Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Russian 'Hits' Intercepted

This may be a great blog for independent and free-thinking articles but it is only modest for the number of 'hits' it gets which can be counted in only thousands every month. It has, as far as I am aware no regular 'followers'. I was once cruelly referred to by I think one of the Hampstead detractors, as the "proprietor of a blog that nobody reads" with presumably the unique exception of the unnamed person that wrote it.

Insofar as it is read, this seems to be mainly in Britain and America and a smattering from other countries around the world but predominantly in the northern hemisphere. A significant proportion of the latter the analytics told me, came from the Russian Republic - in fact nearly 10%. Then a couple of months ago this stopped abruptly and now there are NEVER any. This is very strange.

I have to assume it results from some action either by those in control of the blog (Google?) or able to intercept it at home or abroad. Is anyone out there able to explain how 'hits' from Russian territory, can disappear so precipitously - and maybe why?


2.12.2016  For the first time in weeks, Russia is back!

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