Thursday, 3 November 2016

Disappeared (Abducted?) Serviceman.

Posters have been put up across Norfolk and Suffolk to help find Corrie.


"Police investigating the disappearance of an RAF serviceman who vanished almost six weeks ago have admitted they cannot yet provide the answers his family needs, as they continue efforts to trace him.
Suffolk Police has defended its probe into the disappearance of Corrie McKeague in the face of criticism from the campaign to find him.
The 23-year-old was last seen in the early hours of September 24 after a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He was later reported missing when he failed to turn up at RAF Honington."

From Facebook Post:

James Fox BRITISH SERVICEMAN CORRIE MCKEAGUE TAKEN Corrie disappeared over 5 weeks ago following 2 previous failed abduction attempts of other servicemen at nearby bases. WHY IS THIS NOT NATIONAL NEWS? 

The circumstances around Corrie's disappearance are described below, followed by previously undisclosed information from Corrie's family. Suffolk Police Major Investigation Team are searching for 23-year-old Corrie McKeague, a Team Medic and Senior Airman in the RAF Regimental Gunners 2 squadron. 

Corrie who was last seen on CCTV after a night out with other serving airmen in Bury St Edmunds at 0325 on Saturday 24th September. After extensive review, it has been determined that the probability of Corrie being able to leave the area he was last seen on cctv on foot are minimal. 

It is now assumed he left in a vehicle, with a person or persons unknown. There is no evidence to suggest Corrie disappeared through choice, suggesting this was against his will. SULSAR, (a charity) have provided most of the search ability carrying out over 5000 hours, including a number of RAF police and specialist teams which have also been used to assist a team of Police search officers. 

RAF and Military are desperate to assist in the search of one of their own, at no financial cost to the police, but must respect that this is Suffolk Police that are investigating and can only assist when requested. Despite all the efforts of the family assisted by over 50,000 facebook followers 12,000 follows on a webpage
 and thousands on Twitter @findcorrie, door to door leaflet drops, organised leaflet drops at football matches, car boot sales firework displays, Bury St Edmunds town centre has a poster in almost every window, over 150 thousand posters and leaflets have been printed, collected and delivered by members of the public, at their own cost and in their own time.

The RAF at the request of Corrie’s mother and brothers have also been out in their own time to assist the family and public with this. The police are now printing a maximum or 1000 leaflets and asking for the assistance of the RAF in their own time. 

In place of carrying out door to door enquires by uniformed officers. The police traced Corrie’s mobile phone to a micro mast in the area of Barton Mills in the early hours on Saturday September 24. A bin lorry which was in the exact area that Corrie was last seen has made the journey from Bury to Barton Mills, within a few minutes of Corrie’s phone arriving. The police have since made the decision not to search the landfill and released this back. 

Police made an appeal requesting assistance to trace three people believed to be aged 16 to 18 who were spotted by the bin lorry driver on Cornhill Walk shopping centre on Short Brackland, Bury, at around 4.20am on September 24. They are described as a white female, of quite slim build, possibly with blonde hair wearing either a dark green or navy blue jumper-style top, and two males, one wearing a hooded top. These three have been identified and spoken too. Police identified a male in a distinctive black and white t shirt be traced. This male was traced through efforts of the family. 

Corrie’s family is perhaps slightly unusual in their collective knowledge and backgrounds in Police, Intelligence & Security. As a result, information has been identified or analysis conducted which the Police have not had the capacity or capability to undertake, or perhaps have, but chosen not to communicate this with the family. 

As a result, there is a lack of trust towards the media management approach the Police have employed to date, including coming out immediately after Corrie disappeared, emphatically claiming there was ‘no third party involvement’, clearly not a statement supported by the evidence then or now. 

It was the family which has driven all of the media engagement, in spite of reporting restrictions that have been imposed due to the links with the other two recent abduction attempts of British Servicemen from nearby Marham and Aldershot within a matter of weeks prior to Corrie’s disappearance. 

No connection to any terrorist group or individual has been confirmed or discounted yet, both remain open investigations, however there appears to be similarities in MO in all three. Clearly a D Notice would not be confirmed, or possibly even denied by the Government Media committee responsible, but it is not difficult to recognise that having Servicemen abducted on their doorstep is not good politically as it points towards a consequence of this Government’s military Foreign policy in the Middle East, nor does it help the current failing military recruitment and retention strategy, in what is a recruiting heartland. 

It is our summary that Corrie has disappeared against his will, a 3rd party is involved. There are numerous leads that have not been followed up and evidence that has not been effectively processed. The Police’s claim that this is an Intelligence Led Operation has been a euphemism for cost constrained. 

Prior to the Major Investigation Team taking control of this investigation the family felt incredibly safe that everything was being done it was being treated “as a homicide, without evidence or body” as police were already “99.9% certain Corrie had not left on foot, and had been unable to return of his own accord”. This is a Major Investigation Team in name not function. 

Should any member of the press wish to speak to the family, please feel free to contact Nicola Urquhart, Darroch Mckeague, Makeyan Mckeague or Tony Wringe directly. #findcorrie

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