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Boston: Proof FBI Lied.

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This is very good news. Is there anything that festers like rank injustice and corrupt 'law enforcement' organisations? Gradually the 'layers of the onion' are being unpeeled, leading to the very top echelons of the United States Government, prepared to do any criminal act, to further its wicked global agenda. Hopefully you will not object if I re-post this (in full and unedited) on my own blog where I posted the following soon after the event? 

and never forgetting Ibragim Todashev (September 22, 1985 – May 22, 2013) a Chechen/American possible friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, shot dead by FBI agent Aaron McFarlane during a disreputable police interview on May 22, 2013 at his apartment in Orlando, Florida!!!!

Marathon: Congrats to Justice George O’Toole for Telling the Truth

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and a sealed document
by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB
There has been a very exciting development in the Tsarnaev case. I got this news from a friend of Josée Lépine, who has spent every penny she can spare purchasing court documents. (You, too, can impoverish yourself this way, regarding any federal case, at
The new piece of vital information came in a release of court documents that were, until now, under seal. That is why I’m thanking Justice O’Toole, as it does appear – incredibly — that a judge has so much discretion that he can withhold, or release, any document in the case.
George O’Toole is a justice of the of federal district court of Assachusetts. (I’m calling it that until Jahar’s case is properly adjudicated). The good judge has now released an amazing motion that was filed in court by the defense team.  It shows that the government was surveilling the older brother Tamerlan in 2011.
Originally O’Toole withheld more than a thousand documents. This meant that the public could not use the information contained therein in its evaluation of what was happening at Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev’s trial. That media-hyped trial ran from March to April, 2015, two years after the Marathon bombing.
You may ask why the public’s involvement matters. Here is the best example. (Well, second best, the suppressed amicus brief sent by Maret Tsarnaeva has no equal.) The public’s awareness of the FBI involvement would prove to the public that the FBI lied from Day One as to its own “innocence.”
The prisoner should have been set free at that point. And should be now – preferably before lunchtime.
Stings and Pseudo-stings
I mean the document changes everything. Let me begin by hypothesizing that the whole affair was an FBI operation. I don’t mean a sting, although FBI stings are famous. I simply mean the FBI or its contractors (or Homeland Security or FEMA or CIA or anyone of the agencies that US citizens pay to harm them) planned and carried out the bombing.
There are now at least 20 cases worldwide where a “Muslim” was said to have caused many deaths through a “terrorist act”, and where the investigation is so full of holes that it’s apparent to all but Wilfully-Blind Freddy that the authorities have much to hide.
Those cases rarely get to court, as the script typically includes that the killer “turned the gun on himself.” (In Australia’s Port Arthur case, the patsy “burned his house down with him in it” – almost.)
Jahar Tsarnaev, hiding in a boat (probably coercively drugged) had 228 bullets – that’s the police’s official count — sent at him. I’m sure this would have been described in the media as “He died in a shootout with police” – except he managed to survive!
Consider what might happen if a patsy, or a sting-ee, actually made it to court and found an honest judge. Well, it did happen. In the case of Amanda Kolody in Victoria, BC, Canada, Justice Catherine Bruce acquitted the two accused because it was a sting.
She showed that the two Muslims were drug addicts who were “incapable of plotting to blow up the legislature building.” Oh, Lord. Honesty is so rare these days it is positively thrilling to hear it.
New Life for Bostonians
The document-release by Justice O’Toole has of course come too late to prevent Jahar’s conviction, but it’s never too late to tell the truth. The case is currently in appeals.
Now every person who watched Richard Deslauriers play-acting on TV can have a quiet reflection as to his or her own gullibility.
On April 16, 2013, Boston’s FBI chief Deslaurier called a big (bully-ish) press conference to say that there were not yet any suspects in the case and that the public should help out by donating their amateur videos films of the Marathon finish line.
Total garbage. They knew Tamerlan for years (indeed his Mom said so, but no one listened).
Talking to the FBI
I am eager to speak with two FBI guys, John Foley and Kevin Swindon. They are interviewed in a Youtube video, standing near a three-dimensional model of the Boylston St area. They show how authorities (read: criminals) figured our where the bomb had exploded.
These guys say they then searched scads of photos for the owner of a backpack, which was (according to a very dubious photo) on the ground near the damage.
I want to tell John and Kevin that I give them the benefit of the doubt up until this point. That is, I will grant that their FBI bosses prepared a scenario for them that seemed believable. They were told “we don’t know whom we are looking for.”
But now that the lie has been exposed, concerning just that one item so far, Swindon and Foley will be required to rethink. Did the bosses lie to them also? Were Swindon and Foley told (after the name Tamerlan Tsarnaev came up) that the FBI had no familiarity with him?
The FBI’s Job
Here is what the official “Federal Bureau of Investigation” website says:
“Operating under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice, FBI is concurrently a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and reports to both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence. [Note: No man can serve two masters.] …
“Although many of FBI’s functions are unique [I’ll say!], its activities in support of national security are comparable to those of the British MI5 and the Russian FSB. [I’ll say!] …
FBI is primarily a domestic agency, maintaining 56 field offices in major cities throughout the United States… At an FBI field office, a senior-level FBI officer concurrently serves as the representative of the Director of National Intelligence.”
As for the document that has recently come to light, namely a MOTION FOR NOTICE OF USE OF FISA OR OTHER SURVEILLANCE, as written by the Defense team of Jahar, it says:
“A report by the House Homeland Security Committee released on March 26 suggests that government agents monitored Tamerlan and his communications during 2011 and perhaps 2012. According to the report, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston conducted a threat assessment of Tamerlan in response to a 2011 alert from the Russian government.”
It is clear to anyone who has two working eyes that the FBI murdered Tamerlan in custody. Such things are not in the job description. I mean they are not in the public version of the job description. Tamerlan had to die, and younger brother Jahar had to almost-die in the boat so that Bostonians would not hear the Tsarnaev’s side of the story.
So Talk
I mentioned that Aunt Maret told the correct side. She (in her thirties, with a small child) has been incommunicado, in Russia, for a while. The person who is not allowed to talk in America is Jahar himself, who is under Soviet-quality restrictions in a prison that is already Supermax.
His buddies were also taken out of circulation one way or another. See my article “Five Collateral Deaths in Boston Marathon Situation So Far.”
Boston citizens, are you getting sick of this routine up there in Assachusetts? Then start talking. Just hold a meeting on the park benches at the top of Castle Island next Sunday at 2.30pm and ask each other:
“What should we do, now that the revealing document has officially been “declassified? It shows that we Beantowners were made fools of. Let’s ask some nice lawyers or police what the options are.”
I myself have showed the options in the chapter entitled “How to Arrest the FBI”, in my book “Prosecution for Treason.” I have also printed at an “Open Letter to Maura Healey,” – she’s the Attorney General of the commonwealth of “’chusetts”.
You can see my Youtube video, instructing Governor Charlie Baker on how to call out the troops against the murderous FBI.
Probably that’s a bit over the top, but gathering on Castle Island, free of charge, to chat about the “Marathon bombing” could cause a lot of new ideas to surface.
Leaving Kid Jahar to rot in jail is not in your best interest.
Anyway, congrats to the judge for doing the right thing. “All is forgiven”. Well, I mean a little bit is forgiven — and a lot more can be forgiven if you will come out of the closet before Thanksgiving, Your Honor, and give us stuff to be extremely thankful for.

