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Sabine McNeill's incarceration for activity in the 'Hampstead Case'?

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This is some of a conversation on the topic of Sabine McNeill's incarceration by the British state for speaking in support of the 'Hampstead children'. It was prompted by comments by Brian Gerrish on the "UK Column" news programme. It may be of interest:

 Veater Ecosan
19 hours ago (edited)
The treatment of Sabine McNeil is OUTRAGEOUS! There should be mass demonstrations outside parliament and everywhere else. This is persecution NOT prosecution. She is in fact being VICTIMISED by the State, and disgustingly the "justice system" (sic) is part and parcel of it. Sabine is in fact becoming an heroine, not that will be be much of a consolation for the torture she has suffered.

James Pullen
58 minutes ago
Sabine McNeill is a lunatic whose current misfortune is entirely of her own making.
NcNeill is currently remanded in custody due to her previous history of absconding to evade charges after she revealed the identities of the children involved in the Hampstead SRA case, in flagrant Contempt of Court.
Gerrish persists in calling this a cover up, but there's no evidence, just the perverse fantasies of Abraham Christie, a convicted criminal who has run away abroad. In fact, the person who has done those children the most harm is Sabine McNeill, who allowed their names and pictures to be spread around the internet.
Now, McNeill is charged with breaking a restraining order, imposed because she and her mad mates persist in shouting insane abuse at innocent people. At least she can't do that while banged up.
She has, in fact, been supplied with crutches after refusing to use a Zimmer frame. Previously, she used Nordic ski poles, which were confiscated because they might be snatched by other prisoners and used as weapons. Similarly, she has twice refused the conventional treatment for gallstones. So her medical problems are not being ignored.

Veater Ecosan
Veater Ecosan
27 minutes ago
You, in common with police and courts, seem to conveniently to ignore the convincing evidence of the children's videoed testimony, without which nothing would have been known about the circumstances of this case. That it should be dismissed as fantasy, when it accords so closely to known ritual and sexual practises; was consistent, compelling and corroborated both internally and externally, is frankly astounding, and can only point to complicity and cover-up by the organs of so called justice. McNeill is clearly being terrorised as punishment for facilitating the publication of material - whether responsible or not - to a world wide audience. The genie cannot be put back in the box and her incarceration only magnifies the Government's disgraceful role in a shameful affair.

James Pullen
15 minutes ago
You haven't seen all the evidence, only selected excerpts that support an agenda with which you sympathise and which you shouldn't have been allowed to see, because those ABE videos were sub judicae and betray the children's identities. You seem to believe that you are better qualified than Judge Pauffley, who heard evidence from 16 witnesses; read thousands of pages of written material; viewed all Abraham's videos as well as the ABE vids; and listened carefully to the three hour recording of a late night discussion in which Christie and Ms Draper did most of the talking. I don't agree with your opinion, or your deluded rhetoric. I do believe the children, when they took the first opportunity to retract their rehearsed statements and denounce their mother's evil and twisted boyfriend.

Veater Ecosan
Veater Ecosan
10 minutes ago
"An agenda with which I sympathise" eh? Who could not sympathise with the children's treatment as described. Clearly you do not. That I would infer says it all.

James Pullen
James Pullen
2 minutes ago
I absolutely sympathise with those children after the way they were bullied and beaten by Abraham Christie while their mother did nothing to intervene; after their identities were spread around the internet by the odious Sabine McNeill, so they may never be able to forget the ordeal which you and similarly self-righteous, semi-literate morons are determined to perpetuate.

Veater Ecosan
17 seconds ago (edited)
What in this reply is not a lie or a wild distortion of the truth Mr Pullen? But at least it is clear where you are coming from.

James Pullen
2 days ago
You know nothing about me and, clearly, very little about anything else. I, however, know far more about the perpetrator of this case than has been made public and I also have some insight Sabine McNeill's tortured psychology. I understand she was subjected to extreme trauma in early childhood, but projecting her distress on to a fictitious SRA case helps nobody. Now, the sun is shining and so our exchange is concluded.

Veater Ecosan
Veater Ecosan
23 hours ago
"A ficticious SRA case." How any reasonable person, watching those brave children recounting their experiences, in such consistent detail, could come to that conclusion, beats me. True, I "know nothing about you" - other than the opinions you have made public here. That is quite enough. I hope you enjoyed your sunny day.


James Pullen
James Pullen
23 hours ago
Thanks, I did have a nice day. Today was even sunnier and tomorrow is forecast to be better yet. You clearly don't know any reasonable people, but have been convinced by a preposterous tale concocted by an insane, hardened criminal who remains a fugitive from justice. Abraham Christie coached those kids, starved them, beat them with the back of a spoon (to minimise bruising) and threatened them, off camera. As soon as they were safe from him in police custody, they recanted the whole fictitious story. As I have already detailed, a qualified judge reviewed all the evidence that you choose to ignore and reached a considered judgment, but you and ignorant fools like you persist in the delusional belief that you know better. Well, carry on playing with yourself.

