body and injuries? (Jurors are not usually so protected)
  • Why did the judge (Mr Justice Wilkie)  refuse Mair's request to address the jury at the end of the trial after virtually no evidence or extenuation, had been given in his defence ?

*("Graeme Howard, 38, who lives in nearby Bond Street, told the Guardian he heard the man shout “Britain first” before the shooting and during the arrest.
“I heard the shot and I ran outside and saw some ladies from the cafe running out with towels,” he said. “There was loads of screaming and shouting and the police officers showed up.
He was shouting ‘Britain first’ when he was doing it and being arrested. He was pinned down by two police officers and she was taken away in an ambulance.)
On both counts this was just wrong - or was it?

Are all these images of the same man?

Neighbours have confirmed the man in the blue cap standing behind the Britain First banner berating the Muslim men is Mair.
mair BF 1
Image result for images thomas mair

This was supposed to be Thomas Mair rather obviously psychologically linking Brexit with two notorious convicted killers.

Court drawing of Thomas Mair , charged with the murder of MP Jo Cox 
Image result for images thomas mair


  1. See Nick Kollerstrom, famous for his "Terror on the Tube" in conversation on the topic here:

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  3. For family's (puzzling, bizarre even?) reaction to the murder only a day later, see:

  4. Same guy plays TWO roles????

    1. Yup, the so-called Father played as forensic officer AND the Father. Just another Zio masonic psyop.

  5. From:
    "Eman Puedama1 week ago (edited) some very significant observations:

    As if there was any doubt about this.. guess who conducted the post-mortem on Jo Cox (allegedly)? - Dr Richard Shepherd.; The Dr Richard Shepherd who just happens to be the pathologist who ruled that Dr David Kelly could have bled to death from the cut he had to his wrist after 6 doctors asked for an inquest, on the grounds that David Kelly couldn't have died that way.
    Guess what other high-profile case he was involved in? The inquest into the death of Diana;

    Another thing I find suspicious is that two witnesses, Scot Donovan and Rashid Hussain both said that when they heard the first shot its sounded like a 'firecracker'
    For one thing, this is reminiscent of The Bataclan, Nice, and probably several other hoaxes last year, for another, wouldn't an English person say 'firework'? I may be wrong about that, I know a firecracker is specifically a firework designed to make a loud bang. I just haven't heard the term used that much- and if fact, if you google "firecracker" and "uk" you largely just get links to restaurants, media companies and so on."

  6. Proof positive that the accused man (Mair) could not have done what he is said to have done!

    Another point: we are told he was followed by a member of the public who informed the police of his location. The question thus emerges, why it wasn't until almost an hour later and over a mile away in a culdesac of all places, he was challenged and arrested, when there was plenty of opportunity before? Not to mention the fact that - as reported by the BBC - the police themselves stated that they had arrested at the scene 'in Market Street' itself! "16 Jun 2016 - The man taken into custody was arrested in Market Street, not far from Birstall Library where Mrs Cox was holding a constituency surgery. He has been named locally as Tommy Mair." ( "“Then he ran off down a one-way street. Me and my mate drove round to try and find him.” No sign of him running on police video. (

  7. "Died later at Leeds General Infirmary." "Died at 5 pm despite the efforts to save her life." "Within minutes of the attack this footage (of Mair's arrest) was filmed close by." BBC (Of course almost an hour later and over a mile away!)

    "The attacker left the scene, but was pursued by an eyewitness, Darren Playford, who followed him and telephoned police to describe his location.[18] Armed police officers attended the incident, and arrested a suspect.[19] At 1:48 p.m. Cox was pronounced dead by a doctor working with the paramedic crew attending.[20]"

    Now reconcile the two conflicting reports as to the time of her death above. Also that there appears to be not one image of a body in the road as described despite the fact that apparently was there for almost an hour!

    "THE devastated mum of MP murder suspect Thomas Mair saw him being arrested on TV and sobbed: “My God, that’s my son.”

    As Mary Goodall saw police surround him after the slaying of Jo Cox , she collapsed in shock adding: “It IS him…that’s Tom’s bag and that’s Tom’s clothes...”

    She initially thought Thomas, pictured holding his head, had been trying to save Jo. Seconds later she watched in horror as he was wrestled to the ground and arrested for allegedly shooting and stabbing the mum of two."
    Note how this suggests he was being arrested at the scene and there were images of his arrest COTERMINOUS with the attack. This is clearly impossible. Can the 'mother's' statement be relied upon or does it suggest pre-preparation in accordance with a narrative that didn't work out?

    "She was taken by air ambulance to hospital and pronounced dead later that day."
    Note no evidence of Air Ambulance (helicopter) anywhere.

  8. See also:


    "Posted on 23/11/2016 at 16:13 | Permalink

    Thomas Mair convicted of the murder of Jo Cox MP

    Thomas Mair has today (23 November) been convicted of the terrorist murder of Jo Cox MP at the Old Bailey.

    He was also found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of an offensive weapon. He was sentenced to a 'whole-life' term today.

    Sue Hemming, Head of Special Crime and Counter Terrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service said:

    “On 16 June, Thomas Mair carried out the brutal murder of Jo Cox - a defenceless mother of two young children who served her constituents with passion, exuberance and vitality and was proud to represent a diverse community. Several people courageously intervened to try and save Ms Cox, including 77 year old Bernard Kenny who was stabbed by Mair and sustained serious injuries as a result.

    “Mair has offered no explanation for his actions but the prosecution was able to demonstrate that, motivated by hate, his pre-meditated crimes were nothing less than acts of terrorism designed to advance his twisted ideology.

    “The CPS worked closely with police from the outset of their thorough investigation to build a strong case. This included the evidence of a number of brave eye witnesses who are to be commended. A jury has now unanimously agreed on Mair’s guilt of all offences committed during this disturbing attack.

    “Our thoughts are with Jo Cox’s family who attended the court hearing and have behaved with real strength and dignity throughout.

    “The CPS will continue to work with criminal justice partners to combat those who seek to sow hatred and division by advancing extremist ideologies.”

  9. "UK Column" reports today (2.3.2017) that CPS states the photographs used in the trial of Mair were photoshopped and that they were not in possession of the originals! Watch: @ 31.30

  10. The mythology link seems even more significant since BCX pblished his own book on 13th June, same day that a BBC doculie came out, and echoes his message. The 16th June date of the pagan festival of ISIS aka DANU, grieving for her dead husband Osiris, she cries such a tear that the river Nile floods. BCx describes how they devised a ceremony for the burial of her ashes (following a funeral at Dewsbury Crem, when he officiated himself rather than hire a pastor of any kind). So on 11th spetember (9 11) at 11 am the cross the river, which is in torrent, to collect a casket that has been placed under a hawthorn tree and bring it back to be buried in the garden under 200 stones, brought by the 100 or so guests from all over the planet. That date, so near her own birth day, 22 6 and the hero pensioner Bernard Kenny's birthday 22 6 and the Summer Solstice and the EU Referendum vote, was so very handy for maximum emotional draw on the undecided or borderline voters. Coincidence?

    1. Fascinating and thanks for this inciteful observation Marira. As you say, "Coincidence?" Indeed so many of them?

  11. Murdered MP Jo Cox's husband was reported to police over sex assault claim in Harvard bar - nine months before his wife's death

    Oxfam scandal deepens with allegations of 'sex for aid' and abuse in charity shops


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