“According to the report, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston conducted a threat assessment of Tamerlan in response to a 2011 alert from the Russian government.”
“Vladimir Putin said Russian officials were told not to interfere in the US’s domestic affairs after multiple attempts to warn about Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s growing radicalization.
The Russian president’s remarks about the lead-up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing were made during a recent address to the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia.”
“In fact, it turns out that Tamerlan Tsarnaev came to the FBI’s attention at least twice prior to Russia’s March 2011 warnings.
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), while questioning Mueller [then FBI director] about Russia’s warning to the FBI regarding Tamerlan asked:
* “Did you have domestic information on Tamerlan prior to that—prior to that [March 2011] date?”
* “ I don’t believe so,” Mueller responded.
* “Pardon me?” King pressed.
* “Wait, wait, wait,” Mueller stammered, “His name had come up in two other cases.” He went on to say that Tamerlan’s name came up regarding cases of other individuals which were subsequently closed.
* “So it’s reasonable that the letter of March 4, 2011 refocused the FBI on Tamerlan?” King continued.
* “Absolutely,” Mueller admitted.
That exchange came during testimony in June 2013, before the House Judiciary Committee. What’s particularly notable about the exchange, besides Mueller’s apparent shift in demeanor, is that King had just returned from Russia where he was briefed extensively on what the Russians knew about Tamerlan Tsarnaev back in 2011.”


  1. Look at this, Timothy: "After leaving the FBI in 2013, Mueller became a visiting professor at Stanford University where his focus is on issues related to cyber-security. In addition to his teaching position, Mueller also joined the law firm WilmerHale as a partner in their Washington, D.C. Office"

    But it is his entering date as head of FBI that is really cute: July 5, 2001, like 3 weeks before Larry Silverstein had the bright idea to lease the World Trade towers. (Oh, I mean Larry and also Frank Lowy, an Australian).


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