Ed de Boer Yes, it's incredible, saddening and outregeous what is happeniong with Sabine. And what I find problematic, too, is the way Ella dismisses everything the McKenzie friends have done as treacherous, also in this movie.
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John Graham Butlincat
John Graham Butlincat re: "James Pulllen" - the mother Ella Draper is no criminal - she has no criminal record, to my knowledge, though you darken the case by mentioning A Christie. Christie's involvement is secondary and needn't even be mentioned. S Mcneil shouldnt have released any data on the case as she did - it is well known Ella Draper was furious when she found out re: the release of data by Mcneil. A much more professional approach should've been taken on such a serious issue
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Tim Veater
Tim Veater Let me be clear, I did not mention the Step Father. 'James Pullin' did that as is his wont! I may not empathise with everything he has said and done but I believe the claims that Pullin and others have made against him, is just a rhetorical device to distract from the central claims of the children, disgracefully ignored by police and courts. There seems only one explanation for this utterly extraordinary state of affairs, and that can only be a very, very sinister one. The fact that the only person to be arrested in this case, despite the most serious allegations, is the person who supported the children, rather says it all. It makes a mockery of Theresa May's assurances to protect children and chase down perpatrators of abuse, particularly as she was Home Secretary, responsible for policing whilst these events unfolded.

An article by Alexander Baron here:  or may be not? "This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of"

Alexander Baron

"They and others have tried to kill this nonsense; among other things, videos uploaded to YouTube have been pulled, but for the gullible, like even the highly intelligent Sabine McNeill, this is proof positive only that the police are controlled by servants of the Devil himself. She has now fled the country, and if she returns will doubtless be arrested for some offence, perhaps contempt of court."

Who this man is is unclear but he claims to have been writing articles since the early nineties. He appears to be an apologist for any one charged for sexual crimes against children and is utterly dismissive of the Hampstead allegations given greater credance bt the findings of the IPCC. He shares his name with a (more) famous communist/socialist writer of "From the City of the Plough" about the D-Day Landings and "Low Life" who lived from 1917 to 1999. Is there a connection?

A Google search for Sabine McNeill appears to throw up articles by "Hoaxstead" and other similar sources that claim the childrens convincing allegations were one big HOAX. It virtually impossible to find an objective report on her treatment ny the British Courts and why it was necessary to remand her in prison until a trial date set in November 2018. It certainly appears that whoever controls these things is determined to keep repeating a wholly false narrative about what the children convincingly alleged, and the fatally flawed way in which it was investigated by the police.

I eventually found this Facebook page using a different search engine although the cynical and sceptical "Hoaxstead" which has maintained a professional campaign to denigrate anyone connected with the allegations, is again prominent and over represented. See: from which the following is reproduced:

PLEASE COME TO SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT ON 19th March 2018 to show your support for Sabine.

74 year old campaigner against child abuse and forced adoption SABINE McNEIL is sadly BACK IN PRISON – as some of you are already aware, she’s back inside on remand for allegedly breaching her bail conditions on 2 consecutive occasions in the last 3 weeks for allegedly speaking about the hamspstead whistleblower children case - where 2 children from Hampstead detail ritualistic abuse involving their biological father and other local prominent people in the area.

There has been an elaborate cover-up by authorities to hide this from the masses and the investigation was closed within a matter of weeks without anyone actually investigating anything... NHS reports from Dr Hodes corroborating that the children have been abused anally, have been ignored...

Campaigners speaking out have been harassed by detectives involved in the case...

The mother who reported this was threatened and has had to leave the country...

The magistrates at Highbury yesterday morning (5th March) were not interested in hearing from her solicitor about the underlying case or in any possibly mitigating circumstances regarding the breaches, only in the facts of the matter: 

Did she or did she not talk about the case to 3rd parties on the mentioned 2 occasions? They have concluded that she did, moreover that the breaches were both deliberate and ‘flagrant’ rather than ‘inadvertent’, she was not naïve and knew exactly what she was doing. 

So she’s back in HMP Bronzefield until the next hearing of the case at Southwark Crown Court on 19th March when hopefully the bail situation will be reviewed. 

They're trying to psychologically destroy her simply for speaking out about 2 children that have been ritually abused in HAMPSTEAD.

Please help to keep her spirits up by writing to her or emailing her via to:

Sabine McNeill A8115EC (her prison number must be written on all correspondence) HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Surrey TW15 3JZ. 

Please ‘don’t mention the hampstead case’ as mail is censored!! 

People should not be being sent to prison during times of extreme austerity, simply for speaking out about institutionalised child abuse when there's an ongoing independent child sexual abuse inquiry ongoing in the UK.

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