Thursday, 3 November 2016


 Tim Veater

A Call to (dis)Arms!
We on this and like-minded sites, are indeed impotent, defenceless and
vulnerable! We have no cruise missiles, F22 Raptors or even “Iron Dome”. (In
this at least, we can empathise with the poor abused and terrorised
Palestinians. The only difference being we do not, as yet, run for cover when we
hear a helicopter or drone or cower ever time we hear a bang) All we have are
pathetic black marks on a white background, “words” which strung together,
convey – inelegantly, ineffectually – abstract ideas and arguments, with which
we can probe and analyse what is happening in the world and our part, however
insignificant, in the shaping of it.
Given that we can only reason and persuade, we are indeed feeble creatures when
facing up to weapons of mass destruction. However unalloyed by factional
interest or overt coercion, with the inalienable right (watch out our Australian
cousins you have been given notice) to speak freely and clearly, where-ever
possible we can and should use the power of the Internet to spread the word and
make a difference. “Share and share alike.”
Hopefully anyone who reads thoughts expressed here, uses whatever social media
available, to spread the word to all their friends at least. In this way
perhaps, there is just a chance there will be a counter-weight to the
overwhelming power of the media, supportive of yet more war and conflict.
I believe it to be orchestrated and promoted by a deeply disingenuous and
corrupt American foreign policy, yet again breaching international binding
conventions of war, targeting even those it only recently supported. American
bombs are now it seems, killing British nationals in the region of Iraq and
Syria, as indeed may British weapons soon.
Bombing, despite everything we are told, is by its very nature, indiscriminate,
killing and injuring the defenceless and innocent as well as targeted
combatants. Isn’t it time the West called a halt to this American/Israeli
endless war against a contrived and exaggerated enemy?
It is a fact that the American CIA alone spends upwards of seventy BILLION
dollars – $70,000,000,000 – on its largely covert, un-auditable activities. Now
ask yourself what, other than stoking violence and conflict around the world,
can it be possibly spending it on or doing with it?
I urge everyone reading this and other articles on this site, if agreeing with
sentiment expressed, to share them as widely as possible. There is just a chance
thereby the groundswell of public opinion will influence those who make the
decisions, to eschew violence as an instrument of Machiavellian self interest,
and stop the obscene charade of funding and training the very enemies it uses to
justify further aggressive acts.
Remember the Greek aphorism: “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”.

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